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Does VPN Help Against Ddos

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How VPNs Provide Protection

What is Denial-of-service (DoS) Attack? | NordVPN

So, now that we have a basic understanding of how DDoS attacks work, lets talk about how a VPN manages to help defend against them.VPNs are pretty commonplace these days, but in case you dont understand how they work, well give a very quick and basic summary.

A VPN service acts, essentially, as a middleman which anonymizes and/or spoofs your traffic.For example, if you are using a VPN and browsing the web:

  • Your traffic first goes to the VPN service
  • They then anonymize it and route it through one of their servers
  • The website receives your traffic, then sends back its own traffic
  • The VPN again routes this through their servers and back to you

A good VPN hides all of your data, including your IP address or location.

That, in basic form, is how a VPN protects you from a DDoS attack if they dont have your IP address, then they cant target you.They could potentially try and hit the VPNs server with a DDoS attack, so thats what well talk about next.

What Happens If You Have A Static Ip Address

If you have a static IP, you can ask your ISP to change it if youre getting DDoS-ed. But we recommend using a VPN to stop DDoS attacks instead. Asking your ISP to change your IP if you get DDoS-ed often isnt convenient. They might refuse to change it after many requests and ask you to contact the police instead.

How Can A Cdn Counteract Ddos Attacks

Before we get into that, lets backtrack a little and talk about what exactly a CDN is and how it works. CDN is short for Content Delivery Network. It is a group of servers distributed around the world. When you use a CDN the content of your website , isnt just stored on the origin server where your website is hosted, but copies are also cached across the group of servers.

The main purpose of this is to offload the bandwidth strain on your origin server to elsewhere typically the server that is closest to the user who is trying to load your website. This is especially helpful if you have a high-traffic site with users around the world. Because your site content is stored on servers close to them , load time will be significantly faster, which means theyre more likely to stick around.

Because of the nature of a CDN and how it redistributes traffic when needed, it makes it a great defense against DDoS attacks.

If your website is the target of a DDoS attack, a CDN will help to ensure it doesnt reach the origin server and render your site completely unavailable. If a server is hit with more traffic than it can handle, it simply sends the traffic to other servers. Your site wont experience any downtime. Users wont notice a thing and neither will you.

Even though the biggest companies and institutions have been hit by DDoS attacks among other cybersecurity breaches, downtime can have a negative effect on your business when it comes to:

  • Revenue

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Sometimes VPN Cant Save You From Ddos

Weve made it pretty clear that a VPN can be a lifesaver when it comes to DoS and DDoS attacks. However, the VPN can only protect you in terms of shielding your IP address, making it invisible to whoever might want to use it in such an attack.

So, if someone figures out your real IP address, you can still be targeted by a DDoS attack, even if youre behind a VPN.

Theres no way a VPN could protect you from a DoS or DDoS attack if the perpetrator gets to know your real IP address. You can find a bunch of DDoS protection software solutions, but these only tend to work for websites.

Does A VPN Stop Ddos Attacks

Ivacy review

DDoS attacks are extremely annoying they force you offline and can happen anytime. Some online articles recommend using a VPN, but how efficient is that? Does a VPN actually stop DDoS attacks?

It doesnt exactly stop them, but it does offer protection against these cyber attacks. Well show you how in this article, and also answer other questions.

To find a good anti-DDoS VPN, we recommend reading our full guide. If youre in a hurry, you can try NordVPN because its our number one pick.

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What Does This Mean For Me

Thats a lot of information all at once. Heres a summary of the key points and what this means in practical terms for you:

  • Commercial VPNs provide great protection against nearly all DDoS attacks
  • Make sure you go with a well-rated and successful VPN provider
  • Dont open any files from untrusted sources
  • Dont connect to untrusted game or file servers
  • Understand that no VPN is bulletproof, but they still provide plenty of protection for normal users

With that in mind, find yourself a great VPN service and enjoy knowing that you are well protected from DDoS attacks!

What Are Ddos Attacks

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. DDoS attacks are a malicious way cybercriminals or average Internet users try to overflow a network with unwanted traffic and requests, preventing it from accepting legitimate traffic. The end goal is to force said network offline.

To run DDoS attacks, hackers employ a network of computers called a botnet. They will normally infect devices with malware which will turn them into bots, and add them to the network. More often than not, people aren’t even aware their computers are part of a botnet.

Because of how DDoS attacks work, it’s hard to trace them – especially since the traffic/request flood is coming from legitimate sources that were infected.

DDoS attacks are normally illegal, and for good reason. Not only can they forcibly disconnect you from the web any time, but they can also cost businesses up to $50,000 per attack.

Besides companies, hackers also target average gamers with DDoS attacks over random disputes. After all, they have no problem targeting tech giants like EA, Steam, and Sony, and DDoS attacks are pretty easy to buy – not to mention cheap at around $10/hour!

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Can You Ddos Through A VPN

Though they may be able to DDoS your DNS traffic for a very short period of time, they will often replace your IP address and server in order to prevent this type of attack. The way DDoSijg operates would be so difficult a service that is already trying to achieve a similar level of effectiveness to go up in altitude as an example.

Obfuscated Servers For Even More Online Privacy

Why Do I Need Arbor Edge Defense On-Premise to Protect My VPN Gateway From DDoS Attacks?

While some services can detect if youre using a VPN, NordVPNs obfuscated servers help you bypass that. You can route your connection through one of them to hide the fact that youre using a VPN, a feature that might come in handy if you game from restrictive countries like China.

NordVPN isnt the most expensive VPN out there, but its far from the cheapest. A two-year subscription gets you a better deal, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If your only intention is to tunnel through nearby servers and get some much-needed protection against DDoS attacks, NordVPN does the job. You can read more about it in our NordVPN review.



  • Expensive on a monthly plan

If you want to protect every device in your home from DDoS attacks, Surfsharks unlimited connections are a great way to do so. The VPN provider gets you features like a kill switch and configurable split tunneling you can program on a per-website basis.

You can also connect from a static IP address, which reduces the chances of your game account being flagged for sharing. If that IP gets compromised, you can get a new one. Performance-wise, Surfshark had respectable results in terms of speed and latency.

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How To Pick A Secure VPN

At this point, youre probably thinking, There are thousands of VPNs out there, which one should I pick?

We recommend going with a VPN that:

  • Has a strict no-log policy. Some VPN companies promise you privacy, but they actually log your data and sell it to advertisers. IPVanish is strictly no-log anything you do with our VPN is completely anonymous.
  • Comes with advanced encryption standards. IPVanish uses AES-256-CBC encryption with a SHA256 hash algorithm. Quite simply, it means you can feel secure about your privacy. IPVanish also comes with several other industry-leading features, including a kill switch, multiple protocol support, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and an OpenVPN scramble solution.
  • Allows you to stream online content securely.
  • Comes with a great bang for your buck. IPVanish at standard price is just $10.99 a month. For the cost of a single latte every month, you can protect yourself from hackers, get access to locally restricted content, and ensure your privacy, all in one!

Nordvpn Overall Best Value VPN Against Hackers

NordVPN allows you to bypass DDoS attacks by connecting to 5400+ secure servers in 60+ countries. I also checked with NordVPN, and it has DDoS protection enabled by default on all its servers.

Better yet, you get to throw hackers off your VPN traffic trail with NordVPNs obfuscated server technology. You could also use NordVPNs Double VPN technology for the same purpose.

No matter which you use, you can rest assured that no one is finding your VPN IP address anytime soon.

Furthermore, NordVPN doesnt disappoint with a kill switch.

In fact, its the only VPN in my top 3 to provide two kill switches for improved security against IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks.

On top of that, NordVPN provides native app support to PCs, mobile units, and some smart TVs. You can also set up the router app for other devices.

However, its important to note that NordVPN was breached in the past.

Though, this breach affected ONLY ONE NordVPN server, not the entire network. Likewise, NordVPN maintains that the hacker didnt have access to any data since it doesnt collect logs anyway.

Since then, the VPN provider tightened security around its servers, as proven in its security audits.

Finally, NordVPN ships with security tools to protect you more against hacks.

The table below gives you an insight into these tools.

Security Tool
Free Notifies you when your credentials get exposed online

So, dont forget to grab these NordVPN discounts to enjoy secure protection against hackers.

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The Most Common Categories Of Ddos Attacks

Heres a quick list of the most popular kinds of DDoS attacks among hackers:

· Volume-based attacks These are the basic DDoS attacks. Their aim is to eat up all the bandwidth between you and the Internet. Some examples of volume-based attacks include UDP floods and ICMP floods.

· Protocol attacks These attacks try to consume server resources to force a network offline. If thats not possible, theyll try to eat up load balancer and firewall resources instead. Here are some types of protocol attacks: Ping of Death, SYN flood, and Smurf DDoS.

· Application-layer attacks These DDoS attacks target the layer where the web server should respond to connection requests and generate web pages. The web server is spammed with so many requests until it cant handle them and crashes. Some types of application-layer attacks include low-and-slow attacks and GET/POST floods.

In case youd like to read more about DDoS attack types, follow this link.

VPNs Prevent Swatting Attacks

Ivacy review

In recent years the number of swatting attacks has risen. These attacks occur when rival gamers or online trolls spoof their location to make a fake call to the police. Many people claim that VPNs protect from swatting attacks, and this is true.

VPNs can in fact prevent swatting attacks. By using a VPN to change and hide your real IP address, you can ensure that your real location and phone number are undiscoverable. This stops opponents from trying to interrupt your gameplay with a swatting attack.

However, if youre a public figure gaming on a platform like Twitch, a VPN may be ineffective when it comes to preventing swatting attacks. If opponents know your name, they can easily find out where you live and send a swatting attack.

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What Is Ddos And How Does It Work

Distributed denial-of-service attacks make the target server, service, or network deny access to anyone trying to use them. Its like a traffic jam, where the main road is congested with cars sent by a hacker, while the legitimate traffic coming from the side road can no longer get in.

DDoS attacks are quite powerful, as they use multiple computers or other devices. A hacker creates a network by infecting devices, turning them into bots, and remotely directing them to a specific IP address all at once. This can cause a service to crash.

DDoS attacks can last over 24 hours and are difficult to trace. Your computer might be a part of a botnet army, secretly responding to malicious commands, and you wont even know its hard to notice, as the only signs could be marginally decreased performance or an overheating device. The traffic bombarding the target is coming from legitimate devices. This makes it even harder to distinguish between genuine and malicious traffic.

DDoS attacks can target a specific component of the network connection or a mixture of them. Every connection made over the internet goes through OSI model layers. Most DDoS attacks happen in the following three layers:

  • Network layer . Attacks that are on this layer include Smurf Attacks, ICMP Floods, and IP/ICMP Fragmentation.
  • Transport layer . These attacks include SYN Floods, UDP Floods, and TCP Connection Exhaustion.
  • Application layer . Mainly, HTTP-encrypted attacks.

VPN Protects You From Being Doxed

Doxing is the act of collecting and publicly sharing someones personal information.

Hackers dox people for a lot of reasons, including:

  • Harassment
  • Vigilante justice
  • Swatting

and the most common tactic for doxing is to somehow get access to the victims unique IP address.

The hacker can then find a lot of valuable information about the person, including their city, ZIP code, and more.

How Does a VPN Help

Using a VPN conceals your unique IP address with a decoy shared among users, making it basically untraceable. Keep in mind, though, that a hacker can still somehow get access to your IP through other methods, such as sending you a virus through email, for example.

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Nordvpns Ddos Protection Servers

NordVPN used to have only a few anti-DDoS servers before they removed them and implemented their DDoS protection on all of the servers.

That means all of their 5,000+ servers that you can use from their network are protected.

So, you dont need to enable anything, nor you have to search for particular servers. By only signing up to NordVPN, installing their software on all of your devices, and connecting to one of their servers, you will be safe from a DDoS attack.

How To Prevent Ddos Attacks

vShield VPN | Best DDOS Protection There is!

While getting a VPN is a great step to prevent DDoS attacks, you should take other precautions to avoid catastrophe. In addition to using a VPN service, we recommend these best practices:

  • Have a singular point of failure elimination. Architect your systems so that there are multiple entry points, making it harder to target your site.
  • Use DDS rules. Make sure your hosting system has built-in DDS functionality, which can monitor traffic and allow access only to users who meet your specific criteria.
  • Limit the number of entries to your data. Allow access to sensitive data to as few people as possible. This limits exposure and therefore risk.
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    What To Do If Youre Ddosed

    If you didnt get your VPN set up in time and got DDoSed, there are some steps you can take:

  • If you manage your website, put it into maintenance mode to prevent loss of website data.
  • Inform your company management team of the issue.
  • Capture as much information as possible, such as the following:
  • Time the event started
  • Update your location by changing your IP address.
  • If things are still out of hand after you complete those steps, take more serious actions, like contacting law enforcement by filling out a ticket with the FBIs Internet Crime Complaint Center5 and contacting those who could have lost data.
  • Why Do You Need A VPN For Ddos Protection In 2022

    The basic principle of a VPN is the redirection of web traffic through a remote server.

    • Get around geographical restrictions and censorship
    • Hide their IP address
    • Protect themselves from phishing and DDoS attacks
    • Block malicious ads and trackers

    Of course, not every VPN service is equipped with the same toolbelt. Some specialize in changing your Netflix region, while others focus on anonymity. DDoS protection is typically relevant to competitive gamers since it prevents your opponent from shutting you down. On the other hand, online businesses also need security to ensure that nobody can take down their service or website.

    When running a VPN in the background, its vital to use a service that wont slow down your web traffic to a halt. You can guarantee adequate performance by picking a fast VPN provider with the latest tunneling protocols. Naturally, it also needs an expansive and well-performing server network to withstand a DDoS attack.

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    Get Rid Of Lag And Ping Times

    A ping time refers to the duration it takes for your data to be sent and received by a games server and your device. This is the leading cause of lag that can ruin your gaming experience, especially in shooters and massive online multiplayer games

    The distance between your device and the game server can cause this. By using a VPN, you can connect to a server that is closer to the game server, reducing ping times and lag.

    Gamers also experience bandwidth throttling. It occurs when you play video games or stream online. Basically, your internet service providers, ISP, slow down bandwidth to ease congestion on a network.

    This happens randomly, but you may experience a slower internet speed while playing online games. But, with a VPN, your internet provider wont be able to see how much data you are using and what for. This will prevent ISP bandwidth throttling.

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