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Does Bitdefender Total Security Include VPN

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Is Bitdefender VPN Included In Total Security

How to use Bitdefender VPN

This VPN comes with three options from Bitdefenders security offerings: Bitdefender Total Security, Bitdefender Internet Security, and Bitdefender antivirus Plus for free. The free version allows only 200MB of data transfer a day and prevents you from operating your own servers.

What You Get With A Standard Antivirus Package

Antivirus software is designed to protect your PCs data from infection and destruction. In most cases, the aim is to take personal data that can be reused or repurposed in some way, but almost always for profit.

This might mean copying passwords, mining the data for personal information that can be used in identity theft, or simply hijacking the system to force the computer to behave in a particular way. That can range from ensuring specific adverts are displayed, or websites visited, to subverting the system as part of a botnet.

Antivirus software can prevent all of these attacks, while also protecting your data from ransomware. Most operating systems have firewall controls, but antivirus software makes them more usable.

While free antivirus tools might display adverts regularly, paid solutions typically do not.

Top Brands That Didnt Make The Cut

  • Aura. Aura antivirus has a pretty good malware detection rate and excellent ID theft protections for US users, but its VPN isnt very good. It wont allow you to manually choose a VPN server, it doesnt have a kill switch, and its not very good for streaming.
  • Sophos. Sophos is easy to use and offers reliable protection from malware, spyware, trojans, rootkits, and viruses. That said, its apps arent nearly as feature-rich as top competitors, and it doesnt include a VPN.
  • ESET. ESET is an easy-to-use antivirus program that has a very good malware scanner and additional security features like a firewall, parental controls, and anti-phishing protection, but it doesnt offer a VPN.

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Avira Lightweight Antivirus With A Good Torrenting VPN

Avira has a powerful antivirus scanner and a great suite of cybersecurity features, including a VPN thats very easy to use and really good for P2P traffic.

Avira uses a cloud-based antivirus scanner alongside a large malware directory and heuristic analysis, and it also has a perfect malware detection rate against all sample malware files.

In addition to standard security features like a kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, and a clear no-logs policy, Avira Phantom VPN also has:

  • IPsec and OpenVPN protocols.
  • 1,400+ servers located in 35+ countries.
  • Unlimited data.

Phantom VPN is great for torrenting it supports P2P traffic on all of its servers, including in the US , and works with all of the top torrent clients. And it has servers spread out evenly all over the world, allowing most users to find a nearby server for the fastest download speeds. For example, I connected to a local server and it took me about the same amount of time to download a 20 GB file as it took me to download the same file with TotalAV Safe Browsing VPN. Before I began torrenting, I ran leak tests while connected to servers in 10+ countries, and thankfully 0 leaks were found.

When it comes to speed, Avira Phantom VPN isnt as fast as TotalAV Safe Browsing VPN or Bitdefenders VPN, but it maintained good speeds in most tests my websites instantly loaded on local servers, and I experienced only minor buffering when watching HD videos on YouTube on most servers.

All Your Devices Secured With One Product

BitDefender Total Security &  VPN Premium 10 Dispositivi 2 Anni

Almost every household has a PC / laptop, a Mac, a tablet and several smartphones. Bitdefender Premium Security 2022 is the perfect choice if you want to protect all these devices at the same time. Bitdefender offers advanced protection against even the most advanced malware and has features that protect your private life across multiple platforms. It uses the most advanced security technology in the world, yet is simple and intuitive. The consumer association has also recognized this. This year Bitdefender was tested as the best.

The unique feautures of Bitdefender Premium Security further explained

  • Multi Device: Suitable for every device in your household Windows, Mac, Android en iOS.
  • Auto-update: Bitdefender now ensures that you are always provided with the latest and best security.
  • Advanced Threat Defense: As soon as suspicious activities are noticed, immediate action is taken to prevent infections.
  • Als beste getest: The latest version of Bitdefender has been tested as the best by the consumer association.
  • VPN: Now including Unlimited Bitdefender VPN!

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Fast And Helpful Customer Support

Customer Support

This rating is based on our assessment of each VPNs:

  • Email support
  • Live chat support
  • Online resources

Not every VPN offers all of these, and they often vary in quality and response time.

Bitdefender offers 24/7 live chat, email support and forums. We’ve found all three of these to be fast and useful. The service also offers some online support guides.

24/7 LiveChat support

Bonus Ipvanish Good VPN That Includes A Vipre Antivirus Subscription

IPVanish is one of the few VPNs that offers unlimited simultaneous connections, and its annual plan includes a free subscription to VIPREs Advanced Security suite for Windows and macOS.

VIPRE is an easy-to-use antivirus with a strong malware scanner and coverage for up to 10 devices. The virus scan detected 95% of malware during my tests, but it only detected about 67% of simulated ransomware attacks. It also actively blocked me from downloading fake viruses and prevented me from visiting fake malicious websites.

I really like VIPREs Application Patch feature VIPRE scans your device and will patch outdated apps in the background to protect you from possible security vulnerabilities. This is a rare feature, but I like Avira antiviruss Smart Scan better because it can automatically patch 150+ out-of-date apps as well as software drivers.

IPVanish protects user data with industry-standard VPN security features, also has perfect forward secrecy, and comes with extra features like split-tunneling . Its also great for torrenting, but its not very good for streaming. It allows P2P traffic on all of its 2,000+ servers in 50+ countries and works with top torrenting apps like BitTorrent, uTorrent, and Vuze. When it comes to streaming, IPVanish works with Netflix but cannot access most other top streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer .

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Product Interface: Nice And Simple

Bitdefender Premium VPN is simple enough to use. It looks a lot like Hotspot Shield did before their re-design and has a user-friendly main screen. You can either hit Connect and let Bitdefender choose the most optimum server or select your own from the drop-down list.

The configuration is very limited, though. You only have 3 options that have nothing to do with anything technical:

  • Toggle on/off notifications
  • Choose whether the VPN launches on start-up
  • Choose whether Bitdefender automatically connects when youre on an unsecured Wi-Fi network

We cant complain, thoughjust like Total Security 2019, the VPN is designed to be as user-friendly as possible and, as a result, is a simple product.

Mackeeper Good Mac Antivirus With A Basic VPN

Bitdefender VPN review | Best antivirus best VPN bundle?!

MacKeeper is a lightweight antivirus for Macs that includes a secure and fast VPN. The integrated antivirus scanner detected most of my malware samples however, its important to note that MacKeeper cant detect rootkits.

MacKeepers VPN, called Private Connect, has nearly 300 servers located in 50+ countries, allowing users to connect to a server in a nearby location to get the fastest speeds. I really like Private Connect for secure general browsing it includes unlimited data, has a minimalistic dashboard that is user-friendly, uses a secure protocol , and comes with DNS and WebRTC leak protection.

Also, when you combine MacKeepers antivirus features, you also get an ad blocker, which helps websites load faster and provides a smoother user experience. I like how Private Connect has dedicated P2P servers, but Private Connect isnt as fast as Bitdefender or TotalAV, so it took longer than I expected for files to download .

Unfortunately, I couldnt access Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other top streaming apps . But I was most disappointed with Mackeepers privacy policy. Its very vague and states that it collects user data and user activity but doesnt define what that actually means. Also, MacKeeper says that it may share your data with other companies, consultants, and contractors.

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VPN Speed And Performance: 75% Slower Ouch

OK, so the number of servers on offer may not rival the likes of ExpressVPN or NordVPN, but its about quality over quantity, right?

We tested Bitdefenders speeds by connecting to their U.S. server from Europe:

Now, this might not look so bad, until you learn that our regular download speeds are 200Mbps when not connected to a VPN. So these results represent a ~75% reduction.

What Customer Support Does Bitdefender VPN Offer

Bitdefenders support team can be reached via live chat, email, and phone, but its worth noting that this is the general support team and will cover issues for all of Bitdefenders products and services, not just Premium VPN.

Whilst it might be easy to get the support you need, in our experience, the antivirus companies selling VPNs as extras dont provide the same level of support that youd find with specialist providers such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

As well as the support teams, users can find information in Bitdefenders knowledge base , which is stocked with articles, how-to-videos, and FAQs. The number of articles has grown since our last review and the way they’re organized is better, making them more useful than before.

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Here Is What The Bitdefender Auto Renewal Plan Means For Youhere Is What The Bitdefender Subscription Plan Means For You

  • Continuous protection so that you never have to worry about your subscription running out before you renew manually
  • Free upgrades whenever a new version of Bitdefender comes out
  • Peace of mind that your devices are always protected
  • Save time while we are taking care of the automatic renewal process
  • Opt out at any time so that you are always in control of your renewal options
  • 24/7 security all-subscription long without interruption
  • The price offered is valid for the first year of subscription. After that, your subscription will be billed at the applicable renewal price which may be higher than the initial purchase price
  • If a discount is presented, it describes the difference between the first term and renewal term subscription prices . The prices are subject to change, but Bitdefender will send a prior notification by email, before the automatic renewal takes place. You will receive an email notification before you will be billed, along with information regarding pricing and the extension of your subscription duration.

Bitdefender Premium Security Multi

Bitdefender Total Security + VPN Premium 10

For Bitdefender Premium Security Multi-Device 2022 your privacy and safety is the top priority. Bitdefender Premium Security Multi-Device 2022 offers total protection for Windows, Mac OS and Android and unchallenged malware detection. Your privacy is protected even better with the new webcam protection and your files remain safe due to the multiple layered protection against ransware.

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How Good Are The Bitdefender VPN Apps

Bitdefender Premium VPN provides a familiar interface for its Windows app, one which is very similar to ExpressVPN, and it covers the essentials of what is needed from the software. This includes a big blue Connect button and the name of the country where your current server is located, which when clicked on will present you with a list of other server locations .

On the whole, it worked as expected, with connection times between 3 to 4 seconds. We particularly like that you can change the server location youre connected to without having to disconnect from your current one. There are also desktop notifications to tell you when you are and arent protected, and theres a Dark Mode.

The client also sports an efficient kill switch, which does a good job of blocking internet traffic and alerting the user should your VPN connection drop. This feature continued to function despite the tricks we used to close the VPN connection.

A form of split tunnelling is also included, although this only whitelists certain websites, not apps. This could potentially be useful in some cases, but considering that Bitdefender VPN is actually quite capable as a torrenting VPN, with P2P allowed on all servers, a per-app split tunnelling system would be most welcome.

Another nice touch is the ability to access devices on your local network when you’re using the VPN, which can be very convenient for those that use this feature.

Bitdefender Total Security For Windows Review

Key takeaway: Were big fans of Bitdefender Total Security for Windows. Together with Norton, its our favourite. The feature list is nothing short of impressive and its design is intuitive enough for any user. The parental controls are disappointing, and the password manager works well on Windows, but not Android, iOS or macOS. But even when accounting for those drawbacks, we still highly recommend Bitdefender for Windows.

Before diving into Bitdefenders features on each operating software, its important to know about Bitdefender Central. This is Bitdefenders web app and the digital dashboard of its cybersecurity tools:

  • Here you can get an overview of your protected devices, and run scans, updates, and optimization tools remotely.
  • Here you can access the antitheft tools, allowing you to locate your device on a map, see its latest IP address, lock it, or wipe its hard drive entirely.
  • Here you can set up Digital Identity Protection, to learn whether your data was leaked to legal or illegal sources, on the regular or dark web.
  • Here you can access the parental controls, to learn where your children are, and set protective boundaries on their digital lives.
  • Here you can access additional premium services and manage your active subscriptions.

It is your cybersecurity hub under which all your protected devices are structured. Although you can also download it in app form, we are big fans of the web app. Its clean, intuitive, and simply excellent.

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Bitdefender Advanced Antivirus Scanner With A Very Fast VPN

Bitdefender has an excellent malware detection scanner and a VPN with the fastest speeds on this list. The cloud-based virus scanner uses machine learning, along with traditional signature-based scanning, which provides 100% malware detection.

The VPN is powered by standalone VPN provider Hotspot Shield and is included for free with some of Bitdefenders antivirus bundles, but Im not a fan of the free version you only get a lousy 200 MB per day and you dont have the option to manually pick which server you connected to .

Upgrading to Bitdefenders premium VPN gives you unlimited data, 10 simultaneous connections, and access to 1,300 servers located in 45+ countries.

The best thing about Bitdefender Premium VPN is that it uses the Catapult Hydra protocol, which is Hotspot Shields proprietary protocol that is very fast I had lightning-fast speeds on all servers for browsing, torrenting, and gaming. Even on distant servers, websites loaded almost immediately, YouTube videos began right away, and I was able to download files fast.

Bitdefenders VPN also comes with an ad and tracker blocker. The ad blocker is great at blocking intrusive ads and helped my websites load faster . I also really like the anti-tracker feature, which blocks trackers that collect your data. Bitdefender also lets you choose which types of trackers are blocked by default and allows you to disable the anti-tracker for websites you trust.

Bitdefender Ease Of Use And Setup

Bitdefender Total Security 2022 Review: Is it Actually the Best? (ð¥50% off)

Ive tested many antiviruses, and Bitdefender is by far one of the easiest antivirus programs to set up and use. Its main interface is user-friendly, well-designed, and makes it easy to ensure youre fully protected.

Before you download Bitdefender, youll need to create a Bitdefender Central account online and download the Bitdefender install files from there it took me less than 5 minutes to set up my account and get Bitdefender up and running on my PC.

As soon as I launched the application, Bitdefender gave me a quick tour of the software and suggested I run an initial scan.

Bitdefenders desktop dashboard is really well laid-out, with large, simple buttons, a comprehensive toolbar, and every feature accessible with just a few clicks. I love that theres a customizable Quick Action button on the main screen, so users can easily add more buttons to the dashboard. You can only have 5 Quick Actions on your home screen at any one time. But these can always be edited and changed.

All of Bitdefenders essential and extra features are located in 3 tabs: Protection, Privacy, and Utilities.

In the Protection tab, you can enable/disable web protection, vulnerability scanning, firewall, ransomware remediation, and antispam. Each of these features can also be customized although Bitdefenders default settings are good enough for most users.

Finally, the Utilities tab includes the one-click optimizer, user profiles, file shredder, and anti-theft protection.

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Malwarebytes Minimalistic Antivirus With A Fast VPN

Malwarebytes is a good and intuitive antivirus program with a fast VPN, but it lacks many of the features that other top antiviruses like Norton, Bitdefender, and TotalAV offer.

Malwarebytess antivirus scanner uses a large malware database and heuristic analysis to detect malware in my tests, it was able to detect 95% of malware.

Its VPN has 400+ servers in 30+ countries, unlimited data, and uses WireGuard, which is one of the fastest protocols out there it isnt as fast as Bitdefender, but I had really fast speeds for browsing, gaming, and watching YouTube videos in HD on local servers. However, on distant servers, websites loaded in 2-4 seconds and I experienced some lag playing video games. Also, while I really like that the VPN has the essential security features , Im disappointed that its missing a kill switch.

When it comes to streaming, I couldnt access Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and many other streaming services. Unfortunately, Malwarebytes Privacy doesnt allow torrenting .

Malwarebytes Privacy is only included with the Premium + Privacy plan, which is priced at CA$139.99 / year. Malwarebytes backs each purchase with a lengthy 60-day money-back guarantee.

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