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Does VPN Work With Amazon Prime

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Set Routing And Remote Access Services

Does Amazon Prime work with PureVPN?
  • Right-click Start and select Run.
  • Type services.msc and click OK.
  • Under the services list, find routing and remote access.
  • Check that the current operation for routing and remote access is stopped, or stop it by clicking the item and select Stop icon in the top menu bar
  • Double click routing and remote access
  • Under routing and remote access properties menu, set the Startup type to Manual and click OK to save changes
  • Restart your VPN and connect to a server location. If Amazon Prime VPN is still not working, change the VPN protocol, and connect again.
  • Amazon Prime VPN: How To Protect Your Streaming

    Amazon Prime Video has drawn in more than 150 million paying subscribers, all thanks to its wide array of beloved content, exclusive deals, and quality originals. Naturally, if youre one of those subscribers, you want to stream without having to worry about security and data collection. For that, you need an Amazon Prime VPN.

    What Exactly Is The Amazon Prime Video Service

    Like Netflix, Prime Video, formerly known as Amazon Instant Video, is an on-demand streaming service that offers thousands of TV shows, movies, and original programs.

    When you sign up for Amazon Prime, you have the option to stream thousands of free titles, including award-winning Amazon Originals and great kids’ content. Non-Prime members can also take advantage of Amazon√Ęs growing library by signing up for the Prime Video standalone service at a lower price.

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    How We Test VPNs For Amazon Prime

    We subject VPNs to a variety of tests as part of our product research. In order to figure out the best VPN for streaming Amazon Prime, we needed to decide on criteria by which to judge them. Anyone streaming needs a reliable and fast VPN connection with US servers and great usability features. Based on that, were going to use the following criteria to evaluate each VPN:

    • Beat the Amazon Prime VPN block: of course, the number one feature we look for in an Amazon Prime VPN is the ability to access videos on the streaming service while abroad.
    • Fast connection speeds: when streaming Amazon Prime its important to have good speeds to avoid annoying buffering. Plus your VPN should always offer consistent and reliable speeds so you can enjoy a smooth streaming experience.
    • DNS leak protection: its important to make sure that any VPN service you use can offer anonymity and protection online.
    • Plenty of VPN servers in the US: Amazon Prime offers the largest library to users in the US so for Americans traveling abroad US servers are key to accessing their content from back home.
    • Multiplatform apps available: Many Amazon users watch content on their Kindle Fire tablets and Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV so all the VPNs on our list work on a wide range of devices.
    • Prioritizes the privacy of users: any VPN service needs to offer privacy-first policies to protect the online activities of their users.

    Why Amazon Prime Is Not Working With VPN

    Watch Amazon Prime Instant Video With a VPN

    VPNs are amazing tools that are built to provide internet freedom to users. In the age when most websites and online services practice online restrictions, VPNs offer users the means to access their favorite websites and streaming channels from anywhere.

    However, as mentioned above, streaming services like Amazon Prime have become smart as they can now detect if someone is using a VPN to access the channel. Those who have been using an outdated or free VPN service might find themselves restricted from accessing the channel.

    In the last few months, Amazon Prime has implemented even more restrictions on its content library, barring all free VPN services from accessing its content. Therefore, it is essential to go for a premium streaming VPN.

    As of now, there are only a handful of premium VPN services that can really offer access to Amazon Prime from anywhere. One of these premium VPN services is PureVPN. The service has got a huge server network that spreads over 140 countries. These servers are equipped with all the right features to provide you access to your favorite streaming channels.

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    Why Is Amazon Prime Video Not Working With My VPN

    Actually, its your VPN that isnt working with Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is continually detecting and blocking proxy and VPN servers. VPN providers, for their turn, are constantly developing new tactics to avoid those blocks. Things are dynamic and can change at any time on this battlefield.

    Amazons streaming service tries to prevent its subscribers from using those tools. So, a VPN provider capable of tricking Prime Videos VPN blocking system is a necessity in that context.

    Nordvpn Most Secure VPN For Amazon Prime Video

    Total ServersCountriesAmerican ServersTrustpilot Rating4.5Maximum DevicesUnblocks Amazon Prime

    Next up on this list, we have . This powerful VPN uses strong encryption, follows a legitimate zero log policy, and offers fast speeds to help you stream anything in HD.

    With over 5100+ servers, NordVPN offers thousands of IPs to help you unblock Amazon prime U.K or the USA from anywhere in the world. You can easily watch Amazon Prime with NordVPN. As for other streaming services, NordVPN works really well with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Hulu.

    Although Amazon is blocking VPNs like NordVPN, it still has some servers that can easily bypass geo-blocks, according to Reddit. That is why it is one of the best VPNs for Amazon Prime Video and works with all Amazon Fire devices, including Firestick, Fire TV, Fire Cube, etc.

    I contacted NordVPNs support team to confirm this, and they told me that NordVPN is currently working fine with Amazon Prime. I even tested it out by streaming a show called Transparent with NordVPNs Miami and Chicago servers. You can see how fast it was from the table below as we tested some of the best NordVPN Amazon Prime servers.

    Server location

    $4.89/mo for 2-year plan

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    Cant Connect To Amazon With VPN

    It is likely that the server detected that you were on a VPN when attempting to access Amazon Prime Video. If you dont want to use your VPN, connect to another server for a different IP address, then you wont be able to use it. If any changes need to be made, make sure you clear your browsers cache and cookies.

    How To Use Nordvpn Tounblock Amazon Prime

    Does ExpressVPN Work With Amazon Prime – Unblock Amazon Prime With ExpressVPN

    Unblocking Amazon Prime abroad is easy and straightforward. Justfollow the process below to access the specific version of Amazon Prime youdesire:

  • First, sign in toyour NordVPN account. If you do not have one already, then click on Sign Upon the official NordVPN website.
  • Connect to aserver in the desired location. For the mobile version, Amazon Prime US can beaccessed from servers 4623, 4625, 4626, 4665, and 4667. Use servers 395 to 398to access Amazon Prime France and server 677 for Amazon Prime Germany.
  • Head over to theAmazon Prime website, and start enjoying Amazon Prime content for the locationyou have chosen.
  • If after following these steps to the latter, you still experienceissues, then try these subsequent steps.

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    Faqs On Using Nordvpn With Amazon Prime

    Some questions and answers regarding NordVPN with Amazon Prime:

    Does changing my Amazonlocation unblock foreign content?

    Answer: You may be lucky, and it will work a couple of times for you. But we are confident that this is not the way you want to go. Amazon has invested quite some time and money in ensuring that the site is foolproof. So, if you change your location every time you want to access content in a different location, youll be asked for a location verification before you are granted access.

    Furthermore, after changing your location the first time, you willhave to contact customer support to have it changed again. If you keep on doingthis every time you want to access content on Amazon Prime, itll becomeobvious why you are doing that, and you can even have your account blocked.

    Do I need a newAmazon account when starting out with a NordVPN?

    Answer: No, you do not need a new account. You can still use your existing account. NordVPN works in blocking four versions of Amazon Prime. Ensure you are connected to a NordVPN server thatll help you unblock the version you need. Even if you do, theres a customer support service you can contact that works round the clock.

    Is it safe to use NordVPN?

    Is it legal to use a VPNlike NordVPN?

    Answer: In the four versions of Amazon Prime where NordVPN can unblock Amazon Prime content, it is legal to use NordVPN. However, there are a couple of illegal ways the VPN can be used.

    Get A 30 Day Free Trial Of Nordvpn

    NordVPN is offering a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. You can use the VPN rated #1 for Amazon Prime Video free from any restrictions for a month. Needless to say, this is great for anyone hoping to stream their usual shows while a short trip abroad.

    There are no hidden termsjust contact support within 30 days if you decide NordVPN isn’t right for you and you’ll get a full refund. Start your NordVPN trial here.

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    Why Do You Need A VPN To Unblock Amazon Prime Video

    To access the Amazon region of your choice and watch your favorite shows, you will need to spoof your location. This can be done most effectively with a VPN that is known to.

    Once you can successfully fool Amazon into thinking that youre located in a country where you actually arent, you can stream prime video content available for that region from anywhere in the world. This way you can watch Amazon Prime with VPN anywhere in the world. For that, you will need a powerful VPN, such as the ones mentioned in this blog.

    How Do You Unblock American Prime Video With A VPN

    Best VPN for Amazon Prime Video (Only These 4 Work Well)

    The process of accessing the American version of Prime Video with a VPN is actually really simple. All you need to do is open up your preferred VPN, select an American server in order to spoof your IP to a U.S. address, and then head to Prime Video.

    There is a bit of a cat and mouse situation with streaming sites and VPNs, as sites like Prime Video and Netflix look to detect VPN usage and block servers. This is why you should always try and pick a VPN with a large and diverse network of servers, so you always have plenty of options to bypass restrictions.

    You will still need to be subscribed to Prime Video for this trick to work. A VPN is not going to grant access to the streaming site for free. Instead, a VPN provides access to more libraries from around the world, once you’re subscribed.

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    What Nations Is Amazon Prime Video Accessible

    Based upon your state, Prime Video may be a standalone, or it may come bundled together with the Prime shopping subscription program.

    Prime can be found in the Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    Prime Video can be found in every nation as a service. The price and choice of audio, films and TV shows vary by state. Primes US edition has the biggest catalog of articles.


    Which VPN Provider Actually Works With Amazon Prime In 2020

    Let me tell you, it has become really hard to watch Amazon Prime content online outside the USA, and it is only possible if you use the correct VPN provider Which is that? The answer is ExpressVPN, a VPN provider that has worked with Amazon Prime constantly since the beginning of days .

    I have been writing about a lot of different VPN providers and I have tested a lot of providers, and they all have trouble with Amazon Prime. But, ExpressVPN works steadily on all platforms, and it is a brilliant solution if you want to watch Amazon Prime on your , on your computer abroad, on your iOS device abroad, or on some other device.

    ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN providers on the market, and they are the best of them all when it comes to unblocking streaming services. They will give you access to more Netflix regions than any other VPN provider, and they are also superb for unblocking BBC in the UK and lots of other sites online.

    ExpressVPN has a thirty-day money back guarantee, and you can use your subscription at three different places at the same time .

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    Does Amazon Prime Block VPN Users

    Yes. But it only blocks users if their apparent internet address is known to belong to a VPN or a proxy service. A number of VPN services, such as all the ones listed in this article, offer IP addresses that are not blocked by Amazon.

    If you log in to Amazon using just a VPN, however, then Amazon will think you are on holiday. It will allow you to stream titles, but only from a greatly reduced catalog. In order to access the full catalog for the country, you are “spoofing, you will need to re-register your home location with Amazon.

    US residents who are already registered in the US, of course, need only use a VPN to access the full Prime US catalog when traveling abroad.

    How To Use A VPN With Netflix Or Amazon Prime Video

    Surfshark VPN and Amazon Prime – Do they work together?

    Some VPN providers may have a relatively low number of users, allowing them to appear under Netflix’s radar. They may also use alternative methods to cloak the fact that they are providing VPN services.

    The battle between streaming services and the VPN providers is an ongoing one, and thus it is difficult to provide a list of VPN providers that are guaranteed to give unfettered access to your favourite shows via their VPN services. Some VPN services currently work when accessing Netflix via a web browser, but do not work through the Netflix app. The same goes for .

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    Amazon Instant Video And Amazon Prime Video

    It is worth noting that Amazon Prime Video is not the same as Amazon Instant Video. Amazon Prime Video is. Amazon Instant Video is a pay-per-view service, where consumers can purchase or lease films and TV shows. You do not require an Amazon Prime accounts lease or purchase on Immediate Video, although using a subscription may score you an excess discount.

    Though costs may vary between nations, A VPN isnt essential for Amazon Instant Video purchases.

    Tls Handshake And Network Connection Issue

    If you get errors related to the TLS handshake and network connection, reboot your machine and start your VPN connection all over again. If the issue persists, change the protocol, or try disabling your antivirus or firewall programs.

    In case you cannot connect to a server location after restarting your VPN, reinstall the VPN, and run the installation program again.

    If notice that Amazon Prime VPN is not working after rebooting and re-installing, check if RasDialException appears in your connection log, and if it does, reset the Winsock.

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    The Proven Security Leader

    Although it was the fastest VPN I measured in 2019, ExpressVPN saw a tough year during its 2020 speed tests. Despite consistently going toe-to-toe with the industry’s heaviest hitters, my tests saw the VPN provider create a 52% overall loss of my normal internet speeds, representing a significant slowdown compared to its 2019 score . Since then, however, ExpressVPN has bolstered its VPN server fleet and moved to a new Wireguard-based protocol that may help it take back the title belt in a tight competition.

    In the privacy world, ExpressVPN has a strong track record, having experienced a VPN server seizure by authorities that proved its zero-log policy true at the time. Since then, ExpressVPN has moved to all RAM-disk servers for even stronger privacy protection. I also like the quality of the VPN’s setup guides and the detailed information in its FAQ.

    Like the rest of the top five VPN services CNET has reviewed, ExpressVPN offers a useful kill switch feature. Unlike the others, though, ExpressVPN gained points for its support of bitcoin as a payment method — something not all of the best VPN services offer, but which adds an additional layer of privacy during checkout.

    Privatevpn Speed Test Data

    Watch Amazon Prime Video with ExpressVPN in 5 Steps

    Money-back guarantee: 45 DAYS

    Editors Note: Hotspot Shield is owned by Pango, Comparitechs parent company.

    Hotspot Shield is another excellent VPN provider for Amazon Prime Video and streaming in general. It has excellent connection speeds in some cases, its even faster than without a VPN. It works with a range of streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and multiple Netflix libraries. With servers in 26 US cities, if one doesnt work, you can switch to another. If you run into issues, live chat customer support is available 24/7 to help.

    Hotspot Shield has your back when it comes to online security with 256-bit encryption, perfect forward secrecy, DNS server and WebRTC leak protection, a kill switch , and automatic wifi protection. This provider uses its own Catapult Hydra protocol, which is reportedly responsible for the excellent speeds enjoyed by users. Hotspot Shield keeps no logs that could be used to identify you.

    Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

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    Access Content When Outside Your Home Country

    While its great news that you can use a VPN for accessing what Prime has on offer, what can you actually do with one of these services? Namely, youll be able to access the Prime library of your home country whenever you travel to a different part of the world.

    If you leave your home country and try watching content on Prime abroad, youll be disappointed to learn that therell be a reduced library of Amazon originals. This is because you’re no longer in the country where you initially created your Prime account.

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