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How Much Does Avg VPN Cost

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How Much Is A VPN

HOW MUCH IS A VPN ð¤ : How Much Does a VPN Cost? Full Cost Analysis of a VPN Subscription ð

The cost of VPNs depends on a few factors, such as:

  • Number of devices covered
  • Data usage limits
  • Number of servers you can connect to
  • Netflix or torrenting ability
  • Length of contract.

Most VPNs offer discounts if you sign up for longer periods of time, but VPNs on average cost just under $10 if you sign up monthly. However, that cost goes down about a dollar on average if you sign up for a year, and about two-thirds if you sign up for two or three years. Altogether, you can pay anywhere from about $2 to $10 a month, depending on the above factors.

Pro Tip: To get the lowest monthly cost, sign up for a long term length. Typically, as the term length increases, the monthly cost decreases.

Minimum Cost Per Month

How Much Does The Average VPN Cost

Posted on by Mel Hawthorne

When looking for a VPN, most people will have an idea of the key features that they want. A general preference, though, is for the service to be as reasonably priced as possible. The cheapest option isnt necessarily the best, nor, for that matter, is the most expensive, and free VPNs usually have some sort of catch. A breakdown of prices can make it easier to see which service is a good deal and which is too pricy for whats on offer.

The table below has been compiled with the prices for the longest available subscription for a sample of fifteen VPN providers. This price will be broken down into monthly cost, for ease of comparison. The cost, however, is required to be paid upfront, rather than as a monthly subscription. Prices are accurate as of late May 2020. Most of these services also offer a month-to-month or similar subscription plan, which tends to be significantly more expensive paying as much as $10 for a single month isnt unheard of.

VPN Provider
1 year $8.33

For those not living in the US, you may find that many VPN providers offer prices in your local currency. These prices may be close to the value in US dollars, after allowing for exchange rates, however, some providers may not do this. For instance, even though the currencies do not exchange one-to-one, ProtonVPN offers the exact same price of 6.63 per month, in three currencies: US Dollars, Euros, and Swiss Francs.

Avg Secure VPN Alternatives

Considering that AVG VPNs performance is not that impressive, users may be looking for a reliable alternative or even finding a comparison . I suggest signing up for the budget-friendly yet highly valuable, Surfshark, which starts at a measly $1.99/mo.

However, if you do not mind spending a little more money, there is no better option than the infamous Hong Kong-based, PureVPN. It starts at $3.33/mo on a 5-year plan and has a large network of 2000+ servers!

VPN Providers

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What Does No Logging Mean

No logging means that your VPN provider doesnt keep any records of what you do while using the VPN. A no-log VPN provider wont track or store any information sent over the VPN connection they know only your IP address, payment information, and the VPN server you use while connected.

Whenever an activity happens on a computer, that event is logged. Since servers are computers, they collect information by default whenever theyre accessed by a device such as yours.

Before choosing a VPN, read the providers privacy policy closely to see exactly what type of information they collect and keep. If your VPN is storing your browsing history, then it defeats the purpose of using a VPN service for internet privacy and security.

Torrenting Solid Torrenting Speeds

AVG Secure VPN Review

Good news: AVG VPN has special P2P servers. Bad news: I still dont recommend it for torrenting due to its invasive logging policy.

Even though it doesn’t log the data that you transfer, it does store connection logs, duration, and bandwidth usage.

AVG stores a lot of data so I would not recommend heavy torrenting

Technically, torrenting is allowed and should be solid, especially since AVG offers dedicated P2P servers that are optimized to give you fast and secure torrenting. It has 8 P2P servers in 6 different countries:

AVG VPN has dedicated P2P servers

My download went smoothly the speed was excellent. But if you are getting a VPN primarily for torrenting, your privacy might be compromised now and then, depending on your volume and frequency. Just make sure youre not torrenting when you want to change server location because your connection will be briefly disrupted.

Switching to a new server while downloading will interrupt your connection

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Are Cheap VPN Services Safe

Yes, if you’re careful. There are plenty of cheap VPN services out there that have a terrible reputation, but, at the same time, lots of expensive options are just as useless! In the VPN industry, the price of a service is not necessarily always a proper representation of the level of security and the overall quality you’re going to get .

Speeds At First Terrible Then Solid

The speeds were slow on my first 7-day free trial. Once I switched to a 60-day free trial, the speeds got a lot better. I used Ookla to measure my speed test results. AVG also offers the possibility of using the OpenVPN protocol, which can improve your speeds in case you need a faster connection.

You should be able to get the same service

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Does Avg Secure VPN Keep Logs

Yes, AVG Secure VPN keeps logs. Even though this provider claims that it doesnt track user activities, it actually collects a lot of user logs.

Heres some of the information that AVG VPN logs:

  • IP addresses
  • Geographic locations
  • Phone numbers

All and all, AVG Secure VPNs logging policy is quite confusing and its not clear what information they keep and for what purpose. You can read their privacy policy to see all the information AVG logs and why.

How To Use Avg VPN


The following are the simple steps that you will need to go through to start using the solution:

  • First of all, you need to download this tool and install it on your device.
  • Double-click the tool icon on your desktop
  • Turn on your VPN to connect to the AVG Secure VPN server.

Bottom Line AVG VPN is a straightforward yet useful tool. It is available at a pretty reasonable price, but you can also use it for 30 days for free to check it out. It is a perfect choice for people who like keeping things simple. Anyway, if you are looking for a reliable and convenient solution to stay protected, you should at least try it.

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Headquartered In The Czech Republic A Data Safe Haven

The 14-Eyes, is a collaborative effort between the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., and mainland Europe. The project has the goal of surveilling all internet data. If you select a VPN provider within the jurisdiction of the 14-Eyes, then you run the risk of the government picking up on your data usage and browsing history.

In this case, using a VPN residing within the 14-Eyes jurisdiction is a waste of time it goes against what you are using a VPN for in the first place. Therefore, if you want to remain secure and anonymous in your online activities, you need to choose a VPN provider that resides out of the watchful stare of the 14-Eyes.

Fortunately, AVG Secure VPN has its headquarters in the Czech Republic, away from the 14-eyes jurisdiction. This location gives AVG management the right to refuse to co-operate with any government subpoena for data logs on the companys users.

Located In The Czech Republic A Safe Haven For Data Protection

Data protection is always the biggest thing that a VPN provider must have. With the 14 eyes currently covering a number of major regions around the globe, its quite hard to find a VPN service thats stationed away from their jurisdiction. AVG Secure VPN is proud to say that it stays away from malicious government agencies.

The VPN provider is based in the Czech Republic which is not part of the 14 eyes. This means that user data and information are not so easily given to the government.

However, the Czech Republic will cooperate against cases that break the laws of computer network exploitation. This is not much to be worried about but it is useful to know about.

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What About Streaming Services

Recently, Netflix improved its defense against VPNs, meaning its much harder to get access to blocked content. Right now, only a very limited number of providers can unblock platforms like Netflix. The best picks for this are CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish, to name a few. During our AVG VPN review, we managed to access Netflix using most of the server locations in the US.

Sadly, the majority of server locations outside of the country failed at the same task. You might still get lucky with a server around the globe, but it will take a lot of tries and errors. The bottom line is while it is possible to watch your favorite shows on Netflix, it wont be easy at times.

As for FireStick and Fire TV, AVG Secure doesnt support either one of the Amazon devices. The same is true for Kodi and Popcorn Time, the most popular online media players.

Avg VPN Trustpilot Ratings

AVG VPN Review &  Comparison (+ Pros &  Cons)

AVG Secure VPN has no presence on Trustpilot. In fact, after doing a bit of Googling, I managed to only find a Trustpilot page for AVG Technologies and not for the AVG Secure VPN service. I found this to be a bit strange considering that most VPN services actually have their own Trustpilot pages with user reviews.

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Does Avg VPN Work For Torrenting

Just as AVG Secure VPN provides special servers for streaming media, they also provide special servers for torrenting . As with streaming, their selection of P2P servers is rather limited. There are a total of 8 torrenting server locations in the AVG VPN network:

Even if you could live with the limited number of P2P server locations, there is the issue of speed. As you will see a little later in this AVG VPN review, the service is slow. A limited selection of slow servers doesnt make for a great torrenting VPN. See these best VPNs for torrenting if you want to consider other options with better P2P support.

Avg Secure VPN Customer Support

In terms of customer support, AVG Secure VPN is quite proactive. They offer 24/7 live chat support to paid users, where you receive a response within seconds of your query.

Unlike other providers in the marketplace, the VPN even offers premium support via telephone. You can call them at 1-844-234-6038 for any information/assistance about their products.

There is also a support dashboard, where users can input search queries to get redirected to relevant blogs/troubleshooting guides, which are quite helpful to say the least.

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How Do I Choose A VPN

The best VPNs secure your internet connection with reliable encryption, connect you to VPN servers with leading protocols, and provide you with stable and speedy service. Heres everything you need to know when considering how to choose a VPN:

  • Premium service: A leading premium VPN will offer the security, stability, privacy, and speed youre looking for. Many free VPN services simply cannot compete you can expect ads, unreliable connections, or weaker security. Your free VPN provider may also collect and sell your personal data.

  • Server quantity and locations: The more servers a VPN provider has, the better they can spread their users out, giving everyone a faster experience. Look for a VPN that ensures a stable and fast connection. And if you need an IP address in a specific country, make sure your VPN provider has servers there.

  • By grouping multiple users under a single shared IP address, its more difficult to identify the actions of any individual user. Find a VPN that gives you this additional layer of protection.

  • No Logs: VPNs with explicit no-logging policies wont keep any data about you they wont record what you do while connected to their VPNs or track when you connect or for how long. The only information theyll have on you is your IP address and the IP address of the server you connected to.

    Some providers claim to be no-log VPNs while actually tracking your use read your privacy policy carefully.

  • Why Do I Need A VPN

    AVG VPN REVIEW 2022 â? : Here’s Why You Should Maybe Avoid This VPN [+ 2 Alternatives!] ðð´

    When you visit websites, they automatically detect your home IP address. This unique address can be used to track you so that online services know when you return. On top of that, unless you use a VPN, your ISP can track your web history and pass that info to the government for surveillance purposes.

    Nobody likes being tracked, regardless of what they do online, and a VPN is the ideal solution to protect against online tracking. With a VPN, you’ll gain solid digital privacy for yourself and your family. What’s more, VPN encryption also protects you from other online threats like hacking.

    What are the most important benefits?

    • Improved security Your data is encrypted, which protects it from hackers on public Wi-Fi and at home .
    • Online privacy With a VPN you can stop websites tracking your IP. You can also stop your ISP from tracking your web browsing habits. This effectively prevents your ISP from performing mandatory data retention on behalf of the government.
    • Unblock websites and bypass censorship A VPN gives you internet freedom and even lets you unblock geo-restricted services like BBC iPlayer.


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    Wrapping Up The Verdict

    If youre looking to buy an over-priced VPN that may or may not track your movements on the internet, then AVG is the ideal product for you. However, if you have serious concerns over your privacy, youre a gamer, or you enjoy downloading and uploading P2P, then AVG is a poor choice.

    Considering the cost of this software, and the functionality AVG leaves a lot to be desired from its offering. While the basic functionality of the VPN is adequate, the costs are not great, and we feel you would be better off going with another VPN provider, like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

    Taking a brief overlook of the pros and cons of this software, we find


    What Is The Average Cost Of A VPN

    The average cost of a VPN service currently sits at about $5 a month, or approximately $60 annually.

    But this figure can vary depending on a number of factors like the service you choose to subscribe to and if you require additional features such as a static IP address. However, as we’ve already noted, the biggest impact on price is the length of time you are willing to commit to the service.

    Of course, the longer the subscription that you purchase, the bigger discount you will receive. For this reason, we consider anything in the three dollars per month range to be cheap.

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    Avg VPN Privacy And Jurisdiction

    The Czech Republic isnt part of the Fourteen Eyes Alliance. This international network of democracies, including the US and the UK, is infamous for spying on their citizens and conducting large-scale online surveillance.

    Despite the Czech government not posing a threat to internet privacy and cybersecurity firms, the country is under the jurisdiction of the European Union. Therefore, companies operating in the Czech Republic must comply with the EUs data retention laws.

    Does AVG VPN keep logs?

    Like many VPN vendors, AVG does log some personally identifiable information and service data for various purposes. Account creation and management, billing, service delivery, and marketing are the primary reasons.

    Normally, such practices would make a VPN unsafe. The good news is that it keeps data processing to a minimum.

    Here are some of the types of data it processes:

    • Email address
    • Connection timestamps

    The types of data that it doesnt send to its servers are as follows:

    • Originating IP addresses
    • Browsing history
    • Uploaded and downloaded files from the internet

    Whats more, this VPN service provider uses itsown DNS servers. In other words, it wont expose your DNS requests to third parties.

    Also, AVG stores service data on its servers for 35 days only.

    Avg VPN User Experience And Opinions

    AVG VPN Review &  Test 2021

    Have you used AVG VPN before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using AVG VPN in the comments.

    To maintain the quality of our website content, we only accept comments from users who provide valuable information to our visitors. Not all reviews will be published. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a useful, informative and unique review, whether positive or negative. Thank you for your support!

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    Avg Is Owned By Avast Software Sro

    AVG is owned by Avast Software s.r.o., which is based in Prague, Czech Republic. While some seem to consider the Czech Republic an excellent location for a VPN, we wouldnt go quite that far. Even though the country is not party to the FVEY or other major international surveillance organizations, it does reportedly cooperate with them at times.

    As a result, we consider the Czech Republic to be a decent location for a security and privacy company. It is surely better than places like the United States or the UK, but not as good as some other locales we discuss on this site.

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