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Does Amazon Work With VPN

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Configuring And Activating The VPN

Does Amazon Prime work with PureVPN?

Armed with your VPNs info, entering the VPN is a straightforward affair. On your Fire tablet, swipe down from the notification bar and click on the Settings icon.

Within the Settings menu, select Wireless & VPN.

In turn, select VPN.

Within the VPN menu, click on the plus sign + located in the upper right corner to create a new VPN entry.

Here is where the information from your VPN provider, workplace, or school is critical. Give your VPN connection a name and then select the appropriate type from the dropdown menu. Enter the information provided by your VPN and click Save.

After you save the entry, youll see the new VPN listed. Click on the link icon, seen below.

Youll be prompted for your username and password credentials. Enter them and click Connect.

If the setup is correct, youll immediately see a key icon in the notification bar.

At this point, youre connected to the VPN. Lets look at how to test the connection and how to disconnect from it.

What Makes The Best Amazon Prime VPN

First up, you’ll want to make sure your Amazon Prime VPN can actually unblock all the content you’re after. All the options below have no issue doing that, so we highly recommend picking from them. Great connection speeds are also a must.

If you’re a fan of streaming on the move, it’s worth making sure your chosen Amazon Prime VPN has decent apps for all your devices. Most VPNs have good mobile VPN offerings for Android and iOS, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue unless you go for a smaller provider.

It’s also worth mentioning that using a VPN to change your location is against Amazon’s Ts& Cs, so you should weigh up the minor risk against what you’ll get out of it. If you think it is worth it, the VPNs below are our top choices, topped by the best all-rounder and #1-rated VPN for Amazon Prime, ExpressVPN. Read on to find out more.

Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid

ExpressVPN is quite simply the best Amazon Prime VPN on the market, and it’s earned that title through reliably delivering on pretty much every front for a long time.

Seeing as you’re here, your priority is going to be Prime access, and no matter where you’re based or have travelled to, you should be able to be able to watch what you pay for. That’s not just down to being able to sidestep Amazon’s location tracking it’s also thanks to the 3,000+ servers in 94 countries, so whether you’re from India, Israel, Egypt or Ireland, you’ll be able to get stuck in wherever you are.

Reasons to avoid

Other Benefits Of Using A VPN

One thing to remember is that VPNs arent just designed for streaming there are tons of other VPN uses, too. For starters, you can use the internet without the very real threat of online snooping and ensure public Wi-Fi networks are safe to use.

VPNs are even capable of improving streaming and gaming performance by preventing bandwidth throttling and DDoS attacks. And if you go abroad, you dont need to worry about internet censorship as VPNs are designed to bypass geo-restrictions, letting you unblock all your favorite websites.

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For Safe Public Internet Access

Virtual private networks make on-the-go web activity safer for everyone. People today are used to reading news articles at the cafe, checking email at the supermarket, or logging into bank accounts on their mobile devices. This type of internet connection is vulnerable to hacking as the web activity is over public wi-fi. Using VPN services when connecting to unsecured public wi-fi hotspots keeps both your data and device safe.

Amazon Prime Not Working With VPN: Quick Fixes KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Best VPN for Secure Internet ...
  • Delete Cookies

    You may have noticed some websites ask you to accept Cookies. Cookies arent dangerous files. Theyre designed to make your online experience more streamlined. However, they sometimes contain information about your location.

    Amazon can potentially scan these Cookies to determine if youre inside Primes broadcast zone. It can do this regardless of if youre using a VPN or not.

    If Amazon scans your Cookies and determines you arent inside its broadcast zone, itll block your connection, and youll receive errors like Your device is connected to the internet using a VPN or proxy service. Please disable it and try again.

  • Change to a different server

    If your VPN was working with Amazon Prime and it suddenly stopped working, try changing to a different server on your VPN.

    Your VPN isnt working because Amazon has blocked the IP address youve been given. The good news is Amazon doesnt have that capacity to block a VPN in its entirety.

    Changing to a different server will give you a different IP address and if Amazon hasnt blocked this one, youll be able to watch the streaming service again.

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    Why Does Amazon Not Work With VPN

    4.6/5VPNAmazonVPN not workingVPNVPN’shave

    Hereof, does Amazon work with a VPN?

    The Problem With Using a VPN for Amazon Seller CentralWhile VPNs can offer an additional layer of security, they are not foolproof since Amazon can detect an IP address from a VPN. This is because of the way VPNs assign IP addresses.

    Beside above, can Netflix ban you for using a VPN? Netflix will not ban you for using a VPN.The worst thing you can encounter while using Netflix with VPN, is that Netflix will know that you are using a VPN and won’t allow you to watch the content while you are connected to VPN.

    Similarly, it is asked, how do I get Amazon Prime to work with VPN?

    Here’s how to use Amazon Prime Video with a VPN:

  • Run the app and select a server location in the US.
  • Hit the Connect button.
  • Once the connection has been established, open the video you want to watch.
  • How do I bypass Amazon VPN block?

  • Switch to Mobile Data via Smartphones/Tablets.
  • Try a Different VPN Server
  • Create Your Own VPN Server/Connection.
  • Use a Different Kind of Software.
  • Use a Different VPN Protocol.
  • Switch Between Different VPN Ports.
  • Use an SSL/SSH Tunnel.
  • Whats The Difference Between Amazon Instant Video And Amazon Prime Video

    Although they are similar, Amazon Instant Video is not the same thing as Amazon Prime Video. With Amazon Instant Video, you have to pay to view individual shows or movies you want to watch. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription service that lets you watch a wide range of content without having to pay extra.

    You dont need a VPN for Amazon Instant Video, so long as youre not within a censored country, since youll have access to all the content on there. However, Amazon Prime Video costs less and gives you access to more content than purchasing or renting individual titles.

    If theres only 1 or 2 movies you want to watch and Amazon Instant Video is looking like the more appealing option, bear in mind that Amazon Prime Video offers a 30-day free trial.

    If you decide to go for an Amazon Prime Video subscription and you prefer to pay anonymously, heres how to get an Amazon US gift card from MyGiftCardSupply:

    How to Get Amazon Prime Video Without a Local Payment Method

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    How Do I Install A VPN On Amazon Fire TV And TV Stick

    There are two main ways to download a VPN onto your Fire TV device: through its App Store or by directly downloading the APK file. Which method you use depends on whether the VPN you want to install is listed among Fire TVs apps. Several VPNs such as ExpressVPN and IPVanish are available on its App Store, albeit only in certain countries other VPNs will need you to use the second method.

    Client VPN Or Open VPN

    Does Surfshark VPN Work With Amazon Fire TV?

    In Client VPN, the network administrator is responsible for setting up and configuring the VPN service. The configuration file is then distributed to the clients, or end-users, who need access. The client can then establish a VPN connection from their local computer or mobile device to the company network. AWS Client VPN is a fully managed remote access VPN solution that employees can use to securely access resources within both AWS and on-premise business networks. Fully elastic, it automatically scales up or down based on demand.

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    Does Nordvpn Unblock Amazon Prime Video Abroad

    NordVPN is actually no longer very efficient for unblocking Amazon Prime Video. I dug through Reddit threads and other forums discussing NordVPN and its suitability for Amazon Prime.

    From what Ive gathered, NordVPN used to be good for unblocking streams on Amazon. However, with continued improvements in VPN detection technology of Amazon, many VPNs NordVPN included are unable to unblock it or are only able to do so inconsistently because Amazon Prime is blocking NordVPN servers.

    Here are some recent discussions on Reddit about NordVPN and its problems with Amazon Prime Video:

    For the user above, server US# 3254 seems to be working well. However, other users in the same thread reported that NordVPN cant access amazon Prime with this server either.

    NordVPN has a lot of servers and its a cat and mouse game between VPN providers and Amazon. As new servers get blocked, the providers try and make other servers ready for unblocking streaming apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

    Your best bet is to directly contact NordVPN customer support and ask them for assistance. They might be able to guide you towards specific and functioning NordVPN Amazon servers. You can also check out our Surfshark vs NordVPN comparison to see which one is the best option for Amazon Prime Video.

    Why You Need A VPN To Watch Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video uses geoblocks to control what you watch, based on local licensing agreements. Each country has a different catalog of shows and movies.

    Your IP address is used to determine your location. If you try to access a show that isnt available in your country, youll see an error message stating, This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location.

    Error message: This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location.

    A VPN masks your IP address, making it appear as if youre streaming from another country. This lets you access geoblocked Prime Video shows and movies from other countries.

    However, due to Prime Videos VPN detection technology, not every VPN can unblock it. To make sure you can access the content you want, choose one of the VPNs Ive tested.

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    Norton VPN And Amazon

    Posted: 02-Dec-2020 | 3:18PM & centerdot 5 Replies& centerdot Permalink

    I’m using a MacBook Air running macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 with a fresh reload of Norton 360.

    I had noticed a substantial hit on speed so I decided to run Speedtest and found my 50Mbs internet was now approximately 15MBS. After turning off the VPN it returned to the 50+ Mbps so I did some investigating and found that Speedtest showed speed between Verizon and a server of my choice. When I turn the VPN back on it now shows speed between Amazon and a chosen server.

    So what does Amazon have to do with my use of VPN? And why is there such a speed hit? This does not happen on my old MacPro running macOS Mojave 10.14.6.

    What Is The Fastest VPN For Amazon Fire Stick Tap VPN

    NordVPN is the fastest VPN for Fire Stick. Every provider’s speed depends on a number of factors, including server quality, the tunneling protocol, and your distance from the selected server. Therefore, you might get different speed test results than we did, but after multiple measurements, the NordVPNs NordLynx protocol turned out to be the fastest combination.

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    How To Watch Amazon Prime Video From Anywhere In Under 2 Minutes

  • Choose a VPN with great streaming abilities. My top pick is ExpressVPN because its high-speed servers can unblock Prime Video quickly, allowing you to stream in HD.
  • Install the VPN and connect to a server in the country of your choice. For example, if you want to unblock the US library, connect to a server in the US.
  • Head to Amazon Prime Video and log in. Happy streaming!
  • Note: If Prime Video isnt available in your location, you can sign up for a US account. You dont need a US-specific payment method.

    Install A VPN From Fire TVs App Store

    This method works with any VPN that has its app listed on Fire TV and TV Sticks App Store.

    • Go to Search on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick and type in your VPNs name. If it doesnt show up head to Method 2 below.
    • Once downloading has finished, click Open to launch your VPN app.
    • Sign in to your VPN app.
    • Select a VPN location in the US and click Connect.
    • If a VPN connection request comes up, click OK.

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    Is It Possible To Watch Geo

    Amazon Prime was initially only available in a handful of countries, but it has now expanded to most of the world. Unfortunately, watching content meant for a different country is more difficult with Prime Video, but it’s impossible. The one thing you’ll have to do is set an address on your account in the country whose library you want to access.

    For instance, if you want to watch the US library on Prime Video, your Amazon account needs to have a US-based address. You can do this by going to , hovering your mouse over Accounts & Lists, and selecting Content and Devices. Then click on Preferences and go to Country/Region Settings. Hit Change, fill in a new US address , and click Update. The same applies to any other country. Now, you’ll watch content from that nation’s library as long as you also use a VPN connection to a server from that country.

    Streaming Amazon Prime Video Us From Abroad

    Surfshark VPN and Amazon Prime – Do they work together?

    Every Amazon Prime account comes with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. The popularity of the United States most popular e-commerce company translates to a huge number of viewers on its premium video streaming service.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the most popular content in the Prime Video catalog is only available in the US. If youre spending time outside of the country, youll need to trick Amazon into thinking youre on US soil to unblock it, or else get error 4601:

    Thats where a VPN, or virtual private network, comes in. A VPN encrypts all your internet traffic and routes it through a middleman server in a location of your choosing. In this case, the location would be somewhere in the United States so you can watch Amazon Prime Video from abroad. VPNs will allow you to watch Amazon Prime and Instant Video from outside the US on a Windows PC, Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Linux. Plus all the VPNs we recommend offer unlimited bandwidth so there is no limit on how much you can stream Amazon Prime content.

    In the past, Amazon looked the other way when it came to VPN users. Most VPNs with servers in the US would allow users to bypass the geographic restriction. Thats no longer the case, and Amazons firewall has gotten much stricter as of our 2018 testing, and attempting to stream through a blacklisted VPN results in proxy error 1042:

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    How Do I Get Amazon Prime To Work With VPN

    Firstly, make sure you choose a reliable VPN solution. Even so, there are also times when you need to change your DNS.

    It seems like many users are also interested in discovering . If you feel the same, make sure you check our dedicated guide.

    Let us know if any of these solutions helped you solve the Amazon Prime VPN not working issue, by leaving a comment in the section below.

    VPNs That Dont Work With Amazon Prime Video

    You cant just get any VPN and expect it to unblock Amazon Prime Video – after all, streaming platforms are always trying to stay ahead of VPNs, blocking their servers. Thats why weve selected VPNs that have proven to consistently unblock Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

    But are there any VPNs you should specifically avoid? Well, if you attempt to access another regions Amazon Prime library with one of the following VPNs, youre highly likely to see an error message that says:

    HTTP Proxy Not Supported. Your devices internet connection is using an HTTP proxy which prevents playing your video. Please close or disable any proxy programs and try again. Error 1042.

    Some of the better-known blacklisted VPNs are:

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    How Can I Disable Amazon Prime Video’s VPN Error Message

    If you dont frequently use a VPN or Proxy service and see one of the errors below , its unlikely the problem has to do with VPNs or Proxies.

    These are the most common errors users see when they cant watch Amazon Prime Video titles:


    Those errors are probably related to your device or internet connection instead. It might have to do, for example, with the IP address assigned to your device by your ISP. Maybe the streaming platform has already added that address to its IP blocking list.

    You can try these solutions in the given order to fix the problem:

  • Make sure your internet connection is working correctly. Just try to do something else online to see if it works
  • If your connection is ok, check if your devices OS has a new version available and update it if thats the case. That wont be the problem in most cases unless you have disabled automatic updates
  • Do the same to your browser if youre trying to access Prime Video through its website instead of the streaming app
  • On the other hand, if youre using the application, ensure you have the latest version installed
  • Try to restart your device if you havent yet due to a software update in the previous steps
  • Restart your router. Ideally, pull it off the outlet and keep it unplugged for a few minutes. That will increase your chances of having a new IP assigned to it. Perhaps one that isnt blocked yet.
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