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Can’t Watch Netflix With VPN

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Perform Manual Proxy Configuration

Why I Stopped Using A VPN With Netflix…

While a proxy server lets you bypass internet blocking and hides your IP location, however, a preset proxy may conflict with your VPN settings. Thus, you find ExpressVPN not working with Netflix.

Hence, in this case, configuring the proxy settings manually can serve as the ultimate ExpressVPN Netflix issue workaround. Heres how to do it:

  • Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Proxy.
  • Toggle on the Automatically detect settings option.

You also have to perform a similar setting in your browser .

For this, open your browser and go to the main menu. In the feature named Tools or Options, you will find Network Settings, where you can adjust the proxy settings to automatic detection.

Switch To An Expressvpn Alternate That Supports Netflix

As a last resort to resume Netflix streaming with a VPN, you may look up an alternative VPN service and quit ExpressVPN .

However, not every VPN service available today can work as effectively as ExpressVPN to unblock Netflix. Therefore, before subscribing to another service, make sure that it does support Netflix unblocking. You may also contact the VPNs support team to be sure of this functionality.

In case youre running short on time, check out this guide to the best VPNs that unblock Netflix. Then, just go through the list and pick the one that best meets your browsing requirements.

Can I Watch Netflix With A Free VPN

While you might be tempted to use a free VPN, we advise against doing so, for several reasons. Firstly, theres the performance: free VPNs usually dont have enough servers to cater to all of their users. This causes near-permanent network slowdown, which is hardly ideal for HD streaming. Additionally, Netflix has invested significant resources to block VPNs, so in all likelihood, you wont be able to watch anything in the first place.

VPNs have high running costs, whether theyre free or not. As such, free services find ways to generate income without billing the user upfront. Free VPNs will often have large, intrusive ads that can only be removed for a monthly fee. Others make money by storing tracking cookies on your device, allowing the VPN provider to monitor your activities and create a consumer profile that can later be sold to advertisers without your knowledge.

Finally, free VPNs arent the most trustworthy services. In fact, weve seen a major player in this space sell user bandwidth to help run a botnet. Further, a recent survey of over 280 free-to-use VPNs found that 18% never used any kind of encryption, 66% leaked information over DNS, and almost 40% contained malware. To stay safe online, we recommend using a reputable VPN provider with a customer-first privacy policy instead.

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How To Fix Error Code N8106 154 5008

These error codes are typically caused due to network connectivity issues on the customer’s end. This can be caused by bandwidth limitations on a cellular connection, so if you are using your cellular data, try connecting via WiFi instead. If you are using a VPN and you receive one of these codes, it is worth disconnecting the VPN to see if the problem continues. If it is only occurring with the VPN on, check with your VPN provider to ensure you are using the correct server. If you are using the correct server, you may need to follow the troubleshooting tips above.

Which Netflix Library Has The Most Content

Why You Can

Once you have a VPN to break down all geographical restrictions, you may be wondering which countries have the most movies and TV shows available. Sadly, Netflix does not share this information with us explicitly. However, theres a variety of third-party tools that can answer that question.

At the time of writing this article, the Czech Republic is leading with 5343 movies and 2067 series. In the meantime, the most-coveted Netflix US library had 3774 movies and 2109 TV shows available. Meanwhile, the UK had 4236 movies and 2242 TV shows.

The numbers can change significantly over time, so its hard to say what country has the most content available. But in the end, most users want to access the Netflix US library because of its quality.

In any case, you wont have a shortage of content once youve picked up a worthwhile Netflix VPN!

And whats your go-to VPN for unblocking Netflix? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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Watching TV Shows And Movies Through A VPN

VPNs can make your device or network look like it’s connecting to Netflix from somewhere other than your actual location.

You can use a VPN with Netflix, but what you can watch will be limited to TV shows and movies where Netflix owns the global rights, for example Squid Game or Stranger Things. To be able to watch all TV shows and movies available in your country, turn off your VPN and try Netflix again.

Does Netflix Block All VPNs

Yes – or at least it does its best to do that. Netflix doesn’t just focus on a few VPN services and ignore the rest. It actually has a good detection and blocking system in place that covers all VPNs, proxies, Smart DNS services, and other unblockers.

Of course, some VPNs are able to bypass Netflix’s blocks even if the site detects some of their servers. To do that, they refresh their IPs very often to make sure Netflix can’t block them in time. Not all VPNs can do that because continuously leasing new IPs is pretty expensive.

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Can Netflix Ban You For Using VPN

Were not lawyers, but it seems like the general consensus is that it isnt technically illegal to trick Netflix into thinking youre in another country using a VPN. But that doesnt mean Netflix likes it when you do this.

Netflix can ban you or any of its users for any reason, we assume . It could certainly ban you for breaking their terms of service. However, we havent found any accounts of users being banned for using a VPN to stream content from another country. But Netflix will block certain content if it thinks youre using a VPN to access foreign movies and shows.

Of course, youre not doing anything wrong if you use a VPN server in your own country to use the internet and stream privately.

Turn Off Your Firewall/anti

Best Free VPN for Netflix in 2022ð? 2 VPNs That Works with Netflixâ?

Sometimes, your systems firewall, antivirus, and/or other security software may interfere with your VPN. When that happens, you either get the typical ExpressVPN Netflix proxy error or find Netflix simply not letting you through.

So, after you have tried all the above-mentioned steps, head on to disable your security solution. At this point, you can:

  • Make your security program recognize ExpressVPN. For that, uninstall the VPN, then uninstall your security program. Then reinstall the VPN followed by your security solution.
  • If the above sounds boring, identify and re-configure the program conflicting with your VPN. You may have to adjust the security level for that. Or, meddle with the UDP ports 1194-1204 to trust the ExpressVPN app.

Perhaps, this will prove fruitful to unblock Netflix with ExpressVPN once again.

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The Best Expressvpn Servers To Watch Netflix

When watching Netflix or other streaming platforms with a VPN, choosing the right server is important. The server you use can affect both the video quality and the stability of your connection.

Most servers I tried gave me great results, but some are better than others for streaming. I found that these servers gave me the best speeds and never ran into any proxy errors.

  • USA: Los Angeles 3, San Jose, and Atlanta
  • The UK: East London, London, and Wembley
  • Canada: Montreal and Vancouver
  • India: Mumbai 1
  • Australia: Brisbane

Even if you are traveling halfway across the world, ExpressVPN will give you excellent speeds for watching your home Netflix library while abroad. When I tried accessing ExpressVPNs US servers from Europe, I got nearly the same speeds from the US Atlanta server as the speed from local European servers . These speeds are double what you need to watch shows in UltraHD.

Choose A Different Server

It is the least resistance path that can immediately work under the current circumstances. Servers with fewer users improve the speed and performance of the service and reduce the risk of detection. NordVPN has a smart algorithm that automatically suggests the least loaded or the best VPN server for you depending on your location or requirements .


1. Open the NordVPN application on the device.

2. Connect to US #1473 server by entering its number in the search bar at the top. Remember to check your status it must be Protected.

3. Once connected, open the Netflix website via browser in Incognito Mode.

NordVPN advises choosing a server close to your physical location. At the time of writing, for Netflix US, server #1473 was doing well. The other suitable servers are #4185, #5078, #5080, #5082, #5083, #5085, #5087, #5135, #5601. The NordVPN customer support team suggested using server #5077 and higher since these servers dont fill up as quickly as others.

Distance usually affects speed when it comes to VPN. However, to pick a specific region that is far away from you, such as Netflix UK, it is better to opt for a less busy server from the available ones.

Often you will be redirected to the Netflix UA library, but this isnt a cause for concern as it is the most advanced one. The worst situation is with the content of France, India and Spain.

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How To Watch Netflix Or Hulu Through A VPN Without Being Blocked

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Netflix recently announced it plans to crack down on VPN, proxy, and unblocking DNS users trying to access content in other countries. The good news: watching streaming sites through a VPN may get a bit more difficult, but it will always be possible.

Netflix isnt the only one, either: Hulu has been cracking down on VPN sites for quite a bit longer than Netflix. Visit Hulu while youre connected to one of the big VPNs, and Hulu will tell you its library is only available in the USA. So whats a streaming nut to do?

Nordvpn Not Working With Netflix

How to watch Netflix USA from India

NordVPN wont tell you which servers work for media streaming.

So, if Netflix doesnt work with NordVPN in your case, you most probably need to find a server that works .

Alternatively, you can switch to another protocol using NordVPNs settings.

You can also try deleting your devices cache, which helps force Netflix to show you the correct content library.

What follows is a series of troubleshooting steps to take when NordVPN doesnt work with Netflix. Keep reading to learn more!

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How To Fix Error Code 5009

This network connectivity error code usually is experienced by Apple TV and iOS users. It means that your device is unable to connect to Netflix’s servers for some reason. This may be caused by the local network administrator blocking Netflix. If the local network is blocking Netflix, you will need to use a VPN to bypass those restrictions.

How Do We Test Netflix VPN Services

To ensure we’re giving you up-to-date information on these Netflix VPN providers, we regularly test them in a variety of locations. This is our process:

First, we fire up the VPN to be tested, and connect to the automatically selected server in our country of choice this best reflects what the majority of users will be doing.

We then head over to Netflix and attempt to watch content that’s exclusive to the country we’re testing. We do this both in private browsing/Incognito mode and on a regular browser, note any differences, and repeat a number of times to check for any discrepancies.

We then note down the results, and update any relevant guides and articles if necessary.

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Setup The Nordvpn Dns Addresses

Native NordVPN applications automatically use NordVPN DNS servers when connecting to a VPN. This is done to prevent DNS leaks during a VPN connection, ensuring the security of your DNS requests.

You can manually configure the device to use DNS servers. This is useful when you connect to NordVPN from someone elses application or if you have any problems configuring DNS addresses in the NordVPN app.


1. Follow the steps 1-3 described in the previous paragraph about stopping IPv6 leaks.

2. Pick Protocol Version 4 > Properties> General> Use the following DNS server addresses.

3. In the Preferred DNS Server and Altered DNS Server lines, manually enter the addresses of the NordVPN DNS servers and

Repeat all the steps for each physical network adapter that you are connecting from .

Will I Get In Trouble If Use A VPN With Netflix


Legally, no. People commonly mistake using a VPN with Netflix as a form of piracy, but accessing the provider’s international catalogs is quite different from torrenting copyrighted material. It is not illegal in any way, shape or form, and will not currently result in a criminal or civil lawsuit anywhere in the world.

Technically, it is against the platform’s terms of service and Netflix does retain the right to cut access at any point, but it has not once enforced these rules.

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Try Other VPN Servers

Streaming-friendly servers are not labeled in NordVPN.

So, its up to you to find those that work with Netflix, which I fully understand is a tedious and time-consuming process.

In preparation for this guide, I talked to NordVPNs customer support to find out which of their servers work with Netflix.

They told me that servers in the following countries work with Netflix: the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Austria, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, India, and Australia.

However, they couldnt provide me with a list of server names.

Instead, they advised me to mark individual servers as my favorites once I find those that work.

So, you now have the list of countries that contain NordVPNs servers that work with Netflix. Its up to you to test the servers found there.

Make sure not to click on countries names in NordVPNs sidebar.

Instead, use the three dots icon to reveal individual servers.

Once you find NordVPN Netflix servers that work, click on the heart-shaped icon to save it for quick access later.

That server will appear in the My Favorites segment at the top of NordVPNs sidebar.

Im Traveling And Want To Access Us Netflix Abroad Which Countries Will These VPNs Work In

The VPN services listed should allow you to access US Netflix in any country you might be traveling to, other than those where media is censored and VPNs are actively blocked by a firewall such as China .

In pretty much every other country, the VPNs in our list will work. In fact, weve received comments or emails from people in Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France, Israel, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, and Italy telling us theyve successfully accessed US Netflix!

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Tips On How To Choose The Best Free VPN For Netflix

When looking for a reliable free VPN for Netflix, there are a few criteria you need to pay attention to. I tested the following features to rank the best free VPNs for Netflix. You can use the list below when shopping for the right VPN:

  • Really free A free VPN doesnt ask you to commit to a subscription. I ensured that all the VPNs on my list are completely free or come with a tried and tested money-back guarantee.
  • Can access US Netflix US Netflix has one of the largest libraries out there. I tested all the VPNs on this list to ensure that their US servers consistently unblock US Netflix.
  • Fast speeds and enough data To stream Netflix without annoying slowdowns, the free VPN app should come with good speeds and enough data. I conducted speed tests for all the VPNs on my list to ensure that you can watch your favorite shows without buffering.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices. Make sure to choose a VPN that is compatible with the devices you want to stream Netflix on. If you want to watch Netflix on devices that usually dont support VPNs, make sure to choose a VPN that has router support and/or Smart DNS.
  • Excellent customer support. If you ever have an issue with your VPN, its important you have a way to solve it straight away. I made sure the VPNs on my list offer live customer support and/or a large knowledge base to answer common questions.

What Is The Best Netflix VPN

Netflix down: Viewers cant watch after error codes  streaming ...

Topping the lot at the moment is ExpressVPN as the overall best Netflix VPN . Naturally, it unblocked Netflix in different regions every time of asking during our testing and ExpressVPN makes things so easy to do so .

It’s fast, secure and is available on pretty much every device you can imagine. So use it on your laptop, mobile, smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox or any one of a range of TV streaming devices. One sub allows simultaneous connections on five devices, too, so you can even let friends and family members use it for their global Netflix-streaming needs as well.

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