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Does Norton VPN Slow Down Internet Speed

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How Much Does A VPN Slow You Down

How to improve your VPN connection speed | NordVPN

Pinpointing exactly how much a VPN slows down Internet connection speeds is pretty difficult. The best we can do is approximate based on a simple VPN speed test.

For that, well be using Ooklas platform, CactusVPN VPN servers, a Macbook Pro using a 100 Mbps connection from an ISP in Bucharest, Romania.

Quick note about Ooklas before we begin you can actually choose which server you want to use for testing VPN speed. Therefore, the results you get can actually vary depending on the server you choose . For starters, well pick a server from Bucharest .

Update And Restart Norton Secure VPN

Make sure to keep Norton Secure VPN updated to the latest version. Otherwise, it might not work properly on your device.

If you encounter the Update Required: A critical update has been downloaded and must be installed before continuing to use Norton Secure VPN message, then you have to remove and reinstall Norton Secure VPN.

Its also a solution to fix any problems you might have with the Symantec TAP driver .

Norton Secure VPNs User Privacy

Fortunately, Norton Secure VPN has a strict no-log policy. This means that Norton will not save or store any of your private browsing data for internal use. In other words, Norton Secure VPN keeps you safe from everyone including Norton.

However, this doesnt necessarily mean that Norton is the best option on the market for privacy. The lack of a kill switch means that, if your connection suddenly drops and the VPN is unable to connect, your network is no longer protected. Most VPNs use a kill switch to make sure that your connection is completely cut off until the VPN is restored, but Norton Secure VPN does not give users this option.

Norton is generally a reliable brand when it comes to online safety, but it is not without fault. In 2012, Norton admitted to a security breach that involved the theft of the softwares source code. It took Norton six years to admit to the incident, leaving many consumers in doubt about their trustworthiness. That said, Norton has not had any major security breaches since then.

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Can A VPN Speed Up My Connection

In some instances a VPN can actually have you running faster online than a connection without the service. This is thanks your internet service provider restrictions.

At certain times of day you may find that your ISP throttles connections. This can be because of the number of people online going up at that time of day. As a result you may notice a drop in speed that could be as pronounced as your Netflix stream being lower quality, for example.

Using a VPN, your internet traffic will be routed through a virtual private network which means you bypass the speed limitations that your ISP has in place. In those instances you could actually end up getting a faster connection and enjoying that Netflix stream in all its full high-quality glory.

Blocked By: Hulu Hbo Max Hbo Now Disney+ Espn+ Amazon Prime Video And Bbc Iplayer

Does a VPN slow down Internet speeds?

I couldnt access Hulu, HBO Max, HBO Now, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, and BBC iPlayer using Norton Secure VPN. Im fine with Norton not being able to unblock these platforms, but HBO Max and HBO Now blocked me for being outside the licensed region, not for using a VPN it looked like Norton Secure VPN was not even trying to hide my location. This made me concerned because it could indicate there was a leak, so I ran a test to see what that was about.

The situation was slightly better with Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime. Those platforms blocked me because I was using a VPN, which was obviously not ideal, but at least Norton Secure VPN tried here.

ESPN+ and Disney+ didnt even load with Norton Secure VPN. I was stuck in an endless loop, taking me back to the login screen every time.

Norton Secure VPN is not a good choice for unblocking streaming platforms. It couldnt bypass most geoblocks, and its server network is really small. When you cant choose from a large number of servers, sometimes all youre left with are the ones that the streaming service has already detected and blocked.

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Norton Secure VPNs Encryption Protocols

Norton Secure VPN uses the OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec protocols. Unlike some VPNs that allow users to control the types of encryption protocols, Norton Secure VPN keeps things simple. When the VPN is off, you dont have any kind of encryption protection when its on, you get industry-standard AES-256 encryption.

As a result, Norton Secure VPN may not be the best option for users who want to manage their own security and privacy. You can rest assured that your location and browsing remain private while using Norton Secure VPN. However, you dont have control over the kind of protocols used to encrypt data or protect your privacy.

Norton Secure VPN Ease Of Use: Mobile & Desktop Apps

Norton Secure VPN has intuitive apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. It doesnt have a Linux app I really like ExpressVPNs and Mullvad VPNs Linux apps.

I installed Norton Secure VPNs apps on my iOS and Android smartphones in 1 minute, and the process took a swift 1-2 minutes on my Windows 10 PC and MacBook Pro.


Norton Secure VPNs Android app is feature-rich and very easy to use. The quick-connect feature automatically connects you to the fastest server based on your location. For example, I was connected to a server in the UK even though Im located in Romania I tested the speed of a server in Romania, but the UK server was a bit faster.

And I like how simple it is to manually connect to a server the list of countries appears when you click on the location icon at the bottom of the page. My only complaint with connecting to a server is that there is no option to filter servers by speed.

The Android app only has OpenVPN, but I like that you get all of Norton Secure VPNs features, including split-tunneling, a kill switch, an ad blocker, and the Wi-Fi Secure feature and Norton Secure VPNs intuitive design makes it easy to find each feature. If youre new to VPNs, youll like how Norton Secure VPN provides a brief explanation for all of its features.

Overall, I really like Norton Secure VPNs Android app. Its feature-rich, secure, and has a very user-friendly design.


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Re: Norton VPN Slows Down My Windows 10 Started Doing It Recently

Posted: 25-Apr-2021 | 8:56AM& centerdot Permalink

Speed to and from a website using any VPN will be slower than no VPN.

Each individual server in a specific region that is handling the VPN request can be slower or faster than other servers depending on load so you might try changing region and see if that helps. Remember that the VPN is only necessary when you are on an unsecure network so I only use it when accessing wifi outside of my home network.

Your Typical VPN Setup

Does VPN Slow Down Internet Speed? ð¤

For those currently using a VPN, the network structure may look like the following:

The diagram illustrates:

  • An office network with a VPN capable router
  • The office LAN subnet is 10.1.1.x
  • Your PC desktop at work has an IP address of
  • A home network with a LAN subnet of 192.168.1.x
  • The home laptop has an IP address of
  • And of course, the Internet
  • A VPN connection is initiated from the home laptop through the home router to the office VPN router. This enables the laptop to access the office LAN. You will notice the VPN connection has its own VPN office router IP address of That is the IP address for the WAN side of the office router. However, as far as working on your laptop is concerned, you only have access to the office LAN subnet of 10.1.1.x.

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    Torrenting No P2p Support Whatsoever

    Norton made it very clear that it doesnt support any type of torrenting. Even more, the VPN wont work at all if it detects torrent traffic. The moment I opened Transmission, Norton Secure VPN gave me an error and cut the connection.

    If youre looking for a VPN you can torrent with, Norton Secure VPN is not it. But no worries, there are many other VPNs that support torrenting, some of which even offer specialized servers for it.

    How To Download Norton VPN Service

    VPN helps you to protect your systems online identity and you can change the origin of your connected country. It is also used for some apps that may not work in your country but in others. Connecting to Norton VPN or any other VPN may change the behavior of your internet, maybe slow down your speed a bit. Norton 360 provides you all-round security from Virus and other utility tools make Norton 360 more convenient. You can download Norton VPN by sign-in on the official site.

    What do you need to do if your Norton secure VPN is not working?

    Norton is a well-known brand in the security industry. It offers Norton secure VPN, which helps you to get the most reliable protection.

    If youre using Norton secure VPN on your device and its not working, its because there are some problems with your device or network configuration. You might be experiencing connectivity issues, so here are some common solutions for this issue.

    What are the different types of Norton secure VPNs?

    Norton Secure VPNs are designed to protect your online identity. They are different from the other VPNs because they provide a more comprehensive layer of protection with features that give you peace of mind.

    Versatile Norton Secure VPN is available for all platforms, including mobile devices

    Safe Norton Secure VPN uses 256-bit encryption for the highest level of security

    Easy to use Connect with one click

    Which Norton secure VPNs are best for my needs?

    Norton 360 VPN not working on Windows 10?

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    Hands On With Norton Secure VPN

    I had no trouble setting up Norton Secure VPN on an Intel NUC Kit NUC8i7BEH desktop running the latest version of Windows 10. It took just a few minutes to install and was ready to work immediately.

    Most VPN companies have opted to create an app that stands apart from the operating system, as any other app would. The Norton Secure VPN app, however, is anchored to the System Tray. That’s a little annoying for me, as someone who needs to fiddle with every possible setting, but most people will probably leave their VPN out of sight and out of mind.

    The UI is a bit small and dated to my eyes, but its still functional. When you open the app it immediately connects to what it thinks is the best network. A large circle shows your current location on a map, flanked on either side by your true IP and your public IP address from the VPN. The map is just chrome, unfortunately. I prefer designs like TunnelBear VPN, which is friendly and bright.

    Norton Secure VPN wants to keep your VPN protection activeso much so that I had trouble finding how to switch it off. It turns out you toggle the switch at the bottom of the screen, which I had mistaken for a connection setting. Nudging users towards better security is a good thing, but I don’t care for apps whose tools aren’t immediately understandable.

    Looking For A Provider With Decent Stable VPN Speed

    Why does my Internet Speed Slow Down When Using VPN

    Weve got you covered we here at CactusVPN only offer access to high-speed VPN servers that are located in reputable, safe, and reliable data centers from around the world. All our servers offer unlimited bandwidth, so you dont need to worry about any bandwidth caps ruining your online experience.

    Also, we configured all our servers properly to ensure they route your traffic correctly, and we give you the option to switch between 6 VPN protocols , so you can tweak your VPN speed as you see fit.

    Whats more, our user-friendly, cross-platform compatible apps even let you sort our VPN servers by speed if you want to quickly find the server with the best VPN speed for you.

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    VPN Reduces Internet Speed

    Posted: 05-Feb-2020 | 6:02PM & centerdot 0 Replies & centerdot Permalink

    It seems that the VPN application is easily corruptible. After upgrading/adding VPN to an existing Norton 360, when it was first made available, it worked efficiently for several months. In November 2019 the button on the My Norton screen to Turn On the VPN was not active. A hard system boot was needed to restart the Norton program to activate the button. This occurred more frequently until I found a tip in the Norton Forums to use the Norton NRnR tool to reinstall Norton. VPN worked fine until December when I began to notice that while VPN was engaged the internet speed would be greatly reduced.

    Without VPN Download 88.1 Mps Upload 11.4 Mps

    With VPN Download 11.9 Mps Upload 10.9 Mps

    The band-aid fix for this was to Turn Off and on VPN. After time, several toggles were required to find a link with good speed. Another reinstall of Norton fixed this. Then yesterday, the VPN on button was dead again. System reboots would not activate the button. After two separate Norton reinstalls yesterday and twice again today, VPN will engage but the internet speed will not run more than 10% of normal.

    Norton Secure VPNs Pricing

    One of the biggest advantages of Norton Secure VPN is its affordable, easy-to-understand pricing structure. You can opt for either monthly or yearly plans on one, five, or 10 devices:

    VPN Term Length
    $59.99 60-day, money-back guarantee

    Norton Secure VPN has affordable pricing, especially if youre willing to sign up for a year in advance. Not only do annual plans give you a discount from the standard monthly price, but they also come with a 60-day, money-back guarantee. So, even if you sign up for a yearlong plan and later decide that you dont want it, you can still get your money back within the first 60 days.

    Its also important to note that there is no price difference between the annual plan with one device and the annual plan with five devices. This means that you might as well upgrade to the plan that allows for more devices. However, keep in mind that the annual prices shown above are only applicable for the first year. If you want to continue using the Norton Secure VPN for more than one year, your premiums will go up to $49.99 , $79.99 , or $99.99 per year, respectively.

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    Is Norton Secure VPN Safe

    Logging Policy & Jurisdiction

    Privacy & Logging Policy Rating: 8.0/10

    Norton Secure VPN is owned by NortonLifeLock Inc. Its one of the worlds biggest cybersecurity software companies, best known for its antivirus solutions.

    The company has been around since 1982 and in 2016 it launched its VPN service. Until November 2019, NortonLifeLock was known as Symantec when Broadcom Inc acquired Nortons Enterprise Security software division and took the name with it.

    NortonLifeLock is based in California in the US, which isnt ideal for user privacy. The US has very intrusive surveillance laws and is a member of the Five Eyes international intelligence-sharing alliance.

    Does that mean Nortons VPN wont keep you safe online? Lets take a look into its logging policy to find out.

    Choose A VPN That Won’t Slow You Down

    Why Does My Internet Speed Slow Down When Using A VPN? ð¤

    You can avoid all the above procedures by choosing a VPN thats continually updated to provide you with the fastest available speeds. Avast SecureLine VPN is a lightning-fast private tunnel through the internet fueled by a secure network of servers across the globe. Save yourself all the headaches of regular optimization and maintenance with a VPN thats designed with your convenience in mind.

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    Speeds Very Slow On Local And International Servers

    Norton Secure VPN is one of the slowest VPNs I have ever tested. Its normal to experience a loss in speed when you connect to a VPN, but not more than 20%. However, the difference was huge with Norton. If my connection was just a little slower, it would have been impossible to stream any movies or access interactive websites.

    To test Norton Secure VPNs speeds, I used Ooklas speed test tool and measured my:

    • Ping measures the time to get a response from the website or app youre connecting to
    • measures the time you need to download files and information from the internet
    • Upload speed measures the time you need to send files, such as messages and videos

    Limited Number Of Countries And No City Server Selection

    When you activate Norton VPN, you can let the service handle the connection for you, or you can manually select the country for your VPN server. As of this review, the server network is limited, with locations in 31 countries. This selection of locations is on the low side when you consider that other large VPNs give you more than 50 countries to choose from, as you can see with NordVPN and IPVanish.

    Note also that we said you can choose the country. Unlike most services, you can select the country you want, but not a specific city within that country. In some cases, that is just fine. In others, it can be a real problem.

    The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that we dont know exactly how many locations Secure VPN has in the United States, nor how we get assigned to one of these spaces when we connect. Heres an example of the kinds of problems this can cause.

    My bank gets twitchy when I log in from a different location than I did the time before. I have to go through various steps to confirm my identity every time this happens. With Norton Secure VPN, I dont know where I will connect within the United States. This time when I connected, it was to a New York IP address. Last time it was to a California IP address. This would make my banks security system go crazy which would drive me crazy.

    The inability to control what city you log into is a major drawback of this VPN.

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