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Does VPN Help With Lag

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Can A VPN Improve Ping 7 Best Gaming VPNs To Avoid Lags

What is the Best VPN to Reduce Gaming Lag and Ping in Fortnite and other Games ð¥

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If you are a gamer who loves online multiplayer gaming matches, you can better understand the importance of low ping already.

In fact, lowering a gaming ping gives a competitive advantage over your competitor. The less ping you get, the better your mouse or keyboard feedback response is seen on your monitor.

Low ping, moreover, eliminates latency, resulting in a much smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

A top ping reducer can be useful for you even though you are not a player, as it allows, among other things, to improve download speeds.

Various variables can reduce pings in games, such as server physical distance, internet quality, etc. Most of these variables can not be quickly modified, so many gamers turn to VPNs to fix their elevated ping issues.

What Is A VPN

A VPN is an online service that encrypts your internet data and routes it via a VPN server. In addition, when you connect to a VPN server abroad, you get a foreign IP address from that country, making it appear that you actually live there. This can allow you to play on foreign game servers.

We cover this aspect of VPNs in more detail in our guide to geo-spoofing.

If you’re new to VPNs, we recommend checking out our What is a VPN? Beginner’s guide to learn more.

How Much Does A VPN Slow You Down

Pinpointing exactly how much a VPN slows down Internet connection speeds is pretty difficult. The best we can do is approximate based on a simple VPN speed test.

For that, well be using Ooklas platform, CactusVPN VPN servers, a Macbook Pro using a 100 Mbps connection from an ISP in Bucharest, Romania.

Quick note about Ooklas before we begin you can actually choose which server you want to use for testing VPN speed. Therefore, the results you get can actually vary depending on the server you choose . For starters, well pick a server from Bucharest .

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Dont Worry About Ip Bans

Many game manufacturers use IP bans as a way to keep users out of a game, if they violate the terms of service and other rules.

There have even been some cases where users get IP banned for no reason. Some bans are temporary a weeks time-out for bad behavior, while others are permanent.

Of course, its not a good idea to violate any terms of service or other rules. But if you do find youve been IP banned for some reason, connecting via a VPN gives you a new IP address so you can bypass the ban.

Note that many games actually ban VPN use. But a good quality VPN has enough servers, that if you do find youre banned for VPN use, try connecting to a different server.

What Is Apex Legends

How to Fix Google Stadia Lag

Apex Legends is among the most popular battle royale games. It focuses on team play and various unique characters with special abilities.

Starting from 2019, it has followed the Fortnite winning formula with great success. At the moment of writing this article, Apex Legends has a total of 100 million players.

100 million strong, and were just getting started. Thank you, Legends!

Apex Legends

The popularity is expected to rise further this year. A mobile version has already gone beta, and Respawn Entertainment is hoping for the success that Call of Duty and similar game ports had.

Apex Legends has been praised by critics and players around the world and named a worthy competition for Fortnite. It has also won numerous awards, including Best Multiplayer, Best Shooter, and Best Game You Suck At.

The game is available on Windows, Play Station 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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Does A VPN Slow Down Internet Speed

Yes and no it all depends on your circumstances. You could either run a VPN and notice no drop in online speeds, or you might connect to a VPN only to quickly see how your connection speeds are taking a hit.

Generally, its best to expect there to be variations in Internet speeds when using a VPN. However, you shouldnt expect your speed to tank instantly. Normally, its likely going to be a drop in online speeds you might not even notice that easily.

Recommendations For Gaming With High Ping

A great way to improve CoD Ping is switching the region where you connect to game servers. For example, if theres a European player who has 200+ ms ping playing against North American players then he should try connecting to NA East or West coast servers as they have much lower pings than regions such as Europe or Australia.

Another thing that players should be aware of is the fact that all CoD games have a ping limit. So they shouldnt try to play on servers with high pings because it will result in an automatic disconnection from the match and a penalty given for quitting matches early.

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Can You Improve Your Ping Time Using A VPN

You cannot improve your ping time by using a VPN. This is because the VPN server will always be an extra stop on your data requests route. With a VPN your internet traffic is sent around your VPN servers router before any request is made. So its a longer route and it will always be at least a bit slower.

This is because you add that extra stop on the trip between you and the server that holds the information you ask for :

So, its virtually impossible to get a better ping time when you are using a VPN.

The Most Dangerous Game

Best VPN to Reduce Gaming Lag and Ping in Fortnite & ALL Games – 2021 Review

VPNs are powerful privacy and security tools, which can protect your online activities from spies, advertisers, and everyone else, without breaking the bank or strangling your internet connection. There are drawbacks, however, and the particular requirements of video games mean that a slow, inflexible VPN simply won’t do.

That said, a VPN only makes a difference if you actually use it, and use it regularly. That’s why it’s important to try out several different vendors until you settle on one that fits your life best.

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Why Is Fortnite Laggy On My Xbox Or Ps4 Games Console

Fortnite is very popular amongst console gamers, but just because youre playing on a PlayStation or Xbox, doesnt mean youre free from lag. Here are some common causes of Fortnite console lag, and potential solutions.

  • Weak internet connection – switch your router on and off to see if this helps
  • Playing an old version of Fortnite – check you have updated to the latest version
  • Problems with server or ISP – use a VPN to switch servers or hide your online activity

Its worth mentioning that you cant download a VPN directly to a games console. However, what you can do is connect a VPN to your router, and then you will be able to use it on all connected devices.

Gaming With A VPN Wont Block A Swatting Attack

When VPN providers tell you that gaming on a VPN will prevent swatting, the explanation is as follows: swatters use your IP address to figure out where you live, and a VPN will prevent anyone from finding your IP address.

The problem is that your IP address doesnt reveal your street address only your general location. Many swatting attacks happen when the swatter uses spoofing software to mimic the victims phone number, then places an emergency call that appears to be coming from the victims home. A VPN cant do anything against that type of attack.

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What You Need In A VPN For Gaming

High ping rates cause latency in gaming. For example, if you live far away from the game server youre trying to connect to, therell be a delay in your connection that increases ping.

Its this delay that causes the annoying lag that can mess up your co-op or PvP matches.

Using a VPN is a way to get around this. VPNs work by redirecting your traffic via one of their own private servers through an encrypted connection.

The VPN server acts as a middleman, masking your IP address and geo-spoofing your location. If you connect to a VPN server thats closer to the game server than you are, you should be able to reduce your ping and fix gaming lag for good.

Geo-spoofing has lots of other benefits, too. When youre connected to a VPN in a certain country, you can get access to regional content thats only available in that country.

That means you can get your hands on geoblocked loot or even get early access to whole games before theyre released where you live.

For geo-spoofing to work properly, youll need to choose a VPN with a substantial worldwide network. Look for VPN locations in the countries that have game servers you want to connect to. The bigger the VPN network, the more likely youll get results.

Theres no point in choosing a VPN that will reduce your speeds, either. You need a VPN that will reduce ping while having as little impact on your connection as possible.

That means choosing a VPN with lightning-fast speeds.

How To Use A VPN To Unblock Location

ExitLag VPN Review

Heres how you can enjoy location-restricted games online easily using a virtual private network:

  • Select and subscribe to your preferred VPN service. Our number one recommendation is NordVPN.
  • Install VPN client on your device.
  • Input your password or activation code to log into the app.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the country where your favorite game is available.
  • Finally, go ahead and download or play your game without any limitations or throttling.
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    Best VPNs For Reducing Lag

    If its speed youre looking for, look no further than ExpressVPN. This service tops out our list of the fastest VPNs. Its no wonder with a network of 3,000 servers across 90 countries.

    ExpressVPNs security is just as serious as its speeds. AES 256-bit encryption joins a kill switch and both DNS and IPv6 leak protection to safeguard your privacy. The handy split-tunneling feature also means you can choose how you secure your connection while gaming.

    You can fix gaming lag on 5 devices simultaneously with ExpressVPN and it has apps for all major devices and routers.

    This speedy VPN can be more pricey than its peers but its the service to choose if youre a regular or dedicated gamer. Not convinced? Read reviews from real ExpressVPN customers or test those speeds out for yourself and if youre not satisfied, you have up to 30 days to claim a refund.

    ExpressVPN can also unblock:

    • Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, Sling TV, DAZN, and BBC iPlayer.

    Supports torrenting:

    • Yes, all servers support P2P activity.

    ExpressVPN works on these devices:

    • Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox. It also offers an app for use with certain routers.

    CyberGhost is a useful VPN for gamers as it offers a server-selection tool that will show you ping values and speeds so you can connect to the best server for gaming. And with 7,500+ servers in 7 countries, youll have plenty to choose from.

    Supports torrenting:

    Will Using A VPN For Gaming Evade Ip Bans

    In addition to account bans, IP address bans allow gaming publishers to eject troublesome players from their games. If youve been banned for using mods, cheating, or otherwise violating the terms of service, a VPN might help you get around an IP ban.

    IP bans can be temporary 24 hours, a week or permanent. If youve committed a bannable offense, the decision to ban you was probably the right one. But sometimes, IP bans can happen for no apparent reason.

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    What Is Ping And Why Reducing Ping Is Important For Games

    Ping is a method of measuring latency or the time it takes to send as well as receive a packet of data between two network devices, such as computers on a network. Ping is the amount of time it takes for one computer to communicate some given information with another computer and receive a desired response on the same network. The lower the ping or latency between the two computers, the more effectively they can communicate.

    Reducing Ping Online

    As ping times increases, the intervals between sending as well as receiving messages will continue to increase until the delays are so long that the communication between the computers stops making sense. Reduce ping times are significant in situations where the timely delivery of information is more critical compared to the quantity of information that can be delivered, such as an online gaming session.

    For example, in an online game where two players are competing against each other the game data, such as player models, maps, and textures, all stored in the gamers computer. For the players to be able to play against each other, the only info that has gaming server transfers to and fro between the players is simple things, such as location, bullet trajectory, and updates that are being made to objects on the map.

    Then gamers react to each other actions, for an example shoot into each other simultaneously, the player with better ping will score a win. To reduce ping in online games becomes critical.

    How Much Can I Save

    What is the Best VPN to Reduce Gaming Lag? ð¤

    In the table above, you can see that it’s possible to save as much as $57 on some games with a VPN! A VPN is an excellent way to save hundreds of dollars all year round particularly if you buy a lot of games.

    You can compare game prices for various PS4 and PS5 game stores around the globe by clicking here! To compare Xbox stores from around the world check this website.

    Buying games at cheaper rates is easy and convenient with a VPN! All you need to do is connect to a VPN server in a foreign country. If a valid local payment method is required, you can get one by following our guide for virtual card services.

    CyberGhost VPN

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    How Do I Use A Best Free Gaming VPNs For Online Gaming

    The great thing about being a gamer is that you can be in the game anytime you want. Game developers have made it available across all operating systems, hence engaging gamers round the clock. Though a variety of services have VPN game support available, configuration steps may slightly differ. Now all the best free gaming VPNs come with native apps, making it more convenient for gamers to install and use the VPN game and improve their gaming experience. Below we will discuss basic steps to download and install a best free VPN for gaming on your personal computer or mobile devices.

    Setting Up Your Selected VPN Game on Windows PC

    Windows machines are made to cope up with the needs of gamers. Majority of the top-notch games are either available on consoles, or on Windows. Unfortunately, Mac users are left with no support for games. A best VPN gaming service has dedicated apps for the different Windows version here we will show simple steps to set up your VPN game on Windows PC.

  • The first step is to ensure that no gaming is running on your PC or any other software like Steam,, Origin, etc.
  • From our recommended best VPN gaming list, choose one of the services and download it on your PC.
  • Depending on your location and type of game you are playing, choose a best free gaming VPNs server close to your original location.
  • Best free gaming VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN allows you to choose fastest VPN protocol from the app. Select one and connect.
  • Which Is The Best VPN Protocol For Gaming

    Just like every true gamer knows how to overclock their rig to get more juice out of the lemon for better performance, same is the deal with a VPN game too. Most of the time, the default settings of your best VPN gaming might not just work for you and you have to make some tweaks for that high ping fix. Every best free gaming VPNs service operates on certain internet protocols that define the digital routes, ports, and encryption through which your online traffic will go through. Some major internet protocols are PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, SSH, OpenVPN, SSTP, IKEV2, etc. But well discuss PPTP protocol and SOCKS5 proxy for now as most of the gamers prefer playing with these two by their side to improve internet connection for online gaming and fix ping spikes. You can also check our best free gaming VPNs protocol comparison guide and see how these protocols work apart from the best VPN gaming need.

    Is PPTP VPN Game Protocol The Answer For A Lag Free Online Gaming?

    For those online gamers who dont know much about VPN game protocols, heres a fact that PPTP is the least secure VPN game protocol out there as compared to L2TP, OpenVPN or SSTP because of the minimum encryption it implements on data packets being sent and received. So, heres a tip if your internet connection is slow and other VPN game protocols are just adding more lag to your online gaming then you might consider going for PPTP protocol as its much faster for gaming as compared to other protocols.

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