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Does VPN Work On Android

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How to Use a VPN on an Android TV Box

Your IP address is a unique set of numbers that identifies your device when you connect to the internet. Just as the postal service uses street addresses to deliver mail to the right people, IP addresses ensure that internet traffic gets sent to the right computers.

Your IP address links your device to your ISP as well as to your general geographical location. This is how content streaming platforms do geoblocking restricting content by region. Based on your IP address, you can see only the content thats available to viewers in your part of the world.

A VPN masks your actual IP address by showing the public internet the IP address of the VPN server youre using instead of your own. This prevents anyone from finding your IP address. Some VPNs cluster multiple users under one shared IP address, which further anonymizes your internet activity.

Pair that IP masking with encryption, and your online activities are kept fully private from ISPs, hackers, and government surveillance. A VPN protects you in many ways.

AVG Secure VPN enhances your privacy by masking you and other VPN users behind a single shared IP address. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to link your web activity back to you, since multiple users are sharing a single IP address at any given time. Its just one of the many ways AVG Secure VPN keeps you safe online.

  • Prevent ISP tracking.

  • Prevent price discrimination.

  • So whats a VPN used for? Lets find out.

    Which VPN Is Best For Android

    There is a wide selection when it comes to choosing the best Android VPN app. Google Play lists numerous VPN services, some of which are free to the user, while others are subscription based.

    Free VPN services often allow and include advertising, and the quality of their services varies, especially in terms of how long it takes for websites to respond. They may limit the amount of data you can use through their services each month and, they may also log your browsing activity.

    Subscription-based VPN apps often offer better service levels and no restriction on the amount of data you can use. Response time is also usually faster. Of high importance, paid VPN services typically offer highly secure, bank-grade encryption.

    Here are some features you may want to look for in a VPN app for Android:

    • Bank-grade encryption
    • No logging of your web activity
    • Adblocking features
    • Variety of server locations to connect to

    The Privacy Benefits Of A VPN For Android Users

    • A VPN server can block your ISP’s “view” of what you get up to online.
    • Governments can no longer enforce blanket mass surveillance on you, as they rely on data provided to them by ISPs. So, if your ISP has no idea what you’re doing, neither will your government.
    • A VPN will prevent websites from knowing who you are because, instead of seeing your real IP address, the website will just see the IP address of the VPN server meaning you can stop annoying ads.
    • Public WiFi hotspot hackers won’t be able to steal your data, and hotspot operators won’t be able to sell your browsing history since they won’t be able to see anything that you’re doing online through the VPN tunnel.
    • A VPN will help you to torrent on Android by preventing peers from seeing your real IP address.
    • A VPN will prevent your government or ISP from censoring content, be it on political, social, moral, or copyright grounds. VPN services run servers from countries all over the planet, so just connect to one located somewhere that does not censor internet content and you’re good to go!

    Compare the encryption of the Android VPNs listed on this page

    All of the services we have listed in this article provide users with the best encryption, to ensure that the data on your Android device is kept private and secure. OpenVPN encryption is the gold standard, however, some services also offer some great alternative encryption protocols that are both secure and fast.

    VPN Provider
    No No

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    The Best Android VPN Apps 2021

    It’s hard to believe that no more than five years ago, the term ‘VPN‘ was barely known outside IT infrastructure personnel. But now they are so mainstream that millions of us carry Android VPN apps around with us on our smartphones and tablets.

    As well as helping use the web securely particularly if youre using public Wi-Fi or cellular Android VPNs are celebrated software for their ability to help you access geographically restricted apps, stream content that might normally be blocked and much more.

    Fortunately, pretty much all of the best providers out there have dedicated Android VPN apps you can install, specially designed with mobile use in mind. And because the Google Play Store is jam-packed with hundreds of Android VPNs vying for your attention, we’re on hand to explain what features to look out for and the very best Android VPN apps that weve found from our testing and reviews.

    How Many Servers Are There


    VPN providers with lots of servers can spread their users out to avoid overloading any one server. This ensures faster and more stable connections for everyone. Wondering how many servers your chosen VPN has? Weve got the numbers right here:

    • Avast SecureLine VPN: 700+ servers

    • AVG Secure VPN: 700+ servers

    • CyberGhost: 6,900+ servers

    • TunnelBear: Approximately 3,000 servers

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    Advantage : Anonymous Downloading

    Downloading certain Torrents is illegal in some countries and more than ever before tracked down and sometimes even prosecuted. Of course, we are not advocating any illegal actions. However, we do understand people want online privacy and anonymity, not just when browsing the internet, but also when uploading and downloading files.

    To make sure nobody knows what you are downloading or uploading you can use a VPN. Because of the encrypted traffic and the rerouted IP address you can with a VPN.

    Set Up A VPN On Android Without An App

    As a last resort, you can set up an L2TP/IPSec connection manually in your Android settings. We recommend avoiding PPTP, the other built-in protocol available, as it contains known security vulnerabilities.

    Heres how to manually set up a VPN on Android 9:

  • Go to Settings > Network and Internet > Advanced > VPN
  • Click the + sign in the top right corner
  • Enter your VPN profile details according to your VPN provider
  • Click Save
  • On older versions of Android, VPN settings might be found under Settings > More > VPN.

    While this works, proper VPN apps like those we recommend above offer far better security and much less tedious setup.

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    Can I Use A VPN For Torrenting

    In general, yes, but that depends on the specific service youre using and also the kind of things that you are torrenting.

    Torrenting is a common name for a specific protocol used to transfer data and files over the web, but not the actual types of files. Although it gets a lot of bad press overall, it is perfectly okay and legal if youre transferring files that you have the rights to. Piracy, on the other hand, is completely illegal regardless of the tools that you use to do it.

    Then, theres the VPNs own policy regarding torrenting and how its handled. Most of the quality VPN solutions in the market will allow torrenting. According to our research, you can torrent with all popular VPNs NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, VyprVPN and PIA.

    When it comes to the security aspect of torrenting, it all comes down to the VPNs policies regarding things like logging or sharing your user data. In general, if a VPN doesnt keep logs overall they also dont keep them for your torrent activity.

    Another aspect worth considering when choosing a VPN for torrenting is the download speeds that the service can offer. Of course, this sort of information can be hard to come by most of the time you only find out after you buy the VPN. We did some testing of our own and based on it, we can recommend these VPNs for their good download speeds: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, and PIA.

    Best Safe VPNs For Android

    How to Setup an Android VPN connection

    The following analysis will help you pick a safe VPN for android. We are comparing and contrasting their features in terms of connectivity, money, and safe user experience.

    Express VPN: This is considered the fastest VPN provider with 3,000 server locations worldwide. The security features include 256-bit AES data encryption, kill switch, and protection for DNS leakage.

    The user can have 5 simultaneous connections while using a VPN. It supports torrenting by enabling P2P sharing on servers.

    The Express VPN works with multiple apps including Netflix, Hulu, BBCiPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, and many other apps on the Google play store.

    The VPN service is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, Chrome, routers, Linux and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, users can benefit from 24/7 available customer support.

    CyberGhost: The next in best VPN providers comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 3 day trial for Android users. The security features include a zero-log policy for online user activity, an automatic kill switch, and AES 256-bit encryption of online data.

    The CyberGhost VPN provider has 7,290 server locations in 90 countries and provides 7 simultaneous connections to users. It works for Android apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBOMax, and others.

    The independent audits have approved the no-log policy claim of CyberGhost.

    It supports peer-to-peer connections but, slow speed can limit torrenting.

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    What VPN Providers Are There

    Above we have shown you three good VPN providers but there are hundreds of companies that offer commercial VPNs. Just type in VPN in the App Store or Play Store, and youll see a dizzying amount of VPN apps, that are often free to download. And then there are also quite a few companies that offer business VPN packages.

    We like to help and have tested many VPN providers already. You can find more information about testing and the results in our VPN review section.

    Below youll find a selection of VPN providers to give you an impression of the amount of services out there. We also state under which jurisdiction each VPN provider falls and whether the VPN provider is located in a 5, 9 or 14 eyes country the governments of these countries exchange information.

    The jurisdiction may have implications for the privacy of VPN users, as each country has different privacy laws. In practice, there are therefore differences in which user data VPN providers store. With privacy in mind, you ideally want to use a VPN that doesnt log or track anything about your internet activities.

    How Do I Setup A VPN On My Android Phone

    First thing’s first…it’s reeeeeally easy. And you even have two options to choose from.

    The first involves you scrolling back up this page, choosing the app that you like the look of best and click the link to go through to the website. From there, you’ll be able to select your plan, sign up, download and install. Away you go!

    Alternatively, get yourself over to the Play Store and search for your chosen VPN app. But it’s worth noting that if you go down this road, you might end up missing out on some of the awesome exclusive pricing and VPN deals that only TechRadar readers can get by clicking through to the provider from our pages.

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    Could A VPN Somehow Fail To Ensure My Safety

    While the right VPN can be a definite asset in terms of your online safety, then, there are ways in which a VPN provider can conceivably let you down at least in some cases.

    As we just discussed, while your ISP may no longer be able to see your internet traffic when using a VPN, the VPN provider can instead see what youre up to online or at least thats possible.

    However, a good VPN will ensure that it doesnt log any info about what you get up to online like ISPs do but its worth checking a VPNs privacy policy to ensure that it doesnt keep any such logs, and will treat you with the privacy you deserve.

    Again, this is why its important to use one of the best VPNs and well-known providers which have been around a long time, and have built a reputation as being trustworthy. Another thing to look out for is VPN firms which dont just make privacy promises and claims, but actually have their security and no logs procedures independently audited and verified.

    A good VPN should also ensure that it guards against DNS leaks where data about your online activities leaks out of the VPNs encrypted tunnel and it should use a kill switch in its app. A kill switch steps in to save your privacy and stop data being sent out unprotected if the VPN connection drops .

    Any well-thought-of VPN will have all this, and we do the hard work for you, scrutinizing apps and privacy policies alike in our VPN reviews to ensure that these vital features are present .

    VPN Companys Business Model:

    How does an Android VPN work?

    An important thing to look at while opting for a safe VPN for android is how the VPN company is making money out of their product.

    Is it a subscription-based service? If yes, then you can expect a secure risk-free VPN from them in return for money.

    In the case of free VPNs, the company might be showing a lot of paid ads that can affect your browsing experience.

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    User Data Logging Policy:

    The reason people choose to use a VPN on android is to browse the internet with anonymity. You want that your personal information is not being recorded by any entity.

    While selecting a safe VPN for android, look at the providers user data privacy policy. Get to know what kind of online activity is being recorded and how much anonymity you can expect from the secure VPN service.

    Should I Run A VPN On My Iphone Or Android Smartphone Yes You Should

    A VPN is a service that provides a secure Internet connection by using private servers in remote locations. All data traveling between your computer, smartphone or tablet and the VPN server is securely encrypted.

    The most typical scenario where you might use a VPN is if youre working remotely and using your laptop to connect to a specific private network, thus protecting your sensitive data. But the use of a VPN service should not be limited to computers and laptops only youve got sensitive data you want to safeguard from hackers and snoops on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Read the facts below and decide for yourself: should you be running a VPN on your phone?

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    How Does A VPN Work In 30 Seconds

    When online, youre constantly sending out data from your device, and receiving data back .

    This raw data can be seen by your Internet Service Provider , or perhaps other parties if they intercept it at some point during the journey.

    A VPN app encrypts the data as it leaves your system, sending it to one of the VPN firms servers around the globe before it heads out onto the internet. Because the data is now encoded scrambled its unintelligible and cant be exploited by ISPs or other snooping parties.

    A second benefit is that the VPN server effectively becomes the origin of your internet traffic, meaning your location appears to be where that server is based and not your actual location at home. So, you get not just security but also anonymity with a VPN .

    What Kind Of VPN App Is Best For My Android

    How to Setup an Android VPN connection

    There are lots of VPN providers out there, from free VPN services to iOS users that require iPhone VPNs. Of course, Android users are no exception and that’s why we’ve compiled our dedicated guide to the best Android VPNs available today.

    Do your research and choose an app that works best with your Android phone from our guide. And be aware there can be a large disparity between the price of these services, so be sure to look at competing products before deciding on a winner.

    In short, you’ll want a service where the devs have really thought about how the VPN should work smoothly and intuitively on Android. It’s also worth looking out to see whether the provider your eyeing up has a custom kill switch for Androids – an extra layer of protection that not all VPN apps are able to offer.

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    What Can I Do With A VPN On My Phone

    Conceal Your Identity

    30-day money back guarantee

    VPN bounces your signal between different webservers to hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic hence providing anonymity.

    Visit Your Homebased Websites When Youre Traveling

    30-day money back guarantee

    You may not be able to access the same web content as you do from home. For example, accessing your online banking may be a problem when your IP address is picked up out of the country. By changing the location of your current IP address, youd gain the same access to the websites you want.

    Browse Safely on Public Wi-Fi Networks

    When accessing the internet from public Wi-Fi networks, connecting to the public hotspots is a high-security risk. Public hotspots are every cyber hackers dream since they are unsecure, unencrypted, and offer ample opportunities to seize your browsing sessions and your phone data. Using a VPN encrypts the traffic from your phone to prevent this from happening.

    Gain Access to Blocked Streaming Sites

    Some VPNs can allow you access to streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and the like. It also enables you to stream sites from other regions, for example, BBC iPlayer.

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