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Do VPN Providers Keep Logs

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Which VPNs Keep Logs? Here’s 25 that DO!!!

Yes. If you want to keep your information private, keep an eye on the location of your VPN server. Long story short, there are specific international alliances that make certain countries better for privacy than others.

A surveillance alliance is an agreement between countries to share internet data. Some countries have alliances with internet service providers to flag key phrases and track specific data, mostly for security or research purposes. On the other hand, some countries dont allow US officials to retrieve data.

If you want to keep your data as private as possible, avoid connecting to a VPN server in a country thats part of your surveillance alliance. The United States is part of the Five Eyes alliance with Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdommeaning these countries often share data.1

You might be wondering how a no-logs policy fits into all of this. Why does it matter what country you use if your VPN provider does not track your data? Sometimes government entities can force a VPN to track data without their users knowing.1 If data security is imperative, connect to a country outside of the Five Eyes alliance.

Do VPNs Keep Your Data

Yes and no. While some VPNs are known for storing data at least temporarily, most VPN clients have a no logs policy. This usually means that the VPN company will not keep a log or record of any data.

The specifics of logging policies are sometimes different, so make sure you check your VPNs website and read what their policy is. For example, CyberGhost has a strict no-logging policy, and they delete all data after 24 hours. Additionally, ExpressVPN only logs minimal information, such as your server location.

United States Of America

The US internet is mostly free from censorship, but there have been some instances where this is called into question. For example, Trumps stance against TikTok and WeChat was of great concern as far as what it could mean for the future of censorship. The country has a history of mass surveillance and internet metadata is recorded and held for up to a year.

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Security Audits And Bug Bounty Program

Weve already talked about the two no-logs audits that NordVPN completed. But thats not all. NordVPN has also completed an in-depth security audit with Versprite. This audit included penetration testing and analysis of all NordVPN infrastructure, to include all data centers where NordVPN servers are located.

Lastly, NordVPN is one of the few VPNs to have a public Bug Bounty program. This rewards anyone for finding bugs, problems, or security issues that could affect NordVPN users. Most VPNs do not offer anything like this.

: NordVPNs no logs policies, favorable jurisdiction, strong security, and excellent performance make it a great choice for all types of users. It works well with all streaming services and also offers many privacy features. With the coupon below, NordVPN is one of the best values available for a no logs VPN.

Main drawbacks:

ExpressVPN is another privacy-focused, no-logs VPN that is based in the British Virgin Islands. It offers excellent performance, strong security, and user-friendly VPN apps. And like NordVPN, ExpressVPN is also a great streaming VPN service. It is one of the few VPNs that work with Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and most other streaming services.

Check out the ExpressVPN review for a detailed analysis and all test results.

Now lets examine how ExpressVPNs no-logs policies have been tested and verified.

VPN Logging Isnt Necessarily Harmful

Do VPN Providers Keep Logs  Apprentissage

Connection logs include data such as IP address, timestamps, bandwidth, server information etc. Some of this data can be quite essential to running the service and it can be used to improve the service. While logging is an issue, not all logging is necessarily bad.

The data logged varies by the provider. Some of it is rather impossible to avoid. For example, the service provider has to know if you are authorized to use the service, i.e. if you have paid for it. Some of this data may be used for customer support or detecting and combating malicious use of the service. Generally, these logs are considered less harmful than others. However, with the right amount of information, some actions can be connected to a user based on these logs alone.

Another type of logs is called traffic logs. This includes data like browsing history, purchases, downloads and messages. This sensitive data is typically the minimum of what people want to keep private and outside any logging practices. Some VPN providers do log these actions as well. Logging this data is considered lot more controversial, because it holds clear data about what you do in the internet. Typically, when VPN providers say that they do not log, they probably mean they donât have traffic logs.

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United States Can Force Companies To Collect Logs

The US is also a hostile jurisdiction for privacy. Here, authorities can force companies to hand over data logs and provide access to user information. Here are three examples:

  • Lavabit was forced to provide encryption keys to its email service. Rather than comply, the owner shut down the company.
  • Riseup, a secure email and VPN service in Seattle, was forced to hand over user data to the FBI and also slapped with a gag order that prevented any disclosure.
  • IPVanish, a zero logs VPN, provided user logs to the FBI for a criminal investigation.
  • Choose your VPN carefully and also consider jurisdiction. We recommend going with a VPN service in a safe privacy jurisdiction, such as Panama, the British Virgin Islands, Switzerland, and others.

    VPN Logging Policies: Who Captures What Data

    Ludovic Rembert

    One of the main reasons why you need to invest in a great Virtual Private Network service is to avoid documenting activity in a way that others can see or manipulate it. Most VPN services emphasize their dedication to transparency and protecting your data during transmission and not retaining records after the fact.

    That sounds great and all, but did you know that logging policies can widely vary?

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    The VPN Service Does Not Care Which Client Does So

    You can filter the traffic by using different programs and understand which site is being accessed. Or you can take a site listed in abuse and simply block access to it. After it, no client can enter this site using the VPN server. The attack is resolved and there is no sense to find a client who performed this attack.

    This is just a small example of how the anonymous VPN service works. But it clearly shows that there is no need to block a client, only if the service is not an official company with an office, where an official request from the police can be addressed.

    We are often asked why we have such a price for VPN service. Currently, there are many VPN services that provide services for $ 5-10 per month. Let’s look at this in details.

    Hotspot Shield Of Switzerland

    Does VPN log your data? | NordVPN

    By going through their Privacy Policy page, their claim, Hotspot Shield replaces your IP address with an anonymous proxy IP address associated with one of our servers so that your actual IP address is not shared with the websites you visit. It looks all good, as expected from any VPN provider.

    However, the recent study of CSIRO says a different story. As per them, Hotspot Shield has used tracking codes which gather and sell the information of their users to third-party advertisers. Also, Hotspot Shield has been charged with a complaint by a non-profit advocacy group of digital rights, the Centre for Democracy and Technology , regarding this activity of spying on their users and collecting their data.

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    Always Marketing A Zero

    Its not unusual for VPN services to point out better privacy due to lack of logging. The thing is, that statement is usually true to some extent, although, the qualification may be found in the small print. For example, its likely true that the service in question does not log data unless its required by the governmental laws that apply in the country where the service is based.

    You must remember that just like any business, VPN service providers always put their best foot forward.

    You must remain vigilant.

    Are There Free No

    You’ll find a lot of zero-logs VPNs offering a free option. Be wary, though. These services often come with limitations that their premium counterparts lack. Expect sluggish speeds and a reduced selection of servers. Unfortunately, this means unblocking videos abroad, torrenting and online gaming is off the table.

    However, if you are just after a VPN to keep you secure while browsing the web, then a free VPN might be the answer.

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    What Is An Abuse

    When we say an abuse we mean the complaint. When your site is being attacked, you can write a complaint to the IP address owner. An abuse usually comes in email. The site, which was attacked by the VPN server, sends a complaint to the IP address owner from which the attack was performed. In most cases the IP address owner is an organization, and it resends such an abuse to the server owner. Now it is his turn to take certain actions to stop this attack.

    Currently, there already exist many automatic tracking systems for compliance with the copyright in the Internet. For example, a user downloaded a torrent file with the famous film by Paramount Pictures Company on a torrent tracker. The system automatically finds the client IP address that made it, and also automatically sends an abuse to the IP address owner from which an illegal film version was downloaded. A similar situation is with e-books copies.

    Here is an abuse example showing an attack on a third party server . This abuse contains the external IP address of the attacker, time of the attack and the website, which was actually attacked.

    Are Free VPNs Safe

    Does Expressvpn Keep Logs

    Free VPNs are not as safe as using a paid VPN. You are putting your online privacy at risk by using a free VPN. Users can experience slower internet speeds and other issues connecting with a VPN. So, it is not a preferred option to use a Free VPN software that compromises security by logging and selling your information to third-party advertisers. Therefore, it is good that you choose a reliable premium VPN for 30 days risk-free with a money-back guarantee. Check here to get risk-free NordVPN trial for 30 days.

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    Perfect Privacy Servers Seized In The Netherlands

    Even though Perfect Privacy has not undergone a third-party audit, like our other top recommendations, it has passed a real-world test. A few years ago, Perfect Privacy announced that Dutch authorities had seized one of their servers in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Although the reason for seizing the server was never revealed, Perfect Privacy confirmed no customer data was obtained:

    Since we are not logging any data there is currently no reason to believe that any user data was compromised.

    We can now conclude that no customer information was compromised due to the seizure. The Rotterdam location will continue to operate using the replacement servers.

    Global Spying Agencies Force Companies To Log

    Spying agencies such as the NSA and GCHQ have been known to compel businesses to record and hand over private customer information. Since 2010 in the US, major tech firms have been promoting NSA hacking, see the PRISM Software. In the UK, the Investigatory Powers bill allows all data to be logged and stored for 12 months. It is exceptionally straightforward to target a specific business or server network.

    Much worse, a gag order can accompany logging requests, making it unlawful for the organization to reveal what they are forced to do.

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    How Do You Know That A VPN Doesnt Keep Logs

    A no-logs policy is the cornerstone of a VPN services promise to keep you anonymous. However, it comes with two major issues, both related to the fact that its almost impossible to prove a negative, to show that something is not there.

    The first issue is that its a little hard to believe that no logs are being kept. You need some kind of record of a connection. Thats just how the internet works. Its more believable to say that logs are destroyed as soon as they are made, but that makes for poor marketing copy.

    The second issue is that theres no way to prove from the outside that logs arent being kept by a VPN. Theres just no way to do that for any site. Youd need some kind of admin authority. Then again, even if you were given access, its hard to prove from the inside, too: The VPN could just move the incriminating logs for the duration of your check.

    These two issues combined mean that you are, essentially, trusting a VPN to keep your data safe. Whether or not you should do that is something for you to decide when choosing a VPN, though, generally speaking, reading up on reviews as well as following recommendations from people you trust should mean youre making the right choice.

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    Is There A Free No Log VPN


    It will mainly depend on the service you are using. Many completely free VPN providers are known for collecting users logs and selling them to third parties. Choose the free version of no-logs premium VPNs if you are on a budget and care about your privacy.

    The only issue is that the free version is highly limited. For example, you should expect capped bandwidth data, slow speeds, and reduced server selection. This means that it is not reliable for unblocking content, torrenting, or gaming. However, you can use it for light tasks such as browsing but not reliable for activities such as torrenting or gaming.

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    Your Internet Service Provider Handles Your Browsing Data

    Normally all the browsing data goes through your internet service provider . While it might not sound like an issue to many, ISPs may sell your data. Additionally, in some countries ISPs are legally required to collect and store user data and even give it to authorities. Certain sites and services, which are legal in western countries, can be illegal and blocked somewhere else. VPN can be used to bypass these restrictions and prevent ISPs from logging and eventually handing out your data.

    If you use a VPN service, the one who controls your browsing data is your VPN service provider instead of your ISP. When using a VPN, you are transferring your trust from your ISP to your VPN provider. This is why many users are concerned about logging. If such logs are created, then how are they handled? What happens to your data? Can the VPN provider be trusted with the data more than your ISP?

    How We Ranked The Best No

    While having an honest no-logs policy is the main criteria when choosing the Top 5 no-logs VPNs, theres more to that. After all, if a provider collects zero logs but is of poor quality, theres no point in recommending such a service. So, without further ado, heres what we took into consideration:

    • No-logs policy. We ditched anything that collects more than required to run the service.
    • Independent audits. Claiming to have no logs is one thing, and saying that after a third-party audit is another.
    • Jurisdiction. A country without data retention laws and not among the Fourteen Eyes members is a big plus.
    • Anonymous payments. A true no-logs VPN should offer at least cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Bonus points go for cash and gift cards.
    • Anonymous registration. Most VPNs require your email for account creation. Others simply generate a code for logging in.
    • Reputation. Shady ownership, cooperation with authorities, and similar practices were also a factor.

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    Nordvpn: Verified With Two No


    72% OFF NordVPN Coupon > >

    NordVPN is one of the leading VPN services on the market that excels in many areas. The company behind NordVPN, Nord Security, is comprised of a global team and strategically based in Panama, which is one of the best privacy jurisdictions in the world. Unlike the UK and United States, Panama is not a member of international spy alliances and also does not require mandatory data retention, allowing NordVPN to be a 100% no logs service.

    NordVPN offers a wide selection of apps, excellent speeds, and more privacy and security features than most other VPNs. In the latest round of testing for the NordVPN review, it performed very well in all categories.

    NordVPN now fully supports the WireGuard VPN protocol in all NordVPN apps, offering users faster speeds and upgraded security. We were able to hit 445 Mbps with NordVPN in testing out WireGuard vs OpenVPN speeds. This makes NordVPN the fastest VPN we have tested:

    NordVPN uses the strongest encryption standards and also includes built-in leak protection with all VPN apps. Additionally, NordVPN also offers these privacy and security features:

    • Double-VPN servers to encrypt traffic over two different locations
    • Tor-over-VPN servers that also encrypt traffic through the Tor network
    • P2P servers for high-speed downloading and file sharing
    • Obfuscated servers to hide VPN traffic to look like regular HTTPS encryption and also get around VPN blocks
    • CyberSec feature to block ads, trackers, and malware domains

    Theres No Such Thing As A Zero

    Does your VPN Keep Logs? Is there no logs, zero logs,

    June 8, 2021 By Josh

    Is there such a thing as a zero log VPN? The short answer is no, there isnt. In fact, these companies are flat out lying to you when they claim they are a no log VPN. Thats the bad news. The good news is that the more you understand VPN logging, the better prepared you can be to secure yourself.

    Most VPN users like yourself want to use a Virtual Private Network that guarantee anonymity and privacy at least as much of a guarantee as possible.

    Naturally, the VPN companies have picked up on this market trend and have begun to put bold claims on their marketing materials: We dont log anything!



    As well learn, you should always be skeptical of a zero log VPN that claims to have a no log policy. Lets explore why.

    In this article, were going to cover the following:

    Use the navigation links above to jump to a specific question, or continue scrolling to read the entire guide.

    Note: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you, I may be compensated if you choose to use one of the services listed.

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