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Does VPN Bypass Blocked Websites

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How Does A VPN Work

How to bypass Blocked Websites/Web filters by School,Government, etc (NO VPN, NO TOR)

Connecting to a VPN is generally quite simple. After subscribing to a VPN provider, you download and install the VPN software. You then select a server you want to connect to and the VPN will do the rest.

When the connection has been established, the following will happen to your data:

  • The VPN software on your computer encrypts your data traffic and sends it to the VPN server through a secure connection. The data also goes through your Internet Service Provider, but they can no longer snoop because of the encryption.
  • The encrypted data from your computer is decrypted by the VPN server.
  • The VPN server will send your data on to the internet and receive a reply, which is meant for you, the user.
  • The traffic is then encrypted again by the VPN-server and is sent back to you.
  • The VPN-software on your device will decrypt the data so you can actually understand and use it.
  • The VPN application runs in the background of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can access the internet as you normally would and wont notice anything different save for the fact that youll be able to get around online restrictions.

    Setting Up A Manual VPN Connection

    When your VPN gets blocked, a manual VPN connection might be your best solution. You can try setting up a VPN connection manually on your device via inbuilt VPN functionality or an app like OpenVPN Connect or strongSwan.

    Setting up your own VPN serveris also a way to go, but it can be a time-consuming, challenging, and expensive endeavor. On the bright side, it almost guarantees that websites wont be able to detect that youre using a VPN .

    Cyberghost Optimized Streaming Servers Dedicated To Unblocking Content

    Key Features:

    CyberGhost has a range of optimized servers dedicated to streaming sites and services around the world. These optimized servers can unblock the restricted content, letting you , watch YouTube, or listen to foreign radio stations.

    While performing tests, I noticed that some optimized servers US Netflix, Disney+, and UK Channel 4 were often full. I had to connect to normal servers to access these streaming services. I found that my speeds were slower, and I had to try a few times before successfully connecting and watching the shows I wanted.

    I was impressed by CyberGhosts consistent DNS leak protection and data security across servers. I ran several leak tests and the high-level encryption passed every time. CyberGhost offers a 45-day money-back guarantee if you subscribe for 6 months or more. If you want to try CyberGhost for a shorter time, you can get a 14-day money-back guarantee with a 1-month plan.

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    Setting Up Expressvpn On Your School Computer

    Want to unblock websites using your school Wi-Fi in just five minutes? Heres how:

    Simply follow these step by step instructions to unblock your schools web filtering in about five minutes:

    • Sign up for one of ExpressVPNs packages by clicking here.
    • Install the ExpressVPN app or a browser extension.
    • Start the ExpressVPN app or open the browser and use the map or list to choose a server in your country.
    • Voila! Now you can enjoy full access to all web content on your schools Wi-Fi.

    VPNs Can Easily Access Blocked Sites

    5 Ways to Bypass Blocked Sites Without Using Proxies or VPNs

    To wrap it up, you can safely use VPNs to access block websites, but you should be aware that there are other ways to unblock geo-restricted content such as Smart DNS or proxy servers.

    A VPN, however, will do much more than just circumvent geoblocking, including safekeeping your online privacy, boosting the security of your connection, curbing packet loss, and even improving ping while youre playing games or streaming media.

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    Create An Ssl/tls Tunnel

    Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security are protocols that utilize a widely used port 443. Routing traffic via SSL tunnel adds additional encryption to already encrypted VPN traffic so it is not possible to detect that a VPN is used. You can make such a tunnel with a software called stunnel. There is no easy way to set it up and youll need to do some research on that.

    Advantage : Protection Against Hackers And Governments

    A VPN encrypts your data traffic through strong encryption protocols, which make intercepting and reading your data almost impossible. Why is this important? Well, in this day and age there are a lot of parties that want to listen in or take a look at what you are doing online.

    There are many different parties that are interested in your internet traffic, among them are governments and cybercriminals. The security a VPN offers makes it a lot harder for them to look at your data. This increases your online safety.

    We have to mention that a VPN isnt the ultimate solution to all things cybercrime. We always recommend combining a VPN with a good antivirus solution so you cover all your bases.

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    How To Bypass Country Restrictions

    Installing VPN extensions is as simple as visiting the respective VPN provider’s page and clicking the download button:

    Then you can just create an account on their website and connect to free locations in their extensions:

    VPNs, such as Hola VPN, allow you to use their services for free for unlimited periods of time inside its special browser if you share your internet connection with other users, similar to how a Tor network works. Simply install the VPN app and use the browser it has to access blocked websites:

    If Restream happens to be blocked in your country, using a VPN browser extension will allow you to access our website without negatively affecting your existing stream capabilities. Having a free VPN app running on your PC with an unpaid plan may result in low speeds and poor connectivity. However, paid plans can give you enough speeds for streaming.

    How Can I Open Blocked Sites Without VPN

    How to Open Blocked Websites How to Bypass Blocked Sites with A VPN in 2020

    Using any web browser is one of three options to shorten links and visit blocked sites using shortened links. The shortened URL will be yours after you have Paste your URL into the shortening service and provide an extension for the blocked site. Place the shortened URL in your address bar after you have copied it.

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    So Whats The Best Way To Unblock Websites

    Overall, your best bet is to stick with a VPN or a Smart DNS . A Smart DNS is better suited if you only care about getting the best speeds while you get to access unblocked websites, and a VPN is a better option if you dont mind a potential drop in connection speeds as long as your online traffic and data are protected.

    While proxies and Tor can help you unblock websites, theyre not always reliable methods given that Tor relays can be blocked by ISPs and governments, and that both Tor and proxy users have to generally put up with slower speeds.

    As for the other more unconventional methods we discussed, well, you can try some of them to see if they help you unblock online content, but theyre not very convenient, and you cant always rely on them to help you bypass geo-restrictions, network restrictions, and government-enforced restrictions at the same time.

    How Do You Unblock Websites On School Chrome

    Method 1: Unblock a website from the Restricted sites list Launch Google Chrome, click the three dots button in the upper right corner, then click Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced. Under System, click Open proxy settings. In the Security tab, select Restricted sites then click Sites.

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    Is It Illegal To Access Blocked Sites

    No, its generally not illegal to access blocked sites. In some cases, accessing a restricted website or service from a certain location may go against that sites terms and conditions. This may result in an account being closed or a subscription being canceled. However, even this is very unlikely. VPNs are legal in almost every country worldwide although that doesnt mean VPNs can safely be used for illegal activities such as torrenting copyrighted material.

    How To Get Around Websites That Dont Allow VPN

    Bypass Blocked Sites with 10 Best VPN Proxy Apps for ...

    You can bypass them in the example below. The use of IP blocking is required. Blacklisting the IP addresses of a VPN is one of the simplest ways to block it. Packets that are deep in the intelligence will be checked. A technique called Deep Packet Inspection may be used by some countries to suppress free speech. A port has been blocked. There are programs that use quality-of-service filters.

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    Make A Mobile Data Hotspot

    This one is trivial, but effective when trying to access websites blocked by the workplace or college. Using mobile data or making your mobile device a hotspot is an easy way to bypass VPN blocks. Connections made using mobile data are outside of a restricted network this way allowing to bypass the workplace or schools firewall rules. This trick, however, will not work country-wide since ISPs are regulated by the countrys law, so the websites blocked by the government will still be unreachable.

    Access Your Online Bank Account Even From Abroad

    If you are frequently traveling, you may find that some banks restrict access to your account abroad for security reasons. It is usually automatic and cannot be avoided as it relies on the IP address of where youre connecting from.

    Traveling for a long period of time can make this very frustrating. In order to avoid this situation, connect to a VPN server from your country before accessing your bank account.

    Furthermore, VPN helps secure your connection while doing so. Traveling often means you wont have access to a secure network, thus VPN is a real savior in this case!

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    How Fortinet Can Help Bypass VPN Blockers

    You can use FortiGate to bypass VPN blockers by setting up your own dedicated network using ports allowed by the network you are using to connect. In this way, there is no chance of your IP address showing up on a banned list, the port will be accepted, and the IP address you are using will be a dedicated one. You also get the power to control who can access which applications, which adds another layer of security to your network.

    Additionally, one of the VPN flaws associated with public, free VPNs is they often have their IP addresses already banned. However, with Fortinet Crypto VPNs, you get your own VPN without having to worry about its IP address being blocked.

    Pro Tips: Bypass Admin Restrictions

    How to bypass blocked websites with Windows built-in VPN | Part-3

    As you have noticed, some methods change the system settings. In school computers, such changes may require the admins username and password. It is unlikely you will get access to such logins. The best way to bypass admin restriction is to use portable apps.

    Use portable apps

    These are apps that work even without installing them on a computer. Just copy them on your USB drive and run them on the go. Popular portable apps include Firefox browser, Tor Browser, and even some VPNs. You can even install proxy extensions on the portable Firefox browser.

    Portable operating system

    If the computers in school allow booting from USB drives, you are in luck. This method involves installing an OS on a USB drive and live booting it. This way, you get to alter the system setting in your portable OS without restrictions.

    Example of a portable and privacy friendly OS is Tails.

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    Why Are Popular Websites Blocked

    Many countries, such as China, Iran and Turkey, block access to popular sites by detecting your IP address location. Governments do this for a multitude of reasons, ranging from stopping the flow of information to suppressing uprisings. Regardless of the reason, censorship is a tactic used to control access to important data and information. With VyprVPN, geographic restrictions are no longer an issue. A VPN lets you select your server location, allowing you to access a free Internet devoid of government surveillance and local blocks.

    Getting A Dedicated/static Ip Address

    If the reason behind your VPN block is the plain old IP range blocking, then getting a dedicated IP address might solve the problem. Thats because youll be the only person using it, which means that it will draw less suspicion.

    Many VPN services allow you to buy a static IP , which is well worth the money when you consider its usefulness.

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    Which VPN Is Best For Unblocking Sites

  • CyberGhost provides the best level of protection for unblocked images.
  • Browsec is convenient.
  • TunnelBear best suited to long-distance communication.
  • Unblock the website fast, simple, and reliable for HotSpot Shield.
  • Windscribe : Most flexible server location.
  • As one of the best VPNs on the market, ExpressVPN is the best.
  • Why Do Websites Get Blocked


    Websites get blocked when they detect an IP address from a region that isnt supposed to access the websites content. Your IP address identifies your device on the internet, while also revealing your physical location. Thats what lets websites find your IP and block your device.

    Content providers, schools and companies, and government authorities block websites for a variety of reasons, from commercial considerations to limiting the free flow of information. If you use a VPN its easy to hide your IP address so that it appears youre coming from a different physical location, which lets you access blocked websites.

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    Why Do Blocked Sites Exist

    The possible reasons for the blocks are numerous.

    Firstly, lots of services use geo-blocking tools to restrict access to their content in certain countries. The issue is perhaps most commonly associated with Netflix’s catalog. However, it can also apply to videos on social media , news articles, and even entire services which are not available outside of their country of origin .

    Secondly, governments often block access to sites to suit their agenda. The Twitter block in China is perhaps the most famous example, but we’ve also seen Turkey block access to social media in an attempt to quell protests in 2016 and Sri Lanka stop access to Facebook in the aftermath of the April 2019 terrorist attacks, supposedly to prevent the spread of fake news.

    Thirdly, employers often block sites on their internal networks. Heaven forbid that you waste a few minutes of their time checking Facebook

    Lastly, some countries have odd laws that can restrict access to certain types of material. The UK’s controversial porn ban, which required users to verify their age, and Germany’s crusade against YouTube are two of the most notable cases.

    How To Use Privatevpn In China

    You may have luck using PrivateVPN in China using the default settings. But if youre having issues, you should enable Stealth VPN. This feature is specifically designed to mask your VPN traffic and bypass DPI.

    To enable Stealth VPN, go to Advanced and select the STEALTH VPN tab. Switch the toggle to the on position.

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    Blacklisting VPN Ip Address

    Blacklisting IP address is one of the simplest ways to block a VPN connection. It is not that hard to detect which IP addresses belong to a VPN provider. There are even third-party lists of all IPs that belong to the popular VPNs. Streaming services like Netflix started to detect that a connection comes from the VPN server by measuring the amount of data transferred to/from a specific IP address.

    For example, if multiple people are trying to stream connected to the same VPN server, they generate an immense amount of data. Such a big data usage is an immediate red flag for Netflix-like services and they block such connections immediately.

    What Limitations Do VPNs Have

    How To BYPASS Internet Parental Controls! (EASY) Bypass Blocked Websites WITHOUT VPN!

    A VPN has a lot to offer when it comes to privacy and security. However, its not the end all be all of cybersecurity and privacy. To browse the web safely and anonymously, youll need to observe some extra privacy measures, on top of using a VPN connection. For instance, youll still have to clear your cookies regularly. Moreover, there are also things a VPN simply cant do.

    Say youre logged in to your Google account, you can be connected to a VPN on the other side of the world, Google will still be able to create a profile of you as an internet user. After all, theyll simply correlate your search history with your account information, regardless of whether you change your IP address or not. The same is true for services like Facebook.

    There are more ways in which online entities can determine your identity which a VPN doesnt protect you from. When using Google Maps, for instance, youre often required to turn on GPS. This means Google Maps can see exactly where you are. There are also more advanced ways that are used to identify internet users, such as browser fingerprinting. This method uses your browsers and devices settings to distinguish you from other internet users.

    Moreover, a VPN can slow down your internet. Your data has to be sent through the VPN server, which means it can take slightly longer to end up where it needs to be. However, there are several effective ways to increase internet speeds while connected to a VPN.

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