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Can You Use Kodi Without VPN

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Installing Nordvpn On Kodi For Windows

How To Set Up NordVPN on Kodi

1. Download the Application

Currently, NordVPN is not available on the Microsoft App Store and can only be downloaded from the official website.

2. Installing the App

Once youve downloaded the NordVPN setup, right-click to open the installation window. Similarly to the macOS process, there will be a couple of prompts that will guide you through the installation.

Its important to note that not all Windows 10 versions are compatible with NordVPN. The new NordVPN update requires you to have at least .Net Framework 4.8, but you can easily do so by upgrading your Windows OS to the latest version.

3. Launch the App

If youve ticked the launch on exit checkbox at the end of the installation, the app should launch automatically. Otherwise, you will need to open it manually from the desktop or app list by clicking the NordVPN icon.

How To Choose A VPN For Kodi

Not all VPNs are the same or even useful. Thats why weve listed all the main VPN features that you should keep a look out for if you want to use it with Kodi.

Here are some features to keep in mind:

  • Servers

Content is the backbone of Kodi. Alas, many add-ons like BBC iPlayer, ESPN, and Hulu have geo-restrictions in place. This is where certain content is blocked or unavailable in specific regions. To bypass these restrictions, youll need a VPN to mask your location.

If you ever need more details, we have step-by-step guides to help you to learn how to watch BBC iPlayer, ESPN, and Hulu online.

In any case, if a VPN provider has extensive server locations worldwide, thatd be extremely helpful. This is because you can easily opt for a server in a region without any restrictions whenever necessary.

  • Speed

Nobody likes latency and constant buffering when it comes to streaming. So, speed is a priority to ensure an enjoyable streaming experience.

  • Supported devices

If you tend to consume your content on the go, make sure that the VPN supports your mobile phone, tablet, or gaming console. Its also a good idea to opt for a VPN that allows logins on multiple devices simultaneously.

  • Security

Be sure to take a closer look at the VPN providers encryption protocol, no-logging policy, and anonymity policy for safe browsing.

The Top 5 Kodi VPN Services

We evaluated various VPNs point for point across features that matter to Kodi users, like streaming performance, security, privacy and compatibility. Well discuss the pros and pricing of the five best VPNs for Kodi, starting with ExpressVPN, which came out on top.

More details about ExpressVPN:

  • Unparalleled ability to unblock streaming Kodi add-ons
  • Supports all operating systems & routers


  • Expensive

ExpressVPN is the undisputed best VPN for Kodi for various reasons. It offers over 3,000 servers in 94 countries. You can connect to a server in the U.S. to stream the NBA on Kodi add-ons like Sling TV and NBA League Pass, or choose a UK server to enjoy a healthy dose of BBC iPlayer shows on Kodi.

Besides that, ExpressVPN comes with security features you need to remain safe and anonymous online. For example, theres a built-in kill switch that stops your entire internet connection to your Kodi box in case the VPN connection drops. It also protects against IP address leaks, uses AES 256-bit encryption and keeps zero traffic logs to safeguard your privacy.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using VPN

VPN, or virtual private network, offers privacy and anonymity to internet users. We use public internet connections most of the time, and thus, are more vulnerable to security risks.

A VPN creates a private network from a public internet connection. Its main task is to mask the internet protocol address so that a clients activities online are virtually untraceable.

Thus, a VPN service can create a secure and encrypted connection from the public network that may provide better privacy than a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

The most common advantages of using a VPN are the accessibility to online resources restricted in the public network, establishing a private connection safe from hackers, and browning without storing any ISP logs.

Using Kodi Without VPN Heres What You Risk

Is It Safe to Use Kodi Without a VPN? Do You Really Need One?

Here we can see, Using Kodi Without VPN? Heres What you Risk!

  • Kodi is a popular all-in-one entertainment center that has grown in popularity in recent years.
  • Even Kodi, however, cannot unblock geo-restricted content without the assistance of a VPN.
  • Privacy is quite important even when using Kodi, and a VPN can help with that.
  • Continue reading to learn more about the importance of utilizing a VPN with Kodi.

Kodi is a globally popular media player. The easy-to-use open-source media center has made a name for itself on the market.

Another advantage is the availability of add-ons, both official and unofficial, which increase the softwares capabilities.

The application has around 40 million users across its numerous versions. A substantial number of them use Kodi for unapproved add-ons rather than official add-ons.

  • User Questions:
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    Best VPNs For Kodi In 2022

    I tested and ranked the top VPNs for Kodi streaming.

    • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
    • Compatible with Apple TV, Fire TV, Smart TV, Android TV, and more
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Live chat customer support

    ExpressVPN has exceptional speeds and superior customer service youll have a hard time finding anything that runs as fast as this service. Regarding security, there are no data logs, 256-bit AES Open VPN encryption, DNS leak protection, and split tunneling.

    ExpressVPN currently runs more than 3000 servers in over 94 countries, so chances are high that theres a local server you can use.

    How Do You Install VPN For Kodi

    Here are the steps to install VPN for Kodi:

    Step 1) Open in your browser and click on the Get NordVPN button

    Step 2) NordVPN offers plans for 1 month, 1 year, and 2 years.

    Select 1 Month plan.

    Step 3) Click on the Continue to Payment button to open the payment page

    Step 4) Select Credit Cards payment method

    Step 5) Enter the following details:

  • Select Country and State
  • All your payment information like First name, last name, card number, etc.
  • Step 6) Perform the following steps:

  • Enter email address
  • Step 7) Perform the following steps:

  • Enter password.
  • Step 8) Click on Download the NordVPN app and download NordVPN

    Step 9) Install and open NordVPN by double-clicking on its desktop shortcut.

    Step 10) Click on the United States

    Step 11) Open the Kodi app on your device.

    Step 12) Click on the Settings icon

    Step 13) Click on System Information

    Step 14) You will see that the IP address is changed

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    Is Kodi Legal And Safe To Use Heres How To Use It With A VPN

    Kodi instantly turns your favorite devices into a media center, but it doesnt come without risks. Using 3rd party add-ons, including pre-loaded TV boxes and Fire Sticks, exposes you to multiple legal and cyber threats. While some add-ons are perfectly safe, some host pirated content and you could get into legal trouble for using them. And since Kodi isnt regulated, you never know whether malicious files might be embedded in a 3rd party add-on.

    The best way to protect yourself on Kodi is with a VPN. A VPN is a simple app that hides your online activity, so even if you accidentally use an add-on that hosts illegal content, youll be protected. Some VPNs even come with built-in malware blockers that can prevent your devices from becoming infected.

    After testing 40+ VPNs, I recommend ExpressVPN. It comes with superfast speeds to improve your streaming quality and bank-grade security, ensuring you are safe while using Kodi. You can try ExpressVPN risk-free. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you find you dont like it for any reason, you can get a full refund.

    Important! Note that Kodi is completely legal. However, using 3rd party add-ons to watch copyrighted content is not. My team and I dont condone illegal streaming, so be sure to thoroughly check all Kodi add-ons and their content to ensure it fully adheres to the law of your country.

    Can I Use Kodi Without VPN

    1500 Premium VPN Accounts. VPN For Firestick / Android box / Nvidia. No login/Registration 2018

    Yes, you can use Kodi without a VPN to watch locally stored content on internal storage on phones or hard drives.

    You may also not require VPN to use add-ons from Kodi repository. Virtual Private Network is only needed when you use third-party add-ons for sites like Yoda, Covenant, and Exodus. If you are using any of these add-ons, then ensure to buy a good VPN to stream content for no issues.

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    How Can I Use Kodi With Nordvpn

    Note: You can encrypt your Kodi traffic by setting up the NordVPN app on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, or Linuxwithout configuring a VPN addon directly on Kodi.

    Kodi is a free, open-source media player. While it offers a pool of abundant content, it can also present some dangers. Thats why its highly advisable to use Kodi with additional security measures. To use it with NordVPN, you have to connect the device that is running Kodi to NordVPN servers.You can read more about Kodi here. We also have a video tutorial on setting up Kodi:

  • Make sure you have OpenVPN installed and accessible from the command line.
  • If youre running Kodi on LibreELEC and OpenELEC, OpenVPN should come preinstalled.
  • If you are using Windows, check the tutorial on how to install OpenVPN and put it on your command path.
  • Download the NordVPN add-on Zip file here. and add it to your Kodi device. You can do so by:a. downloading it to your computer, saving it on a USB flash drive, and inserting the flash drive into the Kodi device.b. Connecting to Kodi from a different device via SSH .
  • After having downloaded NordVPN by following any of the two ways, in the Kodi interface, go to Settings > System settings> Add-onsand flick the Unknown sources switch to ON.
  • A warning message will pop up. You can safely click Yes.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will see a prompt offering you either to run the VPN setup wizard or go to the settings. Select Wizard.
  • How Do I Put VPN On My Jailbroken Fire Stick

  • Its time to return to the Fire TVs start menu.
  • You can access the applications section in Settings.
  • Make sure that the installed applications are checked under Manage installed applications.
  • the VPN app you pushed to the Fire TV by searching for it.
  • There will be a menu beneath it
  • Log into your VPN providers account by entering their login credentials.
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    Installing A VPN On Kodi

  • Sign up either in the actual app or on the companys website.
  • Connect to the VPN on the device youre controlling Kodi with.
  • The traffic will be encrypted automatically!

  • Login.
  • Another way to approach installing a VPN on Kodi is to use an internal Kodi VPN add-on. But not all VPN providers have add-ons setup for Kodi specifically, so this is going to limit your choices. Regardless, here are the steps to follow:

    Fix The Unable To Connect Error Message When Adding Sources

    Is It Safe to Use Kodi Without a VPN? Do You Really Need One?

    Youll get this error when a repository has been shut down. Jump to see why Kodi add-ons disappear.

    Before you give up on an add-on, you should try these troubleshooting tips:

    • Double-check the repository URL is input correctly.
    • Check your internet is working well.
    • Use a trustworthy VPN to change your IP address in case youre having technical issues with your ISP.
    • Look for an alternate link to the repository, or see if your add-on is included in a different repository.

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    Reason #: Keep Your Stuff Private

    Thereâs a difference between privacy and anonymity, and both are important reasons to use a VPN on Kodi TV boxes.

    Think of privacy as not letting anyone stand over your shoulder and watch what you do.

    In this case, the most common âpersonâ standing over your shoulder is actually your Internet Service Provider .

    Make no mistake, they are very interested in your streaming habits.

    If youâre a cord-cutter, they want to know. Once they know youâre a cord-cutter, your ISP is going to charge you insanely high fees.

    Why? Because they can.

    It costs money to run an ISP. The more data their customers use, the more costs they have. Theyâd much rather have customers who scroll through their Facebook feed rather than download movies from torrents because they use much less data.

    Unless you like higher fees, using a VPN on your Kodi boxes can help keep your ISP in the dark about your streaming habits.

    Warning Dont Download These Kodi Addons And Repositories

    Based on my tests, I can confirm these add-ons dont work anymore: Amazon VOD, Einthusan, Elementum, Genesis and Genesis Reborn, Mobdro, Planet MMA, SnagFilms, and UKTurk. You should also avoid the following broken repositories: KodilRepo, Maverick TV, SuperRepo, and XLordKC Repository.

    Youll find many review sites still promote the above add-on and repositories but unfortunately, youll just be wasting your time.

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    Decide On Which VPN Youll Use

    Make no mistake this first step is the most important one. That’s because your options in terms of using Kodi will be limited by the VPN you pick. You’ll want a capable VPN that doesn’t only hide your Kodi-related activities but also unblocks new types of content.

    Youll learn all theres to know in our guide on the best VPNs for Kodi. However, if youre in a rush, know that the best option would be ExpressVPN. After testing more than 60 VPNs, we’ve settled on ExpressVPN in terms of both protecting and unblocking Kodi, and we assure you that this VPN will meet all your needs.

    How We Selected VPNs For Our List

    PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY!! What Is A VPN? How To Use A VPN? Exclusive Deal 50% Off All Plans!

    The reason why most people install VPNs for Kodi is that they want anonymity. There are many add-ons made by third-parties out there that let you stream copyrighted content, and nobody wants to find their IP address on the copyright infringers’ list. However, there many other key factors you should be aware of before committing.

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    What Is A Kodi VPN

    The world is filled with add-ons and plugins to make the Kodi experience a better one. For example, if you live in Spain but want to enjoy the best of the NFL , there are add-ons you can install to enjoy channels and programs such as NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL Network, and others.

    However, under normal circumstances, those add-ons are only available for people currently in the United States of America, because of locations and licensing reasons. However, you can access them if you use a Kodi VPN.

    VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are encryption technology services provided either by open-source clients on the Internet or by custom, private companies. Their primary objective is providing added security, privacy, and anonymity for users that decide to hire them.

    Encryption means that the content is coded in such a way that any external agent or third-party cant decode the material until it has arrived at the final destination. VPN technology hides the users traffic and the IP address from end to end.

    Best Country To Connect VPN For Using Kodi

    The best country to connect your VPN for using Kodi is the US. Unlike most countries where stringent cyber laws make it difficult to access the addons you need, US has great amount of online freedom. Very few services are unavailable in the US, but mostly, people in the US can access it all. This is why you should connect to a US server.

    Once you connect your our VPN on a US server, everything that you want to watch will be in your access. Since it provides you with great online security, you will also remain safe from getting penalized or prosecuted for accessing restricted content.

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    Which VPN Should You Get

    There are lots of options out there, hundreds, perhaps thousands. Some are good, some are not so good. Only you can really make the decision on which fits best for you. You’ll also want to make sure you get a VPN that doesn’t hoover up all your bandwidth.

    Here are some suggestions on the best all-around products available. These may work for you, or you may find a better fit elsewhere. Ultimately, you want to make sure you understand what you get and what it costs.

    The best VPN services of 2017

    Set Up A VPN With A Kodi Add

    Is using Kodi without a VPN a big risk?

    You can choose to only use a VPN for Kodi using the built-in VPN add-ons. In doing so, your Kodi internet traffic will go through a VPN connection. Heres how to use a VPN using Kodi add-ons:

  • Start Kodi
  • Go through the following menus. From the main menu go to Add-ons, then click on Download and then on Program add-ons.
  • Youll now see a list of all kinds of add-ons. From this list choose an add-on that works with your VPN provider.
  • Instead of a separate Kodi add-on of the VPN provider you can also install the Zomboided VPN manager for Kodi
  • Install the Kodi VPN add-on or Zomboided VPN add-on for Kodi
  • Open the add-on
  • as shown here below:
  • Fill in your login details in and . Now you can use Kodi while youre properly secured with a VPN!
  • Note: Not all VPN providers offer a separate add-on for Kodi. An alternative Kodi add-on that you can enter your VPN provider details into is Zomboided.

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