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How Do I Find My VPN Ip Address

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Hiding Your Ip Address

Does a VPN Hide Your IP Address? ð¤

If you want to hide your IP and geolocation, use a VPN service.

A VPN routes your internet traffic through a remote server, allowing you to hide your current IP address. By encrypting your private data, it also guarantees that third parties wont be able to spy on you.

Every time you connect to a VPN server, you browse under cover of an IP address assigned to that server. So, when you surf the net, it wont show your IP or current spot. Instead, its going to be a virtual VPN location you connect to and an IP assigned to that VPN server. If you need a static IP address to access various networks and services, you can get a dedicated IP.

Will A VPN Block My Ip Address

A VPN can hide your online identity by masking your IP address. It encrypts your location and the data you send and receive, helping protect your personal identifiable information .

How do I know if my VPN is hiding my IP address?

If the IP address tool shows you the real IP even while you are connected to a VPN, it means that your VPN is leaking your IP and isnt working. However, if it shows the IP address of the location you are connected to, it means your VPN is working and you are browsing the web anonymously.

Is subnet mask always 255? A subnet mask is a 32-bit number created by setting host bits to all 0s and setting network bits to all 1s. In this way, the subnet mask separates the IP address into the network and host addresses. The 255 address is always assigned to a broadcast address, and the 0 address is always assigned to a network address.

How is netmask calculated from IP address? To calculate the IP Address Subnet you need to perform a bit-wise AND operation on the host IP address and subnet mask. The result is the subnet address in which the host is situated.

Findingthe Real VPN Location

Things are notalways as they seem. Your VPN server might not be in the exact same country asyour provider claims. But thankfully, there are ways you can figure out thethings yourself.

Find your current IP address online

There are a lotof websites on the internet which can provide you with your current IP address,its location and others.

One such website is which can help you in finding the VPN location through your IP address. All you need to do is connect to a VPN server, visit this website, and you will able to find your IPv4, IPv6 and local IP addresses, and even your ISP.

It is importantto mention here that finding geolocation through this method is not always 100%accurate, as the suggested city might be 200 miles away from the real location.

But in any case,you will be able to have an idea. You might even like to check other is another online service which helps you in finding your currentlocation.

If the resultsprovided by all these servers show the same country, then your VPN server ispretty much located there. However, if you get mixed results, it is sure thatyou will experience the same uncertainty online.

Your VPN willwork fine on some websites, but not on others, depending on how they detectyour servers location.

Ping the IP address

To find out ifyour VPN is actually located somewhere else than what is claimed, you need tomake use of this method.

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What Your Ip Address Can Reveal About You And Your Location

Your IP address reveals some pretty in-depth information about your location:

  • City
  • State/Province
  • ZIP/Postal code

Anytime you visit a website, it can potentially gather even more information about you. By combining your IP address with other information gleaned from metadata, cookies, trackers, and browser-fingerprinting tactics, website owners, marketers, and advertisers can build quite a thorough profile about you.

ISPs are privy to even more information. There is very little about you that your ISP doesnt know. Because youre a customer, it knows your name, address, phone number, credit card number, bank account details, credit history, and potentially even more. An ISP can also use your IP address to block, redirect, and censor your web activity.

In countries like Australia and the UK, ISPs are actually required to maintain logs of your browsing activity and hand them over to countless government agencies without a warrant. If youre browsing websites that arent HTTPS-secured, your ISP can see the individual unencrypted webpages youre visiting.

Even if youre browsing websites that are HTTPS-secured, your ISP can still monitor the domains youre visiting .

Can Somebody Find My Location With An Ip

Find My VPN To Know About IP Address Of The Device.

Yes, it is trivially easy for people to find out at least your general location if they have your IP address. And with the extra information that an IP might contain, somebody could find your actual address, your passwords, even your social security number.

Masking your IP with a VPN is crucial to keeping your personal information safe and secure.

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How To Change Your Ip Address And Hide Your Location

Its very easy to change your IP address and keep your location and online activity private. All you need is a VPN .

You can use a VPN to switch your IP address and place yourself in a different location. A VPN routes your internet traffic through a secure, encrypted tunnel so that no one, not even your ISP, can see what youre doing online.

A VPN will make it seem like you are in the same place as the server location. For example, if you are in the U.S. and you connect to a VPN location in the UK, you will appear to be in the UK.

  • Keep your real location private.

  • Encrypt your internet data so you can go online with greater anonymity and security.

  • Easily switch between virtual locations, ensuring fuller internet experience, unfettered by censorship or other firewall restrictions.

  • A Final Note About VPNs And Public Wi

    Its important to remember to use a trusted VPN when using public Wi-Fi.

    Why? Even if you use a password-protected public Wi-Fi hotspot, you cant be sure how secure that public Wi-Fi connection really is.

    Heres just a sample of the things you probably wouldnt know.

    • Who set up the network.
    • What security steps they took.
    • Who else may be on the same public Wi-Fi network. Could they pose a threat to your online privacy or data security?

    And keep in mind, you may think you are on a legitimate public Wi-Fi network, but you may be using the Wi-Fi network set up by an identity thief sitting nearby who could set-up a false network to intercept the data you send and receive from your device.

    Using public Wi-Fi while you shop or conduct personal banking or other financial transactions could put you at risk of having your data accessed and your identity compromised.

    A VPN can help you avoid these dangers. Just do a VPN check first to make sure it doesnt leak.


    • The inclusion of websites, apps, links or service providers does not imply endorsement or support of any company, product, or provider listed herein.

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    Now Stop Anyone Else From Finding Your Ip Address

    Your public IP address is how both websites and cybercriminals can find you on the internet. Sometimes thats useful, because it means you can get personalized and localized information. But sometimes its tiresome or even dangerous, so its good to know you can make it harder to be targeted, identified, and tracked online.

    The best way to stop people from finding your IP address is to use a VPN. A VPN is a simple piece of software that routes all your traffic through a third-party server, making it nearly impossible for anyone to know where you are or what your actual IP address is.

    Avast SecureLine VPN offers airtight online privacy by encrypting your internet connection with a simple click of a button. Download Avast SecureLine VPN today and enjoy true online freedom.

    How Do I Find My VPN Ip Address

    How to Get a USA IP Address â Best US VPN

    An appliance with a VPN as part of its firewall, such as a Cisco or similar model, can be accessed and configured for the VPN as if a password was needed, allowing it to withdraw the IP address as part of the VPN configuration and/or the logs. VPNs show your IP address when they are connected to them, so you can see this information when your logs are updated.

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    How To See Your Routers Ip Address

    Sep 21, 2020 But if you want to make sure nobody can track your online activity using your routers IP address, you can set-up a VPN connection directly on

    58 steps1.Find an available account. If you are an employee or student, then your company or university may provide VPN access. Consult with employee or student 2.Research your options for a new account. Consider the kind of security, privacy, amount of bandwidth needed, whether you require exit servers in other 3.Sign up and receive your account information. If you are purchasing a VPN service from a VPN provider, then you may need to pay for your new service. After

    Using An Online Service

    There are numerous services available online that promise to provide your real IP address, along with your location and other identifying information. To find your real IP address with these, follow these instructions to troubleshoot your VPNs effectiveness:

  • Log into your VPN and choose a specific location.
  • Visit the online service of your choice.
  • Review the information listed on the site. It will list your:
  • IPv4 : This is written in the following format, N representing numbers: N.N.N.N. These numbers typically range between 0-255. This is a 32-bit address. Each computer is assigned a unique sequence of 1s and 0s. This is limited, as it can only connect about 4.2 billion devices. With smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, gaming consoles thats not enough space! This necessitates IPv6.
  • IPv6 : This IP address is written in the form of eight consecutive hexidecimals. With this difference, far more devices can be connected to the internet all at once.
  • Local IPs: These are addresses used only in your private network rather than shown in the outside world. This can change if different devices connect and disconnect to the same network . These are typically assigned in single-digit increments .
  • ISP
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    Are VPN Connections Considered Bad

    Yes and no VPN IP addresses can be used for both good and bad actions. Examples of good actions would be accessing a corporate office network, anonymous web browsing, and protecting privacy online. However, since VPNs do hide your real IP address and location, cybercriminals and bad actors like to use these connections to engage in fraudulent activity such as , creating fake accounts, generating , and similar behavior. Users abuse VPNs and proxy connections more often than using this technology for good faith actions.

    How To Change Your Ip Address

    How Do I Find My VPN Ip Address Mac

    Many people enjoy the internet because of the way in which it helps them connect with services and information from across the globe, regardless of their own location. Just as we all have concrete addresses in the ârealâ world, we also have our own addresses that leave digital footprints in the online world when we connect to the internet through wi-fi, a computer, phone or router. These addresses are called IP addresses, and they are easy to change. Keep reading to learn why you might want to change your IP address, as well as find out the best advice for how to change your IP address.

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    Test Your VPNs Ip Or Server Address

    Now, its time to check whether your VPNs server is a physical or virtual unit. Well do that by testing the servers ping, uncovering its true location. Do the following.

    1. First, make sure to connect to your VPN using any server available. However, make a note of the server you’ve chosen . Still, if you don’t have access to a VPN and wish only to check its server address, you can proceed with that information only.

    2. Use any Web browser to visit After a couple of moments, the website will read your IP address while also providing a whole wealth of information. Next, you need to note your IP address, visible at the top of the website. Alternatively, you can proceed only with a VPN server address .

    3. Input the IP or server address in the “Ping” field, located at the very top of Then, hit the ‘Go’ button and wait a couple of minutes until the test is done.

    4. The website will contact the chosen IP/server address from 30+ locations around the world. Keep your eye on the ‘Best’ column and identify the lowest ping value. That would indicate the true location of the chosen VPN server, based on its IP address or server address.

    5. In the end, the location of the lowest ping value should correspond to the location of your chosen VPN server. If you see a discrepancy there, that would indicate that youre using a VPN virtual location instead.

    How To Find My Router Address

    How to find router IP address on Windows

    This technique is simpler than it sounds. Open command prompt by typing cmd. In the black window that popped up, type ipconfig. Once you see the results, scan through until you see default gateway address. Here are some visualized instructions to make it easier.

    1. Type CMD in your search bar and select Command Prompt

    2. Type ipconfig

    3. You should see your routers IP under Default Gateway.

    Or you can use the Control Panel:

    1. Type in Control Panel in your search bar and click on the Control Panel icon

    2. Click View network status and tasks under Network and Internet

    3. Click on your Wi-Fi name, which you should see next to Connections

    4. A new window will pop up. Click on Details

    5. You should see your public IP address under IPv4 Default Gateway.

    How to find router IP address on Android

    1. Go to Settings and tap Network & internet

    2. Tap on Wi-Fi. Find the network you are connected to and tap and hold on it or click on the settings icon to manage its settings

    3. Tap on the Advanced dropdown. If it offers you options for Static or Dynamic IPs, select Static

    4. Either way, you should now see your routers IP under Gateway.

    How to find router IP Address on Mac OS X

    1. Click on the Apple icon at the top of your screen and go to System Preferences

    2. Select Network

    3. On the left hand side you should see the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. Select it and click Advanced

    How to find router IP Address on iPhone and iPad

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    Change Your Ip Address With A VPN

    A VPN service lets you connect to one of its servers, after which as far as the rest of the world is concerned youre accessing the Internet from that server. And consequently, you get that servers IP address.

    This capability is the reason why VPN users can access geo-restricted content that could otherwise be outside of their reach. For instance, without an American IP address you cant access streaming services such as US Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu and so on. Or you may not be able to access BBC iPlayer from where you live.

    You could also use a VPN to connect to some other service that may be required for business purposes not just for entertainment.

    Additionally, with a VPN you get to anonymously surf the web or download stuff using BitTorrent or whatever else you want to do online without anyone knowing about it.

    How To Test For Dns VPN Leaks

    How to Hide Your VPN IP Address to Bypass University or Work Blocks

    Sometimes when you are using a VPN, a DNS leak can occur. This happens when your DNS queries are sent outside of the secure VPN encrypted tunnel and your data is sent through your default DNS servers rather than the secure, anonymous VPN server. Often, a DNS VPN leak is due to improper configuration of your network settings.

    Unlike testing for a webRTC leak, the best way to check for a DNS leak is to use a website. There are a number of free websites that you can use to test for a DNS leak, such as*.

    If you find that youre dealing with a DNS leak, there are several fixes you can try. Visit* to find the best solution for your situation.

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    Testing Your VPN With Webrtc

    With these instructions, youre specifically going to test the ability of WebRTC to access your real IP address behind a VPN. This is useful for troubleshooting your VPNs ability to hide your true IP address and clue you in to whether its fulfilling its purpose or not.

  • Visit any website that is freely available online to retrieve your ISP-generated IP address.
  • Log in to the VPN and change the information as you desire . Double-check that you are connected before moving onto the next step.
  • Revisit the site that provided you your IP address for Step 1. This time, it should provide you with the IP address provided by your VPN.
  • Visit the WebRTC test page to confirm whether it is showing your real IP address or not. If both show the new address provided by the VPN, then youre all set! Your information is protected. If not, your information is being leaked.
  • Once you confirm that youre IP address is leaking, you may want to know exactly where the weaknesses are to better protect yourself in the future. Trace the steps of uncovering your IP address behind a VPN to identify those weak spots. You can find your real IP address using JavaScript by copying and pasting the code written here, or using another method outlined below.

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