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How Much Is Avg VPN

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Secure Browsing And Privacy With A VPN

AVG Secure VPN 2018 Review and Tutorial

If you are worried about your IPS trying to snoop in your location and other sensitive data, or a hack that has been consistently bagging your internet connection, then you badly need a VPN to keep yourself protected from these concerns.

An effective and reliable VPN is using encryption technologies like Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol , IP security , and Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security , in creating a virtual encrypted tunnel between the device that you are using and a VPN server.

As you use a;fast VPN;server while browsing the internet, your IP address will be concealed, your location will be hidden, and everything that you do online will be kept in private, making it extremely difficult for others to snoop in.

Avg VPN Protocols And Encryption Information

AVG VPN supports only two protocols: OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. To secure the incoming/outgoing traffic, it uses military-grade, AES-256 encryption with HMAC SHA-256 hash authentication.

For control channel, AVG VPN uses the same AES-256 ciphers with an RSA-2048 handshake. Perfect Forward Secrecy is provided by a DHE-4096 key exchange, which guarantees strong protection online.

Privacy Anonymity And Trust

AVG Secure without an active connection.

AVGs ownership is easy to track down. The company is based in Prague in the Czech Republic, and owned by Avast, whose CEO is Ondrej Vlcek. The companys VPN privacy policy is straightforward. The company doesnt log your originating IP, DNS queries, browsing history, or personal data such as email that traverses its network.

The company does, however, connect timestamps for connections. The company says it needs this data to calculate peak times for service demand in order to plan network capacity, and to manage the number of simultaneous connections. AVG also tracks the amount of data transmitted, which it says it needs to plan for new network capacity and server improvements. AVG says all of this data is kept for 35 days and then deleted.

In addition to that server side information, AVG will also log data from the VPN clients, including connection events , to maintain service quality. It also logs application events such as auto-connects and uninstalls in order to plan product development and analytics. Finally, it logs crash reports that users send back manually for obvious reasons. All of this data is kept for two years and then deleted.

Clearly, AVG is not the most restrictive when it comes to data collection, but weve also seen worse. Still, if youre looking for the most private service possible this is probably not the one you want.

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Does Avg Allow Torrenting

AVG Secure VPN allows P2P file-sharing on a subset of its servers. These are:

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Paris, France

In my experience, torrenting over AVGs network was smooth and gave me good download speeds. I didnt experience any issues while torrenting over AVG.

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VPN Price Discounts Coupons

AVG VPN Review 2020: Slow Speeds & Will Share Your Private ...

Another way to lower your subscription cost is to get a VPN coupon code and apply it when purchasing the subscription. How much does a VPN cost with a coupon code?

First off, beware of fake VPN coupon websites. These may infect your device or simply display misleading and potentially harmful pop-ups and banner ads.

If you want the real deal, you have two choices. First, you can find lots of affiliated VPN review websites that offer coupons for many VPNs. These coupons can save you from 15% to 80% off the original VPN price. Second, sometimes the official VPN websites also share coupon codes.

So, before you hastily hit the buy button, its worth snooping around for a discounted VPN price.

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Is Avg Secure VPN Safe For Torrenting

AVG Secure VPN does permit torrenting and P2P file-sharing on its site and has even created a number of servers that have been optimised for precisely this purpose.

These servers are located in:

  • Czech Republic
  • USA New York
  • USA Seattle

All of these servers are clearly marked as P2P optimised servers on the AVG Secure VPN server list on their apps.

The presence of optimised servers is welcome and with decent speeds, it could make torrenting useful.

Fans of torrenting and P2P file-sharing also place a premium on privacy and should, therefore, be aware of AVG Secure VPN’s logging policies and weak privacy protections.

AVG Secure VPN certainly doesn’t stop you from torrenting on their service. But we would advise caution. There are much better VPNs out there if you want to keep your torrenting secure and private.

Have There Been Any Avg Security Breaches

AVG itself has suffered a number of security lapses over the years. These have resulted in some of its security apps being compromised and user data being exposed.

This personal data breach in 2015, vulnerabilities discovered in 2019 and more recently customer data sale reported in 2020.

There are lots of online rumours about AVG Secure VPN compromising user privacy and handing over data to third parties. This is conceivable given the jurisdiction under which AVG Secure VPN operates and its weak privacy policy.

We haven’t been able to confirm any of these online rumours beyond a reasonable doubt so we cannot say categorically that AVG Secure VPN has compromised user safety.

But we are mindful of the old adage that there is no smoke without fire’ and we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if some of the rumours were true based on our testing and analysis of AVG Security’s privacy policies.

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Reasons To Choose Avg VPN

AVG is very popular, as it has been in the computer industry for a long time and its fame speaks for itself. If you have used this service package before, you will feel confident with the new one.

This VPN will keep you safe, online or when you connect to public Wi-Fi networks. With this provider you get military-grade security that you can trust with your personal information.

Moreover, this service is available for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

In addition to its functional features, AVG VPN has a free trial period for one device. It also offers a 30-day refund for your convenience.

Is Avg Secure VPN Good For Torrenting


If youre interested in torrents, AVG Secure VPN wont let you down. Peer-to-peer connections are allowed, although not across all servers.

The good news is you dont need to dig deep. Similar to the streaming servers, you can find all suitable P2P picks in a separate tab:

P2P servers are located in their own category within the client

While the range is great, European users get only one server per P2P location. Just three US servers for torrenting isnt anything remarkable, either.

The small number of P2P servers is a potential issue if they become too crowded during peak hours. This can lead to lower speeds and stability problems.

In short, yes AVG Secure VPN does permit torrenting. But with just eight suitable servers and no advanced features like port forwarding, it shouldnt be your first choice.

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Is It True That Avg VPN Collects Personal Data

Its not rare for VPN providers to be accused of stealing the private data of their users. The same happened with AVG, but no third party was ever able to provide any real proof. At the same time, the company does log user data, and theres no telling what theyre doing with it next. They keep these logs for up to three months, while most services tend to only keep them for one.

Plus, recently, AVG was bought by Avast, another big name in the world of antiviruses. They were also involved in some controversial stories, like handing out user data to the authorities. But, its important to stress out that none of the accusations towards AVG have ever been proved. And, legally speaking, its nothing but gossip at this moment.

Avg Secure VPN Review 2021

AVG Secure VPN keeps logs and has an expensive $3.99/mo price. It offers servers in 50 locations and has a misleading logging policy. And there are other issues too. Find out everything I like and dislike about AVG VPN in this updated review.

AVG Secure VPN might share the same first name as the famous AVG Antivirus program, but is it worth the relatively expensive $3.99/mo;subscription price?

After a hands-on experience reviewing AVG VPN, I found the service to be mediocre. Although AVG VPN is easy to use, is Leakproof, and works pretty fast, I would still suggest opting for alternatives like ExpressVPN.

The fact that AVG only offers a few servers doesnt work in China, keeps user logs, is quite expensive, and barely works with Netflix;is exactly why this VPN scored 3.5/5.0 stars rating overall in this AVG VPN review.

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Can You Get A VPN For Free

There are both completely free VPNs and VPNs with free trials. While some free VPNs may be suitable for your needs, they often come with limits on things like:

  • The amount of data you can use per day
  • The number of devices you can connect
  • The time length you can use the VPN for
  • The number of servers you can connect to.

So while free VPNs may work in some cases, if you need a VPN for long-term use across all of your devices, you will most likely want to pay for a VPN subscription.

Trustworthiness Support Trustpilot Ratings & Reddit Reviews

AVG Secure VPN Review: Slow Speeds & Too Much Logging

As far as customer support is concerned, AVG offers a live chat and email support feature. You can also contact their customer support through a phone call. If we talk about email support, it is seriously slow. Paid on-call support, on the other hand, costs a lot and not worth it in my opinion. However, as for their live chat option, its fast and quite effective.

AVG also provides an FAQ section that covers installation and troubleshooting queries and provides links to AVG VPNs own community forums. While this is good, I didnt find it too useful. Overall, their support section is pretty adequate.

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Does Avg VPN Work With Netflix

Overall, AVG VPN is not the best VPN or Netflix. Heres why.

We tested AVGs USA, Miami and also;USA, New York locations. Despite these servers being designated for streaming, our tests found both AVG servers were blocked by Netflix. In other words, the US Netflix library was inaccessible. There are rumors that their Gotham City server can connect to Netflix, but we were unable to confirm this.

Even if our experience was just an anomaly, and one or more of these locations does sometimes work, it still makes us nervous. Why? Because the AVG VPN has a very small number of servers in their network and very few of these servers are designated for streaming. Netflix needs only to figure out how to block access from three locations to completely stop all AVG VPN users from reaching the US Netflix library.

Compare this to a service like NordVPN, which has almost 2,000 servers in the USA alone, several of which we have successfully used, and all of which should be able to connect to Netflix US. If streaming Netflix and other geo-blocked content is important to you, this NordVPN review shows why they are our favorite streaming VPN.

While we are here, lets talk about a related subject

Avg VPN Wont Work In China

Dont try to use AVG Secure VPN in China, UAE, Turkey, or any other high-censorship country it wont work.

AVG Secure VPNs apps dont come with any obfuscation tools or stealth protocols, making OpenVPN the only VPN protocol included very easy for censors to detect and block.

AVG themselves opnely admit the VPN wont work in China due to Chinese government regulation and policies.

While Chinese web filters block many VPN services, there still are VPNs able to bypass the Great Firewall. See our ExpressVPN review or our Astrill review, the two best anti-censorship VPNs weve tested.

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Doesn’t Work On Many Devices

Platforms & Devices

  • None
  • Encryption & Security Rating: 6.5/10

    AVG Secure VPN is a rather secure VPN choice for public WiFi usage, but we cant recommend it to anyone with stringent privacy needs due to its logging policy.

    AVG Secure VPN uses different VPN protocols for each of its custom apps:

    • Windows and Android OpenVPN , our preferred protocol for its balance between privacy and performance.
    • MacOS L2TP/IPSec, an older protocol but still considered secure.
    • iOS IKEv2/IPSec, a fairly new VPN protocol thats secure, very fast, and capable of handling network changes efficiently.

    You cant toggle between VPN protocols as they are enabled by default in the apps.

    All VPN apps use AES-256 encryption, which is widely considered unbreakable.

    There arent any advanced security features , but at least AVG VPN has a VPN kill switch on its Windows and MacOS clients.

    The kill switch protects your real IP address, if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. The feature blocks all internet traffic and keeps your true IP address hidden.

    Ten Simultaneous Connections Across Your Devices

    AVG Secure VPN Review 2021 100% BRUTALLY HONEST REVIEW!

    Most VPN services allow you to connect up to five devices at once, but AVG VPN offers 10 simultaneous connections. That means you can have 10 devices actively connected to AVG VPN at once. For context, CyberGhost offers seven devices and TorGuard offers eight .

    AVG offers apps for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, so you can use it across your devices without any issues. Unfortunately, AVG doesnt offer extensions for Firefox or Google Chrome, so you cant use it on a Chromebook or exclusively through your browser.

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    Avg VPN Review : Can You Trust Avg VPN

    Last updated: AVG VPN review summary:OpenVPN tunneling protocolkeeps no activity logsNetflix USA, BBC iPlayer, and Hulueight P2P servers for torrenting and file-sharingan average speed of 41.2 Mbps on a 65 Mbps connectionlacks adequate network coverage, device support, and the ability to beat censorship in highly restrictive countriesyou can try NordVPN

    AVG VPN is the brainchild of AVG Technologies, a company best known for its free antivirus software. In 2016, the VPN service was acquired by fellow country rivals Avast, which bought out all AVG Technologies business units for USD 1.3 billion. It comes as no surprise that AVG VPN feels and functions quite similar to Avast VPN in its current app design. But is there anything that makes the AVG VPN stand out? More importantly, is it worth your money? Lets try to find out in this unbiased AVG VPN review.

    Servers Support For China & Torrenting

    AVG Secure VPNs server network is seriously small. This provider keeps its server count confidential. But as per their live chat representative, AVG VPN offers;servers in 50 locations. Here are all the server locations if youre curious:

    • Prague, Czech Republic
    • London, United Kingdom
    • Paris, France

    Compared to other VPNs like PureVPN, AVG VPN doesnt even come close. So, if you prefer access to a wide selection of VPN servers, better opt for some other VPN service.

    If youre facing any connectivity issues with this VPN, see our guide on troubleshooting AVG VPN.

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    Should You Pay For Avg Secure VPN

    We would like to put our recommendation in a Definite No box. Sorry AVG. However, the reasons are quite obvious.

    First of all, there arent many servers to connect to, which limits your options. We have used VPNs that offer more than 1000 servers in different countries around the world. CyberGhost VPN, one of our favourite VPN providers, operates 6000+ live servers in 90 countries worldwide.

    Secondly, the device support is also quite limited. You get apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android only. Thats not enough.

    Third, as we have previously mentioned, we dont like AVGs streaming coverage. You only get three servers for Netflix and one server for BBC iPlayer. Sure, they did quite well, but on a busy day, things might have been different.

    Why should you pay for a service that falls short in so many departments, especially when you can get better providers for less money?

    So thats an easy no for us.

    And on that note, we would like to conclude our AVG VPN review. We hope you found it helpful. We hope you found it helpful. If you think weve left out something important, or would like our team to review a VPN of your interest, please drop your suggestions in the comments section below.;

    See you later. Happy private browsing!

    Privacy Policy & Eula What Kind Of Information Is Avg Secure VPN Collecting

    AVG Secure VPN Review

    The dedicated Privacy Policy for AVG Secure VPN; says they do not actively monitor what you are doing and sharing, but when AVG receives a complaint about misuse they will investigate it. They also specifically talk about distributing pirated content , but overall this is standard and nothing to worry about.

    What’s much worse is the standard AVG Privacy Policy for all products, including the VPN. AVG is actually collecting a lot of data, including some personal information like your e-mail, phone number , SIM card number , geographic location, IP address, and lots of;other data which can identify you. AVG also may share your non-personal data with third parties, and your personal data when;authorized by law or when it’s necessary to comply with a valid legal process. This also means that AVG is storing logs with all this information, but may not be related to VPN usage.

    Surprisingly the AVG Secure VPN product page says We have no idea what you do online when using our servers. We dont track traffic so if we get asked? We cant tell. Anyway, we’ve put ? in the detailed overview as it is really not clear to us.

    Legally AVG is part of Avast group which is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands , but it looks like most of their management is from the United States.

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