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Cloud VPN For Small Business

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Quick Overview The Best VPN For Small Business In Australia

Business VPN Galerie, the cloud in my corporate network

Below are our most recommended VPNs for small businesses:

  • Perimeter 81Specialist Business VPN in Australia. Offers 700 servers located in over 36 countries. Available for $8/month.
  • ExpressVPN Fast VPN for a small business in Australia. Offers 3000+ servers in countries. Available for AU$9.58/mo with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Surfshark Best Value VPN for small business. Offers 3200+ servers in countries. Available for AU$3.3/mo with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • NordVPN A Secure enterprise VPN. Offers 5500+ servers in countries. Available for AU$5.73/mo with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • CyberGhost User-friendly corporate VPN. Offers 7700+ servers in countries. Available for AU$3.2/mo with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

$6.67/mo for 12 months + 3 months free

Best Small Business VPN

Number of servers: 115+

Static IP: Yes

Maximum devices supported: Unlimited

Encrypt.me is a VPN service aimed specifically at businesses. It is one of the few VPN services available to businesses that offers unlimited simultaneous device connections on every one of its plans. In theory, you could have hundreds of devices connected at once and it would make no difference to Encrypt.me.

Encrypt.me is available on most platforms. You can download the mobile app for both iOS and Android or download the desktop client for Mac and Windows. There is also an app for Amazon devices. Regardless of the device you are using, installation is simple and getting set-up is quick once you have an account. The security protocols are the same across devices and every version offers DNS leak protection. You can also take advantage of private endpoints to securely connect to your office network remotely. Encrypt.me also offers content filtering, enabling you to block the specific content on your network and prevent staff from accessing it.

Subscriptions start at around $16 per month with a two-user minimum. This represents pretty value, especially when you factor in the unlimited simultaneous connections. The only real drawback is the Windows app, which some people have found a little clunky and dated. You should also be aware that there is some logging of user activity. A 2-week free trial gives you time to get to grips with Encrypt.me and ensure that it is right for you.


Which Is The Best VPN Protocol To Use

The support for VPN protocols on different routers. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that while zeroing in on a VPN router. Most routers support OpenVPN and IPsec, which is more than enough on most VPN services. You can go with OpenVPN, a widely used and trusted protocol that would be your best bet to get started. On other occasions, IPsec will provide similar performance.

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Customized Access Policy For Users And Their Devices

When all employees have the same access permissions and those permissions grant full network access, the attack surface is wide and vulnerabilities abound. Segment your network and narrow access rules to individual users and groups, with authentication enforced via identity providers.

Best VPN For Business In 202: Keeping Smb Data Safe

Why Should a Growing Business Use a VPN?

In a perfect world, the internet would be a safe haven, free from threats. Alas, in the real world, insecure public WiFi networks abound, and the internet is replete with bad people wanting to take advantage of an unwitting business. The best VPN for business can protect your company data and keep your remote workers from leaking sensitive information.

Virtual private networks were born for businesses, and though theyve evolved beyond that into the consumer market, theyll invariably be tied to business. That said, they arent the easiest thing to deploy, especially if you run a small business with a limited number of employees. Theres no need to worry, though. The team here at Cloudwards.net is here to help you find the best VPN for business.

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How Do You Choose A VPN For Your Business

A VPN for a business, small or large, and one for normal everyday use isnt very different, apart from security risks.

For instance, setting up a VPN for your business remotely, and having others connected to the same network, exposing confidential data.

However, to choose one for your business, there are a few differences. A VPN for a small business is mainly chosen to create secure access over vulnerable or compromisable Wifi networks.

It needs to be equipped with military-grade encryption, and harbour the most secure tunneling protocols for maintaining privacy. Some include OpenVPN, PPTP, IKEv2, and L2TP. However, for smaller businesses, PPTP is the most recommended, since its easier to set up, but IPSEC, on the other hand, comes with stronger security but longer setup process.

When you choose a VPN for your small business, it should be able to allow you access to it from anywhere in the world, and secure enough to access it over any internet connection. Device support is a huge requirement too.

A VPN for your business means support on multiple operating systems and various required devices in one go. It should at least support Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Routers, and browser extensions.

Then there are choices between hardware and software VPN services, where small startup companies are concerned. A software VPN trumps over a hardware service any day, even though a hardware VPN comes with better security.

How We Selected And Tested These VPNs

Selecting a good VPN for business is a bit more complicated than trying to choose a VPN for personal usage. Suddenly, it doesnt really matter whether a VPN is good at unblocking streaming platforms or whether it allows torrenting. So, heres what we looked for in the best business VPNs:

  • Cloud VPN. When considering a VPN for business, its best to use a cloud-based solution because of increased security and simple user management .
  • Business-oriented features. Dedicated servers, dedicated IPs, a good kill switch – these are just some of the features we look for in VPNs for enterprises.
  • Security. If your business is dealing with sensitive information, its essential to use a secure VPN tool. AES 256-bit encryption, secure tunneling protocols, and audited no-logs policy are among the things we take into consideration.
  • Fast speeds. Whether youre having a Zoom meeting or doing online research, its essential to have good speeds for optimal performance. Thats why we look for fast tunneling protocols like WireGuard or IKEv2.
  • Money-back guarantee. The possibility to get your money back if something goes amiss is much more important with business VPNs rather than personal VPNs as, depending on the size of your staff, the tool can cost hundreds of dollars a month.

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How Do Corporate VPNs Work

Corporate VPNs work a bit different as there are major dissimilarities regarding the number of supported users, dedicated servers, and server quality.

VPNs are useful particularly if your company relies on employees who telecommute or who are out of sight permanently.

But if you need more details about this subject, we have a dedicated piece on how corporate VPNs work that will hopefully clear out any questions.

Therefore, this article lists the best corporate VPN solutions you can use for your business or enterprise.

Best VPNs For Small Businesses

Cloud / VPN Solutions and Collaboration Tools | Intel Business

I ran my usual group of VPN providers through a battery of rigorous tests. The results proved these 6 VPNs provide the best features for use by small businesses. Heres a summary:

  • Perimeter81:This business-focused VPN provider takes the top spot in this roundup due to its Advanced Cloud VPN feature. The service offers numerous business-friendly features like private servers, static IP addresses, and team member management.
  • NordVPN: NordVPN offers some of the fastest connection speeds on this list. This provider also offers an extensive global server network, allows P2P file sharing on many of those servers, and offers excellent security and privacy for its users.
  • Surfshark: This providers reasonable price makes it an excellent selection for small businesses being run on a shoestring. This provider offers one other feature that should prove to make it popular with business users, and that is its unlimited concurrent connections allowance.
  • ExpressVPN: This providers large global server network and fast connection speeds are excellent for file sharing and other online-intensive tasks. The providers security and privacy protections are also impressive.
  • CyberGhost: This is another bargain-priced provider. It also has the attraction of being easy to install and use, so small businesses with users who might not be so tech-savvy will appreciate its simplicity. Fast connections help keep things moving when updating files on the road.
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    Basic Security Checklist For Small Businesses

    Here are some precautionary measures small businesses can follow to increase their online security amid coronavirus epidemic:

    • Beware of phishing emails and do not open or click any suspicious links
    • Update your software and operating systems regularly
    • Secure your remote connections by installing a reliable VPN service
    • Enable multi-factor authentication on your devices
    • Use strong and uncommon passwords
    • Make sure to create a backup of your data as often as possible

    Protection When Using Public Wifi

    When using a VPN, the connection between a device and a VPN server is securely encrypted. In the past, this has made VPNs an invaluable tool for protecting sensitive data when team members work from cafes, airport lounges, and the like.

    Wide-scale deployment of HTTPS over the last few years has greatly reduced the danger of leaking sensitive data to hackers when using public WiFi hotspots. They might be able to see which HTTPS websites your team member visit, but wont be able to see anything they do on them.

    That said, some websites remain defiantly HTTP-only, so using a VPN still has some value in this regard. It is also useful, more generally, for preventing tracking for advertising purposes my commercial WiFi hosts.

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    Business VPN Vs Personal VPN: What’s The Difference

    The primary function of personal and corporate VPNs is the same: they both mask your real IP address, encrypt your traffic, and let you bypass various geo-blocks.

    However, at their core, personal VPNs are much more basic than business VPNs. For example, there is no easy way to allow hundreds of simultaneous connections on the same exclusive server with different accounts.

    In addition, a business VPN will provide you with a dedicated IP address or even a server, allowing access to the internal network of the company. Meanwhile, a personal VPN simply assigns you a random IP address.

    Theres one more thing you should know: the main goal of a business VPN is to protect a companys privacy, while a personal VPN is concerned about the anonymity of an individual user.

    This becomes rather obvious when you consider that a VPN for business offers a control panel, which lets you not only manage all the employees using the VPN, but also track their activity and block the sites of your choice.

    Own Your VPN Server With A Static Ip Address

    Cloud VPN Market to Remain Competitive

    UTunnel lets you to set up your own dedicated VPN server with a clean static IP address. The static IP address lets you setup secure and convenient remote access to your VPN making it easy for your employees to work from anywhere.

    A clean static IP address also reduces the chances of getting blacklisted by online services, unlike shared IP addresses of public VPN servers.

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    Expressvpn Ideal For Small Businesses With Ultra

    Servers 3000+ servers in 94+ countries
    Simultaneous connections 5 connections
    Visit ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPN is the best VPN service for small business and sole traders. It does not offer a specific business/ enterprise plan, but with great server coverage, military-grade encryption, and excellent speed, it had to make it to our list of VPNs.

    Thanks to its intuitive apps, ExpressVPN works on all major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks, and more devices all with easy configuration.

    With ExpressVPN, you also get top-grade security with 256-bit encryption, perfect forward secrecy, HMAC, and Diffie Hellman key exchange.

    256-bit AES encryption protects your data against brute-force attacks, while HMAC protects your data from being altered.

    ExpressVPN also covers all basis with split tunneling, IP/ DNS leak protection, and a trustworthy no-logging policy. Privacy protection is further favored because of its safe jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands a place that has no mandatory data retention laws for ISPs and VPN companies.

    A slight con is that ExpressVPN is slightly more expensive than its competitors, but the price is justified by the quality of the service you are getting. There are three plans available:

    • 12-month plan for $8.32/mo
    • 6-month plan for $9.99/mo
    • 1-month plan for $12.95/mo

    Best VPN For Small Business In Canada

    While there are tons of hosted VPN services available online, not every service provider can offer business VPN solutions. To help you choose the right VPN for your business in Canada, I have researched and compiled a list of some of the best VPNs for businesses in Canada that can offer ultimate online security.

    So here are the 5 best VPNs for Small Businesses in Canada:

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    What Features Should A Business VPN Have

    What you need from your business VPN will, of course, depend on your business.

    If you’re a sole trader with little infrastructure set up, all you really need is quality personal VPN. We’d recommend ExpressVPN as it works all over the world, and is incredibly reliable and secure.

    However, if your business is a little larger and has centralized data, a more dedicated business VPN will suit you. You’ll want a static IP so all your staff can access your restricted data, plus you might want to be able monitor and restrict your staff’s activity online.

    Here, we’d strongly recommend Perimeter 81 , as it delivers more than just a VPN, and provides exceptional protection for just about every aspect of your business.

    Best VPN For Businesses

    Insight Business VPN Configuration and Administration | NETGEAR Business Tech Tips

    Number of servers: 100+

    Server locations: Anywhere

    Static IP: Yes

    Maximum devices supported: 2 per user for the starter plan and 5 per user for the teams and business plans

    Twingate is not a VPN in the traditional sense but it is a virtual private network in the technical sense. Twingate enables businesses to have secure remote access to the organizations data, applications, and remote environments. It does this by allowing any devices that want to connect to a network to do so following the access permissions given to them. By giving users and their devices access to only a small part of a network and its resources, Twingate ensures the whole network is not compromised if one of the devices on the network is.

    Also, by providing access to devices at the application level instead of the network level, Twingate offers better security than VPNs that give devices permissions at a network level, thereby widening the threat and damage radius in case of an attack.

    A major difference between Twingate and other VPNs is that there is only one point of access for the whole infrastructure, whereas there are multiple points of contact to the internet through VPN servers located all over the world. Once this point of contact – a centralized web admin console known as the Twingate client – is established, any device that has the necessary permissions can connect to the network, thereby accessing the resources it has privy to.



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    Will Isps Sell Your Data

    Last week Congress voted to allow ISPs to sell your data. This news has people in a panic, concerned about what the ISPs can or will share. Some sites, like Motherboard, predict a data pilfering free-for-all, proposing that information shared may include:

    Financial and medical information. Social security numbers. Web browsing history. Mobile app usage. Even the content of your emails and online chats.

    Other sites give us some reassurances that ISPs would show more restraint and that this rule change was only created to enforce consistency. Wired magazines article, Big Cables Case for Selling Your Data Doesnt Hold Up argues that you get what you pay for. Just as Facebook and Google offer free services, but FREE comes at the expense of being able to collect information and use it to serve up targeted advertising. While this measure is flawed, creating consistency and clarity of the FCC rules would actually be a good idea.

    In response to this ruling, Minnesota has already voted to pass internet privacy protections and other states will likely follow suit.

    What Is Cloud VPN

    Cloud VPN securely interconnects remote users and business systems, regardless of their physical and network locations. Cloud VPN is based on traditional hardware VPN principles such as tunneling, encryption, and decryption, data integrity, etc., however, without its pains. Typical components of the cloud VPN are cloud VPN gateway, VPN client , and cloud-based web application for management .Running a VPN in the cloud rather than a piece of often expensive hardware installed in your network has several benefits:

  • VPN is much more reliable and stable due to virtualization.
  • Cloud VPN runs in datacenter = high-speed connection not limited to network speed where your HW VPN runs.
  • Cloud VPN is easily scalable.
  • Cloud VPN is more secure than on-premise VPN since it has better ways to adopt new features and implements the latest security fixes in general.
  • Cloud VPN enables you to choose from pre-configured gateways anywhere around the globe that are operated by the vendor and allow access to your systems anywhere as opposed to HW VPNs, which are designed to provide point-to-point between a user and a local network.
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