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Can I Use VPN On Netflix

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Accessing Netflix Across The Globe: Study

How to Use Netflix With VPN?? [GUIDE]

A European Commission report estimates cross-border film availability on Netflix within the EU is just 31%.

Comparitech has conducted the most comprehensive study to date of which VPNs work with Netflix in which countries. We tested 59 VPNs in 30 countries with our Netflix subscription in a desktop web browser and the Netflix iOS and Android apps. In all, our team ran more than 5,000 manual tests on real devices.

Click the image below to see the full results in a

How Do I Change My Netflix Region With Expressvpn

Use the following simple steps to change your Netflix region with ExpressVPN.

  • Open ExpressVPN. Log in and open the server list.
  • Select a server in the Netflix region you want. If you want to access Canadian Netflix, choose a server in Canada. I recommend the Montreal or Vancouver servers.
  • Open Netflix and press play! The corresponding Netflix library should automatically load. So, if you choose a Canadian server, youll see the Canadian library when you open Netflix.
  • If you dont have a Netflix account already, then youll need to sign up. But dont worry it doesnt matter where you subscribe. Changing VPN servers will automatically load the corresponding library once you have an account and sign in, so you can use your local payment method.

    Will Netflix Ban Me If I Use A VPN

    While Netflix has a ban against VPNs and proxy servers, its perfectly legal to use VPNs on Netflix it just may not work. Netflix has specific licensing agreements with TV shows and movies, meaning that theyre only allowed to offer them to certain audiences, divided by country. As VPNs replace IP addresses, making users seem like theyre elsewhere, you can see where this becomes a licensing issue. Dont worry about being carted off to jail if you use a VPN on Netflix. Unless youre in a country where VPNs are illegal,4 you should be safe and sound.

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    Best VPN Services For Streaming Netflix

    Not every VPN out there is optimized to work with Netflix. Some services have plenty of servers worldwide but dont have the necessary features under the hood to unblock geo-restricted content. This is why weve curated this list of some of the best VPNs for Netflix. Plus, a VPN adds much more value. It can guarantee security from various online threats and privacy from unwanted monitoring. Furthermore, you can even start streaming in places where its typically restricted, such as watching Netflix in China.

    How To Watch Netflix With A VPN In 2021

    Best VPNs for Netflix Streaming Outside Your Country ...

    Follow these four simple steps to watch Netflix with a VPN:

  • and Install the ExpressVPN app or browser extension.
  • Login with credentials to access thousands of servers offered by ExpressVPN.
  • Connect to a server of your target region. e.g. connect to US servers for US Netflix.
  • Access Netflix and enjoy streaming your favourite content without any worries.
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    Connect To A Server In The Desired Country

    Once you type in your login credentials and get to the main screen, everything should be pretty straightforward. Usually, you get a map or a country list that, once clicked, automatically connects to a VPN server. You will get a confirmation that the app established the connection, and youre browsing through a remote server in a different country.

    So, if you want to access Netflix US, just connect to a server somewhere in the US.

    Best VPNs For Netflix

    Finding a reliable VPN for Netflix can be difficult. Many VPN providers advertise streaming features, but when it comes time to deliver on those promises they fail almost immediately. To help you find a top Netflix VPN, our experts reviewed top providers to see which ones offered the best connection speeds, network size, and of course streaming ability.

    Each VPN listed below passed our IP leak tests, was able to unblock multiple Netflix libraries in places like the UK and Canada, and offers thousands of servers to choose from worldwide.


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    The 2021 Netflix Crackdown

    However, in August 2021, it seemed that Netflix had finally gained the upper hand: in one fell swoop, servers all over the world stopped working in what we at How-To Geek dubbed the VPN crackdown.

    One of the ways VPNs had eluded Netflix was by using residential IP addresses. These are IPs that arent linked to rented server space like VPNs usually use, but instead ones that are linked to residential addresses. Netflix had gotten wise to this and blocked those, too, causing some annoyance with people who were not using a VPN and were still blocked.

    On the other hand, Netflix now lets you stream Netflix Originals if it detects youre using a VPN. Youre not blocked from streamingyou can just only stream shows that Netflix has a worldwide license for

    It was a fairly elegant solution overall and it worked to block VPNs for about a week. Some VPNs quickly caught up with Netflixs tactics, and it seems that once again ExpressVPN and NordVPN, to name but two, offer servers that can connect to Netflix libraries in other countries.

    It looks like the game of cat and mouse is continuing.

    Surfshark Cheapest VPN For Unblocking Netflix

    How To Use A VPN To Watch Netflix From Other Countries

    6/6 tested servers unblocking Netflix

    In our test, we found the following Surfshark servers unblocking Netflix:

    • United States
    • South Africa
    • South Korea

    Surfshark unblocks Netflix perfectly fine through Windows and Android devices. Its not so good with Mac and iOS apps, but according to their website they are doing their best to improve that.

    Whats more, Surfshark is British Virgin Island based with no data retention law so if you need a VPN for streaming, Surfshark can be a great option on the market today.

    Surfshark takes pride in the fact that its users use it to access Netflix. I chose six servers and tested it myself.

    I was able to access 6/6 servers and it worked fine, just seems a bit slower than our first and second picks.

    Read our full Surfshark review.

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    How Netflix Detects VPN Users

    Perhaps it was inevitable, but many VPN users were surprised to find that the platform had developed some efficient ways to detect and neutralize VPNs. So how do these techniques work, and do they mean that you cant use Netflix with VPN clients any more?

    One answer to the question how does Netflix know Im using a VPN is related to the way VPNs work. Many VPNs route large numbers of users through single servers, using closely related IP addresses to hide users identities. Bundling masses of individuals together is a great way to anonymize web usage, but it has one fatal drawback: platforms like Netflix can detect patterns of similar IP addresses and then block ban them, knocking all of a VPNs servers out of action in one move.

    Some specialist companies also collect the IP addresses used by VPNs and sell this information to platforms like Netflix, which makes the task of screening the sites users much simpler .

    Another way how Netflix also collect the IP addresses used by VPNs and sell this information to platforms like Netflix, which makes the task of screening the sites users much simpler .

    Netflix also has another sophisticated VPN deception system.

    How To Unblock Netflix With A VPN

    Streaming video on Netflix is a pleasure most of us take for granted, but as soon as you start crossing borders, you may find it blocked. With the right VPN you may be able to keep streaming, no matter where you are.

    If you’re trying to view the latest Netflix show while traveling overseas, or you want to watch a show Netflix only provides on the other side of the globe, you’re in for a tough time. But with a VPN service and a bit of persistence, you might be able to see most of what you want to watch, no matter where you are.

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    How To Use A VPN With Netflix

    by Natasha Stokes on February 25, 2019in , , ::

    VPNs are an important privacy measure, preventing sites from tracking your online movements and logging identifying information. They scramble a users IP address, encrypt all traffic, as well as mask service providers and geographic location, making them a good option for staying private online, and securing data and internet connections in public places.

    Yet these privacy tools dont always play nice with Netflix.

    How To Use A VPN For Netflix

    Can Netflix ban you for using a VPN?

    Fergus is a freelance writer for How-To Geek. He has seven years of tech reporting and reviewing under his belt for a number of publications, including GameCrate and Cloudwards. He’s written more articles and reviews about cybersecurity and cloud-based software than he can keep track of—and knows his way around Linux and hardware, too. Read more…

    There are plenty of reasons why you should use a VPN: theyre an important part of protecting yourself online and can help you get past censorship blocks in countries like China. However, one of the biggest reasons why regular people use VPNs is to get past regional restrictions on content, particularly the massive regional libraries of Netflix.

    ExpressVPN is the best VPN for getting past the Netflix block, though Netflix made an update in 2021 to better detect and block VPNs. We go into details on how to use a VPN with Netflix below, but not before we talk a little more about regional restrictions.

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    How Often Do People Use VPNs With Netflix

    Even though its clear that plenty of VPN users are reaping the rewards of using a VPN to unblock geo-blocked shows, its conceivable that these users might only occasionally switch on the VPN to stream a movie or binge a series, and then forget about the software. However, in our findings, paying VPN users really are getting their moneys worth.

    Of the users who said they use a VPN to stream, a huge 44% use their VPN all day, every day. Put another way, almost half of streaming VPN users never turn it off.

    While its impossible to tell how often these users are actually unblocking Netflix content from our data, its evident that most people have no issue using a VPN daily and making the most of what they can offer be that accessing more streaming content, increasing general privacy, or staying safe when torrenting.

    How To Stream With A VPN

    Netflix can see what country you are accessing their website from, based on your IP address. This IP address is, as it were, the identity code of your internet connection. This IP address allows Netflix to see that I, for example, am in the Netherlands, which is why Ill get to see the Dutch Netflix offer.

    However, with our solution, you can easily change your IP address. For example, you can choose to connect to a US server and get an American IP address. This will make Netflix think that you are in the US. From that moment on you will be able to see the American Netflix content. You can also use a VPN for other streaming services such as Disney Plus and BBCiPlayer.

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    Additional Benefits Of A VPN

    A VPN can help you unblock things that arent normally available to you but it has even more advantages. First of all, with a VPN all your internet traffic is encrypted and you can safely use public Wi-Fi networks.

    In addition, a VPN allows you to access the internet more anonymously. With a VPN, it becomes much more difficult for others to find out which websites you visit or what you download. Perfect for surfing, streaming and .

    You can also access , , WhatsApp, and Skype anywhere in the world, even in countries where this is blocked. Have we got your attention yet? Below we show you how to get started with a VPN!

    Why You Can’t Watch Netflix With A VPN And How To Fix It

    How to watch Netflix with a VPN in 2021 | Ultimate LIVE TUTORIAL

    Congrats. You figured out how to watch the likes of American Netflix in your country. But then it didnt work. Right? You arent the only one. Guides tell you that connecting to an American server will be enough to watch American Netflix, but they miss out the key features because they want you to become a customer ASAP.

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    Disadvantages Of Dedicated Ip Regarding Netflix

    While a dedicated IP does have its advantages, at the same time, it has few disadvantages as well.

    • You will have to purchase dedicated IP for each country you wish to access the Netflix library.
    • There is no guarantee that the dedicated IP will be guaranteed to work against Netflix. The only way is to purchase it and then try it with Netflix.
    • Dedicated IPs will always cost you an additional amount. In some cases, their charges can be quite high and unaffordable.

    Why Do We See Different Netflix Libraries For Different Countries

    The selection of the Netflix content available for streaming is based on the users location. The concept of geo-restriction is pretty standard among streaming sites. Based on the licensing agreement, the Netflix library collection varies from region to region. For instance, the popular vampire-werewolf series Twilight is available on Netflix in Canada only .

    However, you can still get American Netflix in Australia, and unblock US Netflix in New Zealand, if you have a VPN. The process of accessing US Netflix in any region has already been discussed earlier in this guide.

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    Is It Against Netflixs Terms & Conditions To Use A VPN

    Its well worth noting that while its not illegal in the eyes of the law, using a VPN to access the best Netflix shows is very much against Netflixs T& Cs, and the streaming giant reserves the right to terminate accounts found to be doing this.

    However, weve never heard of this happening, and its clear why. Even though you might be breaking its rules, Netflix would much rather keep your subscription rolling in every month than ban you for using a VPN to access content. In turn, keeping you locked into a Netflix subscription probably keeps you away from other competing streaming services.

    How Do I Get A Free VPN For Netflix

    Can I Use A VPN To Watch Netflix: Your Burning Questions ...

    To get a free VPN for Netflix:

  • Go to the Windscribe website and click Download Windscribe.
  • Select your chosen device or browser and follow the steps to complete the installation process.
  • Create an account.
  • Open the Windscribe app and choose a server location that corresponds with the Netflix library you wish to unblock.
  • Once youve connected, navigate to Netflix. Your chosen content library should appear.
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    Expressvpn Best VPN For Watching Netflix From Anywhere

    ExpressVPN is the best VPN for watching Netflix because of its high-speed servers and its impeccable performance. It can bypass any streaming service within seconds without any lapses. You can use its desktop client or even its browser extension to unblock Netflix anywhere.

    With around 3000+ servers in about 90+ countries, this VPN can make your Netflix Streaming easier and faster.

    However, ExpressVPN charges a bit higher subscription fee compared to its competitors. Nevertheless, check out our ExpressVPN Netflix guide and see all the amazing features of this provider and error fixes for a better exprerience . Following are some key features of ExpressVPN:

    • Offering a 12-months package for $6.67/mo
    • All major streaming devices and operating systems supported
    • Unblocks lots of other streaming platforms
    • Strict no-logs policy

    How To Watch Netflix With A VPN When Traveling Abroad

    Many people who work or travel abroad are looking to Unblock Netflix with a VPN. As long as you are using a good VPN and have enough bandwidth for streaming, you can watch Netflix with your VPN by following these simple steps:

    Step 1: Choose a good Netflix VPN service

    First you need a good VPN that works with Netflix:

    Any of these VPNs will work well with Netflix streaming.

    Step 2: Install the VPN software on your streaming device

    You will be able to find the VPN software for your specific device directly on the VPNs website. If you go with NordVPN, youll have access to a large selection of VPN apps for all types of devices and operating systems, including TV boxes, Smart TVs, and Amazon FireTV/Fire Stick, as well as computers, routers, tablets, phones, and more.

    Step 3: Connect to a VPN server

    Simply open the VPN app on your device and connect to a server in the location where Netflix is available, such as in the US or UK. To improve Netflix VPN performance, connect to the closest VPN server possible.

    Note: You may need to check with your VPN provider to learn which servers to use.

    Step 4: Enjoy streaming with Netflix from abroad

    Now just log in to your existing Netflix account and enjoy streaming Netflix as normal. From Netflixs perspective, you are just another user connecting from the country where your VPN server is located.

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    Is Watching Netflix Via VPN Illegal

    It is difficult to pin down any specific law that would make watching Netflix via VPN illegal. This is unless you are in a small list of countries such as China and Iran. From most other countries, there is no law against using a VPN, and, if you are a Netflix subscriber, you are certainly not breaking any laws accessing the service.

    While the purpose here is not to offer legal advice, there does not appear to be much or any legal risk to the practice. However, that doesnt mean it is allowed by Netflix.

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