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How Much Is Tunnelbear VPN

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TunnelBear VPN Review – Which Tier is It?

TunnelBear is a freemium VPN that offers 500MB free per month. But, that wont be enough if youre watching a movie or downloading some big-size content. In case, you need some free data on your existing plan, TunnelBear has ways to help you out.

For instance, it offers +1GB once a month if you tweet about TunnelBear. You can talk about its features, share your experience with it, or just inform the users what TunnelBear is.

You will get +1GB if you refer TunnelBear to one of your friends. The data will only be credited once your friend will sign-up with TunnelBear. You can get added +1 GB if you install TunnelBear on your computer.

These are legit ways to get free GB from TunnelBear. There are some dubious ways available on the internet but I wont recommend it as it can be a potential breach of TunnelBear privacy and you can lose some crucial data in the process. So, I am not advocating any of this process.

Server Locations & Network

Despite their popularity with users, TunnelBear has a smaller server network when all is said and done. Its operational in 49 countries to be exact.

As with many providers, theres a lack of attention paid to entire continents and vast regions, including Africa and the Middle East.

Of course, the majority of servers are found in Europe and the US, so youll have to look elsewhere if youre hoping for increased coverage.

As for server numbers, I couldnt find an exact number, which is never promising. Its also worth noting that theyve given up on accessing online entertainment for the time being, which indicates fewer new IPs at their disposal.

Encrypted Server Name Indicator

Their Android apps have an exclusive feature that helps users living in heavily censored countries. When the government decides to block VPN services, they may take different approaches to do so. One such approach is DNS-level blocking.

DNS blocking essentially involves setting DNS server to blacklist VPN brand names. For example, a TunnelBear server may have the address By blacklisting the term “tunnelbear” at the DNS level, the government would prevent you from connecting to this server.

For this reason, TunnelBear Android apps have a built-in feature to connect to server names in encrypted form. That way, restrictive governments cannot interfere with your ability to use a VPN client as easily.

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How Good Is Tunnelbear For Streaming And Torrenting

Beyond staying private and secure online, one a VPN’s biggest selling points the ability to unblock geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

TunnelBears streaming VPN performance this time round was a step back from our last round of testing, which is a shame as that had been a step up from the test preceding that. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that these tests can change quite quickly.

The bad news was that TunnelBear failed to unblock the BBC iPlayer when tested from three different UK locations.

The same happened for US Netflix, which was totally blocked and refused to give us any video access.

Disney+ was also a fail for us as we couldn’t get access to this no matter how many locations we tried.

The good news came for Amazon Prime Video fans as this worked just fine every time we tested the service.

What Makes Tunnelbear VPN Ideal To Choose Mainly No Log Policy At Any Cost

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It has servers in only 22 nations while it has been offering both paid and free VPN services for Tunnelbear India. One of the main benefits of using TunnelBear VPN for pc is No Logging Policy that will surely surprise you. Whether you are looking for TunnelBear for PC, TunnerBear for Mac or looking for any other VPN for PC, it doesnt collect, store or log IP Addresses , DNS Queries at the time of connecting and any information about the applications, services or websites that users use at the time of connecting to services.

In this way, you can rest assured that your data is fully protected and kept private whilst using Tunnelbear PC India while it is not sold to anyone mainly when law enforcement pressurizes. They may handover the personal information as is required by Canadian Law. Dont forget to note that Canada is not a good jurisdiction for a VPN Provider.

As far as privacy policy is concerned, TunnelBear VPN for PC outlines data used, four digits of your credit card, name, email address and OS Version. Your credit card details are not stored.

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Simultaneous Connections Connect Up To 5 Devices To Tunnelbears Servers

TunnelBear allows you to connect 5 devices under one subscription. I downloaded the VPN on my MacBook, iPad, and Android phone to give it a test. My connection was good on all my devices, and I didnt experience any problems at all.

If you need more subscriptions, you can take a look at TunnelBear for Teams. The plans start at $5.75 USD per month, you get a dedicated account manager, and every account can connect up to 5 devices.

How Fast Is Tunnelbear

We tested TunnelBears speeds on a 1Gbps lines in the UK and US, using a number of speed testing tools including SpeedTest’s site and command line app, and nPerf.

In the UK, OpenVPN speeds reached 230-280Mbps, which is above average and one of the best results weve seen from any provider. In the US speeds were even more impressive at 330-350Mbps.

Unfortunately, though, TunnelBear has not implemented any next-gen protocol like WireGuard yet, meaning that it simply cant compete with the incredible speeds we saw from the likes of NordVPN, which hit over 800Mbps easily.

Its worth noting, though, that this all depends on the base speed of your connection. If youve only got 75Mbps to play with, you wont be able to get more than that, no matter which VPN you use.

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What VPN Protocols Does Tunnelbear VPN Offer

TunnelBear secures your connection with the OpenVPN protocol for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. This is our preferred protocol, as it is open source and available to be picked over for any potential vulnerabilities. IKEv2 is also available for the iOS and Windows clients. You can’t change which protocol TunnelBear uses in its appit’s handled automaticallybut that’s fine for most users.

Many of the best VPNs we’ve reviewed, including NordVPN and Mullvad, have begun deploying the next generation, open-source WireGuard VPN protocol. A TunnelBear representative tells us that the company is looking to implement WireGuard in a future release, which is fine considering how new this technology is, but it’s not ideal.

Where Is Tunnelbear Located

TUNNELBEAR VPN | REVIEW | Beat Censorship!

TunnelBear is based in Canada, a jurisdiction with reasonably good privacy laws . Although Canada is part of the Five Eyes agreement, I no longer believe that means anything. Five Eyes just means the countries agree to share intelligence with each other, and they cant share intelligence they dont have.

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Tunnelbear Review Conclusion: Not Recommended

After thoroughly testing TunnelBear and researching the VPN for this review, it does not earn high praise and is not recommended.

Sure, TunnelBear has gotten some good press because of its security audits, but a lot of time has passed and the VPN market is continuously advancing. Today, it seems that TunnelBear is lagging behind other leading VPN services in many areas.

Also, when you consider the price, its definitely not what Id consider to be a good deal. At about $5 per month , you really arent getting much for your money:

  • Slow speeds

Security: What Are The Security Tools In Apps

Like most VPNs, TunnelBear claims to protect you from the various dangers of the internet with the use of some security tools. These tools protect you from cyber-criminals and hijackers. But not everything is great as you can see in our full review.

For now, lets look at the security tools in the apps.

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Does Tunnelbear Work For Torrenting

In years past, we saw that TunnelBear would actively block torrents on its network. Today, however, torrenting does seem to work. But dont hold your breath.

TunnelBear was very slow in our tests. Therefore it would not be a good VPN for torrenting due to slow file transfer speeds. And of course there are very few servers to choose from, which hinders your ability to find a fast server for torrenting near your location.

Recommendation: Dont use TunnelBear for torrenting.

Tunnelbear Pricing And Plans: How Much Is Tunnelbear

TunnelBear Review 2020

The VPN provider offers different plans based on your needs. If you are a single user, you can choose the Unlimited plan, but if youre buying TunnelBear for your office, choose the Teams plan.

There are no differences between these two plans regarding features, except that the Teams plan has a dedicated account manager and centralized team billing and manager.

There are three pricing plans for single users:

$3.33 / mo $5.75 / mo

The Teams plan has different prices depending on how big your team is, hence the price for a group of three members is $207 a year. However, However, there is a TunnelBear free trial a 7-day plan for teams try it to see why I think its worth it.

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Bonus: App File Check

Although TunnelBear passed all my leaks tests without any issues, I wanted to see whether the TunnelBear apps contained any hidden malware. Luckily, the results of the test came up clean. No surprise since TunnelBear is actually owned by the Antivirus giant McAfee.

For more information about IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks, read our VPN leak test guide.

Best VPN App Ive Ever Used On Mobile

I download so much apps on the AppStore and none of them ever worked. They claim to be VPNs but dont do a thing! TunnelBear however, is very different! Ive tried it out and so far its been very user-friendly and easy to use. Lots of different locations to connect to without any problems. You dont have to pay for any subscription service as it is free, unless you want more data. However, some issues I have is it does slows down my internet speed a bit, and some third-party connections can still sense Im using a VPN. For example Netflix, I cant watch anything if I am using TunnelBear because it just blocks everything.

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Does Tunnelbear Keep Logs

Yes, TunnelBear actually stores connection logs despite claiming to be a no logs VPN service. Heres some of the information that TunnelBear keeps logs of:

  • Operating system version
  • Active this month
  • Total data used this month

However, TunnelBears privacy policy is unambiguous, unlike other VPNs. You can see this compared between TunnelBear and Private Internet Access, where PIA has a vague privacy policy that is hard to understand. To know more about different logging and VPN services logging policies, read this dedicated guide.

Complies with GDPR

TunnelBear is fully GDPR compliant. In fact, TunnelBear quickly updated its privacy policy in compliance with the EUs General Data Protection Regulation that rolled out on May 25th, 2018. You can read more about it here.

Blocked By: Bbc Iplayer Disney+ Espn And Espn+

HOW TO USE TUNNELBEAR VPN ð¤â : An In-Depth Guide on How to Use TunnelBear on ALL Devices ð±ð»ð¥ï¸?

TunnelBear was blocked by BBC iPlayer, Disney+, ESPN, and ESPN+. After successfully unblocking a handful of streaming services, I tried my luck and connected to its US, UK, and Canada servers again. Unfortunately, I was still blocked with and without GhostBear.

Disney+ didnt even allow me to view its library, so it was impossible to watch something. ESPN and ESPN+ took me back to the login screen every time I tried watching a show.

The BBC iPlayer knew I wasnt in the UK and blocked my access with the classic message:

I dont recommend TunnelBear as a streaming VPN. On its website, its clearly stated that this VPN was not made to unblock online content, but to keep its users private on the internet. On top of that, it doesnt have any specialized streaming servers and once you establish a long-distance connection, your speed will drop considerably making it impossible to stream any movie or show.

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Security Strong Security Features And Perfectly Safe To Use

TunnelBear comes packed with some great security features that guarantee your online security. I tested its IP and DNS protection, analyzed its encryption and authentication protocols, and tried its kill switch and stealth mode.

Even though it doesnt have as many security features as other VPNs I tested, TunnelBear is safe and easy to use, making it perfect for a first-time VPN user or a business person looking for a secure connection during travels.

Earning Trust With Consistent Transparency

Transparency reports force us to reexamine how we handle information, what information is necessary to run our service, and what we can do to protect our customers privacy. This takes constant effort to maintain, improve and evaluate. We are strongly committed to communicating whats happening at TunnelBear and how it affects you, our customers.

Protecting your privacy and data remains our top priority at TunnelBear. By transparently communicating our data policies and the amount of operational data we require to run our service, we want you to feel secure using our network, be comfortable with the amount of data were asking for, and understand that were not sharing any data unless required to do so by law.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, we want to hear from you. Our friendly Support Bears are always happy to help.

Sincerely rawrs,

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Is Tunnelbear Really Free

Yes, TunnelBear is actually free. You dont need to provide any credit card details and still use the service for free. Nevertheless, TunnelBear free plan has some limitations. You only get 500 MB of data per month, which is enough for casual browsing but will run out quickly if you stream movies or download torrents. That said, you can get an additional 1 GB of data free if you just Tweet about TunnelBear.

One amazing feature about TunnelBears free version is that it offers similar server access to both premium and free users. For example, on its free version you get access to servers in France, US, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and even Singapore. Therefore, its one of the best free VPNs for Singapore.

Ip And Dns Leak Tests

Is TunnelBear Safe to Use? Read This Before You Buy It!

TunnelBear offers IP and DNS leak protection in its apps and browser extensions. In general, DNS requests and IPv6 traffic can expose your IP address and activity. TunnelBear has its own DNS servers and blocks IPv6 traffic, thus keeping you anonymous. These options are switched on by default, so your identity will be protected at all times.

I tested TunnelBears Netherlands, US, UK, Denmark, Germany, and Spain servers for IP and DNS leaks using I didnt encounter any errors at all, and my connection was fully encrypted.

If the VPN you use doesnt have DNS and IP leak protection, your IP, location, and network may be visible to your ISP and authorities. Since this is exactly what you want to avoid, the VPN you choose needs to be completely secure from this perspective.

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Privacy Enough Features To Keep Your Traffic Private

Tunnelbears no-logs policy and security features will keep you safe. It doesnt store your IP address when you connect to its servers, and the Always-On and ad blocker features are very effective. After looking at its privacy policy, Im confident that TunnelBear doesnt store sensitive information about you or the websites you access.

Tunnelbear VPN Review: Latest News And Updates

This section is where well share any explosive developments about TunnelBear you need to know. In general, this isnt a VPN service that makes headlines. Its most recent news story is from June 2021, when it submitted a complaint to the Canadian government about ISPs and web services blocking sites to enforce copyright law.

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Tunnelbear Review: Final Verdict

It’s not the largest, fastest or most powerful of VPNs, but TunnelBear’s ease of use and strong focus on opening up its systems to scrutiny deserve a lot of credit. We hope it fixes the Windows kill switch issue soon, but otherwise TunnelBear is worth a look, particularly for newbies. While those who just want the best of the best should check out ExpressVPN instead.

Jurisdiction Where Is Tunnelbear Located

TunnelBear VPN For Android

TunnelBear is unfortunately located in Toronto, Canadas unsafe jurisdiction, which just so happens to be a member of the much-hated five-eye alliance. If you dont know, five eyes is an alliance that conducts and shares surveillance information on everyday folks like you and me. To know about the consequences of choosing a VPN located in five eyes, nine eyes, and 14 eyes territories, read our exclusive guide.

Jurisdiction is an essential factor that shouldnt be taken lightly. Government agencies force many tech companies in Canada to hand over user data, which violates users right to privacy. However, if you put aside jurisdiction for a moment, TunnelBear is indeed a quality VPN provider that can go toe-to-toe against top-class VPN providers such as CyberGhost.

So if the jurisdiction doesnt matter for you much, you can think about getting TunnelBear. We recently compared the two VPN providers. Check out CyberGhost and TunnelBear comparison for further details.

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