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How Does Windscribe VPN Work

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No Logging Policy Audit

Windscribe VPN Free Internet Test: Does it Work?

Transparency reports are always welcome, but we want to see an independent external audit of Windscribes traffic logging practices.

The company claims that it only stores connection information in the servers RAM, and that that information is lost by design whenever a session ends.

Beyond this, it claims, since no browsing history, timestamps, or IP addresses are stored, it would be impossible for Windscribe to hand over information to companies or governments.

We only have Windscribes word that it doesnt log more .

Without an audit, or any concrete evidence, Windscribes claim that exactly zero requests were complied with due to lack of relevant data cant be verified.

What Streaming Services Can I Access With Windscribe

If you want to use Windscribe for streaming purposes, then you should know that it works well with several top streaming platforms. However, there are some platforms that are still blocked. You will be able to unblock streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and BBC iPlayer for buffer-free streaming.

The streaming services that do work will work really well as Windscribe has a proprietary spoofing technology that is called location warp, which works to help mask your IP address. This means that you will be able to access geo restricted streaming platforms.

This VPN service will work on multiple devices, like your laptop, tablet, and phone. It can even be used with your smart TV if you download the relevant app from the Amazon store. The only issue that has been found so far is that the videos take a little bit longer to load than they otherwise would if you were not using the VPN.

However, with that being said, the streaming quality shouldnt be less than HD, and with the various testing that has been done on the VPN by users, buffering is not very common at all. You will be able to unblock Netflix and libraries in 5 different countries. You will also be able to do so in HD without any buffering. All of the shows that you choose to watch will load almost instantly.

Windscribe Not Working Try These Steps

VPNs can sometimes run into technical problems, but they are fairly simple to resolve. If youre having trouble getting Windscribe to work, one of the following tips should fix your issue.

  • Restart Windscribe

    Restarting the Windscribe app on your device will often fix the issue. Disconnect Windscribe if its connected and quit the app. Launch the Windscribe app again and connect to a server. If youve installed Windscribe on your router, youll need to restart the router.

  • Switch Servers

    If restarting doesnt help, head over to Windscribes location status page and check if the server youre connecting to is overloaded. If it is, consider using a different server. The Windscribe app has a long list of servers especially in the U.S. that you can choose from.

  • Clear Cache and Cookies

    On the off chance that neither of the previous two fixes work, try clearing your browsers cache and cookies. The process differs among browsers but you can see our guide on how to clear cookies.

  • Contact Windscribe Customer Support

    Hopefully, it wont come to this. As a last resort, though, you can contact Winscribe customer support and get their guidance on how to get Windscribe to work again. Talk to Garry or submit a ticket from Windscribes support page and you should hear back from a representative soon.

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    Is Windscribe A Good VPN For Torrenting

    Windscribe is an all-around VPN service that supports the P2P activities of its users in the right way. It is one of the fastest VPNs I have tested so far. You can choose its highly optimized servers to conduct your torrenting tasks securely. These servers empower the netizens to download torrents without government agencies meddling in between. Owing to these features, it is one of the few VPNs that work in Germany for P2P file sharing.

    Apart from this, Windscribe works quite well with uTorrent, a famous BitTorrent client. You can explore an exclusive uTorrent setup guide from the official website. It is also a popular VPN for South Korea especially when it comes to P2P file sharing.

    Likewise, Windscribe also supports another free source and cross-platform BitTorrent client, qBitTorrent, and offers a dedicated qBitTorrent setup guide. It is also one of the few VPNs that work in the UK for torrenting.

    To read more about it in detail, check out our guide on using Windscribe for torrents.

    Best Alternative to Windscribe

    Windscribe Subscription Plans And Pricing

    Windscribe VPN Product Listing

    Windscribes free plan isnt on their pricing table, but its worth checking out.

    You may have noticed that the free plan I gushed about when I went hands-on and reviewed Windscribe has gone AWOL from their pricing table. Heres a bit of insider information: Windscribes default account is free. To start using it, just download the Windscribe app . Youll be prompted to sign up and log in. Once you do, you can keep using your free account until you hit your monthly data cap.

    That free plan is definitely worth looking into, by the way. Unlike Hotspot Shields free plan, which throttles your speed to a measly 2 Mbps, Windscribes free plan is generous with unlimited speed and 2 GB of data per month .

    FYI: While Hotspot Shields free plan isnt so hot, I tested their premium plan and enjoyed blazing-fast speeds. Read more about Hotspots options in our Hotspot Shield pricing guide.

    Windscribe also offers an attractive à la carte plan . This isnt something Ive ever seen before, but if you dont need a huge server selection, you might consider it. Each location you add to your à la carte plan costs a buck per month and comes with 10 GB of data.

    But heres the interesting part. For a flat $1 per month more, you can get unlimited data. So, hypothetically, for $2 you could have an incredibly powerful VPN with unlimited simultaneous connections and data, and all the malware protection you can use.

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    Four Windscribe Special Features You Might Like

    Getting to the bottom of all of Windscribes special features would take an advanced degree in VPN Science. Im going to stick to the everyday features and leave the rainy day features, like Wi-Fi Hotspot , for a day when weve got a few hours to kill scouring Windscribe on Reddit. These options are the same across all Windscribes apps.

    Virtual Router On Macos

    If you own a macOS computer, you can also easily create a virtual VPN hotspot too. But before you get started, plug in an ethernet cable into your macOS computer and then follow the steps listed below:

  • First, located in the top left corner
  • Next,
  • Now, select Network
  • Click on the + icon at the bottom left corner
  • Now where it says Interface, choose VPN
  • As for VPN type choose IKEv2
  • For the Service name type in any network name
  • Next, copy and paste in the US server address Remote ID
  • Next, click on Authentication settings
  • Click on Username and Password of your VPN account.
  • Now, click on Ok, then click Advanced
  • Next, click on Send all traffic over VPN connection and then click Ok
  • Click on Apply and then Connect
  • Now, again click on the Apple logo and go to System preferences
  • Next, select Sharing
  • Tick mark the box that says Internet sharing
  • Now, choose Wi-Fi > Network name and type in the network name as Channel: , Security as WPA2 Personal, and for Password, type in your chosen password. Now where it says Verify type in the password again
  • Finally, click on Ok to finish the process
  • Thats it, youre all done. If you followed all the steps properly but are still encountering connectivity issues for some reason with Windscribe, make sure to check out our Windscribe not working guide for easy fixes.

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    Does Windscribe Work With Roku

    Yes, Windscribe works on Roku devices. However, in order to get the two of them to work together, you will need to either set up Windscribe on your physical router or use your computer to provide a VPN connection to your Roku device.

    While were specifically talking about using Windscribe, do keep in mind that youre not going to be able to bypass strict geo-blocks imposed by Roku with just any random VPN service that you may find online.

    Since Windscribe offers servers that work with torrenting and powerful features that can trample all sorts of geo-restrictions, it is one of the best VPN any Roku owner can get. Just check out our Windscribe review.

    Anyways, now that you know that Windscribe works with Roku, lets check out how you can set it up on your Roku device for restriction-free streaming.

    Using Windscribe With Tor

    Windscribe VPN Free Internet Test: Does it Work?

    If you are worried about your communication being surveilled by a government, employer or corporation, or you are looking to overcome censorship at any level , Tor can be a very useful tool.

    How your data passes through the Tor network.

    It works by routing your traffic through three random servers, giving you total anonymity even from the Tor network itself.

    Windscribe doesnt have explicit Tor compatibility, but a basic Tor over VPN setup where you open the Tor browser on a computer is possible.

    This comes with two benefits:

    • Your ISP or network manager wont be able to see youre accessing the Tor network, potentially helping you get around any government, workplace or campus bans
    • Were anything to go wrong with the Tor network, it would be Windscribes IP that would be exposed, not your own

    But it also has some downsides namely that using Tor with a VPN is not as totally anonymous as using it alone.

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    Should You Get Windscribe

    You should get Windscribe VPN, at least its free version. After all, its among the best free VPNs, and it isnt going anywhere. Its 10 GB/month data limit is generous, and the server selection is much better than most competitors can offer.

    As to whether you should pay for Windscribe, which has only been around for several years, well, I believe it has great potential to climb up the ladder. My only major gripes with this service are the lack of live chat support, the disappointing refund policy, and the somewhat lackluster streaming options.

    Heres what you can expect from the premium Windscribe plan:

    • Military-grade encryption
    • Apps for all major platforms
    • Unlimited devices

    All things considered, I can recommend Windscribe for those who want privacy without sacrificing speed. This VPN can be a great choice for gamers, travelers, and torrenting fans. Most importantly, its free version will let you test almost all features first without committing too early.

    What Is Windscribe VPN

    Windscribe is a relatively young Internet security and privacy company located in Ontario, Canada. Since its inception in April 2016, Windscribe has accumulated millions of users worldwide and received praise from trusted publications like Techradar, CNET, and Lifehacker.

    In addition to its paid subscriptions, Windscribe offers a user-friendly free version, which helps VPN newbies enjoy a safer internet experience without spending a dime. Like any other VPN, Windscribe has its positives and negatives. Keep on reading our review to find out more!

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    Creating Your Windscribe VPN Account

    It says something about Windscribe that the most prominent link on their website leads to software, not a payment screen. The message is loud and clear: try this stuff out and worry about the rest later.

    The rest wasnt much actually. When it was time to sign up and pay for my pro account, Windscribe was pretty hands-off. They didnt even make me give them an email, though they warned me that if I lost my password or username, I was going to be in trouble.

    You dont even need to give Windscribe VPN an email when you create your account. Nice.

    One other thing Windscribe didnt do is tell me about their awesome free plan. But, technically speaking, if I wanted, I could have downloaded the Windscribe app, logged in with just my username, and gotten started with 2 GB of free data per month .

    Interestingly, besides that data limit, Windscribes free plan includes everything Im getting with the Pro plan. Compare that to ProtonVPNs limited basic plan or Hotspot Shields molasses-slow free plan. So tempting, yes, but to really see how Windscribe handled heavy loads, I needed unlimited data, so I signed up for a month of the Pro plan for $9.

    Thankfully, paying for Windscribe VPN was completely straightforward, and I had plenty of payment options: credit card, Paypal, crypto, or Paymentwall, the SF-based payments platform. I paid by card, noting that my subscription was on automatic renewal.

    Windscribe VPN gives you plenty of payment options.

    Windscribe Pros And Cons

    VPN Encryption Guide
    • No Kill Switch on Mac
    • Some Features Only Available on Specific Platforms
    • User Interface Sometimes Sluggish

    FYI: VPNs can be a little confusing. We get it youre not a computer scientist. Thats why weve written a guide to VPNs where youll learn all about the ins and outs of these vitally-important digital privacy services.

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    What Does The Browser Extension Do

    The browser extension provides a “Lite” VPN client, which does the same thing as the desktop one, but only in your browser. Any other applications you may be using on your computer will utilize your ISP provided IP address.Additionally it blocks thousands of ad beacons and trackers that could follow you across the websites you visit, and compromise your privacy even if you are already using a VPN. It also blocks various “social widgets”, such as Facebook Like buttons, Twitter badges, etc, which are embedded into millions of websites and report all your activity to their respective companies. It also rotates your user agent , which further scrambles your online activities in the eyes of whoever is watching.

    How Do I Start Windscribe

  • Google Play has the StrongSwan Client installed.
  • Using StrongSwan will require rictus to use to authenticate in the StrongSwan app .
  • To add a VPN profile, click Add VPN Profile..
  • Fill in the Server address, username, and password provided on the Profile Generator.
  • Show Advanced Settings will pop up.
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    Free Plan With 10 Gb Data/month

    The last pro we will examine in this review is Windscribes free plan. Windscribe offers a free plan with the following restrictions:

    • Only 10 GB of data allowed per month
    • The ROBERT feature only includes the Malware filter list
    • Limited number of servers

    On a positive note, Windscribe does give you a few different ways to increase your bandwidth allowance, including through promotional tweets and inviting friends.

    While I generally do not recommend free VPN services, this may not be a bad option if you dont need very much data. This is arguably the best free VPN with a free plan at 10 GB, while most others have a smaller data limit.

    Does Windscribe Work In China

    Windscribe VPN Free Internet Test: Does it Work?

    I wasnt able to find the answer to that on Windscribes website, so I contacted its Support department and asked them. The answer I got was that Windscribe should work from anywhere.

    My colleague, Paul Bischoff, produced an in-depth article in which he tests over 50 VPN providers to see if they work in China. Windscribe is on the list, and most servers were up and working from China. Good stuff. If connecting from China is important for you, I recommend reading his full article.

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    Windscribe VPN: Unusual Pricing Plan Lets You Add Servers One By One

    Its almost jarring to discover that Windscribe uses such an unusual pricing model. No other VPN provider weve found offers a free plan as the base offering and then lets you add servers one by one for $1 each.

    Adding servers means you can connect faster and more reliably, especially if you travel overseas. You can mix and match the servers you need. For users in the U.S., the free version forces you to connect to a server in Canada unless you pay for U.S. access.

    Does Windscribe Allow Torrenting

    Its totally possible to use Windscribe VPN for torrenting, but there are a few server locations with a crossed-out P2P icon.

    As you can see, Windscribe doesnt allow using South African,Indian, and Russian servers for torrenting. As a sidenote, be sure to avoid the VPN servers offered to free users. You can imagine how overcrowded and thus unsuitable for large file transfers those are.

    Windscribe VPN offers a free SOCKS5 proxy connection, as well as a handy Split Tunneling feature. Unfortunately, the latter is Android-only. You can also get port forwarding, but only if you buy a static IP for $2/month.

    With the Always-on Firewall that also acts as a kill switch, you should be safe from your ISP. At the same time, the speeds should be excellent if you use the WireGuard tunneling protocol.

    So, is Windscribe good for torrenting? Id say that its better than any VPN that doesnt offer WireGuard, but clearly, there are better options for P2P.

    Note: Before using any VPN for torrenting, consider that copyright infringement may have severe consequences in your country.

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    Using Windscribe VPN On Your Laptop Or Desktop

    As far as I know, no VPN app has ever taken home a Webby Award for design excellence. Windscribes blocky Transformers aesthetic is a case in point. Behind the 80s robot vibe, though, Windscribes app is really smooth with a handy slide-out hamburger menu for the desktop app , not an awkward preferences tab. Whatever points Windscribe lost for looking like Megatrons smartwatch, they earn back for this bit of functionality.

    You cant miss the connect button on Windscribes desktop client

    Speaking of functionality

    I just want to make this very clear up front. Using Windscribe on my desktop and phone was a piece of cake. I just clicked on locations, found one I liked, and then chose a city: Denver Hops. I could have chosen Seattle Cobain, Dallas BBQ, or LA Dogg and for that Im giving Windscribe another two points because very few VPNs have a sense of humor about their servers.

    After that, I just pressed the big green power button. In seconds, I was browsing safely and anonymously with Windscribe.

    If all youre looking for is a private internet connection, you can do the same. Though, as your expert VPN guide, Id really recommend making the following two basic tweaks I made before I connected.

    First off, I toggled on auto-connect so I wouldnt have to manually connect if my VPN connection dropped. I also said yes to notifications and left location order by country, not latency.

    Windscribes general features are easy to get to.

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