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Does VPN Work On Netflix

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Utilize The Free Aspect Of Paid VPNs

Does VPN work on Netflix UK?

As mentioned earlier, many of our listed VPN services are not technically completely free. However, they do come with options that in theory make them free. Whether that is a free trial or a money-back guarantee, it is recommended to utilize these aspects of the paid VPNs. Fully free VPNs are rarely a good option.

A completely free VPN must come with limits, and usually, these limits deem free VPNs only useful for a few hours at most. Furthermore, few are able to bypass the Netflix VPN ban, meaning the best free VPNs that work with Netflix rarely are fully free VPNs. On top of these two aspects, streaming stability and speeds should also be considered.

In contrast, you can in theory use a paid VPN for free with the free trials and money-back guarantees. These two options will provide you with full access to some of the best providers in the market, whereby you can upgrade if you feel the need to at the end of your free period. After all, jumping from VPN to VPN in order to utilize free deals will get tiring over time.

Do I Need A Us Payment Method To Get Us Netflix

You dont need a US payment method to access the American content library. This is because the shows that are available when you log into Netflix arent determined by the country you signed up in. Instead, the service checks your IP address to find out where you currently are, and displays all of the content that it has the rights to show in that country. This means that you arent locked out of other regional libraries, no matter where you signed up from.

Check That Streaming Is Allowed With The Local Network Administrator

If the local network admin has blocked Netflix and other streaming services, you may be get a netflix network error unless you use a VPN. In some cases, the network admin may also block all VPN traffic using deep packet inspection. For this reason, you may need to enable VPN cloaking . Check out our guide to accessing Netflix at school & on restricted networks for more information.

If your Network admin claims that it is not restricting access to streaming sites, then this is unlikely to be the reason that you can’t access Netflix.

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Will A Free Service Work With Netflix

While it is possible to get a free Netflix VPN, you won’t want to rely on it in the long term. Every one of these providers has limitations in some way, be it data limits, restricted server selection or even in-built Netflix blocking.

If you’re serious about making the most of your Netflix subscription, we’d highly recommend investing in even a cheap VPN so you can watch content from around the world with nothing holding you back.

Nordvpn Speed Test Data

5 Best 100% Free VPN for Netflix in May 2021
  • Can access US Netflix in browser: Yes
  • Can access US Netflix app: Yes

Surfshark is a relatively new provider that makes it easy to stream Netflix. Theres no trial and error here, because all of SurfSharks servers can access Netflix. Most of them will redirect you to the US version of Netflix, but it does offer local versions for a handful of countries including Canada, France, and Japan. Speeds are fast enough to stream in HD without buffering without compromising security.

Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, and you get unlimited simultaneous connections.

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Using Nordvpn With Netflix

For Netflix streaming, NordVPN is the top-performer. It supports all major Netflix libraries around the world and have dedicated apps for all types of streaming devices, from computers, phones, and tablets to Android TV boxes, Smart TVs and more. They even offer a dedicated app for using a VPN with FireStick. Below Im streaming American Netflix through a NordVPN server in the US:

Other streaming services: With support for Netflix, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and numerous regional channels, weve rated NordVPN as the best VPN for streaming. It simply offers the best access in comparison to all the other VPNs weve tested, along with great apps for all streaming devices.

Netflix Regions: NordVPN currently unblocks the following Netflix regions: US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Japan, India, and Korea. NordVPN support staff told me other locations are available as well, but these are some of the most-used locations.

+ Pros


Surfshark is a fast and reliable VPN that works for Netflix and many other streaming services. Officially launched in 2018, Surfshark offers a secure, high-performance VPN that delivers access to all major Netflix regions. And aside from the low price, Surfshark also stands out by giving you an unlimited number of connections. This allows you to stream Netflix on every device without having to worry about exceeding your connection limit.

Why Is Netflix Not Working With My VPN

Netflix are constantly trying to block the IP addresses of VPNs to stop people watching content they’re not entitled to.

While the five Netflix VPNs above have proven that they’re reliable and can consistently unblock Netflix, there’s always the possibility that at one point certain servers will be unavailable.

In this situation, we recommend speaking directly to the VPN’s support team. They will know many users prioritise streaming support, and will usually do all they can to get you on a working server as quickly as possible.

On that note, great support is an important reason why we rate ExpressVPN so highly. Whenever anything goes wrong which isn’t unheard of with any VPN having top-class assistance is a massive help in rectifying the issue.

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Watch Us Netflix With A VPN

The U.S. Netflix is the most-wanted Netflix library to watch due to its extensive number of 5,879 titles. However, its geo-blocked meaning that normally, you can only access it if youre residing in the US.

Fortunately, theres a way to bypass these location-based restrictions. You should get a reliable VPN to hide your devices true location.

This way, the streaming platform wont block your IP address and youll be able to watch the most popular American Netflix TV shows from anywhere in the world.

Unblocking the U.S. Netflix is a relatively easy process. All you need is to get the right VPN and make a few clicks. You can follow these steps to access and watch the American Netflix:

  • Choose and install a trustworthy VPN. NordVPN offers the fastest speeds and a stable VPN connection
  • Continue with the setup process and create an account
  • Choose the US server on your VPN. Keep in mind that servers based in other locations wont work with the American Netflix
  • Open the Netflix app and log into your account
  • Thats it! You should see the U.S. Netflix content
  • If you have any troubles or just want to get more detailed instructions, you can read our full guide on how to watch American Netflix.

    How To Get Cyberghost For Netflix

    Does ExpressVPN Work with Netflix? Live ExpressVPN Netflix test

    In this section, Ill show how you can purchase a CyberGhost subscription via the official website.

    Note: You can get a completely free 1-day CyberGhost trial, no payment information required. This is a great way to give the service a try with zero commitment and zero risk.

    1. First, go to the official CyberGhost website and click on on Get CyberGhost VPN.

    2. On the next page, youll see all the plans offered by CyberGhost. Choose whichever plan you prefer by clicking on the corresponding Get plan button.

    3. Next, youll be redirected to the CyberGhost payment method page. Before you move forward, click on the Ok, I got it button to accept cookies on the website. This will help ensure your payment goes through.

    4. Youll see the summary of your order, including the price, discount, plan details, and more. Select one of the three available payment options, credit/debit card, PayPal, or cryptocurrency. Note that you can also select and purchase CyberGhost add-ons to boost your security.

    5. Once youre done, scroll down and enter your email address where indicated.

    6. After entering your email, click on the green Complete your purchase button.

    7. CyberGhost will process your information and redirect you to the final payment screen. There, youll see your order on the left side and the billing details on the right side. Enter the required information.

    8. After entering your payment information, click on the green Next button.

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    What Are Some Netflix Us Shows That You Can Access

    The United States vies for supremacy even on Netflix, lol. You know there are some epic TV shows like Homeland, Hannibal, Dexter, The Twilight Zone, Parks and Recreation, Twin Peaks, The Tudors, Person of Interest, or The Walking Dead on the American library that are not available if you are living abroad, unless you have a VPN.This is how the content distribution works. But why should Americans have all the fun?, said Netflix once. It turns out that if you are in the US you cant access the show The Americans. The irony! You have to sign up for a Prime Video subscription or use a VPN to switch to a German server. So, using a VPN is the easiest solution to all your streaming problems.

    31 days refund policy

    Heres How To Use Netflix On Iphone With The VPN Proxy Master App

    With some of the most secure and fast connections, the VPN Proxy Master is one of the best VPN apps for iPhone. This app boasts several global anonymous server locations for you to choose from. Whats more, its extremely simple to set up.

    Steps on how to use VPN Proxy Master on Netflix on iPhone:

    • Launch the VPN Proxy Master app on your iPhone.
    • Next, a dialog box seeking your permission to Add VPN Configurations for your app will appear . Tap Allow.
    • Then you can either tap on the Connect button on the home screen to select a random server location. Or you could tap on See All beside Popular Severs to choose your server location.
    • After that, the VPN app will connect to your chosen server location. Then you can sign in to your Netflix account and watch geo-restricted content.

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    What If I Cant Get Netflix To Work With A VPN

    You may see a message that states, You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. The truth is that not all VPNs work with Netflix. Heres a comprehensive list, so you dont waste your time.

    VPNs That Dont Work With Netflix

    • Perfect Privacy

    If you get this error, here is what can be done:

  • Try switching to another IP address and/or server on the VPN youre connected to.
  • If that doesnt work, change your VPN to one thats compatible with Netflix.
  • Or, get a dedicated IP address, meaning youre the only one on it. This makes it much less likely that Netflix has blocked it typically, they block IP addresses that thousands of users share.
  • Watching Netflix Using Proxy Servers And Tor

    Why Won T VPN Work On Netflix

    Tor functions as a browser and works by sending your internet traffic through different servers all over the world. Each server will offer another layer of anonymity. Because the traffic has to travel through so many different nodes, Tor can be slow as well.

    Moreover, you cannot make sure with the Tor browser that the exit server is located in the US. This means trying to access U.S. Netflix through Tor is not much more than a gamble with low odds. Streaming videos on Netflix requires a fair amount of data speed. For this reason, we would recommend the use of a good VPN instead. Moreover, a VPN can provide you with a lot more perks than just watching American Netflix, as covered in the previous section.

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    What Is A VPN

    VPNs are security tools that provide protection for your information by creating a private network that hides your real IP address. All of your activity is untraceable and secure, because all of your online traffic passes through an encrypted tunnel. Nobody can see into the tunnel, and everything inside the tunnel is protected against online threats like hackers, viruses, and malware.

    The act of hiding your real IP address is what can trick leading streaming sites into thinking you are based in another country.

    Final Thoughts: Nordvpn & Netflix

    With a VPN, you can watch Netflix shows and movies from different countries libraries. It also means that you can access your favorite shows when youre on vacation. Plus, if youre in a country where Netflix is banned completely, a VPN will help you bypass the restrictions. The problem with accessing Netflix, though, is that not all VPNs can get in.

    For NordVPN, Netflix is a walk in the park. Its capable of gaining access easily, and it has a ton of servers to choose from, so its a great choice for any of the above circumstances. NordVPN also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, for peace of mind, as well as one of the best customer support teams weve seen.

    NordVPN can also help you watch Netflix for free, but you can read our piece on how to cancel NordVPN and get a refund if you decide you dont like it.

    Have you used NordVPN to unblock Netflix? Tell us about your experience in the comment section. As always, thank you for reading.

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    Why Netflix Is Different In Different Countries

    Since Netflix is a website, it should have the same content no matter where you are, right? Wrong. Each country has its own unique Netflix library, so by changing your IP address, you can unlock new content.The U.S. currently has the largest Netflix library with 5,932 different movies and TV shows. Theyre followed by the U.K., Canada, Greece, and India.3

    The Best VPNs To Change Region On Netflix

    Does Netflix Work with ExpressVPN?

    If you’re looking for a VPN that unblocks every Netflix region ever, you’re on the right page. Here’s our list of the best VPNs for changing region on Netflix:

  • NordVPN – the best VPN to change region on Netflix
  • Surfshark – the cheapest VPN for Netflix
  • PrivateVPN – unblocks Netflix in various countries
  • Atlas VPN – affordable VPN for Netflix
  • Keep on reading to find out more about each VPN’s Netflix unblocking abilities:

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    Why Does Netflix Block / Ban VPN Users

    The infamous Netflix VPN ban was officially rolled out in early 2016. Following the initial announcement in January 2016, Netflix initiated a number of consecutive steps to further block VPN and smart DNS services. By January of 2017, many of the VPNs that previously worked with Netflix could no longer access the service.

    The Netflix VPN ban and the continual efforts to block paying customers from access is somewhat ridiculous. After all, why should paying customers be blocked from using a service that they have already paid for?

    The answer to that question is that Netflix caved in to pressure from large copyright holders, who wanted to further restrict access to their licensed content. This is usually done so that they can charge people more money to stream the same movie in different locations.

    This also lines up with the trend we see unfolding whereby the internet is getting carved up and more restricted, with the gatekeepers blocking access to content, media, websites, etc.

    Fortunately, there are a handful of VPN services that continue to invest significant resources into unblocking Netflix, while many others have simply given up completely. However, we see similar restrictions rolling out in 2021 with bans on account sharing.

    The Best Netflix VPN In 2021

    A Netflix VPN is a super useful tool that allows you to change your location and watch content from different countries that isn’t available at home. However, Netflix has started to implement some super powerful VPN blocking tech, and now on a select few of the best VPN services can actually get access.

    We undertake regular testing of these services to make sure that we’re recommending the best Netflix VPN, and if one slips up, we’ll always change the order to accurately represent the best option at any particular time.

    NB: Netflix’s new blocking tech means almost all VPNs are performing less reliably. We’re testing and updating this guide more frequently to compensate, but if you’re having issues, contact your provider’s support team.

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    Make Sure The VPN Is On

    Although this step sounds simple, many forget to turn on their VPN before browsing the internet or watching Netflix. Most VPN services require you to turn the VPN on manually, and unless you have unlimited data, its recommended you keep a close eye on how much data you have left. Keeping your VPN on when you dont want it can drain your remaining data quickly, especially if youre doing something that is data-heavy, like watching HD videos.

    If youre on your mobile device, youll need to go into the app and tap the button to turn it on. If youre on your computer, youll need to open the program and turn the VPN on. There are also browser VPNs where youll need to click on the browser extension to turn on the VPN. Once youre done watching the best shows on Netflix or the best movies on Netflix, you can turn off your VPN if you have a limited data plan.

    How Do I Watch Netflix Us Netflix Japan Or Netflix In Other Countries

    Best VPN for Netflix: Only 5 Work Well (New Test Results)

    All you need to do is get a VPN and connect to a server in the country where you want to access Netflix. For example, if you want to access your Netflix UK account from another country, youll need to connect to a UK server. Once your VPN is connected, load Netflix and it will show you the UK library of shows and movies.

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