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Can I Use My VPN On Multiple Devices

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How Many Devices Can I Use With Nordvpn

Best VPN For Multiple Devices – Fliptroniks.com

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A total of six devices can be connected with one NordVPN account at the same time. However, there is one condition. If you connect the devices to the same server, you have to choose different VPN protocols . That means that a total of five devices can be connected to one server at the same time: through HTTP proxy, SOCKS5, NordLynx, OpenVPN TCP, and OpenVPN UDP. If you have one more device, you can connect it to another server using any protocol.If you have even more devices, you can set up your router with our VPN. The router uses only one device slot, but all the devices connected to the network will be under VPN protection.In order to use NordVPN on your other devices, our application and log in to your NordVPN account.;

Tip: Don’t forget to use a strong password on your router, as this will help you avoid uninvited guests on your network.As generating and remembering strong and secure passwords is not an easy task, we recommend downloading our free password manager, NordPass. It generates secure passwords and stores them safely, saving your time on resetting passwords should you forget them in the future.

How To Install A VPN On Your Router

Before you get started with your router-based VPN installation, there are a few things youll need to make note of. First, every VPN has a different set of requirements for their router setup. Some will support common brands like Linksys, Netgear, and D-Link, while others only allow installations on specific open source firmware. Almost all VPNs support Tomato and DD-WRT routers, so if your device is compatible with either of those, youre in good company.

Second, the process of installing a VPN to your router varies greatly between providers. Some will have a quick browser-based set-up, others will generate config files to download, and a few will link you to a page of information youll enter manually. Because of this its impossible to provide a succinct list of steps required to get things up and running. The guide below will help you prepare for the installation, but youll need to get the details from your VPNs support pages.

Step 1: Check Compatibility

  • Find your router model name and number. This is usually printed on a sticker on the bottom of the device.
  • Compare the model to the list of compatible routers on your VPNs support page.
  • If it doesnt match but your VPN supports Tomato or DD-WRT firmware, use the links below to see if your router supports either one:
  • Follow the instructions on the Tomato or DD-WRT pages to install the firmware to your router.
  • Step 2: Install the VPN

  • Open your routers admin page.
  • What Makes The Best VPN For Multiple Devices

    As we mentioned, there are a couple of factors to consider when picking the best VPN for multiple devices. The three main things to consider are the number of connections, the speed and the support across different devices and operating systems. The best VPNs for multiple devices will cover all of them with no problems. Here are our top seven choices.

  • ExpressVPN Secure, fast VPN for up to five devices
  • NordVPN A no-logs option with over 5,400 servers to choose from and up to six device connections
  • Surfshark Best value option with an unlimited number of devices
  • Windscribe Best free option that supports unlimited device connections
  • PIA Super fast VPN for up to 10 devices
  • CyberGhost VPN with to nospy servers and up to seven connections
  • Hide.me Best option with a configurable multihop, with up to 10 device connections
  • If youre using multiple devices or youre sharing the account with family members a VPN with high device connection count is what you should prioritize most. VPN support for five devices simultaneously is the bare minimum, but this is a case of the more, the better, especially if you share the account with a lot of people. Consider how many devices each person uses, too those are all separate VPN connections.

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    Sharing VPN Connections Using A VPN Router

    Many VPN users dont know that you can set up VPN on your WIFI router so that all devices connected to that router will share the same VPN connection. Some VPNs, such as ExpressVPN, even offer VPN apps for routers. The advantage of this approach is that your router will be considered as ONE device from your VPN providers point of view, and you can share this VPN connection on as many devices as possible .

    However, therere also a couple of disadvantages for using a router to share VPN connections. First of all, its not that easy to set up VPN on a router and many routers dont;allow you to do so. Secondly, once you have set up VPN on a router, it wont be that easy to switch the VPN on and off on the router , and as a result, you might end up;letting your VPN on all the time, which might slow down your Internet connection for visiting sites that usually dont need VPN.

    While therere some router models on the market that comes with in-box VPN support, many others dont have this feature.;One popular method for setting up VPN on a router is using a flashed router, which means you replace your routers firmware with another one that support VPN. Therere two popular router firmwares for this purpose. One is called DD-WRT and the other one is called Tomato. Flashing a router with DD-WRT or Tomato is not a easy process and its beyond the scope of this article. We might publish separate tutorials for this topic.

    Using A VPN On Pc And Mac

    VPN on Device vs. Router

    If you work in an office, there is a good chance that your IT team has installed a VPN on your computer. Most organizations use a VPN to protect their data and prevent malicious access to their network. Using a VPN helps ensure security protocols, but did you know that you could have the same protection at home? Whether you use a PC or a Mac, installing a strong VPN can give your home network a security advantage.

    To install a VPN on a Windows PC:

  • Sign up for an account
  • Select a Free or Premium plan
  • Sign in to your PrivadoVPN account
  • Select one of the hundreds of available global servers
  • Activate your VPN with one click
  • To install a VPN on a macOS:

  • Sign up for an account
  • Select a Free or Premium plan
  • Sign in to your PrivadoVPN account
  • Select one of the hundreds of available global servers
  • Activate your VPN with one click
  • There are alternative ways to configure your setup to accommodate a VPN on your operating system. Are you using hardware that runs on Windows 10? Looking for more instructions on setting up a VPN on Linux or with an IKEv2 protocol? Need help with a VPN setup on your new router? Check out our list of comprehensive setup guides here.;

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    How To Connect Unlimited Devices To A VPN With A Wi

    It might be that you need an even higher number of connected devices with a VPN. You shouldnt go out and buy a second subscription; you could set up a VPN on your router. This will only count as one connection, and all your devices connected to that router will be protected with encryption and remove geo-blocks.

    Keep in mind that not all routers will be compatible with a VPN out of the box. You should always check the VPN providers website to see which are. In many cases, you should be able to flash it with custom firmware, so you can add VPN configurations.

    Generally, the process might look like this:

  • Choose the best VPN for multiple devices
  • Sign-up for the VPN
  • Go to your router control panel and add a custom VPN setting
  • Enter your login credentials and save the configuration
  • Thats it, now you can connect all the devices that you have at home to this router, and it will still count as one connection. For more specific instructions, visit the support page of your chosen VPN provider.

    How To Connect Multiple Devices To Nordvpn

    If more than one user from the same household connects to the same NordVPN server, this could cause a connectivity problem. To avoid this issue, different users should connect with a different VPN protocol. This minimizes interference with other devices.

    For example, a PC could be on the OpenVPN TCP protocol, while an iPhone could be using NordVPN via the NordLynx protocol. Users can access NordVPN servers through a total of five different VPN protocols:

    • HTTP Proxy
    • OpenVPN UDP

    To avoid connectivity or speed problems with NordVPN, users should set up their devices in a way that interference is not possible. Choosing different default VPN protocols is the easiest solution to this problem.

    Let me share a little secret with you. If you dont want to deal with VPN protocols at all, a clever workaround is available. To fix any interference between devices, simply connect the NordVPN proxy to your router. This will increase your maximum user limit spectacularly!

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    Factors To Consider When Choosing A VPN

    Apart from the ability to simultaneously protect multiple devices with a single license, here are some other things you should look for in a VPN.

    • Compatibility with multiple devices A great VPN should have a dedicated application for all the popular devices or at least come with a way to manually configure it on the particular device.
    • Connection speeds A VPN is always guaranteed to lower your internet speed due to data encryption and the additional distance that the internet traffic has to travel to reach the VPN servers. However, some VPNs can make your connection painstakingly slow and that is not what you want.
    • Server distribution The more distance that your internet traffic covers to reach a VPN server the more your internet speed will be affected. Therefore, your VPN of choice should have servers distributed in multiple locations across the globe so that you can easily find a server that is close to you.
    • Security features The main reason for the creation of VPNs was to protect your personal data and safeguard your internet privacy. Therefore, when choosing a VPN make sure that it supports OpenVPN protocol and AES 256-bit encryption. The two form the best security combination.
    • Logging policy You should also make sure that your choice VPN does not store user data. Doing so would mean that there are digital footprints that can be traced back to you. All it requires is a subpoena from your government to requiring the VPN to surrender your data to them.

    How To Get A VPN On Multiple Devices

    ExpressVPN How Many Devices?

    You can connect up to six devices with one NordVPN account. While there are dedicated NordVPN apps for most popular operating systems, some gadgets will need to be configured manually .

    You can also install a VPN on your Wi-Fi router to protect every device connected to it. This way, you can share your account with family members, turn on a VPN on their gadgets, and protect them from online threats.

    Some of NordVPNs features might vary across different platforms, but the basic principles are the same high-speed security and privacy.

    NordVPN supports 8 different platforms and can be configured for even more. You won’t go wrong.

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    Infinite Number Of Simultaneous Connections Zenmate

    Key Features:

    • Unblock: Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, ABC Go, Channel 9, Spotify, UKTV, Star-Sports, and more
    • Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, Roku, and more

    Zenmate also allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices with its premium subscription, making it a great choice for large households and businesses.

    The provider offers 3,800 servers in 79 countries worldwide that are capable of shattering any form of geo-restriction barrier and allowing you unlimited, unrestricted, and uninterrupted access to shopping, online dating, and streaming services such as ABC Go, Channel 9, Spotify, UKTV, Star-Sports, and more.

    With the dedicated streaming profiles, you dont have to waste any time trying to find the right server youll be automatically connected to the best one for your needs. In addition, its connection speeds are definitely fast enough for streaming.

    For online security and privacy, the provider relies on military-grade AES-256-Bit encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, internet kill switch, a no-log policy, and various strong connection protocols such as IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN.

    Available for just $1.64/month, every Zenmate premium subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also receive technical assistance concerning any issue via Zenmates support center or ticket system available 24/7.

    To learn more about this provider, check out our Zenmate review.

    VPNs Aren’t Rocket Science

    Too many of you aren’t using a VPN, and maybe that’s because they seem like arcane security tools. Fortunately, many providers have worked hard to make them friendly and easy to use. Most are now set-and-forget security tools, as they should be. A VPN is one of the best and easiest ways to guard your web traffic from, well, just about everyone.

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    Why Install A VPN On My Router

    Most VPNs have a cap on how many devices you can connect at one time. When you install a VPN on your router, your WiFi signal counts as one connection. This means you can connect an unlimited amount of devices through your WiFi, without going over your simultaneous connections quota.

    Another bonus is the ease of having all your devices instantly protected by the configured VPN router. Every device that connects through WiFi is guaranteed anonymity and all of a VPNs benefits. Even devices that arent usually compatible with VPNs, such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, and streaming sticks, are covered by this method.

    Best VPNs For Use On Multiple Devices

    Can i use my kindle account on multiple devices ...
  • ExpressVPN ExpressVPN allows only 5 simultaneous connections which ironically, is the least number of allowed devices compared to the other VPNs on this list. Yet this VPN is my top recommended solution. Why? You will find the answer in the in-depth review later in the post.
  • NordVPN NordVPN allows you to secure up to 6 devices with one license. If you are really conscious about security then this VPN has what you need. Most notably it provides double encryption and even allows you to use the onion router network on top of the standard VPN connection.
  • CyberGhost CyberGhost is one of the most mentionable VPNs thanks to its ability to provide top tier VPN features in an affordable package. The VPN allows you to protect up to 7 devices using one license and is compatible with all the popular devices.
  • IPVanish IPVanish is the most generous provider on this list allowing to protect up to 10 devices using a single subscription. Also if you have a tight budget and looking for a VPN with an affordable short-term plan, you may want to consider this VPN.
  • PrivateVPN This is yet another VPN solution that offers very affordable short-term subscriptions. PureVPN allows 6 simultaneous connections and offers great speeds that will be excellent for streaming while also ensuring that you remain completely anonymous when online.
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    Using VPN On Browser Extensions

    NordVPN also comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Keep in mind that the extension is different from the app: it protects only your browsers traffic but not your computers traffic the way the NordVPN app does. Using a VPN extension will change your browsers IP address, but at the same time you will be able to use your real IP for other connections.

  • Add the extension to your browser of choice and sign in.
  • Click Quick connect or choose a desired country.
  • Is Using A VPN Legal

    Some people wonder whether its legal to use a VPN. After all, the service enables you to become a lot more anonymous online, which can be quite useful for hackers and online criminals. If those people cant be traced online, its much harder to punish them for their crimes, after all. Even so, this doesnt necessarily mean a VPN is illegal.

    On the contrary: many official companies and businesses work with VPNs and recommend their use. The European Union, too, supports internet freedom, which a VPN can give you.

    Many countries consider the use of a VPN completely legal. Conducting illegal activities while using a VPN, however, remains illegal. Therefore, using a VPN for legal activities, such as browsing, gaming, Netflix, and YouTube, isnt a problem at all. If you use a VPN to, for example, , however, youre most likely going against your local laws. While the VPN gives you more anonymity online and makes it a lot harder for officials to trace you down, the downloading in and of itself is still illegal.

    There are a couple of countries that do consider the use of a VPN illegal. If youd like to know more about these countries and the legal and illegal use of VPNs in general, you can read this article. Using a VPN in most of the world wont get you into any trouble. On the contrary: wed recommend it.

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