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Best VPN For Onion Browser

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3 BEST VPNs for Tor Browser (& Onion Over VPN) in 2022 ð¯

When talking or reading about the Dark Web, youve probably even come across something called the Deep Web its not the same thing, as most users assume. The deep web, in short, is not indexed by any search engines, and whose content cannot be seen instantly the dark web is a sub-part of it.

The Dark Web contains links or content, also known as .onion links available on an overlay network, and among these layered networks is the Onion Router called TOR.

As mentioned above, all dark web links can only be accessed using a specific secure browser called the TOR browser.

Other Privacy Tools And Services


Keybase is an exciting identity service that aims to make it easy for you to link the presence of your online identities together in a cryptographic way. You can upload your PGP key, or have the site create one for you, and use it to cryptographically link your Twitter profile, Github account, or Bitcoin address together.

Keybase also offers extremely user-friendly secure chat and file-sharing services through its app.

Pastebins are text sharing services, useful for sending and sharing large snippets of code or text. ZeroBin offers an extra secure version of this service by only encrypting and decrypting text in the browser, meaning their servers have no knowledge of what is passing through it.

The tools weve listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. If youre interested in privacy and the dark web, take a deep dive into PrivacyTools, an extensive directory of anti-surveillance tools, services, and educational materials.

Doing Your Own Relay Measurements

If your relay thinks it is slow, or the bandwidth authorities think it is slow, you can test the bandwidth yourself:

What type of relays are most needed?

  • The exit relay is the most needed relay type but it also comes with the highest legal exposure and risk .
  • If you are looking to run a relay with minimal effort, fast guard relays are also very useful
  • Followed by bridges.

What bandwidth shaping options are available to Tor relays?

There are two options you can add to your torrc file:

BandwidthRate is the maximum long-term bandwidth allowed .For example, you might want to choose “BandwidthRate 10 MBytes” for 10 megabytes per second , or “BandwidthRate 500 KBytes” for 500 kilobytes per second .The minimum BandwidthRate setting is 75 kilobytes per second.

BandwidthBurst is a pool of bytes used to fulfill requests during short periods of traffic above BandwidthRate but still keeps the average over a long period to BandwidthRate.A low Rate but a high Burst enforces a long-term average while still allowing more traffic during peak times if the average hasn’t been reached lately.For example, if you choose “BandwidthBurst 500 KBytes” and also use that for your BandwidthRate, then you will never use more than 500 kilobytes per second but if you choose a higher BandwidthBurst , it will allow more bytes through until the pool is empty.

Note that BandwidthRate and BandwidthBurst are in , not Bits.

Should I run an exit relay from home?

What is the BadExit flag?

I cannot reach X.onion!

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What Can I Do With A VPN On The Dark Web

The dark web isnt just for criminals intent on breaking the law without getting caught.

Its also a platform for journalists, whistleblowers, and privacy-conscious users to partake in activities without governments, ISPs, and other third parties breathing down their necks.

So, yes, youll find black markets and websites promising hitmen for hire or live red rooms .

But youll also find forums of all kinds, anonymous file-sharing services, whistleblower websites, and other valuable Intel thats unavailable on the surface web.

A favorite of mine is obscure darknet websites dedicated to conspiracy theories.

Ill search for rabbit holes on Reddit, Quora, dark web forums, search engines, and .onion directories in my free time.

Heres another favorite:

For Downloading Via Torrents & Avoiding Bandwidth Throttling

What Is NordVPN Onion Over VPN? How Does It Work?

Torrent downloading implies downloading illegal or pirated software, however, this is not 100% true. Many vendors offer legal downloading of their software via Torrents. ISPs unfortunately tend to unofficially throttle user bandwidth when they detect Torrent traffic. Using a VPN, all traffic is encrypted therefore there is no bandwidth throttling by the ISP.

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Can You Access The Dark Web With A VPN

Yes, you can connect to a VPN server before launching the Tor Browser to hide your IP address from any node in the Tor network, and to hide the fact that you are using Tor from your network operator.

This method is called Tor over VPN, and its a great way to increase your privacy over using Tor alone.

Take the first step to protect yourself online

How We Made This Best VPN For Tor Browser List

We made our best VPN for Tor list by checking three main criteria: privacy, security, and speed. A Tor browser VPN must score high in all three to be even considered usable.

Because the Onion network is all about anonymity, thats our most important criterion for a VPN as well. It should have a strict no-logs policy and anonymous payment options. In terms of security, military-grade encryption and modern tunneling protocols is a must.

Finally, a VPN for Tor should provide a fast connection. That is because browsing the onion network is slow in itself, and adding a VPN on top wont speed things up. While the fastest providers dont necessarily have the most servers, its good to have plenty of options all around the globe and nearby.

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Best VPN For Tor Browser In 2022

Cindy Jordan

VPN and Tor are very different animals, but both are privacy technologies with largely overlapping functionality. This means that it is possible to use both VPNs and Tor. In this guide, we will recommend the best VPNs for Tor and provide information and some useful tips on how to use VPNs on The Onion.

List Of Best VPN For Tor

How to Browse the Internet Anonymously

Using Tor and VPN together is the ultimate combination through which you can enjoy complete security and total anonymity online. However, choosing the best VPN that would go well with the Tor browser is indeed a point to ponder upon.

Quick List!

CyberGhost: it offers 7500+ servers around the world, works with torrenting, Netflix and also provides great privacy features. 45-day Free trial available

NordVPN: its top-ranked VPN provider, 5000+ servers, all security features, works with Netflix, Torrenting, Tor, and ISP throttling 30-day Free

Surfhark: Its great with Netflix and torrenting, also can be used with and has great privacy features. 3500+ servers and come with a 30-day free trial

ProtonVPN: it has 1400+ servers and is loaded with all privacy features. Works with Netflix, Torrenting, Tor and bypassing the ISP throttling. Free Version available

ExpressVPN: it has 3000 servers around the world, works great with Torrenting, Netflix, special features for Tor. Offer 30-day Free trial

VyprVPN: it has 700+ servers in over 70 Countries, works great with Torrenting, Netflix, special features for Tor. Offer 30-day Free trial

I have therefore tried and tested some of the most reputed VPN services. Here are the results of my tests and investigations:

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Best Free VPNs For Dark Web

  • ExpressVPN Robust security features such as AES-256-bit encryption and a strict no-logs policy that protects privacy. You can try it risk-free with its 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • CyberGhost Top-notch security features such as an automatic kill-switch and a strict no-logs policy. But its free trial only lasts for 24 hours.
  • Hotspot Shield – Enjoy industry-standard encryption for added privacy and a daily data limit of 500MB. Thats enough for light browsing but wont suit gamers or streamers.
  • Windscribe – A no-logs VPN with all the security features of the premium version. Supports torrenting but comes with a strict 10GB monthly data cap that will limit file sharing.
  • – Enjoy ad-free access to 5 server locations worldwide. Good for torrenting http://Hide.mebut 2GB of data per month is only enough for 2 hours of HD streaming.
  • Fetching The Tor Developers Key

    The Tor Browser team signs Tor Browser releases.Import the Tor Browser Developers signing key :


    This should show you something like:


    If you get an error message, something has gone wrong and you cannot continue until you’ve figured out why this didn’t work. You might be able to import the key using the Workaround section instead.

    After importing the key, you can save it to a file :

    gpg --output ./tor.keyring --export 0xEF6E286DDA85EA2A4BA7DE684E2C6E8793298290

    This command results in the key being saved to a file found at the path ./tor.keyring, i.e. in the current directory. If ./tor.keyring doesn’t exist after running this command, something has gone wrong and you cannot continue until you’ve figured out why this didn’t work.

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    Why Tor And A VPN Protect You Better Than Proxies

    People tend to like proxies because many of them are free to use. However, this doesnt mean that proxies are the best solution for online safety.

    Proxy servers only offer a smaller degree of anonymity. For example, proxies generally dont encrypt your data, like Tor and VPNs do. Moreover, the privacy a proxy offers isnt nearly as reliable as that of a secure VPN.

    Another disadvantage of using a proxy server is that the servers host can see exactly what youre doing online. In theory, they could even log this information, compromising your online privacy.

    Thats why, if youre intent on using a proxy server, you should pick one being run by a trustworthy third party. More often than not, you wont know the owners identity, which makes this hard to do. They could be collecting your data or even injecting ads into the pages you visit.

    In short, a proxy server doesnt offer Tor users the level of privacy and security as other solutions. But if youre going to use one anyway, at least choose one of the best proxy sites.

    Additional Benefits Of Using A VPN With Tor

    Is Tor a 100% Safe Browser?  FastestVPN Guide
    • Protects you from rogue nodes Malicious users can target you by setting up rogue nodes on Tor. These nodes will capture your real information when connecting to the browser and proceed to track your activities.

    However, this is impossible when using a VPN because your traffic will already be encrypted by the VPN servers.

    • You will not be flagged down by your ISP Due to the illegal activities usually associated with the Tor browser, your ISP can flag down your connection when they notice you accessing the browser.

    A VPN encrypts your data and blocks out anyone trying to monitor your online activities including your ISP.

    • Allows you to access Tor where it is blocked Its not uncommon to find that Tor has been blocked from being accessed in a country or on a certain network.

    A VPN will help to bypass these restrictions.

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    Free VPNs For Tor Browser

    Free VPNs are widely available online, but we advise you to be careful when using these services and do your research before signing up with a Tor free VPN service. Generally, we think that using a free VPN service for Tor can potentially do you more harm than good, as these services are often not secure enough, slow, and not very privacy-conscious.

    That said, we do find the Atlas VPN free service enticing enough to recommend you give it a try. The Atlas VPN free subscription plan is a great option for casual users who dont need an overabundance of features but want a trusted free VPN for Tor. It comes with a limited number of servers, but you can always switch to Atlas VPNs premium subscription plan and unlock everything this top-quality Tor VPN has to offer.

    Get The Best VPN For Tor Browser Today

    Since the dark web is associated with various cyberthreats, using a highly secure VPN with Tor is crucial. On top of this, The Onion Router is slow as it is so you’ll need a superfast VPN to prevent additional slowdowns.

    Based on my tests, I found ExpressVPN to be the best Tor VPN. It has strong security features to protect your personal data from leaking. Plus, it’s superfast, which minimizes speed loss while you browse. You can try ExpressVPN with Tor risk-free since its backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find it’s not for you, you can easily get a full refund.

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    What Is The Best VPN For Tor In 2022

    If you have tried searching How to browse the web anonymously then you know that using a VPN and using the Tor browser are two of best-recommended solutions.

    • No activity logs and no connection logs
    • Easy-to-use apps for all devices

    Both methods are great on their own but when combined they produce complete anonymity and protection against data theft and online snoopers. They complement each others shortcomings.

    For instance, a VPN encrypts your data and prevents third parties from knowing what you are doing online. However, the VPN still has the logs of all your online activities and you just have to trust that they wont store or share this data with others.

    Using the Tor browser ensures that your VPN has no data to log. This is because once your internet traffic leaves the VPN servers it is sent to the Tor secure servers, also called nodes, where it is encrypted again. From there, even your VPN can establish what you are doing online.

    Then, on the other hand, Tor can only guarantee your anonymity when you are browsing. It wont protect you from internet usage outside the web browser like when you are using a desktop application.

    Also, the Tor network is yet to be effectively implemented on mobile platforms. And it is in instances like these that a VPN will come through for you. So now you see how the two solutions are mutually beneficial!

    There is just one problem though. You cannot just use any VPN with Tor, so how do you select the best solution?

    Do You Need A VPN For Tor

    VPN or Tor: Which to Choose? | NordVPN

    You can use the Tor browser or set up the connection so that all your traffic would go through their servers. Your traffic is encrypted, but your ISP can still see that you’re connecting to Tor. Plus, the first Tor node that you connect to can see your real IP address.

    A VPN isn’t a requirement to use Tor, but it helps a lot. It encrypts your whole traffic, masking it from the ISP. In short, it’s much safer to use Tor with a VPN.

    Not all VPNs offer Tor features in their product. Out of the options we tested, NordVPN had the best overall functionality â and it includes a solid 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can see it for yourself with no risk involved.

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    Use Bridges And/or Find Company

    Tor tries to prevent attackers from learning what destination websites you connect to.However, by default, it does not prevent somebody watching your Internet traffic from learning that you’re using Tor.If this matters to you, you can reduce this risk by configuring Tor to use a bridge rather than connecting directly to the Tor network.Ultimately the best protection is a social approach: the more Tor users there are near you and the more diverse their interests, the less dangerous it will be that you are one of them.Convince other people to use Tor, too!

    Be smart and learn more.Understand what Tor does and does not offer.This list of pitfalls isn’t complete, and we need your help identifying and documenting all the issues.

    What attacks remain against onion routing?

    As mentioned above, it is possible for an observer who can view both you and either the destination website or your Tor exit node to correlate timings of your traffic as it enters the Tor network and also as it exits.Tor does not defend against such a threat model.

    Furthermore, since Tor reuses circuits for multiple TCP connections, it is possible to associate non anonymous and anonymous traffic at a given exit node, so be careful about what applications you run concurrently over Tor.Perhaps even run separate Tor clients for these applications.

    What protections does Tor provide?

    Generally speaking, Tor aims to solve three privacy problems:

    What is Tor?

    The name “Tor” can refer to several different components.

    Should I Use Tor Bridges Instead Of A VPN

    When using the Tor network, you have an option to connect via Tor bridges. Bridges work in a similar way to relays, but they aren’t public and don’t appear in the main Tor directory. However, finding one can be a pain. You could set up one yourself, but this isn’t easy. Otherwise, it’s already public if you’ve found it, which also means that it can be blocked.

    Tor bridges can add additional flexibility to your browsing experience. There are particular variants of them, for example obfuscated tor bridges that can be useful when accessing restricted content. Your ISP, in most cases, cannot block private Tor bridges.

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    Is The Tor Browser Safe

    Tor is safe to download and operate if youre an advanced user and its absolutely necessary. However, its not 100% secure.

    There are significant vulnerabilities that can put your safety and privacy at risk, and these risks often outweigh the browsers benefits for most people.

    If youre a casual user, we recommend combining a safe private browser with a top-rated VPN service, instead.

    In the table below, we summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the Tor browser when it comes to safety:

    • Enabling JavaScript

    All of these activities have the potential to route traffic outside of the Tor Browser or retain information that can de-anonymize you even within the browser.

    Another common mistake is accessing HTTP sites. This wont directly reveal your IP address, but it does make you much more vulnerable to surveillance due to the lack of additional encryption compared to HTTPS.

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