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How Does VPN Work For Torrenting

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Why Do I Need A VPN For Torrenting

What is Torrenting? How to Do it Safely? Best Torrent VPN?

VPNs are beneficial for all internet users, but if you are a frequent torrenter, it is good to use a Virtual Private Network.

VPN protects P2P file-sharers when torrenting in two basic ways:

  • The concept of VPN for torrenting comes between you and the internet. Therefore, anyone on the internet, see IP address of the VPN server instead of your real internet protocol.
  • The connection between the device and the server is always encrypted. It prevents your ISP from seeing what you download.

What Happens If You Dont Use A VPN With Torrenting

It can be risky if you donât use the Virtual Private Network software while Torrenting. Some content needs a license and has a copyright. But if you download that content, movie, and song, etc, or share it on the internet. Then it is illegal because you donât have permission even you download and share the content. Without the use of a VPN, ISP can identify that who you are. Internet Service Provider company can help those web pages owner whose content you are exploring on the internet.

Can you go to jail for Torrenting?

Yes, it can be possible for you to go to jail because of Torrenting. But it happens when you do Torrenting for the contents which need a license. But police cannot arrest because of Torrenting every content does not has restrictions. You can download and upload Peer-to-Peer files that are necessary to explore for the people. But some content is illegal to watch and has some restrictions to watch download or upload. Then you have to pay some amount in form of a penalty or can be caught by the police.

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How Do VPNs Protect Your Privacy When Torrenting

A VPN protects your privacy when torrenting in two ways:

  • If your ISP or P2P service provider is generating traffic of BitTorrent, then VPN encryption prevents your internet service provider from seeing you are torrenting.
  • All your uploaded and downloaded BitTorrent files are encrypted when they pass through the server network of ISP. Therefore, their content cannot be identified.
  • VPN also protects you from cyber threats when you access torrent files. BitTorrent software uses P2P protocol that means everyone uses the same torrent files that are connected in swarm. Each device connected to it can view all the IP addresses of other devices. Without VPN, your IP address can be used to find your approximate location and ISP.

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What Is The Best Torrenting VPN In 2021

We’ve put ExpressVPN to the top of our torrenting VPN list – it just ticks all the boxes. It’s a given that it’s fast, secure and easy to use. But it also benefits from really effective kill switches on its desktop clients and Android app and we really like that its thorough no-logging policy is independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers. It’s an excellent choice for torrenters.

How To Download Torrents On Ios With Keepsolid VPN Unlimited

How Does Torrenting Work? Your Full Guide On VPN Usage ...

This is truly the most secure and easy-to-use platform that youve ever used. Thanks to our VPN app, no one can stop you from downloading torrents on your device. Luckily for you, KeepSolid VPN;Unlimited is the best VPN for torrenting.

You can easily download torrents with numerous online apps like, Torrentsafe,, Zbigz, Our team has also found the two basic methods to be working best exactly for your platform. Check out the detailed guide on how to use these apps via the basic methods with our VPN;Unlimited by clicking the Learn more button below.

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Configure Your VPN And Torrent Client

Properly configuring your VPN and torrent client will eliminate any privacy and safety risks while torrenting. Your IP address wont be exposed, and your connection will be encrypted, which prevents hackers from uncovering your identity and obtaining your data. ExpressVPN has all of these handy security options, but generally, these are the settings to enable/configure on whichever VPN you choose:

  • Kill switch This disconnects you from the internet if your VPN suddenly drops out. Its sometimes turned off in your default settings, so make sure its on.
  • Advanced protocol Enable the OpenVPN protocol, which is the best protocol for torrenting. It provides a great balance of speed and security, which serves torrenting well.
  • AES-256 bit encryption The strongest level of encryption that scrambles your data. When your data is scrambled, it becomes impenetrable and unreadable to third parties.
  • DNS leak protection A DNS leak will accidentally expose your browsing activity to third parties, so this feature prevents that from happening.
  • Split Tunneling This lets you choose the apps that use and dont use your VPN connection. Its not necessary but handy if you want to keep some sites on your real IP when torrenting.

What Is Torrenting And The Role Of VPN

Now get the answer to What is Torrenting and how does VPN works?

Torrenting means downloading files from different devices or web pages. Lots of people are uploading or downloading files or content through the internet. This means it is a peer-to-peer file-sharing connection because multiple people get involved. So, users can download files with any site and even upload or share with another one. Torrenting saves time and improves the knowledge of the user to get different content. They do not have to depend on a single web page to get the information.

Role Of VPN?

The main role of Torrenting with VPN is to keep secure from ISP or web user. It hides your identity and keeps you anonymous while Torrenting any type of content.

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What Is A Cloud Torrent Service

A cloud torrent service is like a friend who does the actual torrenting for you. But instead of going round to their house to transfer the torrented content onto a USB stick when the download is complete, you simply transfer or stream it from a remote server to your iPhone or iPad using regular HTTP.

Cloud torrent services usually work inside your browser, although it is interesting to note that Apple does allow some cloud torrent apps into the App Store.

There are numerous cloud services, most of which work in more or less the same way. These include,, and Zbigz, but there are many more.

For Great Budget Deals Private Internet Access

The Best VPN For Torrenting: Download Torrents Safely & Anonymously

Its safe to have a VPN but of course, we still consider the best deals we could find. If youre looking for something that wont bore a hole in your pockets, Private Internet Access can give you services that are worth your budget.

Block all unwanted connections, leaks, and exposure, and defend yourself from any kind of data monitoring. You can also have unrestricted Internet services based in the US, UK, NL, CA, Romania, Germany, France, Sweden, and Switzerland for a fair price of $39.95 per year. Thats just less than $3 per month and you can get your two months for free!

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How Do VPNs Hide My Torrenting

Its true that;VPNs hide your sensitive information;both;from your Internet provider;and any third party. With that said, your torrenting activities are hidden in the following way:

  • Step #1:;You need to set up your VPN on your device. In most cases, youll interact with your VPN through a dedicated application. To learn more, heres how that is done on;Windows,;macOS,;Linux, iOS/iPadOS, and;Android.
  • Step #2:;You connect to a server thats optimized for torrenting. Keep in mind that not all VPNs offer such servers. So, double-check that the server you plan to use supports P2P. Also, double-check if your VPN allows P2P traffic as well.;
  • Step #3:;As soon as you connect, all your incoming and outgoing data becomes;encrypted;. At the moment, the best protocol to use for torrenting would be;OpenVPN .;
  • Step #4:;With your VPN session active, you can download P2P files using your;favorite torrent client. Keep your VPN session alive as long as your torrent client downloads or uploads files.;
  • Step #5:;Once youre done, stop any pending P2P transfers using your torrent client. Then, exit the torrent client. When you do that, feel free to disconnect from your VPN.

To take a deeper look at the above-explained procedure, first read our guide on;VPN services. And then, heres our in-depth guide on;how VPN services work.

Is A Free Download Good Enough For Torrenting

In a word…no. There are some genuinely excellent free VPN downloads out there that function perfectly well for letting you check emails on public Wi-Fi and basic IP spoofing. But they tend to limit the data you use and throttle internet speed. So for torrenting, it pays to grab a premium version like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

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What Are The Dangers Of Torrents

Torrenting is a great way of downloading the files you need, but its not without its risks. From unwittingly downloading malware to opening yourself up to hackers, there are a selection of dangers associated with torrents.

You can protect yourself from a lot of these dangers by using a VPN, but its important to know what youre protecting yourself from.

Lets take a look at some of the main risks that can come with downloading torrents.

If you fall victim to any of the above issues, it could have a serious impact on your life. Luckily, VPNs solve all of these issues. From hiding your IP address to concealing your online activity from your ISP to shoring up your security, with a VPN, you really can torrent safely.

Ip Addresses And A Socks5 Proxy

How does a VPN work?

IPVanish operates over 40,000 individual IP addresses, all of which allow torrenting. You shouldnt have any performance issues due to congestion, and no trouble remaining anonymous.

IPVanish has torrenting servers in six continents.

You can also use IPVanish on all popular devices, including routers.

Therefore, you can download media from your desktop, smartphone, tablet or even TV. IPVanish is also the top-rated VPN for Kodi, Fire TV Stick, and several other platforms.

IPVanishs native VPN apps may not look as nice as ExpressVPNs or NordVPNs, but they are easy to use nonetheless.

If you dont want to use the full VPN software, theres also a SOCKS5 proxy you can torrent with.

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Dns Leak Protection And No User Logs Whatsoever

Testing IPVanish for torrenting, we measured an average bitrate of 15.6MiB/s, which is exceptionally good. This works out as a speed loss of less than 7% one of the best results weve seen.

Its a true zero-logs VPN service with security features such as AES-256 encryption, traffic obfuscation, DNS leak protection and the ability to manually configure your DNS settings.

Sadly, IPVanish does not support port forwarding, so choose a different service like PrivateVPN if you want to seed files.

The Netherlands Shares Works Of Art

The Netherlands has an interesting approach making it even more difficult to understand is torrenting illegal or not. The country decided to allow anyone to use torrenting to share works of art. People are allowed to torrent artworks for personal use .

However, this law does not apply to other things such as software.

The Dutch are allowed to . So the next time you are in the Netherlands, remember that it is illegal to upload anything using a torrent. But, you can simply download torrents from other countries. What is quite confusing is the way the Dutch authorities defined art. Arent movies, music and books also works of art?

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Cyberghost Speed Test Data


Money-back guarantee:;30 DAYS

When it comes to the sheer number of servers to choose from, its tough to beat IPVanish. One of the most popular VPNs worldwide, IPVanish takes privacy very seriously and has been built with torrenting in mind. It creates no logs, not even the connection logs used for troubleshooting like ExpressVPN. L2TP and OpenVPN protocols both use 256-bit encryption. IPVanish uses shared IP addresses, and even has a built-in feature that lets users switch IPs periodically, such as every 60 minutes.

Speeds are good and bandwidth is unlimited. IPVanish specifically designates certain countries as P2P-friendly, such as the Netherlands . A kill switch can be enabled in the settings. IPVanish is particularly popular with Kodi users thanks to its lightweight Android app and compatibility with all the Kodi addons weve tested.

Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Whats The Best VPN For Torrenting According To Reddit

Best VPN for BitTorrent in 2021 â;ï¸? Torrent Like a Pro â;ï¸? Torrenting Tutorial

Reddit users often debate which VPNs are good for torrenting. Its normal to see multiple threads pop up each day on r/VPNTorrents where people discuss different VPNs. Overall, Reddit is a good place to find relatively objective opinions.

We already have an article about this topic. If youre in a rush, heres a quick list of the top torrenting VPNs recommended by Reddit:

  • AirVPN
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    Can I Go To Jail For Torrenting In The Us

    If you arent doing anything illegal, theres no need to worry about jail time. However, just visiting these sites can look suspicious to your ISP. Whats more, if you download something protected by copyright law, it could result in heavy fines or even jail.

    I recommend researching your local law, torrenting sites, and files to avoid accidentally downloading something illegally. Additionally, you should always use a top-tier VPN with robust security features. This way, you wont be flagged for simply visiting torrenting sites.

    Can You Use A VPN For Torrenting

    Yes! Using a VPN for Torrenting will ensure that your identity is protected from anyone downloading the same torrent as you. Anyone monitoring a torrent will only see the IP address of the VPN server not your real IP address. Similarly, your ISP will not be able to see what you’re downloading or block you from accessing torrent sites. Be sure to check that your VPN allows torrenting , however. You could get in trouble, otherwise! It pays to double-check that your VPN provider is happy for you to torrent, as some services will only permit torrenting on selected servers in locations where they are less likely to be hassled by copyright holders.

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    What Is The Best Torrenting Client

    The best torrenting clients are uTorrent and qBittorent. Both of them are compatible with most of the major operating systems, are easy to use, ensure high levels of security and trustworthiness, and have unique features. All of this improves your torrenting experience. Best of all, theyre both free. To protect your personal data while downloading, make sure to use one of the VPNs on this list, which are all compatible with uTorrent and qBittorrent.

    Totally Optimized And Unrestricted Torrenting

    What is Torrenting? How Torrenting Works?

    AirVPN has a data neutrality policy that torrenters will find encouraging:

    P2P is allowed, as well as any other protocol. Currently P2P is a set of the most efficient protocols to share and access information on the Internet. We do not discriminate against any protocol.

    This means AirVPN doesnt restrict P2P activity on any of its servers and users can pick between any of its 22 country locations.

    AirVPNs server select menu is relatively complicated.

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    Private Internet Access Huge P2p Server Network

    You can torrent using all clients on all PIA servers all 30,000+ of them. This is one of the only VPNs that lets you torrent on so many servers. PIA also allows seeding, though theres a chance it will only work if port forwarding is enabled .

    PIAs download speeds tend to be slow on remote servers, but theyre pretty fast on nearby servers. Thanks to their huge network, its easy to find a server thats close to your location . Whats more, PIA lets you use WireGuard instead of OpenVPN, it offers split-tunneling and unlimited bandwidth, and it provides a SOCKS5 proxy connection. So you can easily boost your speeds.

    VPN Server Location
    550 KiB/s 9 hours

    PIA secures your traffic with powerful encryption and RAM-only servers . This provider doesnt keep any logs, and there are legal court documents that prove this is a no-log VPN. Whats more, PIA open-sourced its software so anyone can audit their code.

    Theres a flexible kill switch that prevents traffic leaks. You can configure it to only trigger if the VPN connection drops on its own, or if youre not connected to a PIA server. This VPN also offers full protection against DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks. Even better, theres an ad blocker that gets rid of some annoying ads and keeps you safe from fake phishing sites.

    Want To Try The Top VPN Risk Free

    NordVPN is offering a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. You can use our #1 VPN for torrenting with no restrictions for a full monthgreat if you want to try its P2P-optimized servers first-hand.

    There are no hidden termsjust contact support within 30 days if you decide NordVPN isn’t right for you and you’ll receive a full refund. Start your NordVPN trial here.

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