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How Good Is Dashlane VPN

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How Does Dashlane Hold Up Against The Competition

DASHLANE VPN TEST & REVIEW 2022 ð¡ï¸? : Why You Should Maybe Avoid This VPN â?ð

So weve brought you through everything we love and hate about Dashlane. Its a damn good password manager with very little faults, but how does it compare against the other players in the industry?

Lets take a quick look.

  • ValueDashlane is easily the most expensive password manager weve tried, and NordPasss updated its pricing structure in recent years and now happens to be one of the best in value! In fact, NordPasss family plan which gives you 5 user accounts costs the same as one single Dashlane Premium plan! That said, value is of course subjective and Dashlane is a fantastic product for anyone whos willing to pay a little more. Personally, well have to say that NordPass offers more value here.
  • UseabilityA program is only as good as its UI, and both password managers have excellent UI designers. They are both designed to make the user feel welcomed, starting from the onboarding process to actually using the program. Both password managers perform equally well in this department.
  • Dashlane: Setup And Desktop Use

    Signing up for Dashlane is slightly odd. The service asks for an email address, requires you to enter it a second time if you dont already have a Dashlane account, then prompts you to install a browser extension. Only after I installed the extension was I prompted to create a master password thats used in conjunction with one-time passwords sent to my email address to access my account. Normally I would expect to be prompted to set a password right away.

    Getting started on iOS was similarly odd. After entering my email address, Dashlane sent a one-time password used to add the device to my account. I couldnt access the information Id saved to the password manager, however, until I entered the master password. It seems strange to pair a device with the account before a master password has been provided, but perhaps thats supposed to make it easier for people to tell when someones trying to access their accounts.

    After everything is up and running, Dashlane prompts you to save your first password. It doesnt ask you to add the password manually however, it requires you to visit the website in question and then enter your account information so the extension can offer to save it. This was a somewhat vexing process because I was already signed in to all of the services that Dashlane expects people to add first. That meant I needed to visit the site, sign out, enter my account details, and then wait for Dashlane to ask to save the information.

    Setup And Installation Of Dashlane

    To use Dashlane, you have to install both the desktop client and the browser extension. The process is effortless, as the desktop app will take you to the extension page automatically. You can either create your account through Dashlanes website or do it through the app.

    When it comes to the user interface, Dashlane has all of the elements youll need in one place. The UI is clean and easy to navigate, with a big menu at the left and the content at the right.

    The web interface is equally clean and modern-looking, making the whole experience a real pleasure for neat freaks.

    Upon installation, Dashlane will import all passwords stored in your browser. There is also the option to import Dashlane passwords to another similar application if you choose to change apps. It also allows importing passwords from some of its competitors. Furthermore, Dashlane will ask you to type your autofill credentials if you want the app to take care of filling forms as well as managing passwords.

    If youre logging on to a website for the first time, the password generator will show up just beneath the password field. In case you have multiple credentials, a pop-up menu will appear instead. Some sites may have layouts that are unrecognizable by Dashlane. While being somewhat rare, there are other apps that circumvent this by asking you to save all data fields like RoboForm, or Keeper.

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    Dashlane Review: Dissecting The Password Manager For Safety Functionality And Performance

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    This detailed Dashlane review shares insights about the performance, functionality of this advanced password manager.

    Dashlane is a popular tool for password management among users, garnering good customer reviews. Thanks to its impressive features and performance, Dashlane often appears among the best password managers available today.

    In essence, Dashlane offers end-to-end encryption to protect users data. Plus, it has a broad selection of features that make it a high-security option. It also includes more helpful features than any other product in the market. So even if you go by price alone, youll notice it offers better value for your money than any other option.

    But does this all suffice to make this tool worth using? Lets learn all about this password manager through this unbiased review of Dashlane.

    Dashlane Review: What Do You Get For The Money

    Dashlane password manager adds VPN protection for total online security ...

    You can use Dashlane for free, with form-filling, password sharing and two-factor authentication all enabled. In fact, for the first 30 days you get almost all of the features of a paid-for Premium subscription. After that, though, free users are limited to storing 50 passwords, and only accessing them from a single device. Most people will need more.

    To keep the Premium service going costs $40 a year , or $4 a month for commitment-phobes. This unlocks unlimited devices and passwords, up to a maximum total size of 1GB, and adds dark web monitoring and Dashlanes built-in VPN.

    For multiple users you can step up to the Family plan, which costs $60 a year around £43 and extends the Premium service to up to six people. Aside from being cheaper than individual licences, a Family subscription allows members to freely share credentials among themselves.

    Get Dashlane now

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    Dashlane VPN As Part Of Dashlane Apps

    Dashlane is not a standalone VPN, and youll need to use its password management app to gain access to this service. To achieve the advanced VPN features, youll need to subscribe to the premium plan, which comes with unlimited bandwidth and no connection limits for devices.

    Dashlane uses HotSpot Shield as its VPN provider, which has a reputation as one of the fastest providers available. Depending on the servers you connect to using the Dashlane app, youre likely to see slightly different speeds.

    Dashlane also doesnt place many restrictions on how you use the VPN and password manager so you can access your passwords as often as you wish and use the VPN for unlimited devices and content. To securely load your passwords into the Dashlane app, you can import them from your browser or another competing service and specify details for each entry.

    Maybe An Advanced Search

    I was trying to filter out duplicates and each time I delete something on the desktop app it will go back to the main view of the passwords. For example, Im under Google, after I delete an account it will go back to the letter A.

    And when I search it will only search either email or site. If I enter my email all sites with that email will show up and vice versa.

    I think it would be best if we can filter with matching sites and email.

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    Dashlane Review: Does It Have Any Other Notable Features

    Dashlanes built-in VPN provided by Hotspot Shield is a valuable privacy upgrade if youre a regular user of public Wi-Fi. You can also use it to spoof your location, with exit nodes in 26 countries including Australia, France, Germany, India, Russia and the US, and theres no usage limit whatsoever.

    Considering a regular Hotspot Shield subscription costs £60 a year on its own, this makes Dashlane look like an amazing bargain. However, the Dashlane implementation is very rudimentary, with no option to automatically reconnect or freeze internet activity if the VPN connection is lost.

    Performance is also a bit of a crapshoot. The first time I tried connecting via the US I got download speeds of a dismal 3Mbits/sec turning the VPN off and on again gave me a much smoother 35Mbits/sec. Still, for the price I cant complain too much.

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    Which One Has Better Mobile Apps

    Dashlane VPN Protection For When You Are On A Public WiFi Network

    Its close, but Dashlane has slightly better mobile apps. Dashlane is currently ranked #2 on our list of the best Android and iOS password manager apps in 2022 .

    But LastPass is well known for its ease of use, and it has some of the most full-featured and intuitive mobile apps of any other password manager out there .

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    Nordpass Vs Dashlane Which One Wins

    NordPass and Dashlane are both listed as the best password managers that are currently available on the market. Although they provide similarly useful functionalities, NordPass offers slightly more in almost every category: you get a little bit cheaper pricing plans, more import options, and full compatibility with every device.


    However, dont underestimate Dashlane, as its also a very strong candidate if you seek a reliable password manager with amazing extra features. It has an in-built VPN, a unique password changer feature, and strong security to help you manage your sensitive data.

    So, keep in mind that were comparing top-notch tools and the indicated differences doesnt make the product overall useless. In fact, Dashlane is a very feature-rich product which you should try if you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars.

    Does Dashlane Have More Security Than Lastpass

    Both Dashlane and LastPass have extremely high security. In terms of security features, both Dashlane and LastPass have 256-bit AES encryption, 2FA, zero-knowledge architecture, and biometric scanning .

    That said, LastPass did suffer a couple of data breaches in the past, but its important to know that no passwords or data were exposed. I ultimately chose Dashlane as the winner in Securitydue to its spotless history, but LastPass will also keep your passwords, your identity, and your data safe .

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    Dashlane For Android And Ios

    Both the Android and iOS editions support auto-login for apps and websites. You can also use biometric logins to access your account on Android and iOS devices. We tested the experience using an iPhone 12 Mini running iOS 15.4.

    When you first set up Dashlane on a new mobile device, you need to enter your email, a code that Dashlane sends to your account email, and then your master password. We had no trouble signing into our account.

    The iOS app has a sleek, bright interface thats easy to navigate. We didnt experience any performance issues or lags during testing.

    The app offers much of the functionality of the web experience, but in testing, it did not capture passwords as we logged in. One the iPhone app, there’s a circular plus button in the top-right corner for quickly adding new vault entries. The Home page shows all your recently used items and the full list of your vault items and all Dashlanes tools and features are accessible via the bottom toolbar menu. In the app settings, you can change the application lock and manage your subscription.

    Previously, the mobile app could act as an authenticator for websites that use multi-factor authentication. Unfortunately, that feature was eliminated when the development team redesigned the apps. We would like to see an authenticator added back to the mobile apps in the future.

    Macos And Windows Applications

    Dashlane Premium

    You can finish the rest of the tasks on the local application like adding Dashlane extension to browser, downloading the mobile app. Here you have the option of upgrading your account from free plan to the paid or premium one.

    Using Dashlane is like a walk in the park. It has many filtering options which allows you to see the entries in the form of a list or in the form of block tiles. You can categorize them or alphabetize them. It also sets categories automatically while importing passwords and it was impressive.

    You can edit any of the passwords that got imported You can even see the password history. There is a lot of information available on the entry page. You can add a secondary login, add a note, rename the entry, categorize the password and you can do much more. For every entry, you can see a rating for your password, it also tells the number of times a password has been reused in your vault.

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    How Strong Are Your Passwords

    Getting all your passwords into Dashlane is a great first step, but you can’t stop there. You need to clean up your passwords, fix any that are weak, and replace any that you’ve used on multiple sites. Don’t worry Dashlane makes this process extremely simple. Click the Password Health item on Dashlane’s left-rail menu for a quick percentage rating of your security level, much like what you get with the Security Challenge in LastPass.

    Below the percentage health score, Dashlane offers lists of Compromised, Reused, and Weak passwords. There’s also a list of passwords you’ve excluded from the health rating and a toggle to only show critical accounts .

    Dashlane offers a list of all your passwords, with a safety percentage as well as a color-coded description. Fixing weak and reused passwords can be a tough slog, but don’t let that stop you. Pick the worst five or six and work from there.

    Dashlane can also update passwords automatically. Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault doesn’t attempt fully automated password changing, because doing so would compromise the company’s zero-knowledge policy. Both Dashlane and Keeper offer to update and save a new password with a single click when they detect a typical password-change page.

    Getting Started With Dashlane

    Most users simply download the Dashlane app from the company website. This is exceptionally easy to do, as the applicable extensions are automatically installed on every available browser on the device that has compatibility with the software. An email address and master password are all that is required to complete the setup process.

    It is extremely vital that you remember this master password. If you forget it, it is not possible to recover it. This means that you have to start the process over again from the beginning.

    Of course, Dashlane recommends that you choose a master password that features at least eight characters, so chose with care.

    If users have already used some sort of reliable password managers on their computer, then it may be possible for Dashlane to automatically import these data. For this reason, it may be valuable and efficient to use your computer rather than a mobile device for initial account setup.

    If you want to install Dashlane on additional devices, then Dashlane will send you an email with a unique security code for each device.

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    Going Back With My Storytelling

    After I seeing the article, I checked all apps on the app store that is similar to 1Password. It is a paid app so I have to look for a free or cheaper version of it. One familiar app came up and that is the Dashlane APP!

    It caught my attention because I have that app on my laptop before but I uninstalled it. I checked the reviews and it seemed to have a very good reputation everywhere. So I installed the app!

    To my surprise, the app subscription when done on iOS is just 49PHP a year! While on the android devices it is 88PHP per month. And 3.33 USD on Laptop.

    I thought if I would on either device the premium will be available only on one device but I was wrong. 49PHP a year covered all my devices. As per the notice there on the app store, the renewal price will be the same. So its really AWESOME!

    Netflix And Other Streaming Services

    How do I use Dashlaneâs VPN on my phone?

    You cant unblock Netflix using the Dashlane VPN. They even claim you cant on their website:

    Some websites offering to stream movies and series, such as Netflix or HULU, dont work if Dashlane VPN is activated.

    Needless to say, streaming is off the table with this VPN. If youre looking for ways to watch Netflix you may have better luck finding it on our best VPN for Netflix list.

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    Use Of VPN On Unlimited Devices

    The good news is that you can use Dashlanes VPN on any device on which you have installed the companys services.

    With the ability to install Dashlane on an unlimited number of devices, this means that you could potentially have a rudimentary VPN on every device that you might use for web surfing.

    Other than the benefit of being able to use the VPN on multiple devices, this is a pretty bare-bones service. There is no ability to configure your VPN protocol. Additionally, there is no kill switch.

    If your connection to the VPN is disrupted or otherwise becomes unexpectedly unavailable, your browsing session will not automatically end. This can be a major concern because the status of the connection does not display unless or until you click on the VPN menu.

    Leading 9 VPN Services

    After comprehensive scrutiny, we have created the leading 9 VPN solutions. Review each review to choose what suits you ideal. Is Dashlane VPN Good Review

    Our Ideal All-Round Selection- Express VPN > Get Free Trial HereOur winner for the best privacy options, rate, and unblocking of geo-restricted websites is Express VPN. Very close in the second area is NordVPN, the most popular name in the sector. NordVPN is a flawless performer when it involves safety and security and streaming of content. Discover even more about the various other 7 counterparts.

    Internet eliminate button . 10 simultaneous links.

    FatestVPN runs under the laws of Cayman. It is just one of the VPN services that have actually enhanced lately, offering even more areas, servers, and also also supports streaming solutions. And also the appearance is simply excellent particularly on Windows, in addition to an extremely simple interface. If you are trying to find good rate for daily usage, after that FastestVPN will certainly not let down.

    Pros. No bother with information retention laws or global security. Secures user identification with the kill button in instance of network interruptions. No log policy. Impressive speed on Windows and also Mac computer systems.

    Cons. The spilt-tunneling capability is limited so you can not be on an exclusive as well as public network concurrently when using Windows or Mac applications.


    Pros. A broad range of customer software program. A clear privacy policy.

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