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Can You Use VPN On Netflix

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How to Use Netflix With VPN?? [GUIDE]

Netflix employs sophisticated anti-VPN technology to block users from accessing content from outside their home country. There are several ways it can do this, including checking ports commonly used by VPNs and blocking IP addresses that have been linked to VPNs.

Getting around these tough blocks is tricky, and most VPNs cant manage it. It requires a large server network with frequently updated IP addresses. All the VPNs on my list work hard to keep up with the technology and ensure you can always access Netflix and other restricted sites.

VPN Changes Your Ip Address

Now you must be wondering what an IP address is. Let us get more into this detail. An IP address is an abbreviation for the Internet Protocol address. An IP address allows you to send and receive information or, more precisely, data. For instance, you use your Wi-Fi network to connect your devices with which you share data. Unfortunately, IP addresses are straightforward to access by anyone, which makes a user like you and be vulnerable.

How To Watch Black Mirror On Netflix

Wish to watch some of the top Netflix shows, such as Black Mirror, but have troubles connecting to the service, or have them locked away in your region? Check out our detailed guide on how to unblock Netflix content wherever you are and enjoy any and all popular Netflix movies and TV series!

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Why Does Netflix Block VPNs Anyway

Users and viewers worldwide probably look at Netflix and every other streaming service to utilize geo-blocking technology as a bunch of spoilsports. I mean, wheres the harm in letting people watch those programs wherever they are? Theyve paid for a subscription, so its not like theyre stealing, is it?

The real issue is between Netflix and its providers. If, for example, Showtime, HBO or the BBC create viewing that is accessed through their own paid-for channels and streaming services, they dont want viewers accessing it somewhere else for free.

Where Netflix has paid for a licence, legally theyre expected to protect the providers needs by conforming to the agreed rights. Those licenses come at a range of prices too. For countries with low subscriber numbers, a license is far cheaper to acquire than in the countries delivering their shows to much larger audiences. And the cost of a global license? Well, you can imagine what kind of deal would have to be struck there.

With Netflix having different catalogs for each of the countries they operate in, their rights issues are all unique, country-to-country, and program-to-program.

Why Does Netflix Have Different Libraries In Different Countries

Why You CANT Stream Netflix Using Avast

Netflix is bound by producers copyright and licensing terms. This means it only gets permission to make a TV show or movie available in certain countries. Its not always possible to obtain additional streaming rightsfor instance, if a local network has an exclusivity agreement with the production, Netflix cannot offer the content in that country.

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What Are Netflix Regional Restrictions

Depending on the country youre in, the shows and movies Netflix offers changes, sometimes radically. The United States, for example, has the biggest library by far, with shows many people in Europe have never even heard of. However, Netflix in other countries has shows American subscribers cant watch, either.

It seems silly that some shows can be viewed in one country and not in the one next to it, but this is due to the wide range of distribution deals Netflix has made with the makers of these shows and films. If a big studio, for example, has a lucrative deal with a network in one country, neither party wants Netflix to undercut that deal.

How Do I Access Other Countries Netflix Catalogs

Accessing a Netflix catalog in a different country is usually as simple as just connecting your VPN to a server in your target country, and then opening up Netflix. Your Netflix login details are valid for all catalogs around the world, so you wont need to purchase any additional subscriptions.

Some VPNs can only unblock certain Netflix libraries, though, and not others. For the widest choice of Netflix libraries, go with ExpressVPN.

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Why Does Netflix Block You

Netflix uses your IP address to find out where you are. Based on your location, it determines which TV shows and movies you can view, and which to block. This is called geoblocking.

In the past, you could use just about any VPN to mask your IP address and appear as if you were streaming from a different location. But now, Netflix can detect most VPN connections, and all you get is that annoying error message:

Netflix error code when using a VPN that doesnt work

Our research team has run extensive tests on all the VPNs on this list, and Ive also tested them personally to make sure they can get around Netflixs VPN blocks. You can use any one of them to change your Netflix region. Just install one of these VPNs on your device, connect to a server in a different country, and access your desired Netflix library. Fast and simple. The hardest part is deciding what you want to watch first!

For example, if you want to unblock Netflix US, you can connect to a US server. Youll get a US IP address, which will make Netflix think youre actually in the US. When you log into Netflix, youll be presented with the Netflix US library.

Nordvpn Best VPN For Netflix In 2021

How To Use A VPN To Watch Netflix From Other Countries

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NordVPN is currently the best VPN for Netflix simply because it always works with the service and offers the fastest speeds with consistent reliability. With a huge network of global servers, NordVPN unblocks numerous Netflix regions with ease . While most VPNs struggle to provide consistently fast speeds for HD streaming, NordVPN delivers. Below is one of our tests with NordVPN using the WireGuard protocol, which gave us download speeds of 445 Mbps in the NordVPN review.

With NordVPNs network of 5,400 servers spread across 59 locations, you can easily find a fast server near you. All of these servers are running in RAM-disk for enhanced security and to ensure no data is stored on any server. Being legally based in Panama, NordVPN can maintain a strict no-logs policy. It is one of the few no-logs VPNs that has been independently audited.

For Netflix streaming, NordVPN is the top-performer. It supports all major Netflix libraries around the world and have dedicated apps for all types of streaming devices, from computers, phones, and tablets to Android TV boxes, Smart TVs and more. They even offer a dedicated app for using a VPN with FireStick. Below Im streaming American Netflix through a NordVPN server in the US:

+ Pros

At only $2.49 per month with the coupon below, Surfshark is probably the cheapest VPN worth considering for Netflix. All plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee and 24/7 live chat support.

+ Pros

+ Pros

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Why Does Netflix Block / Ban VPN Users

The infamous Netflix VPN ban was officially rolled out in early 2016. Following the initial announcement in January 2016, Netflix initiated a number of consecutive steps to further block VPN and smart DNS services. By January of 2017, many of the VPNs that previously worked with Netflix could no longer access the service.

The Netflix VPN ban and the continual efforts to block paying customers from access is somewhat ridiculous. After all, why should paying customers be blocked from using a service that they have already paid for?

The answer to that question is that Netflix caved in to pressure from large copyright holders, who wanted to further restrict access to their licensed content. This is usually done so that they can charge people more money to stream the same movie in different locations.

This also lines up with the trend we see unfolding whereby the internet is getting carved up and more restricted, with the gatekeepers blocking access to content, media, websites, etc.

Fortunately, there are a handful of VPN services that continue to invest significant resources into unblocking Netflix, while many others have simply given up completely. However, we see similar restrictions rolling out in 2021 with bans on account sharing.

Makes Blocked Website Access

Have you ever gotten tired of studying for long and thought that you need a game break? You open your laptop, and you suddenly realize that the game you wanted to play is not accessible anymore in your country. Dont worry VPN got your back here too. VPN allows you to access the blocked and unavailable websites with just one click.

You select a different location where the particular website is available and baam! Youre gaming with high-speed internet with the fastest VPN server around you. It doesnt matter where you live. With a VPN, you can virtually access any country and use the location to access their websites. When we talk about a product, there, of course, comes the possibility of variations. So does VPN. Allow me to enlighten you with the types of VPN there is.

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Does Netflix Ban Accounts Using VPN

Watch with StreamLocator now in your browser

The simple answer to the Netflix VPN ban question is no, they dont. So take a nice deep breath, relax, and read on if you want to know more about the whys and what-ifs.

There are many layers to this onion, so if you choose to read on, well peel them off, one at a time, to give you a much fuller picture into the current state of Netflixs location-based restrictions.

What Free VPN Works With Netflix

Best VPNs for Netflix Streaming Outside Your Country ...

While many free VPNs claim to break Netflixs geoblocks, most cant unblock Netflix on a global scale. A majority of them only unblock Netflix US or UK, and not reliably. If a free VPN does manage to unblock Netflix, limitations on data, speed, and bandwidth, make it impossible to stream HD content.

There is no perfect, free solution. Opera VPN does allow free viewing but you wont get Netflix US, and you cant use it outside the browser. Luckily, premium and elite providers like ExpressVPN do an expert job at unblocking Netflix. It offers a money-back guarantee, so you have up to 30 days to claim a refund if youre not satisfied.

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How To Keep Your VPN And Watch Netflix

Numerous VPN services are confident they can dodge the geo-restrictions via various proprietary measures .

Its important to note that using a VPN service is legal whats against Netflixs terms of services is accessing geo-restricted content. Simply traveling abroad and logging into Netflix would afford access to that countrys media library adding another shade of gray to the whole thing.

If youre a privacy-concerned Netflix user, here how you can use a VPN and still watch Netflix.

How Do I Unblock Netflix On Apple TV

Apple TV doesnt allow for the installation of a VPN app, so you have to take a couple of extra steps to get around geoblocks while using this streaming device.

One option is to connect to Netflix through your VPN-enabled iPhone or iPad, and then cast the stream to your Apple TV using Airplay. This is easy to do, but youll have to go through the process every time you want to stream.

Another option is to install a VPN on your router, and then connect your Apple TV to that routers Wi-Fi. This process takes a little longer in the beginning, but once youre up and running, its as easy as activating your VPN connection.

To learn more about these methods, take a look at our guide on how to set up a VPN on your Apple TV.

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Can I Change My Netflix Region Without Paying For A VPN

There are some free VPNs out there, but I dont recommend using them. Most of them cant access Netflix at all, and even the ones that can are very limited in bandwidth so you cant really stream for more than a short while. Some free VPNs are known to sell your data to third parties , so its best to steer clear of them.

The good news is that the best VPNs come with money-back guarantees, so you can take advantage of their refund policy and use them for risk-free. ExpressVPN, my top choice for Netflix, has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it out risk-free and get a refund if youre not satisfied with the service.

Using A VPN Is Against Netflixs Terms And Conditions

How to Watch Japanese Netflix (Using a VPN)

Although there are many Netflix VPNs that work and are able to unblock Netflix content, technically doing so is against Netflixs Terms of Use agreement which all users have to accept in order to access the service.

Section 4.3 of Netflixs terms page states that you may view Netflix content primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we have offered our service.

In other words, you wont be playing by the rules if you stream shows that arent meant to be available in your region.

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Best Netflix VPN: Which VPN Providers Work In 2021

When looking for the best VPN to get around the Netflix ban, there are a few things to consider. The most obvious is that it needs to be capable of spoofing your geographic location and hide the fact that its IP address comes from a VPN. Since streaming videos means transferring a lot of data, it should also have unlimited bandwidth.

  • ExpressVPN Best VPN for Netflix subscribers to access any countrys library, 30-day money-back-guarantee
  • NordVPN Great Netflix VPN for the USA
  • CyberGhost Best Netflix VPN to stream in Europe
  • Windscribe Best free VPN with dedicated Netflix servers
  • VyprVPN Unblocks Netflix while staying undetected
  • Using a VPN with the Netflix service primarily revolves around access to content from other countries, so any suitable VPN should have a large server list. Besides Netflix, its a nice bonus if the service is immune to VPN bans, in general, as well as preventing leaks during DNS requests.

    Since you probably dont want to break the bank just to use a VPN with Netflix, cheaper is better. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also good for testing purposes. Also, if you need to use a VPN to access Netflix libraries in a specific geographic location, such as watching UK Netflix, you should always look at the actual server lists for any specific countries. Now lets take a look at each of the providers that can unblock Netflix.

    More Details About ExpressVPN:


    • Expensive

    Best Netflix VPN To Stream Despite The Block

    This is where virtual private networks come in. The linked article has all the details, but in short, a VPN allows you to access the internet from a third-party server. This has two main benefits. First, a VPN makes your browsing more secure. More important to streaming, though, is that it can make you appear as if youre somewhere else geographically by spoofing IP addresses.

    Using the last example, a Netflix subscriber from New York City who wants to watch The Americans without signing up to Amazon Prime Video can do so by connecting to a VPN server in Germany, which has all six seasons in its Netflix library. Its really as simple as that: open up your VPN, select a server in another country and say, bye-bye geoblock.

    Thats how it should work, at least. The distributors we mentioned earlier most likely dont like people undermining the distribution agreements and allegedly began forcing Netflix to start blocking VPNs nobody seems to know exactly why the ban came into effect. Ever since then, VPN users have gotten the now-infamous Netflix error message.

    That said, if a distributor makes a deal with two different streaming services to show a film in different countries, it doesnt want people to cross over willy-nilly. Its just bad for business, especially in the age of the streaming wars.

    Right now, there are dozens of major streaming sites competing with each other, and all of them seem intent on making sure you only watch certain shows on certain sites.

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    Servers With Ip Addresses That Get Around The Netflix VPN Ban

    The reason we like ExpressVPN so much for Netflix is that no other VPN has quite as many servers around the globe that can get into the streaming service while also maintaining fantastic speeds .

    Weve been testing ExpressVPN on a weekly basis for years now, and no other VPN service has this many servers able to beat the Netflix VPN ban and gets discovered VPN servers back up so quickly.

    As a whole package, ExpressVPN is pretty much impossible to beat that is, if you have a hundred bucks per year to spend on a VPN. If you want to give ExpressVPN a spin before deciding, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if you sign up using this link, you even get three months for free on top of your first year.

    ExpressVPN Plans

    • Inconsistent speeds
    • Broken server recommendation

    The only reason NordVPN consistently ranks second to ExpressVPN is its speed. This VPN offers a massive, reliable server network, gets into most streaming services and has great multiyear deals that will save you heaps of money.

    However, its inconsistent speeds hold it back, though the rollout of WireGuard may remedy that.

    When it comes to Netflix, NordVPN is reliable , though not quite as much as ExpressVPN.

    Messing around with the VPN, weve found that you can get into most countries versions of Netflix, despite having to switch servers quite often. However, the switch times are lightning fast, so its not too much of a burden. Read our guide on how to watch Netflix with NordVPN.

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