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Does Express VPN Keep Logs

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Which Logs Are Kept By Expressvpn

ExpressVPN Review 2021 ð¥ Everything You Need to Know on Express VPN

ExpressVPN keeps logs of account details, connection dates, connected servers, amount of data transferred, app updates, and IP addresses .

As mentioned previously, ExpressVPN collects minimal logs from its users. It further claims that the records that are kept do not individually identify users through their network activity.

  • Account details:

The first essential piece of information that ExpressVPN collects are your account details. This includes your name, email address, and your payment information. This minimal information is collected by VPN servers when you first subscribe to the VPN.

  • Connection dates:

ExpressVPN collects the information about what days you have connected to the VPN service. It also mentions that it would not collect the timings of any user activity. So, if youre streaming geo-restricted content on Netflix using ExpressVPN at 3 am, you have nothing to worry about.

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  • Connected server:

ExpressVPN collects information about which server location a user has connected to. But even with this log, it refuses to collect any browser activity and link it to the user account. Storing this data ensures that there is no traffic overload on the VPN servers. Speaking burdened network, if you face slow speeds on any of ExpressVPN servers or your VPN stops working, then you can check out our ExpressVPN troubleshooting tips to solve it.

  • Amount of transferred data:

  • App updates:

  • IP address:

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Jurisdiction And Applicable Law

ExpressVPNâs core mission is to keep your information private. In service of this mission, ExpressVPNâs headquarters and registered place of business is in the British Virgin Islands , which has stricter laws concerning information disclosure than most countries.

The BVI has no data retention laws, and any legal order requiring a BVI company to disclose customer records must come from the BVI Supreme Court. Under BVI law, information requests from foreign courts or law enforcement are subject to a âdual criminalityâ provision, meaning that the request is upheld by the BVI Supreme Court only if the same crime is punishable by at least a one-year prison sentence under BVI law, had it taken place in the BVI. Should we receive a valid legal order from the BVI Supreme Court, it is important to note that ExpressVPN does not collect any IP addresses, browsing history, traffic data, or DNS queries that could be used to identify any specific user.

Popular VPNs That Keep Usage Logs

Lets start off with the ones who simply keep usage logs which basically make your VPN not private or anonymous. Table 1 lists out the VPNs that keep your browsing history and compromising the idea of a secure and private connection.

Table 1. VPNs that access your browsing history.

As you can see, many popular VPNs keep your browsing logs, websites you visit, your IP address and many more.

For example, McAfees Safe Connect claims to encrypt your online activity and defend you against cybercriminals. On their homepage, they also claim to protect your privacy.

Unfortunately, your privacy is not protected, since in their privacy policy McAfee claims the following:

Another disturbing VPN is Hola VPN with over 50 million installs on Google play alone. They also have a browser extensions. What Hola does it simple,

Hola dont even try to hide it. Why would they? Hola actively sell access to your device and network through which 3rd parties can access the internet.

As if its not concerning enough that a VPN, meant to protect you, is the very one that is abusing your trust and data, popular Chinese based VPNs like Hotspot VPN and Hoxx VPN go further by caliming to Log information and other data from your device, such as webpage addresses and data field.

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Fewer Features Than Other Leading VPNs

The last con we are going to discuss with ExpressVPN is the lack of features.

As we noted above, ExpressVPN is more expensive than other leading VPNs. In relation to the high price, its also important to note that you dont get a lot of features. To illustrate this point, well take a look at NordVPN, which is currently the best overall VPN in our rankings.

What features do we find with NordVPN that are not available with ExpressVPN? NordVPN offers:

  • Double VPN servers that encrypt traffic over two separate hops. This adds a higher level of security for those who want it.
  • Tor-over-VPN servers that add an additional layer of encryption via the Tor network.
  • Obfuscated servers that allow you to use the VPN in restricted locations, where VPNs may be blocked.
  • P2P servers that are optimized for torrenting and fast download speeds.
  • CyberSec feature to block ads, trackers, malware, and phishing domains. CyberSec was rated as the best VPN ad blocker weve tested.

The lack of features was one of the big reasons that NordVPN came out on top in our ExpressVPN vs NordVPN comparison.

And aside from all of the features noted above, NordVPN also runs all servers in RAM-disk mode and does not use any virtual server locations like ExpressVPN. They are additionally rolling out self-owned servers with high-speed 10 Gbps bandwidth channels. We discuss these items more in our NordVPN review.

United States Of America

Does ExpressVPN Keep Any Kind Of Logs?

The US internet is mostly free from censorship, but there have been some instances where this is called into question. For example, Trumps stance against TikTok and WeChat was of great concern as far as what it could mean for the future of censorship. The country has a history of mass surveillance and internet metadata is recorded and held for up to a year.

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Why You Should Care If The VPN Has A No

Its extremely bad for the reputation of a VPN provider to cooperate with any requests to hand over data on users, such as requests from the police or government.

However, while the process of forcing a provider to disclose information can be expensive and lengthy, it can be done.

The employees of a VPN provider certainly arent willing to be arrested to protect users. However, if there isnt any data stored, then the provider doesnt have anything to hand over.

The data collected from your usage could let people find out quite a bit about you. Even if you dont visit any questionable sites and think you have noting to hide, your data can be sold to third parties for marketing purposes. If you use a free VPN service, you may be paying the provider with your information.

Expressvpns Appearance And Ease Of Use

The look and feel of ExpressVPNs software are very professional and appealing. Using it is extremely clear and self-explanatory. Most users will only need a clear on and off button and an easy way to change server location. The ExpressVPN app shows you just that. Moreover, it isnt cluttered with information you dont understand or need. For this reason, ExpressVPN is ideal for people that havent used a VPN before.

In the menu in the upper left corner, you can find options that allow you to tweak the settings of your VPN connection if you wish to do so. Moreover, you can run a speed test and select the help menu if you have any questions.

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Avast Secureline VPN 4/4

Based in 5 Eyes or 14 Eyes? No Traffic Logs: No Connection logs: Yes, kept for up to 30 daysIP address logs: No

Avast offers a full suite of privacy and security products and, as a result, has a lengthy privacy policy. Heres what relates specifically to the VPN service:

Avast SecureLine: When you use the Avast SecureLine virtual private network service, the server may capture certain basic data such as the time and network location from which the VPN connection was made and the duration of the VPN connection. This information is routinely deleted within 30 days. In addition, the system may store data on the bandwidth transferred per session.

So connection logs may be maintained for up to 30 days, but there are no traffic logs and IP addresses are not recorded.

The Logs Kept By Expressvpn

Kape Technologies buys ExpressVPN | Should you be concerned?

Although ExpressVPN isnt logging your activity, it is collecting some data. It gathers four types of information: account information, VPN connection statistics, diagnostic data and IP addresses. These last two are both optional or situational, so you can choose to hide them.

Account information is fairly self-explanatory its the personal information that you used for your initial purchase. This is your name, email address and payment information, which are only used by ExpressVPN for accessing your account.

The VPN connection statistics is where another company might hide its data collection, but ExpressVPN doesnt gather much information. Specifically, it logs only the days you successfully connected to a VPN server, the amount of data transferred and the countries between which the data moved.

ExpressVPN overlaps your VPN traffic with other users on the same VPN servers, so even with these logs, no specific browsing activity can be linked to your account. The reason it collects this data is to ensure no one is overloading the network and to find out if more servers are needed before bandwidth limitations start to slow everyones connections.

Support logs are also held and shared with Zendesk and SnapEngage. Only your messages are stored, unless you choose to share the diagnostics data, which would help troubleshoot issues faster and build a better customer support system.

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VPNs Have Been Caught Lying About Their No Logs Policy

Over the past five years, I have identified a few dishonest no logs VPNs that have collected user data and provided the information to government agencies. Here are three examples:

  • IPVanish also claimed to be no logs but then collected logs and provided the data to the FBI.
  • HideMyAss provided logs to US authorities for an alleged hacking case.
  • There are surely other cases of this happening that have not come to light. We only know about the examples above from court documents that were released to the public detailing how the VPNs gave up logs.

    New York Test Results

    When connected to a New York ExpressVPN server, we got 214 Mbps.

    On the same test, the competition clocked in at 280 Mbps and 397 Mbps, respectively. While Lightway definitely boosted ExpressVPN’s performance, it still leaves ExpressVPN running far slower than their top competitors.

    If the fastest connection is your priority, you’ll be happier with NordVPN or Surfshark.

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    How Anonymous Is Expressvpn In 2021

    A good VPN keeps you safe and secure. It prevents your IP-address from being broadcasted over the Internet.

    However, how secure is your VPN really? Does it keep any logs that can hurt your anonymity, for example?

    Every year we ask the leading VPN providers some tough questions to provide prospective users with all the info they need. Here are the responses we received from ExpressVPN in 2021.

    TF: Do you keep ANY data that would allow you to match an IP-address and a timestamp to a current or former user of your service? If so, exactly what information do you hold/share and for how long?

    ExpressVPN: No, ExpressVPN doesnt keep any connection or activity logs, including never logging browsing history, data content, DNS requests, timestamps, source IPs, outgoing IPs, or destination IPs. This ensures that we cannot ascertain whether a given user was connected to the VPN at a certain time, assumed a particular outgoing IP address, or generated any specific network activity. It is not possible to match a user to data points that we never possess. We have carefully engineered our apps and VPN servers to categorically eliminate any such sensitive information. For more details on how we do this, as well as how we protect user privacy and security in general, visit the ExpressVPN Trust Center.

    TF: What is the name under which your company is incorporated and under which jurisdiction does your company operate?




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    Trust But Verify: An In

    Does Expressvpn Keep Logs

    In light of ExpressVPN’s double-whammy of troubling news, we take a deep dive into the facts, and whether you can feel safe or suspicious about using one of the world’s most popular VPNs.

    ExpressVPN has been all over the news for the past week, and not in a good way. Because we recommend ExpressVPN here at ZDNet as one of the top VPNs out there, I’ve gotten a flood of reader questions asking for an objective read on the news. In this article, I’ll do my best.

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    The Problem With VPN Logging Policies

    Unsuspecting VPN users are commonly misled by vague, false, or deliberately confusing logging policies designed to create the illusion of privacy.

    If you dont know what to look for, you could end up using a VPN service that puts you at risk.

    If youre assessing a VPNs privacy policy or investing in a subscription, you should be aware of the following common problems.

    If youre already familiar with these issues, you can skip straight to How to Protect Yourself.

    Expressvpn Review Conclusion: Should You Try It

    There’s a lot to like about ExpressVPN. It is secure and goes to great lengths to protect your privacy. It has VPN apps for everything and those apps are reliable, secure, and easy to use. It does a very good job of streaming video from around the world and can keep you out of trouble when you are downloading that hot new torrent. It is even significantly faster than it used to be thanks to the new Lightway VPN protocol.

    And while ExpressVPN is very good at many things, the competition has caught up. NordVPN is much faster. Surfshark does a better job of streaming geo-blocked content. And both the challengers are less expensive.

    ExpressVPN is now one of the top VPNs, but in my mind, it is no longer the undisputed king of VPNs. Now it comes down more to which of the leaders do you like the best or which has the best particular capabilities for the way you will use your VPN.

    ExpressVPN is definitely worth a look, but so are NordVPN and Surfshark. I recommend you read our VPN reviews of all three products, then choose one that fits your needs. Take advantage of the 30 day money-back guarantee they offer to test drive it and see if it meets our needs. If so, congratulations are in order. If not, try one of the others. I am confident that one of the big three will meet your needs. Good luck!

    If you want to try ExpressVPN, grab the coupon below for the best savings:

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    Perfect Privacy Servers Seized In The Netherlands

    Even though Perfect Privacy has not undergone a third-party audit, like our other top recommendations, it has passed a real-world test. A few years ago, Perfect Privacy announced that Dutch authorities had seized one of their servers in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Although the reason for seizing the server was never revealed, Perfect Privacy confirmed no customer data was obtained:

    Since we are not logging any data there is currently no reason to believe that any user data was compromised.

    We can now conclude that no customer information was compromised due to the seizure. The Rotterdam location will continue to operate using the replacement servers.

    How Good Is Expressvpn For Streaming

    EXPRESSVPN FREE 2021 ð´ : A Simple Trick to Use ExpressVPN for Free for 30 DAYS ð¥â

    Its no longer a secret that one of the most tempting VPN uses is unblocking streaming content on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime and many more.

    ExpressVPN isnt shy its website overtly states which services youll be able to unblock . This can only be good news, as it means the provider is essentially holding itself to these claims, and using them as direct selling points.

    We tested all the services Netflix, Amazon, iPlayer, and Disney+ – from a selection servers worldwide.

    Recent changes Netflix has made to its VPN detection system means just about every Netflix VPN has had serious issues with the streaming site. However, ExpressVPN has somehow found a fairly reliable way around this, and is currently the only service we tested that can unblock the US, UK, Canadian and Australian libraries.

    Amazon Prime unblocking doesnt work the same way as Netflix , but if youre abroad and want to watch shows from back home, ExpressVPN works well too. In our testing it reliably accessed US content from the UK.

    BBC iPlayer can be troublesome for many VPNs and the BBC has invested a lot of money into protecting its free-to-watch content. However, ExpressVPN had no issue unblock the British streaming site, and got us access every time we tried. Disney+ finished our testing on a high, with all our attempts being successful.

    However, losing access to certain streaming sites is an issue all VPNs have to combat, as IP addresses are blocked and different protections are put into place.

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    Are Logs Kept At Expressvpn

    The simple answer is No. ExpressVPN does not keep logs.

    If you’re thinking of signing up to ExpressVPN this answer can put your mind at rest that you’re getting a provider that values your privacy.

    If you’re already an ExpressVPN customer then you can be reassured that the service you’ve been using is doing its utmost to keep you secure online and your privacy protected.

    But what does no logs’ actually entail?

    It’s easy for VPN services to claim they store no logs, in fact nearly all VPN providers do, but often it’s not the truth. But what about ExpressVPN?

    How Good Is Expressvpn For My Needs

    When I looked at ExpressVPN, I called it “an easy-to-use VPN with middle-of-the-road everything.” I did find that an ExpressVPN connection routed through Security Firewall Ltd, a firm with a surprisingly high Google fraud rating. ExpressVPN reached out to say that Security Firewall is just one of many companies it leases infrastructure from, and its network is secure. You can read the company’s statement in my review.

    Overall, I didn’t find that ExpressVPN was the fastest or the cheapest VPN, but it did have great documentation, support for a whole lot of clients, a nice user interface, and was easy to setup. So, from a functional point of view, it’s fine. Not great, but generally good enough.

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