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Can You Put VPN On Firestick

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How to Install VPN on FireStick

The NordVPN app is available on the Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks default app store. If you have a NordVPN subscription and a 2nd-generation Fire TV Stick or later, heres how to install a VPN on Amazon Firestick or Fire TV:

  • Starting from the home screen, go to Apps > Categories > Utility;or run a search for VPN
  • Select NordVPN from the list
  • Click the yellow button next to Get to download and install the app
  • Once the app is installed, click the yellow button next to Open on the same page to launch NordVPN
  • Enter your NordVPN account username and password and log in. This is a pain with the remote control but you should only need to do it once.
  • Either click the Connect button to connect to the VPN right away, or select a specific server location to connect to.
  • And thats it! Your connection will be established after a few moments. You can now leave the VPN app running in the background while you stream.

    Although NordVPN is our favorite VPN for Firestick,;ExpressVPN, IPVanish, CyberGhost, and a few other great VPNs now also have apps on the Fire TV app store. If you want to know how to install another app, however, weve got instructions for that below.

    Important reminder:;If youre currently running a side-loaded APK installation of NordVPN for Firestick , you WILL NOT be able to receive app updates from the Amazon App Store. Instead, you must first uninstall the NordVPN APK before downloading the new native app.

    Fastest Free VPN For Firestick Speedify

    • Dedicated FireStick app
    • 2 GB free data per month
    • Allows torrenting
    • Works with HBO, YouTube, Kodi, and more
    • Compatible with iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, browsers, and more

    Speedify is the fastest free VPN for FireStick. It is an excellent choice for FireStick, especially if your top priority is speed. Unlike other free VPNs, this VPN is all about speed and maximum performance.

    Speedify offers high-speed connection by distributing your online traffic across multiple connections, ranging up to 10. This is called Channel bonding that gives maximum bandwidth to the VPN user. It combines your Wi-Fi with cellular data to maximize your speeds.

    Its free plan offers 2GB data per month that can be used on 1 device only, but the good thing is that you dont need to create an account to get started.

    Additionally, the free Speedify plan offers limited server access to its users. Speedify also offers a streaming feature for unblocking popular sites;like the BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, etc. on FireStick.

    Speedify offers 256-bit AES encryption and IP leak protection. The provider does log information like timestamps, length of the VPN connection, and more.

    To learn more about this VPN, read our Speedify review.

    Install A VPN On Your Fire TV And Watch Content Blocked In Your Region

    ByJim Martin, Editor| 28 Apr 2021

    Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and other Fire TV streaming devices are great for watching Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and plenty more besides. But you might find you can’t access a certain video or service – such as iPlayer – because you’re not in the right region.

    That’s where VPNs come in. They’re a bit like a modern version of a region unlock code for a DVD player: they let you watch blocked videos by getting around those annoying geographical restrictions.;

    Do bear in mind you’ll still need a valid subscription to paid services such as Netflix to watch videos not normally available in your location.

    The good news is the Fire TV Sticks support VPN connections and – even better – there are now plenty of VPN apps just waiting to be installed.

    But before you jump to the instructions below, you need to decide which VPN service to use. We can help there, too, as we’ve rounded up the best VPN services for the Fire TV. Those are paid-for as well, but there are a few free VPNs you can try.

    The trouble with free VPNs – when it comes to unblocking video – is that you’ll find either there’s no server available in the country you need, or you’re only allowed a certain amount of data per day or month,; which typically won’t be enough for much video.

    That’s why we recommend choosing a paid-for VPN service for video streaming as they all give you unlimited bandwidth.

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    How To Sideload A VPN On To A Fire Stick

    If the VPN you have decided to use does not have an app on the Fire TV App store, we generally recommend that you subscribe to a VPN that does. All the best VPNs have already put their apps on the store, and if you are genuinely contemplating using a different service, we would question the quality of that VPN.

    However, if you are 100% certain that you want to use the VPN provider you have in mind, then you can always opt to sideload it yourself, which means to load something from outside of the official stores. In order to do this, you will need to get hold of the Android .APK file for the VPN software.

    You can get this file by downloading it directly from your VPNs website . Alternatively, you could download the file from a file repository like the Yalp store and then sideload the app via a cloud storage service like Dropbox.

    Another option is to sideload the APK from an Android phone using the Apps2Fire app – which will let you install any app already installed on your phone to your Fire Stick.

    Free VPN For Firestick Fire TV And Android TV Box

    6 Best VPN for Firestick / Fire TV [2020] Free & Premium ...

    Is there a free VPN for Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV Box?; Yes but they all come with limitations.

    The free Firestick VPNs provide slow download speeds and then they try to up-sell you to their faster plan.; This is salesmanship at its best so beware.

    It is crucial to use a VPN that provides fast download speeds due to the fact that we are sending large video files to our Firestick or Fire TV.

    There are also free services available but they will turn around and sell your user data to a third party which negates the reason for having a VPN in the first place.

    Refer to the guide below for more information on free VPNs and why you should avoid them when streaming/downloading.

    IPVanish VPN has an untarnished reputation which is important when choosing a service designed to protect your identity and privacy.

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    Sideloading Using A VPN App Apk

    If youve chosen a VPN service that doesnt offer a custom app for Firestick, its still possible to install it with a little bit of work. Firstly, you need to change your Firesticks settings so it will allow you to install third-party apps.

  • Once youve booted up your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, navigate to Settings and then Device
  • Locate Developer Options and toggle on both of them Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Go back to the System menu, click About and then select Network
  • Note down the IP address of your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick and set it to one side
  • Your Firestick will now allow you to install apps that arent available on Amazons App Store.

    Once youve completed the steps listed above, you then need to check if your chosen VPN service makes its Android APK file available to download directly from its website. You should only download these types of files directly from your VPN provider; any third-party files could be infected with malware and damage your device.

    For this method to work, youll need a second-generation Firestick and a download URL for the APK file of your VPN service.

  • Open your Fire TV, search for Downloader and install the Downloader App
  • Run Downloader App and enter the download URL for your VPNs APK file
  • Once the download is finished, youll see a prompt to install the app. If this doesnt happen, open the downloads section in Downloader and select the APK file
  • Compatible Fire TV Stick Models

    The following Fire TV Stick models work with apps in the Amazon app store as well as apps from APK, the Android Application Package:

    • Fire TV Stick
    • Fire TV Cube
    • Fire TV Cube
    • Fire TV
    • Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Open it.
  • In Settings, toggle Enable Mouse Service back on.
  • To turn the mouse on and off, quickly press the play/pause button on your remote twice.1
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    Get VPN On Fire TV By Connecting It To A VPN

    I. Set up a VPN connection on your router

    We have a number of comprehensive step-by-step tutorials to help you configure your router. Below are just a few, check out the Routers section of our Manuals page for more.;

    Note: The VPN server location has to correspond to the regional Amazon content you want to access.

    II. Set up an Amazon account

  • Log in to your account on
  • Then, navigate to Your Account > Manage Your Content and Devices > Settings > Country Settings.
  • Click Change, and set your location depending on the content you want to access.
  • Click Update to save the changes.
  • III. Connect your Amazon Fire TV device to your router

  • On your Amazon Fire TV go to Settings > System > Network.
  • Choose your VPN-enabled router and press Connect.
  • Note: If you use Amazon Fire TV Stick, these steps might slightly differ depending on the model of your Smart TV.

    Thats it! Your streaming device is now connected to the VPN-enabled router and the traffic of your Fire TV goes through the encrypted VPN tunnel of KeepSolid VPN;Unlimited service.;

    Why Would You Install A VPN On Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

    How To Install VPN On Firestick/ Fire TV! [Full Setup Guide For Amazon Firestick 2021]

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an ideal way to use all your streaming service on your TV. With a VPN you can ensure that this happens safely and anonymously. Moreover, you can gain access to more material by bypassing geographical restrictions. Read all about this perfect combination in our article about the use of a .

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    How A VPN Works

    You may have found the ideal VPN from our list of the ultimate streaming VPN options, or have grabbed a dedicated Netflix VPN. Either way, the VPN itself will work largely in the same way.

    When you fire up the VPN it will give you a new IP address, based on servers it has dotted about the world. You can simply pick a location you want;and, as if by magic, you’ll virtually appear to be there. That means any website or service you use will see your overseas IP address and offer up content based on that location.

    This IP front also means that your real IP address and identity are kept hidden and secret. This means you’re given an added layer of security and privacy by using a VPN.

    What Is The Amazon Rating Of Purevpn

    PureVPN has an above-average Amazon rating of 4.4 stars with a total of 1,229 user reviews.

    As you can see in the image below, 43% of users have managed to give it a 5-star rating while only 26% of users have rated it 1-star.

    Lets have a look at what Amazon users have to say about their experience with PureVPN:

    PureVPN is normally easy-to-use even for the beginner because it clearly specifies the country server and streaming server. This specification is hardly available in any service provider.

    One user was very upset with the PureVPN customer service. He claims that he bought PureVPN at a very low price but the customer representative told him that he was indeed charged for a trial.

    The conversation went back and forth until the customer decided to switch to another VPN.

    He also claimed to have observed DNS leaking, but when we tested we couldnt find any leaks. Maybe there was another server that was leaking DNS.

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    What Is The Fire TV Stick

    Weve probably used the term Fire TV Stick 100 times in this article so far, but what does it actually mean? In a nutshell, the Fire TV Stick is a device that lets you stream media on your TV, be it Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and more. At this point, most of the remotes allow for voice control through Alexa, Amazons voice assistant.

    You Dont Want Your Isp To See What Youre Doing Online Or Throttle Your Speeds

    Astrill VPN on Firestick: How to Install & Use

    ISPs all over the world monitor your internet and can slow down your internet connection speed depending on the websites or apps you use.

    This means that streaming Netflix or BBC iPlayer on your Amazon Fire TV Stick could be a lot faster.

    That doesnt seem fair, right?

    You can prevent this from happening with a secure VPN, as it will prevent your ISP from being able to see what youre doing online.

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    How To Use A VPN With Your Amazon Fire Stick TV

    William Sattelberg William has been with TechJunkie since 2017, writing about smartphones, games, streaming media, and anything else that technology touches in our current age. He also works as a video producer, writing and recording scripts for our video team and editing videos for TechJunkie’s YouTube channel. William graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 2016 with a degree in Video Production, and lives in Buffalo, NY. Read more July 8, 2021

    Thanks to the flexibility of Fire OS and the ability to install outside applications on the device, your Fire Stick isnt just limited to playing content from typical services like Netflix and Hulu. What makes the Fire Stick such an obvious choice for streaming media is its ability to play content from both free and paid services around the world.

    If youre looking to delve into the world of Fire Stick freedom, TechJunkie is the perfect place to do itand in this guide, were going to look at the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to streaming pirated content online. Follow along as we dive into VPNs, privacy, and how to protect yourself online.

    How To Download And Install A VPN On Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

    1. Power up your Amazon Fire TV Stick and go to your Home screen. Select Search;and type in the name of the compatible VPN you’re looking for. ;

    2. Within the Amazon Appstore, you’ll see the name of your VPN. Select it and you’ll be given the option to install it. Select . It’s best if you don’t leave the current screen or press any other buttons until the download icon completes its loading cycle.;

    3. Once the download is complete, the button will change to Open. Select it with your remote and you should be presented with your VPN’s login screen.;

    4. Enter your login credentials. The VPN will automatically detect that you’re using it on a different platform. Keep in mind that almost all VPNs limit users to a specific number of devices they can use per account. Amazon Fire TV Stick will count as one of those devices.;

    5. If you’re using any of the VPNs we most recommended for this platform, you’ll see an unmissable large Connect button in the center of your screen. Select it and you’re off to the races.;

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    Install VPN For Android TV Box

    If you have an Android TV Box such as NVIDIA SHIELD, MECOOL, or other stock Android Box, we can easily install IPVanish as well.

    Use the guide below to install VPN for Android via the Google Play Store on your preferred Android device.

    1. On the home screen of your Android TV Box, select the Google Play Store icon.

    • Note: You will need to create a free if you dont already have one so you are able to download apps from the Google Play Store.

    2. After launching the Google Play Store click the search box on the top of your screen.

    3. Type ipvanish in the search bar.

    4. Then click Install.

    5. Wait a few seconds for the IPVanish VPN application to install.

    6. Once IPVanish VPN has installed on your Android TV Box, return to the home screen and select Applications towards the bottom.

    7. Locate IPVanish VPN within your Applications and click the icon to launch.

    8. Next login to IPVanish with your registered username and password.

    9. When logging in for the first time on your device you will be prompted with a tutorial message. Feel free to view the tutorial, but we just chose Skip.

    10. You will then be redirected to the IPVanish VPN interface. Select Quick Connect.

    11. To connect your VPN simply click the CONNECT button.

    • You will also notice the three options below CONNECT. I suggest leaving those options to default, as this will ensure you are connected to the fastest IPVanish server near your location.

    12. When this message appears click OK.

    How To Change Amazon Libraries And Regions


    Another benefit of using a VPN with Fire Stick is that it gives you the ability to easily switch Amazon regions. This may be useful for accessing content libraries that are geo-restricted to certain locations. And as you probably know, getting past geo-restrictions is a big advantage of VPN services.

    So heres how to do that with your Fire Stick or Fire TV and a good VPN service:

  • First, determine what country you need to appear to be in to stream the content you want.
  • Then, connect to a VPN server in that country.
  • Finally, change the country/region on your Amazon account to that same country . To do this, go to Your Account;>;Your Content and Devices;>;Preferences;>;Country/Region.
  • This allows you to stream content in any country of your liking.

    Note that VPNs with larger sever networks, such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN, will give you more geographic options for content streaming with Amazon and other services.

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