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How Does Cyberghost VPN Work

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A Private And Safe VPN Service

Tutorial: How to set up CyberGhost VPN for Windows

Logging Policy & Jurisdiction

  • Successful connections
  • Country of origin

Many popular VPNs collect aggregated connection logs, and CyberGhost is no different. While the service is very private, read our Private Internet Access review if youre after a 100% no-logs VPN.

In any case, CyberGhost VPN does not keep logs of user web activity. It wont log your real IP address, the servers you used, or your web browsing history.

Works Well With Disney+ Not As Well With Dazn Hulu Or Hbo

CyberGhost can stream Disney+ through its dedicated US and Italy servers.

If you select an Italian server, you can also access Disney+ Star content even with a US Disney+ account. This is the international equivalent of movies and shows included in a Hulu subscription.

However, CyberGhost is less effective streaming DAZN, Hulu, or HBO Max from abroad. The dedicated Hulu server was detected as a proxy, and the HBO Max server sometimes doesnt load the website.

Is Cyberghost VPN Fast

It is, with exceptions to the location of the severs, it can be really fast. If you are able to gain access to local servers you will have better speeds when it comes to this VPN. International servers are a bit slow. CyberGhost though is dependable as it still offers reliable speeds when streaming or playing games online. Actually, many reviews claim it to be the best VPN when it comes to gaming online.

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Ad Tracking And Malware Blocker

CyberGhost comes with an ad-blocker that only blocks malicious content. After speaking with a support agent, I found out that it doesnt remove all ads.

I turned on the Block Content option under privacy settings and used the testing feature on Unfortunately, CyberGhost failed the test. It succeeded in blocking a single pop-up, but all other on-page ads still showed up. I also tried it out on YouTube, and every video I watched still started with in-stream ads.

This feature is available for Android, Windows, and macOS. However, if youre concerned about ads, I recommend using a dedicated service in addition to CyberGhost. Its not a bad idea to turn it on since it protects you from malicious sites, but many ads will still make it through.

What Do You Get For Your Money

Does CyberGhost VPN work with Netflix? Answered!

CyberGhost VPN offers NoSpy servers, which it says are specially tuned servers in a high-security server facility in CyberGhost’s home of Romania. This is similar to ProtonVPN’s Secure Core servers in that they also have increased physical security. ProtonVPN, however, uses its Secure Core servers for multi-hop connections while CyberGhost does not provide multi-hop connections at all. Access to NoSpy servers cannot be added to an existing subscription and we were unable to test them this time. We will update this review once we are able to try the NoSpy servers out for ourselves.

In addition to VPN protection, CyberGhost boasts that it provides malware and ad blocking. We don’t test the efficacy of these features in any VPN products, but generally advise readers to use standalone tracker blockers and antivirus software. Unlike ProtonVPN and Editors’ Choice winner NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN cannot route your traffic through the Tor anonymization networkalthough a VPN is not required to use Tor. CyberGhost does, however, include split tunneling. This lets you exempt specific URLs from traveling through the VPN connection.

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Speed: Is Cyberghost Fast

CyberGhost has earned the top spot in previous speed test comparisons, but its since been surpassed by rivals like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. In our speed tests, the average download speed was 58 Mbps across all locations and times, a slight increase on previous years.

I ran speed tests at various times of day on CyberGhost servers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Here are the results broken down by region:

  • North America : 79 Mbps
  • Europe: 55 Mbps
  • Asia: 39 Mbps

If youre on a 100 Mbps or higher connection, you might notice a slowdown, but the bandwidth available is more than enough for the average user.

As is trendy among VPNs right now, CyberGhost recently added the Wireguard protocol to its service. It offers faster speeds and comparable security to older protocols like OpenVPN, but certain app features are not available when using Wireguard.

You can also choose from the OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, or let CyberGhost choose for you. IKEv2 establishes connections the quickest and is best for mobile devices that tend to temporarily lose connection or frequently switch between wifi and mobile data. OpenVPN is required if you plan on using the Exceptions feature.

Servers for each country are displayed alongside their distance from the user and the current server load. This can help give you an idea of how much latency and bandwidth to expect. You can choose a server location or a specific server within that location.

Can I Access Netflix With Cyberghost

Yup! Feel free to watch The Office whenever you want. CyberGhost users freely click through all content from;Netflix US and certain localized versions.

However, theres one little snag. CyberGhost users who want to get access to content exclusive to Netflix UK might have to pay extra. The media streaming giant recently released new;policies regarding streaming their content from different locations. According to the new policies, Netflix UK content can only be accessed through accounts that were purchased by UK IP addresses.

Other than that, streaming Netflix with CyberGhost is really easy. Youll also have access to Hulu, YouTube Red, , ESPN+, Crunchyroll, and other streaming services.

You can even torrent files by clicking on the Torrent Anonymously button. Super simple.

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Servers Around The World

The point of a VPN is to replace your IP address while encrypting your connection. The first part of that the IP address bit is what matters for streaming. When you connect to a VPN server, youll appear online as if you were in the country where that server is located.

Naturally, Netflix, as a streaming service, has distribution agreements with multiple production houses, leading to wildly different content libraries around the world.

In short, Netflix has a VPN ban. With a large server network, though, you can get around that ban. With well over 6,000 servers, CyberGhost has plenty of options to unblock Netflix, making it one of the go-to VPN services for streaming.

Cyberghosts Issues With Bbc Iplayer

How Does The CyberGhost Affiliate System Work

We tested CyberGhosts UK servers to see if it works with BBC iPlayer. While it used to work reliably in the past, sadly CyberGhost is currently very inconsistent with BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayers VPN ban is notoriously hard to beat. Most VPNs struggle to bypass the geo-blocks from time to time.

To stream the BBCs video on demand service, choose from this list of iPlayer VPNs that work more consistently.

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Is Cyberghosts Customer Service Any Good

Customer support is available in English, German, and French. Live chat representatives are available on CyberGhosts website 24/7. German and French support is available every day from 9am6pm Romania time.

I got a hold of a representative within a couple of minutes of asking a question on the live chat. And I received a reply to a help ticket after about a 10-hour wait. If privacy is a concern, send a ticket through the apps built-in support ticket system and avoid the website, which contains a lot of trackers.

The website has a fairly extensive FAQ and blog that covers common issues and how to use various features.

Cyberghost VPN Speed Test Results

For this updated CyberGhost review, I ran all new speed tests with servers in the United States and also the United Kingdom. All tests were conducted on a 500 Mbps baseline connection using the official CyberGhost VPN client.

Note: To test CyberGhost with the fastest speeds possible, I used the WireGuard VPN protocol.

First, I tested servers in the United States. Here was a CyberGhost server in Seattle;at about;12 Mbps.

This is really bad when you consider that;my baseline speed is 500 Mbps. Most VPNs can easily get over 100 Mbps, some can even get over 400 Mbps. This isnt a good start to the speed tests.

Next I tested a CyberGhost server in Los Angeles, and the speeds were slightly better at;32 Mbps.

This is another slow speed test result from CyberGhost VPN.

The last CyberGhost VPN server I tested in the United States was the;New York;location. It gave me download speeds of;46 Mbps.

Ok, so were not looking good with US servers. And with 46 Mbps being the fastest speed test result, Im starting to think CyberGhost is just a slow VPN. Maybe servers in the UK are faster?

For my final CyberGhost VPN speed test, I connected to a server in the UK. The results were dismal at around 6 Mbps.

At 6 Mbps, its clear that CyberGhost is not the best VPN for the UK if you value performance.

Im not sure you can reliably stream video with speeds like this. Even the Tor network is faster .

CyberGhost speeds compared to NordVPN

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Does Cyberghost Work In China

Because I am not physically in China, I cannot test VPNs there. Nonetheless, I posed the question to CyberGhost staff.

The answer is no. CyberGhost does not work in China.

A few years back, Robert Knapp was interviewed by CNN and he voiced frustration with trying to make CyberGhost work in China. It seems they are not even working on that today.

If you are in China or going to China, not to worry. There are still some VPNs that work in China.

Mobile Apps: Android & Ios

CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhosts iOS app is far simpler than the desktop clients.

It has a relatively basic interface, and barely any customization settings. The Android app is similarly designed but has a longer list of features due to the limitations imposed on iOS devices by Apple.

On iOS, there are options for a dedicated IP, domain fronting, and a connection checker. On Android, theres additional options for split tunneling, an ad and tracker blocker, and protection against malicious websites.

CyberGhosts iOS app.

Both mobile apps use WireGuard as the default protocol, but the Android app also has OpenVPN. Read our WireGuard vs OpenVPN comparison to learn more about the differences between them.

The iOS app connects to your nearest server by default, or you can choose a specific server location. Tapping a location will display the server load, and you can save locations to a Favorites list.

Both mobile apps give you the option to adjust settings for specific networks. This way the VPN will know how to behave at home, school or work, or on public WiFi.

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Is Cyberghost Fast Enough For Gaming

I dont usually game with a VPN connected due to increased latency , but it can be useful in certain games to hide your IP address and prevent falling victim to DDoS attacks.

CyberGhost is the only VPN Ive seen so far that has dedicated gaming servers, optimized for the lowest possible latency in online games. You can choose between Frankfurt, London, New York, and Paris several major locations, but if youre not relatively near the one that you connect to you may be out of luck.

Fortunately, the London servers that were closest to me offered an average latency of just 31ms. This is perfectly adequate for even competitive online gaming, which I put to the test by playing a few rounds of and Rocket League. There was a minor increase of around 8ms latency from my baseline in both titles, which kept me under 50ms in both cases. This is more than passable even in these faster-paced titles. Just note that your results may vary depending on your own location.

Is Cyberghost Good For Streaming Netflix

Since CyberGhost has specialized servers for streaming, it’s really easy to find one that unblocks any given media platform.

The specialized server for Netflix unblocked the US library on the first try. However, Netflix was very slow, and I had to wait around for a couple of minutes while the search results loaded. However, once the show started, there were no issues, so it may also be the fault of Netflix.

BBC iPlayeralso worked without a hitch and was a lot faster than Netflix. There were no errors, but I had to switch to a streaming server optimized for BBC iPlayer. The same can be said about geo-blocked YouTube videos.

There were several issues when unblocking DAZN. Most servers showed the “Not available in your country” page. While other servers stated that DAZN was down. In any case, DAZN remained blocked. Of course, this may change in the future.

To sum up, streaming is one of the key areas where CyberGhost does great.

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Everything You Need To Know About Cyberghost VPN

We hesitated when we saw how cute the CyberGhost VPNs mascot was it sometimes feels like companies who put so much time into adorableness are trying to distract you from the truth. But we ended up being pleasantly surprised, even though we fumbled using the service at first.

CyberGhost VPNs complex design meant this was one of the least intuitive VPNs weve navigated. It took us a few extra minutes to be comfortable with the interface. We were also disappointed that CyberGhost VPN does not work in China, so for anyone trying to find a VPN that works while you are travelling within China, this VPN is an automatic veto.

Local Servers Vs Distant Servers

How a VPN Works and What It Does for You

CyberGhost offers a wide range of global servers to connect to. As you might expect, local servers offer significantly higher speeds and improved ping compared to more distant options. However, distant servers are far from unusable they simply come with some trade-offs like higher ping and longer buffering while loading content.

The Best Server option connected me to the nearby London location, which is what I would normally choose manually. The difference in speed compared to my baseline was negligible and meant there was no noticeable difference with any of my online activities, from browsing to streaming content.

London United Kingdom
% difference from base speed -2.73%

Although Brussels is more than twice as far from me as London, the speed fell by less than 2Mbps compared to the London location. Once again, there was no change in behavior compared to my disconnected speeds, besides the difference in available streaming libraries.

Brussels Belgium
% difference from base speed -6.74%

In terms of more distant locations, I was most curious about New York. The US contains many of the worlds most popular streaming libraries, including for Netflix, HBO, and Disney+, and New York is one of the closest locations for Europeans. There was a 50% dropoff in speeds compared to my base speed, which wasnt too noticeable while browsing but had an impact on loading times for media content.

New York US
% difference from base speed -50.36%
Tokyo Japan

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Security Protocols Openvpn Ikev2 And Wireguard Available

CyberGhost offers the industry-standard OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, as well as the latest WireGuard protocol. Im a big fan of the inclusion of WireGuard even though its newer than IKEv2, it has no known vulnerabilities and offers solid speeds. Its code-base is also tiny, which means its reasonable for small groups or even individuals to audit it for security holes.

I found IKEv2 offered me the fastest speeds across both local and long-distance servers, but bear in mind that this protocol sacrifices security for speed. Unless you need the highest speeds possible, I recommend sticking to WireGuard, as it delivers a strong balance of security and speed. OpenVPN is even more secure, but I found the speed dropoff too steep to recommend it over WireGuard.

Unfortunately, some protocols are only available on certain apps. For instance, IKEv2 is only available on iOS, Mac, and Windows. You can only use OpenVPN on Android, Windows, Linux, and smart TVs .

The latest WireGuard protocol is supported on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Android Fire TV.

How To Use Cyberghost For Netflix

While CyberGhost is a solid streaming VPN, you probably want to know what steps you’ll need to take for accessing Netflix via this provider. And youll be happy to learn that its a really straightforward process.;

If you dont already have a CyberGhost subscription, youll need to sign up for one via its official website. After doing that, the next step will be to download the CyberGhost app onto your streaming device and set it up.;

Once youve installed and set up the CyberGhost app, you just need to connect to a VPN server in the country where youd like to watch Netflix. As soon as youve found and connected to a server, you can open up the Netflix app and stream your favorite content – bearing in mind the caveats noted above, of course.

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What Is Smart Dns

A Smart DNS is a service you can use to access geo-restricted Internet content. It does not change your IP and does not encrypt your connection unlike a VPN, instead it offers better speed for watching video content. This feature will help you to unlock streaming content like US Netflix, US Hulu, UK Netflix, etc.

Cyberghost Now Supports Wireguard

CyberGhost VPN 6.5 Full Free with Crack Portable 100% ...

CyberGhost also now supports the WireGuard VPN protocol. This protocol usually offers faster speeds and better reliability over legacy VPN protocols. For example, in our OpenVPN vs WireGuard tests, we found WireGuard to significantly outperform OpenVPN with all locations. With CyberGhost, you can use WireGuard with the desktop and mobile apps. You can change VPN protocols in the settings area of the CyberGhost VPN apps:

As you will see below, however, speeds with CyberGhost were not very good, even when using the WireGuard protocol.

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