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How To Access Blocked Sites Without VPN

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How To Access Blocked Sites Without Using Proxies Or VPNs

3 Ways to Access BLOCKED WEBSITES without VPN!

Knowing how to access blocked sites is important at times because as soon as we try to browse some URL or website, we see it is blocked. These kinds of URLs or websites may be blocked by an Internet service provider or the government since they violate some set of rules or regulations as described by the ISPs or the government. However, this does not stand true always. Many times, without a valid reason there are many websites that blocked by the ISP and we may want to access these blocked sites without using proxy.

In the present time when everyone is so Internet-dependent that we browse for almost everything and without it literally makes us feel handicap. To avoid such situations where websites get blocked without a valid reason user may choose to use a VPN or a proxy, however, will have to pay a price for it. This article majorly aims at jotting down some of the ways using which you can use and open blocked sites without proxy or VPN.

Free Dns Changing App

There are many free apps that can easily change your DNS server and help but I find TrustDNS the most trustworthy, easy to use and high quality.

TrustDNS doesnt collect logs so nobody will know what pages you visit, they work with many sites, from Youtube to Wikipedia and many others. It is a free app that you can get on android devices. Check it out here or get the android app here. By simply one click you will be able to enjoy open internet and be secure.

Websites Want To Minimize Spam And Fraud

The most legitimate reason why a website would block VPN access is to mitigate unlawful or annoying behavior. The problem with this technique is that it punishes more innocent people than it does criminals.

Paypal has received a lot of flack for blacklisting VPNs, but to be fair, they do it for a good reason. IP addresses are a form of identity, and criminals that use a VPN to mask their IP address tend to be difficult to track down. Not to mention, Paypal is a bank, and the company has to respect regional tax codes and money laws.

Some websites, like IRS.gov or Craigslist, dont always work when youre using a VPN service. These websites arent running blacklists that specifically target VPN IP addresses, though theyre usually running and contributing to public blacklists that flag IP addresses associated with spam and suspicious activity.

But how do these IP addresses end up on these public blacklists? Well, lets pretend that youre doing account security work at IRS.gov, and you notice something strange. A hundred different people have logged in from the same IP address. While this could be a sign that people are using a VPN service at tax time, it could also be a sign that some wild hacker has managed to compromise a hundred different accounts. Blacklisting that IP address is probably a good idea, even if it may infringe on peoples right to privacy.

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Unblock Torrent Websites Without VPN

The website that going to unblock torrent Torrentsproxy

So first go to torrentsproxy website.

There you can see a list alternate links of all available torrent websites. Just simply copy the link and paste it into your address bar.

Thats it now you can access blocked torrents without using VPN services.

Using Your Google Cache

How to Access Blocked Websites Without Using VPN or Proxy ...

Your Google Cache will sometimes save old pages that youve loaded recently. If, for example, you loaded some blocked content at home and then you go to the workplace, you may be able to load the page.

To do this, go to Google and search for the site you want to access. Click on the down-facing arrow on the right, and press Cached. This may work if youre lucky.

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How VPN Blocks Work

VPN use can be prevented in a number of ways, and organizations that are serious about blocking VPNs often combine techniques.

Note that with the exception of China , government VPN blocks is almost always actually performed by ISPs at the governments instruction.

Common tactics for VPN blocks include:

Blocking access to VPN websites

If you cant access a VPN providers website then you cant sign-up for its service or download its software. This form of censorship usually extends to VPN review websites and other websites dedicated to methods of evading censorship.

Although rarely the only tactic employed, blocking access to VPN websites is a very common addition to other methods used.

Blocking IPs of known VPN servers

It is not too difficult to discover the IP addresses of the VPN servers used by VPN providers. And then block access to them.

This is by far the most common method of preventing VPN use, and when used together with blocking access to VPN websites, is usually the extent of most VPN blocks.

Given the large number of VPN providers out there, and the difficulty of keeping track of changing server IP addresses, most organizations settle for banning just the more popular VPN services. This means that users of smaller and less well-known VPN services can often “slip under the radar.

Port blocking

Deep packet inspection

Using DPI to detect VPN traffic is definitely a step up in seriousness on the part of the organization performing the DPI.

How To Access Blocked Website Without VPN

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    School And Work Internet Filters

    Dont you just hate it when youre at Harvard refrigerator college, and the school Wi-Fi has a bunch of sites blocked? Isnt it awful when you get to the office and cant tweet RuPauls Drag Race memes to your congressman? Dont you just seethe with impotent rage? Do you want to unblock school Wi-Fi and websites at work, you renegade maverick, you?

    Change Your Ip Address

    How to Access Blocked Websites Without Using VPN or Proxy Services?

    Follow this guide to manually change your IP address on Windows or Mac. Its not easy, and its not risk-free: your internet might stop working altogether if you mess up. But what could possibly go wrong, Miss Butterfingers?

    Or try proxy servers. These let you browse with a different IP address. Find a reliable proxy server and enter the name of the website you want to visit. Sounds perfect, if you ignore all the obvious security flaws of trusting a strangers server with your computer and data, so invest in some industrial-strength antivirus, and dont come crying to me when your entire browsing history ends up on Reddit.

    Or try a plug-in. Uh, you got really excited there for a minute, didn’t you? Settle down, its a browser extension. Like babysitters, most of them are terrible and unworthy of your trust, and should only be unleashed on your least favorite child.

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    Blocking VPNs Is Easy

    Its common for websites to locate and track users based on their IP addresses. IP tracking is an easy way to increase account security, build targeted advertisements, and show users different content depending on the country in which they live. This practice of IP tracking is one of the main reasons why people use VPN services, but its also the reason why blocking VPN access to a website is so easy.

    A VPN service owns a limited number of IP addresses. And since most VPN servers use IPv4 , its difficult to generate unique IP addresses, and a pool of subscribers are often sharing the same IP addresses for months or years at a time. Websites that want to blacklist VPNs simply need to use services like ipinfo to block IP addresses that have been used by multiple different users.

    There are two other ways that websites can blacklist VPNs, but these methods arent as common as IP blocking. One method, called port blocking, requires websites to figure out the exit ports that VPNs are using for all of their IP addresses. Port blocking is easy and effective because most VPNs use the 1194 OpenVPN port. Another method, called deep-packet inspection, checks users metadata for cryptography signatures. These signatures are like the fingerprints of VPN services, and hiding them is difficult.

    Access Blocked Sites In Chrome

    Its also possible that Chrome has blocked a particular website on your computer or someone else has configured it to do so. In that case, there are some simple steps that you can follow to change specific settings to allow permissions to access that particular website.

    To unblock websites in such cases, enter the web address of the website in Chrome and towards the left of address bar, see the icon. Click on it and look for Site settings to change the blocked status.

    If youre having problems visiting YouTube, read how to unblock YouTube and our dedicated YouTube troubleshooting guide.

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    The Easiest Way To Access Blocked Sites On Any Device

    A VPN is the most reliable way to unblock content and stay anonymous online. VPNs offer online privacy to keep your browsing activity hidden from hackers, your Internet Service Provider, and even the government.

    AVG Secure VPN offers over 50 virtual locations to choose from, with dedicated streaming services optimized to help you view your favorite content on the go. AVG Secure VPN also protects your internet traffic with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, the same standard used by banks. So youll be fully hidden and free to bypass content blocks on your way to whatever sites you need to access.

    Access Blocked Websites On Android By Manually Changing Your Dns

    Trick to Access blocked content without using VPN

    If your country blocks a specific website, you can bypass geo-blocking and location-based limitations by changing your DNS into Googles Public DNS. But before you do this, get a copy of your current DNS addresses as youll need to revert to this if you have problems with changing your DNS.

    For Android 9 and below, follow these steps:

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    How Can I Access Blocked Websites On Wifi

    You just need to use a VPN to get around restrictions on your WiFi network. First, download any of the VPNs I included in my list. Next, connect to any server to change your IP address and ensure your information stays hidden. If youre using a phone, this can also protect your mobile data from anyone else on the public WiFi. Now, navigate to the website that was previously blocked, and youll have access!

    Switch To Mobile Data

    If youre in the workplace or at school, you can avoid most VPN blocks by simply disconnecting from the WiFi and switching to your mobile data. The restrictions in place are usually just limited to WiFi. Remember, though, unless you have an unlimited data allowance, activities like streaming and gaming can quickly eat away at your data.

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    How Do I Unblock A Blocked Site By Administrator Chrome

    Method 1: Unblock a website from the Restricted sites list

  • Launch Google Chrome, click the three dots button in the upper right corner, then click Settings.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced.
  • Under System, click Open proxy settings.
  • In the Security tab, select Restricted sites then click Sites.
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    How to open blocked websites without vpn

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    Using Public Dns Of Isps

    Some Internet Service Providers use their own DNS to block access to some websites. To open the block you can bypass the restriction from ISP using .

    Under the DNS configuration of yoru network, change your DNS to the following Google Public DNS IP addresses as your primary or secondary DNS server.


    If you want to set the proxy for Chrome only, you can use Proxy Helper.

    Replace Your Dns Server

    Weve already discussed this method under a separate topic named DNS Hack. You can simply use this method and bypass the blockade. This method generally involves using Google DNS or OpenDNS for accessing the internet. Here are the detailed steps on the same.

    Cloudflares DNS service claims to be the fastest, privacy-focused DNS service. Cloudflare also made available their DNS service via Android and iOS apps. I often use this one-click method to access blocked sites in my region.

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    Why Are Websites Getting Banned

    If you find yourself unable to access a web page, there can be multiple reasons behind it. Luckily, whether youve accidentally left the Parental Control filter on or the site got banned by the government, theres usually a way to fix this problem by yourself.

    • Censorship. Believe it or not, online censorship is still a huge problem in 2021 – and China is not the only culprit. There are many governments that limit the access to content that might clash with their political or religious views, and a good VPN is one of the few ways to bypass this.
    • Geo-blocking. The majority of streaming sites offer a different content selection for people in different countries because of copyright agreements. Luckily, you can watch movies unavailable in your own country thanks to proxies and VPNs.
    • Work policy. Some schools, universities, or offices block access to certain websites that contain unethical, illegal, or inappropriate content. However, even completely safe sites often get blocked in an attempt to increase productivity or to preserve bandwidth.

    How Do I Access Blocked Websites In India Pakistan And Anywhere Else

    How to Open Blocked Sites without VPN

    The best way to get around any countrys geoblocks is with a VPN. If youre in a country like Malaysia, India, or Pakistan, websites are blocked by the government. A reliable VPN will let you access any restricted site while keeping your connection hidden, so your VPN use isnt discovered. Its an easy fix and is a good idea for anyone worried about the government spying on their activity. Keep in mind VPN use is illegal in certain places, like the United Arab Emirates. So, please stay informed about your countrys laws.

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    Access Blocked Sites By Ip Address

    Another way to access blocked sites without any software is by using its IP address, instead of its web URL. On your computer, click on Start then CMD and press Enter. On the command prompt, type ping sitename.com and press Enter. There, you will then see the sites IP address which you can copy and paste on your browser. In some cases, the site is hosted in a VPS or Dedicated Server Environment , and is using an unverified SSL. You can still proceed but your security will be at high risk.

    Check For Available Wifi Networks

    This one sounds pretty obvious. If you cant access a website from the network, youre currently on, take out your phone and check if any wireless networks are available. If you happen to get lucky and find one, it solves all your problems, and you can enjoy the content youre after.

    Using public networks does come with a few downsides worth mentioning, though. The biggest one of these is that theyre very unreliable and can go down at any time. Public networks also come with quite a few security issues. The best way to stay safe is to avoid accessing or using any sensitive data while on a public network. Theyre a great emergency solution, but nothing more than that.

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    The Best VPN For Bypassing VPN Blocks Full Analysis

    To make sure your VPN is undetectable to websites and services looking for it, you need to choose a high-quality provider. A service that offers advanced features like obfuscated VPN servers, various security protocols, and a large network of IP addresses isnt always easy to find. But without these features, you risk being detected and blocked.

    After lots of research and testing, Ive rounded up the three best undetectable VPNs so you can continue to browse, stream, and torrent without worry of blocks.

    • 3,000+ super-fast servers in 90 countries
    • Obfuscated servers and a range of security protocols
    • Compatible with Tor
    • Works with: Hulu, Crunchyroll, ESPN, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar, Disney+
    • Compatible with: iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, Windows, Chromebook, routers

    ExpressVPNs latest deal September 2021:

    ExpressVPN is a high-speed VPN that comes with military-grade encryption and security measures. Ive tested it for weeks and found that its easy to use, has reliable and super-fast connections, and guarantees access to sites with the toughest geoblocks, even if youre in China or Turkey.

    We wanted to know if ExpressVPN could defeat the Great Firewall of China, so we had agents in Shanghai, Taipei, and Guangzhou give it a try. They used the VPNs obfuscated servers and were virtually invisibleGoogle, YouTube, Instagram, and other banned sites unlocked instantly.

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