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How Can I Change My VPN

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Pretending To Be Back Home When On Vacation

How to Change Your Location on PC with ExpressVPN!

Anytime that you go on vacation, a VPN can be a massive blessing! When you travel, it can often be hard to access services from back home. This is because of geo-restrictions. For people desperate to use blocked services while traveling, a VPN is the perfect solution.

With a VPN, all you need to do is connect to a server back home, and hey presto, you will seem to be back in your office or lounge. As a result, you can use the internet exactly as if you were back home.

How To Pick The Best VPN Location Changer

One of the first things to look for when picking a VPN that will help you hide your real IP address and change your location is a service with a good variety of server areas. As a reference point, CyberGhost has its 7300+ VPN servers spread out across 91 different countries, which gives you the best location-changing variety in the VPN industry.

Plus, our specially optimized streaming servers are guaranteed to help you access loads of previously unavailable content from anywhere in the world.

Need To Spoof Your Location A VPN Can Help

Sometimes you need to change your apparent location online, and for that you need a VPN. Here’s how to set up a VPN to make it look like you’re in a different country.

It has been a long quarantine, gentle reader. But while Ive been transforming my towering, mist-shrouded Manhattan home into a VPN testing space, people have continued to reach out with their privacy and security questions. Recently, I received a message from a Patagonia-based reader with a problem: Their web traffic was being blocked because of their location.

From our southerly reader, edited for brevity and privacy:

When I go online, websites identify me as coming from Argentina, but some services will not respond because of my location. Now, I also have a website that is hosted by a Swiss provider. If I have control over my domain in Switzerland, can I somehow connect my PC to the site and have all my movements be seen as coming from Switzerland?

The answer to the reader’s specific question is a bit complicated, but the solution to the overall problem is very simple: Get a VPN.

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Enter VPN Settings Manually

  • On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Network.

  • L2TP is an extension of the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol used by internet service providers to enable a VPN over the internet.

  • IPSec is a set of security protocols.

  • IKEv2 is a protocol that sets up a security association in IPSec.

  • Enter the server address and the account name for the VPN connection.

  • If specified by your network administrator, click Advanced to enter additional information such as session options, TCP/IP settings, DNS servers, and proxies.

    The additional information you can enter depends on the type of VPN connection youre setting up.

  • Select Show VPN status in menu bar to use the VPN status icon to connect to the network and switch between VPN services.

    To remove the VPN configuration, select the VPN network connection service in the list and click the Remove button .

    How To Change Your Ip Address

    How do I change my IPTV or VPN Subscription Password ...

    The easiest way to spoof location on an iPhone and change your IP address is to use a VPN. VPN changes your location, encrypts your data, and makes your browsing safer and more private. In addition, it is easy to use, so installing a VPN app is your best bet when it comes to changing your virtual location.

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    Are Free VPNs A Good Choice For Changing My Netflix Region

    First of all, I cannot in good conscience recommend using a free VPN for any type of online activity. Im even more against using a freebie provider to access Netflix.

    Strike 1: Free VPNs are known to restrict their users online activities by throttling their connections and enforcing monthly data caps. Streaming video is a data-hungry activity it doesnt take long for a user to come up against most free-VPN data allowances.

    Strike 2: As mentioned previously, Netflix and other streaming services are adept at preventing VPN users from their servers. Many paid VPN providers have given up on offering reliable access to Netflix. What makes you think a free VPN provider would have the resources to stay in the game?

    Strike 3: Free VPN providers also carry hidden costs, such as the cost to your online privacy. Many sans-cost providers keep their servers humming by logging your online travels and selling that precious information to the highest bidder. Others have been caught injecting ads and tracking cookies into their users web browsing sessions.

    3 strikes and youre out!

    As you can see, using a free VPN simply isnt a reliable or safe way to access Netflix or any other streaming services.

    While free may be tempting, I strongly recommend using a low-price VPN provider instead of a free service if money is a concern.

    How To Change Netflix Region On Android

    Want to watch geo-blocked movies on your phone? Heres how you change the Netflix region on Android:

  • Open the Google Play Store and install the VPN application of your choice
  • Log into your new VPN account
  • Choose the country you want to connect to
  • Open your Netflix app – it should show the content of your preferred country
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    How To Configure A VPN On Your Iphone Or Ipad

    The easiest way to set up a VPN client on your iPhone or iPad is through a provider like those listed above. Check out some of the best VPN deals, sign up for one of those great services, and install the relevant app on your iOS device. Please open it and sign in to your account.

    After signing in, you’ll be prompted to permit the app to add a VPN configuration to your iPhone. Tap Allow to have the VPN configured on your iPhone automatically.

    You’ll then be prompted to enter your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID to permit a change in your VPN settings. Enter your passcode, or activate Touch ID.

    Once the VPN is enabled, you can select and connect it at any time without having to open the app again .

  • Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  • Tap General.

  • Select VPN. If you have more than one, select the VPN client you want to use.
  • Toggle the Status switch on.

  • When you’re done using the VPN, follow the instructions above to turn it off. Don’t forget to turn it off, especially if you’re on a free, limited plan.

    How To Change Your Ip Address On A Router

    Change Country IP with a VPN

    To change your IP address on a router, follow the steps below:

  • Open your browser and enter your routers IP address.
  • Log in to the router as an administrator.
  • Go to Setup and then Network Settings.
  • Proceed to Router Settings.
  • Enter the new IP address.
  • Select Save Settings.
  • You can also just restart your router. After you unplug it, leave it for a couple of minutes. When you plug it back in, the IP address automatically changes.

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    How To Change Region On Netflix Using VPN

    Heres the guide on how to change regions on Netflix using VPN.

    Although most VPNs are paid and some of them are even expensive, therefore its a matter of fact that not everyone can afford them.

    So, for the folks who cannot purchase the expensive versions of VPNs, below I have mentioned a guide on how to change Netflix region without VPN.

    But to be honest VPNs give you a better experience and security as compared to changing servers without VPNs. How? I have discussed below but for now lets have a look at steps that you can follow with VPN to change regions, on Netflix.

    • Firstly set up a Netflix account if you havent already.
    • Secondly, install a VPN from our list given below and create an account, and then log in. I recommend SurfsharkVPN.
    • Thirdly, connect to a VPN server of any country where your type of content is present.
    • Then, go to the Netflix official website or official app. There youll see that you have already automatically redirected to the countryside for the location of your selected server.
    • At last, log in to Netflix if you havent already and choose your movie or show.

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    How To Change Ip Address On A Ps4

    Setting up ExpressVPN on your PS4 is a bit more complicated than on other devices. Youll need to create a DDNS hostname, register your hostname with ExpressVPN, and then configure DNS on your PS4.

    You will need to use a third-party DDNS service provider to set up a DDNS hostname. Well explain how to do the rest in the following two sections:

    Step One Register the Hostname With ExpressVPN

  • Visit the ExpressVPN website and sign in to your account.
  • Go to DNS Settings on the top menu.
  • Under Dynamic DNS Registration, type in the hostname you created with the third-party service provider.
  • Go to the My Subscriptions page on the ExpressVPN website.
  • Choose PlayStation.
  • Write down the DNS server IP address.
  • Step Two Set Up the DNS on Your PS4

  • Turn on your PS4.
  • Enter the DNS server IP address.
  • Go to Done and then Next.
  • Under MTU Settings, choose Automatic.
  • Choose Do Not Use.
  • Restart your PS4, and the process is complete. Your IP address will be hidden, so you can play any games you want.

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    How Can A VPN Change My Ip Address

    A VPN encrypts your internet connection to keep your communications, data, location and other information private while online. By changing your IP address, you can appear to be browsing from the location of your choosing rather than revealing your true location. A VPN service will exchange your personal IP address with a remote VPN server’s IP address, creating a level of privacy that you could not otherwise achieve while on a public server. When using VPN technology, all network traffic, from voice to text to video, goes through a secure passageway between the client’s computer and the VPN server. Millions of people use VPNs, like VyprVPN, to change their IP address online and protect their privacy. This means your ISP will only see the VyprVPN location and IP address , allowing your personal IP address to remain private.

    How Do I Change My Opera VPN To Usa

    How to Change my VPN to USA

    To enable VPN, go to Advanced> Privacy and Security in the Settings app. Once you have enabled the VPN option, an icon will appear beside the address bar on top of the web browser. The VPN icon is on the top. Click on the region you want to access . comprises three broad geographic regions, namely Asia, Europe, and North America.

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    How To Change Your Ip Address On An Xbox

    To set up ExpressVPN on your Xbox, you can view our detailed post on how to connect to a vpn on an Xbox One, or follow instructions below. you will also need to create a DDNS hostname and register the hostname with ExpressVPN. To create a DDNS hostname, youll have to use a third-party service provider. Heres what you need to do next:

    Step One Register the Hostname With ExpressVPN

  • Sign in to your ExpressVPN account on your browser.
  • Find DNS Settings at the top of the page.
  • Enter your hostname under Dynamic DNS Registration.
  • Go to Save Hostname.
  • Proceed to My Subscriptions and then to Set up ExpressVPN.
  • Scroll down and select Xbox.
  • Write down the DNS code.
  • Step Two Set Up the DNS on Your Xbox

    To configure the DNS on your Xbox, the language must be set to English, and the location has to be the United States. Heres what you need to do next:

  • Turn on your Xbox and go to Settings.
  • Go to Network, followed by Network Settings.
  • Proceed to Advanced Settings.
  • Choose DNS Settings and then Manual.
  • Enter the primary DNS from the Express VP website.
  • Enter the same code for Secondary DNS.
  • Press B on your console to save the settings.
  • Why Cant I Get An Ip Address For Some Countries

    VPNs tend to have a higher number of their servers in high-traffic areas like the US, the UK, and Canada. In smaller countries, though, youll often find that there are far fewer to choose from or none at all.

    There are a few reasons why this might be the case:

  • Lack of customer demand
  • Local laws make it difficult to guarantee your privacy
  • The region has poor internet infrastructure, low internet penetration, or is too dangerous
  • The government has instituted a country-wide firewall that blocks the VPN
  • The cost of running servers in a given country outweighs the benefits
  • Its worth noting that some VPNs offer servers in remote locations like Grenada and Mauritius, but these often arent actually located there. Instead, these virtual servers are located in another country , and simply make your traffic appear as though it originates elsewhere.

    On one hand, this means you may get faster speeds than you would with a physical server. But it also means your provider may be subject to different data privacy laws with regards to traffic flowing through that server. However, as long as your provider doesnt log personally identifiable information, this shouldnt matter. Virtual servers are usually labeled as such on the VPNs server list, but you can always ask the provider directly if youre unsure.

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    Does Netflix Allow VPN Access To Their Servers

    No. As Ive previously mentioned, Netflix and other streaming services have become adept at detecting and preventing VPN users from accessing their streaming servers.

    While some VPN providers, like the 5 weve discussed in this article, have been able to continue providing reliable access to Netflix, others have not.

    As I mentioned in the section immediately above, Netflix isnt trying to be a jerk, theyre simply required to do so, due to their region-by-region agreements with content providers.

    It should be noted that while Netflix could prevent your access to their libraries when youre using a VPN, there havent been any documented cases where theyve cancelled a viewers subscription simply because they used a VPN.

    Change Region On Netflix

    Free VPN How To Change Your Ip Address No download

    We know that Netflix is available on a cluster of platforms, whether iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and many more. And people love to watch Netflix content on the devices in which they feel comfortable.

    Below I have listed different guides for different devices like how to change Netflix region on phone, how to change Netflix region without VPN on iPhone, and more. So your comfort doesnt fade away while watching movies or shows.

    Lets check them out and find out the guide for your device.

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    VPN Providers For Consumers

    Greece No

    This is just a small selection of the available VPN providers. There are some really good VPNs on the market, a lot of mediocre VPNs and many more bad, misleading or even dangerous VPNs.

    At we analyze developments in the VPN industry, read independent audit reports and monitor lawsuits involving VPN providers.

    Unfortunately, quite a few VPN providers have fallen off their pedestal over the years, for example because lawsuits showed that they secretly kept logs of users . In addition, there are also some VPNs that are linked to questionable governments.

    Choosing a reliable VPN is therefore a must after all, you redirect all your internet traffic via this party. That is why you must be able to rely 100% on the good intentions and integrity of the VPN provider you choose.

    Use A Proxy Server To Change Your Ip Address

    Much like a VPN, a proxy masks your true IP address and assigns you a new one based on the particular server you connect to. They differ from VPNs in that proxies dont encrypt your data, leaving you exposed to data collection, hackers, and other online dangers.

    On top of that, proxies typically have no control over DNS traffic. This means your DNS requests still broadcast your real IP address to the DNS provider. A good VPN provider typically uses their own DNS servers and integrates leak protection to prevent that from happening.

    Anyway, back to proxies. The one advantage of a proxy is that you dont need to set anything up on your device. This makes them useful if you only want to access a few websites in particular. Heres an example using the proxy service.

    Follow the instructions on the website. Enter the website you want to access anonymously, choose a location from the drop-down list, and voilà.

    Now, free proxies typically have a limited number of locations. Paid ones net you more options, but if youre looking for a wide server network, we really recommend checking out the top 10 VPNs with the most servers instead.

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    Work From Home With Jumpcloud

    Establish a unified identity for each user that grants them secure access to all modern resources, including Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, from a comprehensive web-based admin console that works no matter where you are.

    Zero-Touch Onboarding

    Onboard and offboard users and devices anywhere in the world with automated workflows in a single web console all you need is an internet connection.

    Secure Remote Access

    Implement adaptive MFA to require MFA at login to high-value and sensitive resources but relax MFA for more convenient user workflows when they access day-to-day resources on trusted devices and networks.

    Integrate with All Resources, Cloud or On Prem

    Manage access to virtually all resources whether theyre located in the cloud, on premises, or elsewhere with protocol-based integrations and no on-prem hardware.

    Explore The Internet With A New Ip Address

    How to change my VPN username and password?

    No matter which method you choose to change your IP address, you will add an extra layer of protection to your online identity. There are many reasons why you might want to change your IP address, and its just a couple of clicks away.

    Have you ever changed your IP address before? Did you use a VPN or another method to do it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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