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Does VPN Make Internet Faster

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Best VPN For Faster Internet

Does VPN increase your internet speed

If youre looking for a VPN service to prevent bandwidth throttling or for one which will give you the best shot at improving your internets performance, right off the bat avoid free providers.

One of the big differences between paid and free is performance. Free VPN servers are notorious for being overloaded, and an overloaded server always results in slower speeds. Theres just no way around it.

Just based on that fact alone, premium providers are the way to go. Yes, they cost money, but its probably less than you may be thinking. You can easily get a subscription to some of the top VPNs for as little as a few dollars per month. That subscription gets you access to hundreds of VPN servers worldwide. All those server use top of the line hardware and all implementing proper user load balancing.

As part of running this site, I regularly measure the performance of dozens of VPNs. While I invite you to take a look at my full list of the fastest providers, below are the top three. These are by far your best bet to stop bandwidth throttling and increase the download and upload speeds of your internet connection.


How To Choose The Fastest VPN

A lot of VPNs claim to be the fastest around, but as you can imagine, in many cases thats an idle boast. In this article, we are going to pinpoint the providers that weve found really deliver on the performance front, going by our reviews and testing.

Of course, speed isnt the be-all-and-end-all, and we always expect solid security and privacy from any VPN. As mentioned, broad server coverage is important here in terms of getting a fast and stable connection. And user-friendly native clients never hurt.

Bear in mind that the VPN wont be the only thing affecting the performance of your internet connection, and this can vary depending on your ISP, the time of day , and also the status of the service or website youre using.

Quick Guide How To Speed Test Your VPN

  • Choose a VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN because it consistently ranked number one during my tests.
  • Navigate to a speed testing service, like Speedtest or TestMySpeed, and click Go.
  • Activate your VPN, connect to a server, wait a few minutes for the connection to stabilize, and run another speed test. Compare your results to see how fast your VPN connection is.
  • Tip:

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    Switch Between Tcp/udp With Openvpn

    If youre working with OpenVPN , you can switch between transmission protocols to increase VPN speed. OpenVPN functions with either TCP or UDP . UDP is faster but less reliable when it comes to actually delivering packages, so its usually used for live video streaming. Try switching to that from TCP to speed up your VPN connection.

    Use A Wired Connection

    Is your VPN Slow? Heres How to Make it Faster

    Your speed may be limited by your Wi-Fi connection. Wireless connections rely on a shared channel to transmit data between multiple devices which may result in increased latency and slower speeds. Wired connections normally support much higher speeds and are always preferable if you have access to one.

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    Will A VPN Stop Buffering

    If the root of the problem is bandwidth throttling or inefficient ISP routing, a good VPN can help you banish that annoying spinning circle. When youre trying to pick a fast VPN, heres what to keep in mind:

    • Speed. This seems like it should go without saying, but there are a few things to factor in. What encryption protocols does a VPN use? Read the reviews: are the apps customers happy with its performance? For example, NordVPNs new NordLynx protocol is a key reason why were now the fastest VPN on the planet, and our reviews reflect that.
    • Server network. The number and location of available servers can have a huge impact on your connection speeds. The more servers the VPN has, the less likely they are to be overcrowded and slow. Location is also important the closer you are physically to a VPN server, the less distance data has to travel from your device. And of course, a larger server network raises the likelihood of you being near the server youre connecting to.

    Why Is My Internet Faster With A VPN

    If you experience faster internet speeds after using a VPN, in general, it was the ISP that was either throttling your internet speed or wasnt sending your traffic along the most efficient route.

    There are many factors that affect internet speed and each one can slow down your internet connection by a considerable amount. If you still have a slower internet speed even after you connected to a VPN, try going through our list above, one by one, to determine what the culprit is.

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    Use A Streamlined Browser

    If youre anything like us, you routinely keep dozens of tabs and windows open on your browser. But all that open media can slow down your connection, which is why we recommended having a backup browser like Opera.

    Opera streamlines all the data on web pages to give you a faster browsing experience. We wouldnt recommend using Opera on a daily basis, but if you really need to look something up and your Wi-Fi connection is particularly terrible, you can switch to Opera without disturbing your tab ecosystem.

    What Country Are You Connected To

    5 Ways to Make Your VPN Faster | NordVPN

    In a digital world, its easy to forget that your online traffic has to physically travel to its destination for you to communicate with anyone and it doesnt do so instantly. Lets imagine a user sitting in the US who connects to NordVPNs server in Australia and then visits a website physically located in the US. Their data will have to travel all the way down under and back again, giving them a considerable speed drop compared to their usual connection.

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    Boost Your VPN Speed Today

    Its important to have a fast connection for basically everything you do online outside of reading Wikipedia. So follow the guide, and youll be enjoying all the security and accessibility that a VPN brings with the least possible impact to your speed .

    or use the 30-day money-back guarantee if its slow!

    Speedtestnet Results With Different VPN Server Locations

    Now, well be taking a look at how much a VPN slows down Internet connections depending on geographical distances. Well switch to our London and Montreal VPN servers .

    IKEv2 | London VPN Server

    Switching to the London VPN server location causes a pretty noticeable effect. Even though were using the IKEv2 protocol which is normally fast, we still experienced an around 40% drop in connection speeds because of the distance.

    IKEv2 | Montreal VPN Server

    Switching to a VPN server thats on another continent decreased our speeds even more by around 60%, to be exact.

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    Short On Time Here Are The Fastest VPNs

  • ExpressVPN had just a 3% speed drop. Its the fastest VPN and the best for streaming and torrenting.
  • CyberGhost had a 23% speed drop. Offers streaming-optimized servers and a large server network.
  • Private Internet Access had a 22% speed drop. Features a built-in ad and malware blocker.
  • PrivateVPN had a 23% speed drop. User-friendly VPN with a solid server network.
  • Hotspot Shield had a 32% speed drop. With Catapult Hydra protocol for faster internet connections.
  • How To Get Faster VPN Speeds Simple Hacks

    My VPN Is Slow, How Can I Make My VPN Faster? Does VPN ...

    Using a VPN will slow down your internet connection, but if you follow these tips, you can minimize the impact.

  • Use an ethernet cable. Youll see the fastest base speeds when you hardwire your computer to the internet. A faster base speed will result in a faster VPN connection speed. Use WiFi only when necessary.
  • Connect to a nearby server. In most cases, the further your data has to travel, the more your connection speeds will slow. Use the closest available server based on what youre trying to do. If you just want to protect your identity and personal info, connecting to a server in your city or state is sufficient.
  • Use the right VPN protocol. A VPNs protocols determine the level at which it encrypts your data. Some protocols are super secure, but the tradeoff is that your encrypted data takes longer to travel back and forth. Other protocols reduce security, which improves speed. Determine which VPN protocol to use based on what youre doing online and how much protection you need.
  • Try different ports. Some anti-VPN technology works by blocking or restricting particular ports that VPNs are known to use. You can sometimes get around these limitations by trying a different port
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    What Is Isp Bandwidth Throttling

    Internet service providers, or ISPs, have been using internet bandwidth throttling for quite some time now. And, you might not even be aware of it.

    ISPs usually slow down your internet speed based on data usage, specific apps or websites, as well as torrenting.

    If youre a heavy user of Netflix or Amazon Prime, for example, or you like to download movies and TV shows, your ISP might be slowing you down.

    Streaming or downloading 4K content uses up a lot of bandwidth and can strain the network if many people are doing it simultaneously, i.e., in the evening.

    Resorting to bandwidth throttling isnt fair by a longshot as you have already paid for the internet access fair and square. Its not your problem that the ISP doesnt want to invest some of that money into upgrading their systems.

    When A VPN Can Improve Internet Speeds

    There are some situations when using a VPN may improve internet speeds. For example, if your connection is slow due to delays in the typical data path. By having to go to a server first, a VPN connection might solve the problem by avoiding the parts of the path that are causing the slowness.

    You may also experience a speed boost if your traffic is destined for a network that has a better connection with the VPN providers network than your ISP does. Both those conditions arent all that common, however.

    One of the most common causes of internet slowness is bandwidth throttling, and it is something that a VPN can help stop. ISPs often resort to controlling traffic in this way, often without as much as a notification that its happening. It can be one of the most frustrating causes of a slow internet connection. Not only is it difficult to detect, but its also a slowdown which is being inflicted purposefully.

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    Does Using A VPN Slow Down Internet Connection Speeds

    Can you get the security of a VPN while still enjoying a high-speed internet connection?

    ByLuke EdwardsLast updated 2021-04-09T16:21:51.684Z

    The speed of your internet connection is probably more important to you than you realise – most of us are actually quite spoilt with just how fast it can be these days. So you may want to keep that in mind when looking through the best VPNs, as the handy bit of software can negatively affect your data speeds.

    VPNs works to make you secure and anonymous online. It does this by encrypting your data and sending it through servers in different locations, thereby making you appear elsewhere. It also gives you a new IP address so your identity is hidden throughout.

    Since that means moving your data through more servers than usual, and encrypting and decrypting data, it’s logical that the process can impact your speed. But don’t worry…it can affect it in a good way.

    How To Fix VPN Speed Problems

    How to Increase VPN Connection Speeds (5 Simple Tips)

    Assuming that youve determined that its the VPN thats slowing things down, there are three options you can choose from to fix the problem. Depending on which VPN youre using, the way that you perform these actions will be a bit differentdifferent VPNs have their own software tools and options. Well try to explain these tips in a general way so that you can take advantage of them on any VPN.

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    Internet Access Over A VPN

    A VPN service provides an encrypted and secure connection between you and the VPN service provider. From there, your internet traffic reaches its destination in the same way that it would have, had it come directly from the your device.

    Its a useful tool for anyone who wishes to prevent others from seeing the contents of their web traffic. Its also a favorite of those that prefer to remain anonymous online.

    The nature of a VPN connection means that web traffic no longer takes the most direct path possible. It first has to flow through the servers of the VPN service provider. The encryption of the traffic and the change in the data path can sometimes speed up a slow internet connection. However, it all depends on the reasons it was slow in the first place.

    Try A Different Protocol

    A VPN connection is an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server. It keeps prying eyes from seeing the content of your traffic. To create this secure tunnel, VPN providers use different combinations of protocol and encryption standards.

    Not every combination is created equally, however. Some prioritize security and sacrifice performance, while others do the opposite.

    Generally speaking, most commercial VPNs use the OpenVPN protocol. Its open-source and provides a good balance of speed and security. But, in some cases, you may be able to find a different option that works better.

    One popular alternative is known as L2TP/IPSec. Given the right set of conditions, using it has a good chance of improving connection performance. Another protocol worth considering is PPTP. But, while PPTP is quite fast indeed, it is also the most insecure.

    Then there is the up-and-coming WireGuard protocol. Initially developed for Linux, it aims to be as secure and significantly faster than both OpenVPN and IPSec and does it ever deliver.

    Though WireGuard is not yet widely adopted, NordVPN and a select few other VPN providers have started to use it.

    To give you an idea of how much faster it can be, here are two recent UK server NordVPN speed test runs, the first using OpenVPN and the second NordLynx.

    OpenVPN NordLynx

    WireGuard nearly doubled both the download and upload performance. I saw similar results with just about every other country I tested too.

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    Switch To A Faster VPN Provider

    If your speed issues are still plaguing you after trying the above two fixes, it might be time to consider moving on. Perhaps your current VPN provider just isnt offering the fastest speed around. They might not be utilizing sufficient server load-balancing techniques, or maybe their infrastructure and network connections just arent up to par.

    With so many commercial VPNs vying for your subscription fees, its truly a buyers market. Shop around and look for a VPN that meets your security, speed, and financial requirements but above all, be sure that youre choosing a trustworthy VPN provider like Avast and the Avast SecureLine VPN.

    VPNs conceal your online activity from all parties except one: your VPN provider. Look for a provider that wont keep logs of what youve done while connected to their servers, and conduct thorough research to see what other peoples experiences have been like. Avast is log-free and offers a wide variety of speedy servers all over the world.

    Get it forMac,PC,Android

    Why Is My VPN Connection So Slow

    How to Increase Your Internet Speed with VPN

    A VPN is an encrypted tunnel through the internet that reaches from your device to a VPN server. From there, your traffic is passed on to the website or service that youre using. VPNs keep you safe online by preventing outside observers such as your internet provider, your employer, or a nosy hacker from snooping on your internet activity. They also hide your IP address when you use the internet.

    See allPrivacy articles

    This article contains:

    Since your data has to travel through the VPN server, its normal to experience slight hiccups in speed from time to time. But if everything’s connected and working properly, there shouldnt be much of a difference.

    A slow VPN may be a sign that you havent configured your settings for optimal performance, or it could mean that more significant changes are in order.

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    Which Is The Best VPN For Speed

    From our extensive testing we’ve found that the best VPNs is ExpressVPN, often with great connection speeds across its many server and protocol options.

    ExpressVPN not only has lots of international servers, high-speed connections and strong security but also offers superb 24/7 live chat customer support which is great for finding the fastest setup for what you’re doing.

    You can access instant 24/7 live chat with informed staff who are knowledgeable and eager to help you do what you need to get done. Fast customer service is just another layer that helps you keep speeds at their peak.

    Can A VPN Speed Up My Connection

    In some instances a VPN can actually have you running faster online than a connection without the service. This is thanks your internet service provider restrictions.

    At certain times of day you may find that your ISP throttles connections. This can be because of the number of people online going up at that time of day. As a result you may notice a drop in speed that could be as pronounced as your Netflix stream being lower quality, for example.

    Using a VPN, your internet traffic will be routed through a virtual private network which means you bypass the speed limitations that your ISP has in place. In those instances you could actually end up getting a faster connection and enjoying that Netflix stream in all its full high-quality glory.

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