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Can VPN Hide My Location

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Need To Spoof Your Location A VPN Can Help

Does a VPN Hide Your Location? ð¤

Here’s how to set up a VPN to make it look like you’re in a different country.

While the classic use case for VPNs is to hide your IP address and keep your ISP and other snoops from monitoring your online activities, it’s not the only reason. Once in a while you might need to appear like you’re in a different country without leaving the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you’re looking to evade some form of censorship, or access a localized version of a website. Maybe you just want to watch a foreign version of Netflix. Whatever your need, a VPN is an excellent choice for location spoofing.

Recently, I received a message from a Patagonia-based reader with just such a problem. It seems that their web traffic was being blocked because of their location. From our southerly reader, edited for brevity and privacy:

When I go online, websites identify me as coming from Argentina, but some services will not respond because of my location. Now, I also have a website that is hosted by a Swiss provider. If I have control over my domain in Switzerland, can I somehow connect my PC to the site and have all my movements be seen as coming from Switzerland?

The answer to the reader’s specific question is a bit complicated, but the solution to the overall problem is very simple: Get a VPN.

You Can Never Hide Your Ip Address From Your Isp

Its not possible to hide your IP address from your ISP. It makes sense: my ISP provides me with internet service and therefore an IP address. Without an IP address, I cant connect to the internet.

VPNs and proxies dont literally replace your existing IP address. They just mask your IP address with one of their own so that other computers and servers on the internet cant see yours. But your real IP address is still there, communicating through the proxy or VPN server as an intermediary.

Even though you can never hide your real IP address from your ISP, you can hide the content and destination of your internet activity with a VPN. The encryption prevents your ISP from seeing what information you send and receive, and the ISP can only see that youre connected to a VPN servernot the websites or apps you use. Conversely, the VPN hides your real IP address from websites and apps, but they still see the contents and destination of your internet communications.

The only parties that can see all threeyour real IP address, the websites you visit, and what data is transmitted between the twoare you and your VPN provider. For this reason, I only recommend VPNs that dont store any logs of your online activity.

Does A VPN Hide Your Ip Address

VPNs are most commonly downloaded because consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the value of their personal data. We are seeing a surge in interest regarding online privacy, which is great because if internet users learn how to best protect themselves online, theyll be less susceptible to scams and attacks. A question that is commonly asked is if VPNs really do hide your IP address. The best VPN services provide not only IP address obfuscation, but a whole array of security features!

Many customers may not want to dive head-first into paying for a potentially costly and long-term commitment like a VPN subscription, so downloading a free VPN is a great option to familiarize yourself. The best free VPN services give you a set amount of data each month which you can use just like a normal subscription. You may not have access to all the same features, but for basic tasks, its a wonderful alternative. If youre unsure about your safety and privacy when connected to a VPN , we have you covered in this article.

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How Can I Be Untraceable

Staying completely anonymous online is tough. However, there are ways you can minimize your digital footprint:

  • Be careful about what you post online. The information you reveal about yourself can be a goldmine for snoopers
  • Ditch Google for more private search engines
  • Use privacy-oriented browsers
  • Use a VPN.

All in all, if someone’s hell-bent on tracking you online, you’ll need to be very careful and thorough to remain anonymous. If you choose a VPN service carefully, it can still protect your data from ISPs, criminals, and government surveillance. NordVPN has a plethora of security-oriented features to ensure your privacy online, no matter what device you’re on.

Find out why NordVPN is one of the leading VPNs on the market. Try it for 30 days with our money-back guarantee.

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How To Change Location With VPN

Can VPN Hide Your Ip Address

Change Location

3999 views , 5 min read

How does VPN location changer work? Choose one from the given free VPN options and change your location. Also, Check the comparison list of various VPN location changers and risks associated with free VPN.

Its not less than a blessing to have tools that allow you to change the location with security, online privacy, and freedom. A growing number of people use VPNs when they browse through the Internet.

Do you also want to bypass geo-blocking and hide your real IP address?

Lets get started.

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How Does A VPN Hide Your Ip Address

VPN services, like ExpressVPN, alter the way data travels from your computer to the internet. Encryption is used before any information is sent from your computer or mobile device. Before it reaches its final destination online, it is first passed through one of the VPN networks servers.

When using a VPN, your computers IP address is no longer your source IP address. Instead, the VPN servers IP address, which might be located anywhere in the world, becomes your origin address.

However, things arent as straightforward as they appear. Virtual private networks are susceptible to various data breaches, including IP and DNS leaks. Installing a VPN with its own DNS servers and DNS leak protection protocols can help avoid this.

Like a shaky internet connection, a VPN connection might go down at any time. A kill switch can be used to suspend data transfer until the VPN is functional again, preventing your IP address from being seen in this situation.

So, instead of displaying your actual IP address, the VPN displays a fake one. In other words, the replacement will be visible to your ISP and any website you visit.

An Internet service provider is a business that offers personal and business customers access to the internet. Even if you can hide your devices private IP address, the replacement will still be accessible to the internet.

Does The VPN Work On Mobile

Most VPN services today come with a mobile option, but youll want to verify this before you sign up for a subscription.

More people than ever are accessing the internet on mobile devices, so you need to make sure you can protect yourself while youre using them.

This is especially important if youre looking to protect yourself when using public WiFi networks. Youll most likely be using your phone or tablet when youre on these networks. Make sure the service you get will work on these devices.

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Does The VPN Block Ads

When surfing the internet, ads can be both annoying and dangerous. In fact, infected websites often display pop-up ads that contain viruses and other malicious software.

If you can, youll want to avoid pop-ups entirely. This will not only speed up your internet because your browser wont have to load the pop-ups, but youll be safer when using the internet as well.

As with most of the other VPN features mentioned, the good VPN services will include ad blocking. To get the most out of your internet experience youll want to ensure your VPN has an ad blocker.

What Happens If The VPN Gets Disconnected

Change IP Address – Hide IP Address and Location using Free VPN

In case your connection to the VPN server breaks down, your computer will immediately start sending data over the internet in an unencrypted form. This means all websites you visit will now be visible to your internet serviced provider and they will start tracking pages that were visited and trace that information back to your location through their servers. That’s why the previously mentioned kill-switch feature is vital when using a VPN service.

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What Is A VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. What a VPN essentially does is it makes a private network that you can use when accessing the internet.

Once youre connected to a VPN, you become an anonymous user of the internet.

Your IP address becomes hidden from websites and other search engines that are trying to collect your information. With your IP address hidden, not only do third parties not know who you are, but they also dont know where youre located. You cant be identified or tracked like you can if you dont use a VPN.

On top of hiding your IP address, VPNs also encrypt your traffic. This added layer of security further protects your internet traffic from those trying to see what youre searching.

With the combination of a hidden IP address and encrypted internet traffic, you can be confident that your internet searches are private and your location is hidden while using the internet.

Why Should I Hide My Ip Address

Our research on VPN usage shows that for nearly half of VPN-users, general security and privacy were the greatest reasons for using the VPN. While VPNs arent the only way to hide your IP address, were guessing that if you want to hide it, its for similar reasons. Here are some other reasons why someone would want to hide their IP address:

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How To Hide Your Location In Google Chrome

Google Chrome by default asks if you want to turn the location on or off for specific websites. In case you have turned the location on, follow the below steps to turn off the location.

1. Open Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots located on the right corner of the screen. From there, go to Settings.

Chrome Settings

2. Then click on Privacy and Security, and from there to Site Settings.

Chrome Site Settings

3. Click on the location tab.

Chrome Location Settings

4. Now you will be able to see the Ask before accessing option, which should be enabled. Additionally, you will see a list of sites that are allowed to access or have been denied access to your location.

Chrome Location Settings

5. Click on the trash button in front of every website below the Allow heading accessing your location to turn it off or remove location access.

Remove Location Access

Which Devices Can I Hide My Ip Address On VPN for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista/Laptop

Practically all WiFi-compatible devices can hide your IP address by connecting to a good VPN service. The VPNs tested above will all allow you to hide your IP address on Windows, Mac, Linux, Smart TVs, mobile devices, and more.

These services even allow you to connect multiple devices to your VPN account at the same time, so you can browse securely while working on several different tasks at once.

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How Does Hiding My Ip Improve My Overall Internet Experience

A VPN configuration will not only hide your IP address, it will also improve your overall Internet experience. Using a VPN service can improve your speed by helping you defeat throttling and avoid network congestion. Using a VPN can also help you bypass restrictive networks and censorship when you travel abroad, as well as defeat data retention and save money on travel and shopping. When you use a VPN your IP is masked, enabling you to avoid any restrictions or special conditions that are determined by your IP address. Learn more about the benefits of a VPN here or click the link below to get started with VyprVPN today.

Can I Use A VPN To Fake My Location

Yes, it is quite possible to fake your location while using a VPN, using a method called geo-spoofing. The process is where the tool you are using will change your location, such as region, city, or country online.

Though there are several ways to perform this activity, such as proxy servers, Tor browser, and changing DNS, a VPN service is the most powerful or reliable method. Since the VPN has several servers at its disposal, you can select any of them to change the IP address and location. When you enable geo-spoofing, you can access the geo-restricted content on your device without any hassle.

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Does A VPN Hide Your Search History

Yes, you can say it does that in a way. Since your ISP wont be able to see what sites you browse, they wont know what youre looking up on the Internet. Also, websites and advertisers wont be able to link your searches to your IP address.

But using a VPN wont hide your search history from your browser or any cookies sites might place on your device. To protect your privacy from that, you should also use incognito/private mode. Or, at the very least, you should clear your browsers cookies and cache regularly.

Does The VPN Have A Kill Switch

How to Hide Your VPN IP Address to Bypass University or Work Blocks

If you are serious about your privacy on the internet, youll want a VPN service with a kill switch.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if youre using the internet and your connection to the VPN gets dropped or interrupted?

If your VPN doesnt have a kill switch, you and all your browsing activity will be exposed until the connection to the VPN service is restored.

A VPN kill switch will disconnect you from the internet until the VPN connection is back up and running. In other words, a kill switch ensures you only use the internet while connected to your VPN service.

Most good VPN providers include a kill switch as part of their service, but youll want to double check to make sure.

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My Real Location Is Detected When Connected To VPN How To Disable Geolocation

Most modern browsers implement the geolocation API aas defined by the W3C which enables browsers to detect the geographic location of the device. This enables web services that rely on location information to function correctly. The specification doesnt define the location sources but the following are commonly used:

  • Global Positioning System
  • Available Wi-Fi networks and signal strengths
  • GSM/CDMA cell IDs
  • IP address
  • If you are connected to IVPN the IP address lookup should return the location of the VPN server. However, if your browser is configured to use any of the alternate location sources then your actual location may be revealed to web services. Most commonly your Wi-Fi network information will be used as there are large databases that map Wi-Fi networks to a geographic location .

    Why You Need A VPN To Hide Your Ip Address

    Typically when you visit a site your service provider and the site itself gather information from you. This can be used in a variety of ways from targeted ads, to slowing your speeds, to blocking content.

    A VPN masks your IP address letting you avoid this. By hiding your activity, your ISP wont throttle your speeds while streaming or gaming. You can also appear to be in any country where the VPN has servers so youll be able to access that countrys streaming services .

    With a VPN, you can easily hide your IP address and gain all the benefits of browsing with your location and activity hidden.

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    ExpressVPN has super-fast servers so you can browse without delays. I tested 15 servers and found I was getting speedy responses to whatever I tried, with download speeds over 55 Mbps. With this, you can stream in HD, game, or simply browse without interruptions all while your IP address is hidden.

    Youll keep your information hidden with ExpressVPN, even from your ISP. During my tests on servers from Canada to Hong Kong, I was pleased to find that I could hide my location in each of these regions without issue. Its Lightway VPN protocol even secures you if your WiFi drops or you switch between servers, so you can rest assured youll always be protected!

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    Quick Solution: Use VPN Software

    The easiest way to mask your location is to use VPN software.

    This lets you access the internet through a secured encrypted connection that can be routed via a server anywhere in the world.

    Think of it as making a secret tunnel through the internet from your device to an endpoint somewhere. To anyone looking at your activity online, they wont see where youre tunneling from, they will only see the location where it popped out.

    For example, I could be physically in Belgium, but use a VPN connection to make it appear like Im in the UK.

    Using VPN software will ensure that no one can know your real location by checking your IP address , whether its your boss, clients, or IT department.

    You do need to get a subscription to a VPN service to do this. Its a paid service as encrypting and rerouting your internet connection takes resources. Personally, Ive used ExpressVPN, Tunnelbear, and NordVPN.

    I like NordVPN the most as it is not so expensive while offering high speeds and tons of locations. When using their VPN, Ive easily had multiple video streams running concurrently without issue.

    How to use a VPN:
  • Create an account and subscribe at NordVPN.
  • for your device or browser
  • In the app, select a location from which you want to appear
  • I recommend using an app for your operating system rather than your browser, as this will take care of your entire internet connection and not just your browser activity.

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