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How Does Bitdefender VPN Work

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How Good Are The Bitdefender VPN Apps

How to use Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender Premium VPN provides a familiar interface for its Windows app, one which is very similar to ExpressVPN, and it covers the essentials of what is needed from the software. This includes a big blue Connect button and the name of the country where your current server is located, which when clicked on will present you with a list of other server locations .

On the whole, it worked as expected, with connection times between 3 to 4 seconds. We particularly like that you can change the server location youre connected to without having to disconnect from your current one. There are also desktop notifications to tell you when you are and arent protected, and theres a Dark Mode.

The client also sports an efficient kill switch, which does a good job of blocking internet traffic and alerting the user should your VPN connection drop. This feature continued to function despite the tricks we used to close the VPN connection.

A form of split tunnelling is also included, although this only whitelists certain websites, not apps. This could potentially be useful in some cases, but considering that Bitdefender VPN is actually quite capable as a torrenting VPN, with P2P allowed on all servers, a per-app split tunnelling system would be most welcome.

Another nice touch is the ability to access devices on your local network when you’re using the VPN, which can be very convenient for those that use this feature.

Does Bitdefender VPN Keep Logs

The FAQ section on Bitdefenders website states that your IP address and personal information wont be shared with any third parties:

with Bitdefender VPN your privacy is 100% safe. Nobody will have access to your online logs.

However, this means that your online logs do exist. The general privacy policy clarifies that the users personal data or sent by the product itself is collected. That also includes data from publicized leaks.

Furthermore, your data can be used for marketing purpose for a maximum period of contractual duration, plus five years after the contract is terminated. The one sent by the Bitdefender app might be stored for ten years.

Theres also some contradiction with the FAQ entry. Bitdefenders privacy policy states that your personal data can be shared with authorities, partners, and subsidiaries.

Moving on to the VPN-dedicated part, we find that this company collects randomly generated or hashed user and device IDs, IP addresses and randomly generated tokens to establish VPN connection. If that wasnt enough, the Premium version users should agree with audio, video, screen, and other types of recordings. At least they will inform you before doing so.

Bitdefender Premium VPN Specs

A VPN protects your privacy by routing your traffic through an encrypted connection to a remote server, blinding your ISP to your activities and making you harder to track online. Bitdefender Premium VPN is a sturdy product that’s a great value at a decidedly non-premium price. It doesn’t have much to differentiate it from an increasingly competitive market, however.

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Three Pros And Two Cons Of Bitdefender

Like Ryan Seacrests radio show, this section is here to play the hits. Some of our readers just need a few bullet points to decide whether or not to give Bitdefender a shot. But if youre like us and love to dive into the details of each VPN, feel free to keep on scrolling.

  • Free trial: We prefer VPNs that let you take them on a little test drive before you have to shell out money for them. Lucky for everyone, Bitdefender offers a seven day trial of their premium VPN. On top of that, they also provide a free VPN, although that only comes with 200 MB of data usage per day, barely enough to handle a five-minute scroll through Instagram.
  • Unlimited server switches: Bitdefender doesnt limit how many servers users can connect to, which is perfect if youre trying to see what different deals you can get while searching on Amazon out of London, Bulgaria, or Toronto.
  • Dynamic IPs: Unlike some VPNs that distribute static IPs around their user base, Bitdefender takes the more secure road. By supplying us with a dynamic IP every time we log on, we were 100 percent confident that any person or entity trying to track our web usage would have an impossibly difficult time.

Bitdefender VPN Price: How Much Is It And Is There A Bitdefender Free Trial

Bitdefender Total Security + VPN Premium 10

At $6.99 per month on a rolling plan, Bitdefender Premium VPN is a surprisingly cheap VPN, especially considering that the market leaders often charge over $12 a month on similar plans.

However, there are more savings to be had for anyone willing to pay for a years subscription in advance. This is billed as a one-off payment of $29.99 for the first year and $49.99 in subsequent years.

Thats much less expensive than VPN providers such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN, and comparable to the best bargain provider Surfshark. Payment options include credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, check, and even cash .

If youre looking to try before you buy then youll be glad to know that a seven-day free trial is available to anyone that signs up for a Bitdefender Central account. Youll also benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do sign up for the service but later decide its not for you.

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Compatible Devices And Ease Of Use

A Virtual Private Network is, in theory, a versatile service. As such, we prefer it when it supports all the major and minor platforms, so you can easily take advantage of it and protect as many devices as you can. Since this company is focused more on the antivirus side of the business, its VPN service isnt as good in this department.

The provider doesnt clearly state which devices it supports, which is a red flag from the start. Instead, you get this anonymous icon with some text underneath it. And if you read it carefully, you can see that it supports PC, Mac or mobile devices.

This means that you can use it on the following platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Other devices are not supported, and given how bare-bones this provider is, its not strange at all. Lets examine the devices that it actually supports and see how the apps look and behave.

Pricing And Plan Options

With the lackluster performance it showed, Bitdefender VPN should be very cheap, right? Well, not exactly.

The prices you see here are fairly competitive. They even offer a free solution which lets you use up to 200 MB per day, which translates to 6 GB a month. But, since this option is quite limited, well talk more about the premium options.

In the middle, theres a monthly plan at $6.99 a month, which is fairly cheap. Theres only one premium plan apart from this one, and its the annual plan at $3.33 a month. Youll agree that these prices are affordable and they would be if it wasnt for the Bitdefender security solution that you must buy.

When you add some of these solutions, and you must do it, the price increases significantly. From $39.99 a year, for an annual plan, you get to $89.98 a year just because of the security plan. This makes Bitdefender VPN very expensive and not worth buying, especially if you dont want or need all of these features.

If you want a cheap provider, we suggest buying either Surfshark or CyberGhost. The first one offers a 2-year plan at $1.99 and the second one offers a 3-year plan at $2.75. These providers offer much better performance and are actually cheaper than Bitdefender VPN. If youre still going to buy it, here are the payment methods:

No Bitcoin support here, which is always a bad thing. And should you decide to get a refund, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee:

Thankfully, no strings are attached.

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Does Bitdefender Have A VPN For Free

With Bitdefender Premium VPN, you don’t have to worry about online privacy anymore. It protects your online presence by encrypting all internet traffic, banking information, passwords and downloads. Bitdefender Premium Security includes unlimited encrypted traffic for your Windows, Android, macOS and iOS devices.

Bitdefender VPNs Appearance And Ease

Bitdefender VPN Review- Honest Objective Review. Should You Use It?

Bitdefenders user interface strikes a fine balance between minimalistic and professional. The apps are clear, intuitive, and beginner-friendly. Theyre devoid of complicated menus and overly technical terms.

The main window features a large on/off button and a shortcut to switch between servers. Regular users will hardly need more than that.

The expandable menu on the left side offers some extra options:

  • Monitoring your connection time and bandwidth
  • Activating the kill switch and split tunneling
  • Setting your VPN to activate automatically

The thing we especially like is the inclusion of the so-called dark mode. If you spend your days behind a computer, this option is a lifesaver for your eyes.

In our opinion, Bitdefender is a great gateway service if youve never used a VPN before.

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Speed Performance: How Fast Is Bitdefender VPN

To test the speeds of Bitdefender VPN, I measured my baseline speed and compared it to the results after being connected via VPN.

As we can see from the results, the Catapult Hydra once again justifies its name as one of the fastest tunneling protocols on the market. Across all locations, the average download speed was 243 Mbps, while upload was 77 Mbps. This translates into an average 19% reduction from your baseline for downloads. The stats aren’t in Bitdefender’s favor for uploads, as a 74% drop hits them.

  • Baseline: 300 Mbps download/300 Mbps upload
265.67 31.94

For browsing, streaming, and downloading files Bitdefender VPN will be very fast. However, if you’re thinking about uploading files and sharing them via VPN, you might find yourself waiting longer than you’re used to.

Almost Clean Installer Files

It would be a shame and quite ironic that the VPN app of an Antivirus company would come riddled with red flags. This is not the case, however, as the app does not contain a single virus for you to worry about.

I ran the Windows installer through VirusTotal Scan and here are the results:

Note that one scanner flagged the file red but dont worry about this. Cases in which one scanner found a suspicious file while all the others did not is called a false-positive. It simply means that said scanner doesnt know about the file and flags it as a virus.

The VirusTotal scan for the Mac app came clean as well:

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Is Bitdefender VPN Any Good

While Bitdefender is an amazing antivirus provider, their VPN can leave mixed feelings. On the one hand, it relies on one of the fastest tunneling protocols, includes kill switch, split tunneling, and customizable auto-connect.

On the other hand, their logging extent isn’t clear, there are no published audit reports, and the tunnelling protocol suite could be better suited for more usage cases. Streaming also isn’t one of their strengths.

If you’re getting this service as a bundle with an antivirus, you could score a pretty good bundle. While their VPN isn’t quite on the same level as their antivirus, it shouldn’t be dismissed. With continuous improvement, I could see this service becoming a versatile VPN to rival current market leaders.

Bitdefender Premium VPN Servers & Ip Addresses

Bitdefender VPN Reviewed In Full Detail (+ Pros &  Cons)

Bitdefender Premium VPN has 1,300+ servers in 45+ locations. Other top VPN providers have larger server networks CyberGhost VPN has 8100+ servers in 90+ countries and ExpressVPN has 3,000+ servers in 90+ countries, but Bitdefender Premium VPN has servers evenly spread out across the world so most users can find a nearby server.

I like how Bitdefender Premium VPN allows torrenting on all of its servers. Some VPNs like ProtonVPN and HMA VPN only allow P2P traffic in certain countries.

However, Bitdefender Premium VPN doesnt display the server load percentage or the ping. Each of these metrics makes it quick and easy to connect to the fastest servers. ProtonVPN and CyberGhost VPN both display the server load percentage, while Private Internet Access displays the ping.

Overall, Bitdefender Premium VPN has a decent server network that allows most people to find a local server, and it supports torrenting on all servers.

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How Can I Contact Bitdefender

One of the advantages of having a large company like Bitdefender is that you get extensive customer support. This is one of the few providers that included the option to make a call and chat exclusively with the customer support team.

Apart from that option, you can send an email or use the live chat feature. If you want to hear more opinions about your question or problem, you can go to the forum and ask there. We must admit that this is truly extensive customer support, at least when it comes to contact methods.

We tested live chat and waited about 4 minutes to get a response, which is, believe it or not, very slow. VPN providers such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN usually take less than 15 seconds to respond, as a reference.

For a more direct approach, you can always make a call and fix your problems in a matter of minutes. In some countries, they even offer 24/7 service but only in a few of them.

How To Install Bitdefender VPN On Windows

  • You must first install an Android emulator to run the app.
  • You can download the player Bluestacks or Nox.
  • Then configure the emulator with your Google account.
  • Once configured, launch the emulator and open the Play Store.
  • Type “Bitdefender VPN” without the quotes and click the search button next to the search bar.

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Bitdefender VPN Servers And Locations

Bitdefender has over 1,300 VPN servers, which is a good number. These are located across the globe in 48 countries. While the number is below average, speed and performance are more important than the location of a Bitdefender VPN server. Even if other providers do cover more regions.

The overall spread is good. There are US locations and servers throughout the UK and Europe. But theres also South Africa, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, and India.

Couple these with many overlooked South American countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, and its an excellent list.

Its worth noting that Bitdefender leases its servers from Hotspot Shield, another VPN solution. Though that has generally good reviews itself and I tested the speeds myself.

Server Network Bitdefender VPN

How to auto-connect to Bitdefender VPN on Android 11

When it comes to server networks, the bigger, the better is our golden rule. Having more locations increases your chances of . For example, connecting to a U.S. server allows you to access the best version of Netflix. Extensive server networks also help with heavy censorship: if youre in China, you can connect to servers elsewhere to enjoy censorship-free internet. Finally, larger networks prevent server crowding, avoiding server lag due to an excessive number of users.

The main takeaway here:

  • Bitdefender VPN features 1,300+ servers around the world.
  • Dedicated IPs are currently unavailable.

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Is VPN Free With Bitdefender

Bitdefender VPN customers who want to try it free can select their Start Trial option. An Bitdefender VPN free 500 MB daily traffic quota is available as well as an Bitdefender Small Office Security 500 MB daily traffic quota. Bitdefender Premium VPN offers unlimited traffic, so you have access to your desired VPN server for as long as your computer can run it.

Customer Support: Live Chat Phone Line Email And More

Bitdefender has one of the best customer support services among all VPNs. Your options include:

  • 24/7 live chat
  • Knowledgebase
  • Forum

Thats a benefit of being a client for one of the best-known online security companies. The resources Bitdefender has allows them to offer a 24/7 phone line for English speakers. Theres also a working hours shift in main markets, such as Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, and Japan, among others.

Bitdefenders knowledgebase is neat and easy-to-navigate. It starts with the popular articles and includes the FAQ. In case you cant find an answer there, head straight to the lively and well-structured forum. You can check out the popular tags, choose one of the six categories, or simply use search.

Ive also tested the 24/7 live chat and was impressed by the politeness and quick replies. If I were a subscriber, this would probably be my favorite support option.

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Encryption Methods And Ip Addresses

AES, or Advanced Encryption Standard, is used for encrypting and decrypting data flowing through VPNs. Bitdefender goes above and beyond the typical AES of up to 256-bit, the highest standard most commonly used today, by also including RSA and SHA 256 encryption. RSA and SHA are older and slower encryption methods, but even the U.S federal government trusts SHA for encryption. For speed and VPN optimization reasons, we decided to use AES-256, but the availability of other encryption methods provided us with the optionality we look for in VPNs.

Can Bitdefender VPN Bypass Geoblocks

Bitdefender VPN Review [2020 Updated]

Yes, although there have been some negative Bitdefender VPN user reviews in the past. I can confirm that the software now has no trouble Netflix unblocking or bypassing geo-restrictions. You simply need to choose a geographic location thats relevant and the site should load.

For example, many news sites in the United States block Europeans because of GDPR rules. I could easily access one such site,, by using Bitdefender and selecting the US as the location.

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