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Does VPN Reduce Ping In Games

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Run An Internet Speed Test

Do VPNs lower ping in games? | Top 3 truly BEST VPNs for gaming

Now that your devices are up to snuff, its time to do an internet speed test to determine whether its really your internet connection that is affecting your .

You can conduct an internet speed test by inputting internet speed test into Google. Click the run speed test button for a gauge on what your current download speed is. If your speed score is low below 100 Mbps this could be an indication that the internet may be the problem.

Keep in mind that internet speeds vary depending on the number of users that are on your network at the same time. For this reason, consider doing a few internet speed tests throughout the day to determine if your bandwidth is overwhelmed. You might also want to plug your computer directly into an ethernet cable to see how the numbers change.

Play Online From Any Region

Many online games have servers in multiple regions and often use geoblocking technology to ensure you connect to the server in your region.

This often happens if a game isnt yet released worldwide, when the games are grouped by language, or when games are so popular they need servers in multiple regions to handle all the connections.

If youre in the US, you connect to a server in the US. If youre in the UK, you connect to a server in the UK or Europe. But this may cause problems if you live in one region and want to group up with gaming friends in another region.

Premium VPNs have servers in multiple regions. So connecting to a server outside of your normal area is easy. Pick an appropriate company and connect via your VPN to a server there.

Because a VPN hides your real IP address and assigns you one from the server you connect to, you have no problems gaming in any region.

Choose The Right Location

Information can only travel so fast. No matter how fast your connection is, or how much bandwidth your servers have to spare, your speed limit is the speed of light. Signals move a bit slower over copper wires. Even at the maximum possible speed, it takes at least 29 ms to get a signal from San Francisco to London. Its about 40 ms through a fiber optic wire. Its even slower on conventional phone lines. This isnt much, but the effect compounds as you send a signal from one server to another and then back through the network again.

The only way to get around this is to shorten the distance your signal travels. You can do this by installing a router next to your gaming machine at home. You can also choose a VPN server geographically close to your location. Most VPNs have multiple servers around the world to help with location masking. If you want access to services blocked in your own country, it makes sense to connect via a server overseas. If, however, youre trying to reduce gaming lag, you might have to connect with whichever VPN server is close by.

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What Causes Online Gaming Delays Or Lags

If your ping increases, the time taken to receive and send messages will also continue to rise eventually causing annoying delays. It renders the communication between any two devices somewhat irrelevant. Therefore, high pings while gaming is only a disadvantage to the player.

Pings usually send an echo through the Internet Control Message Protocol and then measures how long the other party takes to reply.

These measurements are what we are calling Latency, and they are presented in milliseconds. Here, the device that sends the ping will receive a timeout error message in case there is something thats preventing the message from reaching its destination.

Interestingly, other factors, other than just pings, can also affect the latency levels. Some good examples include the software, hardware firewalls, and your geographical location.

For instance, lets say you are an Indian gamer playing on a server from South America. In such a case, the vast geographical distance will automatically cause a lag in the transmission of data between the server and player.

09 Purevpn Gaming VPN

VPN to artificially lower ping while gaming : VPN

Looking for the perfect VPN to improve your online matchmaking experience and get right into the competitive realm? PureVPN is the only VPN for Gamers by Gamers for as low as $0.99 for 7 Days Trial. Connect to any location of your choice and enjoy blazing-fast matchmaking queue times. This helps save time and connects you instantly to games such as Dota 2, PUBG, Fortnite, CSGO, and others.

If youre living outside the US, you might face numerous restrictions. With a gaming VPN, you get instant access to regional limited games and content. Getting DDoS while gaming can be full of rage. PureVPNs DDoS Add-on protects you from most complex DDoS attacks since your real IP is masked so you never have to worry about getting flooded when gaming.

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How To Use A VPN To Reduce Ping

With all of the above in mind, the pros of using a gaming VPN to lower ping heavily outweigh the cons. However, to make sure you take advantage of all of these benefits, you need to know how to properly use a VPN to reduce ping. In this regard, these pointers will help you make sure you set up your gaming VPN the proper way:

  • Pick a Low Latency VPN The first and most important thing is to make sure you pick a low-ping VPN service. It should have a solid network of fast servers, so you never have to worry about connection clogs and speed dropdowns. The five best VPNs on this page meet all of these criteria and are very adept at lowering your gaming ping.
  • Choose a Suitable Server Location The best way to ensure a fast connection is to connect to a nearby VPN server. This will shorten the connection signal travel time, as network data wont have to travel far. If your primary goal is to reduce lag and ping, you should always connect to a server thats geographically close to you.
  • Optimize Your VPN The five VPNs weve featured on this page are all very customizable. They allow you to optimize your settings to favor certain performance characteristics. For example, if you want better speed, you can tailor settings and switch for a lighter and faster VPN protocol.

Adjust Your Frame Rate

Nowadays, gaming visuals are downright impressive. But the better the visuals consider HD quality versus standard the more energy it takes for your device to compute them. If youre experiencing high ping, you may need to optimize your games settings, beginning with your frame rate. Worth noting is the higher your frame rate, the better quality your games animation will be. In your games settings panel, try lowering the frame rate on your game and see if it improves your gameplay.

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How To Reduce Your Ping

Move to the most important part of this article today, How to improve your ping? How to get better ping in Fortnite? You are crazy about the battle royale genre with famous names such as PUBG, Fortnite.

However, during the playing time, situations of lag game, high latency often happen. That is so boring and makes you feel mad. Lets get changed with some ping lag fix tips below.

How to have a better ping?

A VPN For Gaming Can Get You Around Content Restrictions

Best VPN to Reduce Gaming Lag and Ping in Fortnite & ALL Games – 2021 Review

Setting up a VPN lets you choose which server to play on no matter where you are by giving you a new IP address in the same region as your preferred server. If youre worried about accessing a certain game, gaming on a VPN wont be particularly useful, since most games can be played from anywhere in the world.

Most multiplayer games can be played in the US, Europe, and most parts of Asia. But sometimes, gaming publishers based in one country might not be allowed to operate in others. And some governments may block certain games within their borders. In these rare cases, knowing the best countries to connect to via VPN can help.

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Will Using A VPN For Gaming Evade Ip Bans

In addition to account bans, IP address bans allow gaming publishers to eject troublesome players from their games. If youve been banned for using mods, cheating, or otherwise violating the terms of service, a VPN might help you get around an IP ban.

IP bans can be temporary 24 hours, a week or permanent. If youve committed a bannable offense, the decision to ban you was probably the right one. But sometimes, IP bans can happen for no apparent reason.

Select A Gamer Server Closest To You

Another thing to consider is how close a game server is to your device, physically. The farther apart you are, the longer it takes for the two to communicate, so the higher your ping will be. Just think of how fast you can communicate with someone sitting beside you versus someone in another country. Good news is some games allow you to choose which game servers your device communicates with. If this is the case for your game, always pick the gamer server closest to your physical location.

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How To Reduce Ping For Gamers

  • Improve Network Connection Speed to get lower ping
  • Reduce Physical distance to reduce ping timing
  • Contact Internet Service Provider to ask how to reduce ping

The connection speeds that your internet service provider advertises refers to the amount of data that travels between your computer and your ISP within the specified time duration. Your connection speed depends on whether you connect to your internet service provider via a wireless link or a cable. The cable link is better.

The actual ping rate can differ from the maximum speed. ISP can throttle your connection speed and ping since ISP is susceptible to interference that can tamper with your signals. Contact your ISP and ask how to reduce ping online.

Increased network reliability may increase latency time. The likelihood that a message could be lost while being transferred over the network led to the introduction of the TCP protocol. The TCP protocol mainly handles data loss by re-sending. The main demerit is that the actual arrival time of a message can increase, thus affecting low ping.

Remove The Bandwidth Hogs

Does ExpressVPN reduce ping to improve your online gaming?

Before you start playing match, to ensure fast stable internet speed, you need to make sure to stop all any services consuming huge bandwidth. Those services can be streaming 4k movies, downloading exceptionally large files, or uploading a video lasting for many minutes.

You can find more things that are eating up a lot of your bandwidth and slow down your connection at the article Top things eating up a lot of internet bandwidth.

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Check The Game Servers Ping

It can sometimes be the case that its not you or your internet connections fault for a high ping it might be the server of the game youre playing that has a low ping. If you know the game servers IP address, you can check this or you can visit sites such as Game Server Ping that list popular video games. If the game servers ping is high, that could be a clear indication of why your ping is also high while gaming.

Can A Gaming VPN Unblock Geo

By letting you change your IP address to one in another country, a VPN can let you access content thats not available where you are. Many people use a VPN to get around geoblocks when something is available only to IP addresses in certain parts of the world.

Due to licensing agreements, streaming platforms often have location-based content restrictions on the movies and TV shows you can access online. Similarly, many multiplayer games group players into region-based servers. If your preferred server is in Europe, and youre abroad in the US, you might not be able to connect.

A screenshot from the game Dying Light

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But What About My Sick Frags

The biggest concern people usually have with VPNs is that they can negatively impact their internet speeds. It makes sense, because routing web traffic through a VPN server adds extra physical distance and machines between computers and content out on the webeven for playing a video game.

When we test VPNs, we try to get a sense of that impact by looking at the difference between when the VPN is active and when it is not. We perform a series of speed tests using the Ookla speed test tool and then calculate the percent change. You can get all the nitty-gritty details in our article on how we test VPNs.

You can read more about our VPN speed testing in our fastest VPN feature. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has greatly limited our access to the PCMag Labs. We’ve adapted by moving to a rolling testing model, which we will update with more products throughout 2021. The best results for each category are in red and italicized. You can see the latest results in the chart below.

Data calculated on 3/30/2021

Keep in mind that this is a snapshot of performance for a particular place and time, and not the final word in network performance. You will certainly see different results depending on where you live, when you connect, what your network looks like, and which VPN server you use. Our results are primarily for comparison.

Restart Your Modem Or Router

What is the Best VPN to Reduce Gaming Lag and Ping in Fortnite and other Games

How to get lower latency? First of all, restart your devices.

After using it for a long time, your modem or routers cache will get full and the devices get bogged down.

Turn off the modem/ router and wait for some seconds to a minute then turn on. Resetting the router/ modem will clear out the cache and your device might operate better and get a lower ping.

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How Does It Affect Your Internet Connection

There are multiple causes for slow Internet connection, such as thick walls placed between you and the Wi-Fi router, too many clients connected to the modem, outdated hardware that cannot handle high-speed Internet, network bandwidth throttled by your ISP, or other factors that cannot be easily fixed at the software level.

If you have a generally slow Internet connection, then the round-trip-time reported by the ping tool is higher than usual. Subsequently, it can affect your online download and upload speed. On high-speed connections, ping returns a low round-trip-time . But you will soon find out how to lower ping with VPN.

To summarize:

  • Low ping = good Internet speed
  • High ping = hampered Internet speed

Here are some common scenarios that prevent many Internet users from enjoying their favorite activities due to high latency. Fortunately, you can reduce ping with VPN to overcome these issues.

More Tips To Reduce Lag And Fix Ping

An unfortunate truth is we sometimes have to make sacrifices to improve our gameplay, including ditching Wi-Fi altogether, disconnecting other devices from your network, and even lowering the visual quality of games.

But one thing you should never sacrifice to lower ping is your video game security even though it can be tempting, dont disable your gaming security software or VPN to achieve a faster connection. Instead, consider the following pointers to reduce ping, listed from the least to more painstaking sacrifices.

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Tips For Reducing VPN Ping

In this section, we will look at a few helpful tips that may help to reduce your ping when using a VPN.

Encryption protocols

Some VPN encryption protocols are faster than others. When gaming, it is a good idea to use a protocol that provides the best speeds possible. If your VPN has PPTP, you can give it a try, because it is known to provide the fastest speeds.

For strong data security and fast speeds, we recommend OpenVPN UDP. Alternatively, you can try IKEv2, which is a secure protocol that is known to be very fast. Many VPNs are also now introducing WireGuard, which is known for its super-fast speeds!

At the end of the day, it is a good idea to test each of the VPN protocols available with your VPN to see which performs best. So go ahead and play around with the settings to see what works for you.

Connect to a VPN server that is closer

Pro Tip

Always test a few servers, as some may be faster than others. Servers can slow down slightly if many people are using them, so try a few different servers . If a VPN server seems slow, just check another that is also close by.

Dont Worry About Ip Bans

6 Best VPN for Gaming

Many game manufacturers use IP bans as a way to keep users out of a game, if they violate the terms of service and other rules.

There have even been some cases where users get IP banned for no reason. Some bans are temporary a weeks time-out for bad behavior, while others are permanent.

Of course, its not a good idea to violate any terms of service or other rules. But if you do find youve been IP banned for some reason, connecting via a VPN gives you a new IP address so you can bypass the ban.

Note that many games actually ban VPN use. But a good quality VPN has enough servers, that if you do find youre banned for VPN use, try connecting to a different server.

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