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How Good Is Windscribe VPN

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Does Windscribe VPN Keep Logs

Windscribe VPN Review 2020 â Is it Good? Netflix & Torrent Speed Test

Windscribe is located in Canada, which is a member of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance. That is typically not something that privacy lovers like to see.

However, a VPN provider cant share data that it doesnt collect in the first place. The most important thing to look at is the VPNs privacy policy.

Windscribes privacy policy states that the VPN never collects usage data such as the websites that you visit while connected to the VPN.

The following types of information are never collected by Windscribe:

  • Historical record of VPN sessions
  • Sites you visited while connected to the VPN

This is what Windscribe does collect:

  • Total amount of bytes transferred in a 30 day period
  • Timestamp of your last activity on the Windscribe network

This data is collected to enforce the limitations of the free tier and to prevent abuse of the network.

Overall, this is a pretty standard privacy policy. I also like the fact that Windscribe makes an effort not to require you to give out any identifying information.

The only things you need to provide to create an account are a username and password.

You dont have to give Windscribe an email or any other type of contact information if you dont want to. To maximize your anonymity, Windscribe allows you to pay with Bitcoin.

Windscribe Works With Netflix Kind Of

That brings us to Netflix. Windscribe works wonderfully with the streaming giant, beating out PIA, ProtonVPN and VyprVPN in our best VPN for Netflix guide.

While testing, we tried free and paid servers with Netflix. The free Chicago server worked, as did multiple paid options, though Netflix blocked some. Overall, Windscribe usually breaks into Netflix, and each time we booted up Netflix, we were able to stream free of proxy errors.

Windscribe For Android And Ios

Windscribe mobile apps have a different design when compared to their desktop counterparts. They use a different palette and show the extended server list, starting with the best and the most popular ones before switching to the alphabetic order. There are also filters for your Favorites and Windflix streaming servers.

However, the differences between the Windscribe for Android and iOS versions become apparent when we delve deeper into the settings. Not only are there fewer features when compared to the desktop versions the iOS app barely has any of them!

As you can see on the right, Windscribe iOS users get the Firewall and the option to change the protocol or port. Meanwhile, Android users get the native Always-on VPN feature for a kill switch but are compensated with Split Tunneling and more.

The Android version of Windscribe lacks these features:

  • Firewall
  • Secure Hotspot
  • Proxy Gateway
  • WStunnel protocol

Despite lacking some features compared to the desktop versions, Windscribe for Android and iOS is safe to use.

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Windscribe: Plans And Pricing

Windscribe’s free plan offers a generous 10GB of data transfer a month if you register with your email address, 2GB if you don’t. You’re limited to eleven countries – North America, Europe and Hong Kong but that’s still far better than you’ll get with many free services .

Upgrading to a commercial plan gets you unlimited data, access to all 110 locations, and the ability to generate custom OpenVPN, IKEv2 and SOCKS5 configurations.

There are no annoying limits on simultaneous connections, either. You can set up and use the service wherever you like, as long as the devices are yours .

Prices are low. Monthly billing is only $9, for instance most VPNs charge $10-$13. Pay for a year upfront and the price plummets to an equivalent $4.08. That’s well below most VPN providers’ annual plans , although there are cheaper deals around. Private Internet Access’ annual plan is priced at $3.33, Surfsharks two-year plan is $2.49 for the first term, and as we write, Ivacy has a five-year deal priced at $1.33 a month. Sure, we don’t like long-term contracts either, but look at the totals. One year of Windscribe is $49, so after a year and a day you’ll have paid $98, while handing over $80 to Ivacy gets you coverage for five years.

Another option, ScribeForce, enables signing up a group of users with the same account. There’s a five-user minimum, but you’ll pay just $3 each, billed monthly, for access to the full and unrestricted service.

Security Is Windscribe Safe

Windscribe VPN review: A very good all

Windscribe is absolutely safe and secure to use. It offers a military-grade 256-bit cipher, including SHA512 authentication and a 4096-bit RSA key to encrypt all of your internet data so no one can intercept and read it. This is the same level of encryption a premium VPN provider uses.

It also uses advanced security features such as Forward Secrecy that generates new and unique encryption keys for your online traffic. The only difference between the free version and the paid version is that the free version has limitations.

According to this review, the provider has explained its logging policy in detail.

Note: We strongly recommend ExpressVPN considering its 100% no-log policy, enterprise-grade security, and safe jurisdiction, i.e., British Virgin Island.

We dont keep connection logs, IP timestamps, session logs, or monitor your activity. We store when you last used Windscribe as well as the total amount of bandwidth used in a 30 day period to enforce free tier limitations and prevent abuse.

In the grander scheme of things, Windscribe has done the right thing by describing its logging policy officially. If you want to know the logging policies of VPNs other than Windscribe, read this exclusive guide.

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Connecting Multiple Devices With One Account

Whether you are using the free service or a paid service, you have the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously to your VPN using a single account.

This is an amazing feature that is unique to Windscribe.

Most VPN services will only allow five or fewer simultaneous connections.

Windscribe is a great option if you have a large family or if you have a small business. With just one account, multiple individuals will be able to benefit from the service.

Disclaimer: Windscribe does not want you to share your VPN credentials with other people. They do investigate accounts that are connected to a ridiculous amount of devices at once. If youâre trying to scam the system , look elsewhere.

It doesnât seem like Windscribe cares if you keep it within your family. We get the feeling that they just donât want to see 100 devices on one account.

Windscribe Pro allows you to set up a VPN on your router. This protects every device in your network using one external connection.

Windscribe Pro has a VPN infrastructure in 63 countries and approximately 110 cities. You can check out the status of their servers on their status page.

Pricing Of Protonvpn And Windscribe

ProtonVPN is both a free and paid provider, however, we are only going to concentrate on the paid versions offered by the provider.

Three paid plans are offered, the Basic, Plus, and the Visionary.

The basic plan is the equivalent of $4 per month billed at $48 yearly. For this, you get access to servers in all countries, can use it on up to two devices, and torrent in safety.

The Plus plan is the equivalent of $8 per month, billed at $96 per year. You can access all servers, use the Plus and Tor servers, use the plan on up to five devices, torrent, enjoy secure streaming, and more.

The Visionary plan is the equivalent of $24 per month, billed at $288 per year. It offers servers in all countries, Plus servers, torrenting, up to ten devices, secure streaming, and ProtonMail Visionary.

Payment options include PayPal, credit/debit card, and Bitcoin.

Windscribe is also available in both a free and paid version. However, we are only looking into the paid plans.

There are three paid plans, monthly, yearly, and Build a plan.

All of the paid plans unlock more features than the free plan. This includes unlimited data, plus, access to 60 countries spread out in 110 cities and much more.

The first plan is the paid monthly option and this is billed at $9 per month. You gain access to everything listed above and much more.

The yearly plan is the equivalent of $4.08 per month and this is billed at $49 every year. Of course, the full range of features is included.

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How Good Are Windscribes Desktop Apps

The biggest change since our last review is probably the introduction of Windscribe 2.0 which brought with it the WireGuard protocol and a shiny new interface. However, it’s still much the same fare, with everything being contained in a compact window, with plenty going on behind the scenes.

It’s worth noting that Windscribe is one of the few providers to offer a back catalogue of previous versions, meaning that if the new update doesn’t play nicely with your machine, you can rewind and use the last stable version until whatever bug you had issues with is fixed.

When you access the default location list, you’ll see a list of countries. Click on each of these countries and you can expand the option to reveal available servers complete with humorous monikers like Tea and Crumpets for one of the London-based servers.

You can select countries to add to your Favourites list, and a clever latency marker shows you the quickest options in real time. If you enable locations, you’ll receive instant updates regarding status, connections, and changes, and you can sort your servers by name, location, or latency all good stuff. Plus, split tunneling allows you to select which apps route through the VPN, and which route through your regular connection, which is great for torrenting.

If your hardware allows it, you can even use the technology as a secure wireless hotspot or proxy gateway.

Is Windscribe Right For You Or Your Business

ð¥ Windscribe VPN Review : How Different and GOOD is it? ð¥

Windscribe will get the job done, possibly for free, for most of your personal VPN needs. Business needs are another story.

Windscribes Pro plan doesnt include robust features for small businesses. However, you can upgrade to a Teams plan for an additional $3 per seat, per month. This plan allows you to merge billing and manage multiple accounts from a single control panel. And if one user on the team has purchased a static IP address add-on, all users may access it.

Still, a dedicated IP address is a crucial feature for business- and work-related use. It allows you to reserve an IP address all to yourself instead of sharing one with countless other strangers.

And in this case, sharing isnt necessarily caring.

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Not All Of The 480+ Servers Are Active

Ok. Heres where the server discrepancy comes back into play.

According to official records, Windscribe has access to 480+ servers in over 50 countries.

Not bad.

Its nothing compared to the 2,000+ from ExpressVPN, the 3,200+ servers from Private Internet Access, or even the 5,200+ servers from NordVPN.

But a total server network count around ~500 is respectable. It means you should have plenty of options to easily find fast servers at a moments notice.

That is if theyre all available.

Which, for some strange reason, isnt the case with Windscribes servers.

Check it out:


That image is on their website.

It shows New Zealand as a server location. Yet zero out of zero servers are available.

So in reality, youre only getting access to a fraction of the servers being promoted.

This, in addition to the already-limited number available to mobile devices , make Windscribes server numbers seem unreliable at best, or an outright lie at worst.

Other Platforms For Windscribe VPN

Aside from the major platforms, Windscribe also has apps for Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, and Kodi .

There are options to manually configure this VPN for routers and NAS . You can even buy a pre-configured Windscribe router.

Since they provide a SOCKS5 proxy, you will find setup guides for uTorrent, Deluge, qBitttorrent, and Vuze torrent clients on the website.

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Does Windscribe Work With Netflix

When a person asks if the service works with Netflix, what they want to know is if Windscribe can .

Netflix and other streaming services have become very good at identifying VPNs and blocking VPN users.

When you visit the Windscribe homepage, it doesnât say anything about Netflix. This is surprising because most of the VPNs that are able to bypass Netflix or other streaming services Geo restriction of content plaster this all over their homepage.

Have no fear, thereâs more to the story.

We tried to connect to Netflix using Windscribeâs free service.

And we were greeted with the frustrating streaming error message you get with many VPNs on the market today.

However, it is a different story when you use the Pro version of this service. Windscribe has a âWindFlix Locationâ option that allows you access to Netflix US content without any problems.

It should be noted that Windscribe is able to unlock your restricted content from the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada.

Additional Windscribe Security Features

Windscribe VPN

During this review, I explored some unknown privacy advantages that include:

  • Static IP
  • Ad-blocker

Static IP

Windscribe offers an exclusive static or dedicated IP feature that allows you to secure your online transactions. Likewise, it helps you watch geo-restricted content at better streaming speeds. A handful of VPN services provide a static IP address to their users, and this Canadian VPN service is one of them.


The said feature allows you to combat malware and annoying ads, but you will need to create your Windscribe account to activate R.O.B.E.R.T on your devices first.

Internet Kill Switch

If Windscribe VPN disconnects for any reason, its impressive kill switch feature still safeguards your online activities by disconnecting your connection from the internet right away. Hence, you cannot leak your unprotected traffic to your ISP. Moreover, you can use its double-hop feature available in its Chrome browser extension.

Config Generators

You can generate OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SOCKS configurations on different devices of your choice through this benefit.

Port Forwarding

Before using the port forwarding feature, you have to purchase a static IP first. At present, Windscribe offers two types of static IPs. These are residential static IP and datacenter static IP. The former works quite well compared to data center static IP it uses a residential connection that helps block all sorts of blocks.

Flexible Connectivity

Cruise Control

Double Hop

Timezone Spoofing

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Robert Will Keep Malware And Ads At Bay

The company’s trademark technology, R.O.B.E.R.T., is a smart tool that automatically kills any ads that come your way. Furthermore, it protects you from tracking services and even malware. It is quite versatile and is available with the free version. The critics are giving it the highest praise.

Will Get You Into Netflix

With streaming platforms introducing strict rules and blocking content based on geo-location, even the best providers fail at getting access. Windscribe is one of the few VPNs on the market that can get you in relatively easily. But, the regular servers wont be able to get you through. Youll need to pick the so-called Windflix ones for this task.

We tried that on different devices and different servers, and each time, the VPN managed to give us access. So, as long as you remember to use the right servers, youll be alright. However, we have also to say that the limited number of servers can turn your attempts at watching a show/movie on a streaming service into a cat-and-mouse race.

The good news is other platforms, including HBO, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer are also available with Windscribe.

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Torrenting: Protonvpn Or Windscribe

To be able to use ProtonVPN for torrenting, you have to use the paid version.

The Basic, Plus, and Visionary plan all allow you to torrent, however, there are only a couple of servers for use when torrenting. As you can imagine, the speed is going to drop significantly if many users are connecting to those few servers.

So, while you can use the provider to torrent, this is not one of the best providers out there, as there are many limitations.

Windscribe also supports torrenting when using the paid version.

You can use any of the paid plans for P2P file-sharing. However, there are no specialist servers specifically for doing so. The provider does offer a help page to get you started, providing information on how to use the service with clients.

We found the tips for getting started a great help and also liked the fact that we did not have to rely on just a few specialist servers.

In this round of ProtonVPN vs Windscribe, Windscribe takes the round because every server can be used for P2P/torrenting activities.

Streaming: Which One Should You Choose

Windscribe VPN review: should you pay for it?

If you are looking for a VPN to stream from US Netflix and other streaming services, ProtonVPN is a good choice.

However, you cannot stream using all servers, so it might be hit or miss finding the right one. You can go to Support and find a list of servers compatible with Netflix. On the downside, only a desktop PC is supported.

Another let-down is that all the optimized servers for Netflix are in the US, so you cannot stream Netflix from other regions.

We did find ourselves unable to stream BBC iPlayer but we managed to stream Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Windscribe allows you to stream Netflix if you use a paid plan. Also, the provider offers specialized servers.

These servers go under the name of Windflix and are specifically aimed at unblocking the streaming platform. Along with this, regular servers can be used and the one we tried managed to unblock Netflix.

We turned our attention to unlocking BBC iPlayer using Windscribe but came across issues even when using specialized servers.

We had better luck when unblocking and streaming Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO among others.

Thanks to the provider offering specialist servers, Windscribe takes this round in our ProtonVPN or Windscribe battle for the best provider.

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