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How To Access Blocked Websites At School Without VPN

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How Can I Open Blocked Sites In Google Chrome

3 Ways to Access BLOCKED WEBSITES without VPN!

Method 1: Unblock a website from the Restricted sites list

  • Launch Google Chrome, click the three dots button in the upper right corner, then click Settings.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced.
  • Under System, click Open proxy settings.
  • In the Security tab, select Restricted sites then click Sites.
  • Unblock Instagram At School The Easy Way: Use Mobile Data

    Although there are ways to access blocked content, the school can track your connection while youre using their WiFi. A good VPN will stop them from reading your network traffic, but that wont stop them from blocking your device or from punishing you. So if you want to keep using platforms like Instagram without the administration finding out, you should use mobile data.

    Mobile data gives you a direct link between your device and your service provider so they wont even be able to see what youre doing. However, your mobile data is probably limited to a few gigabytes per month, and school WiFi is unlimited, so other options are often worth a shot.

    Use Cache To Check A Website

    This is also a very tricky way to check a website which is blocked by your network administrator in your school, work, home or anywhere else.

    Each and every search engine like Google, Yahoo, bing cache webpages and stored these cached pages there themselves.

    You can access these cached pages for the blocked website from Search engine. But the question remains, How to check the cached pages?

    Just search the website URL on Google and follow the Image.

    When you will click on the dropdown sign, you will find the two options, Cached and similar. Click on the Cached, you will be redirected to the cached pages of the blocked website.

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    What Is A VPN

    A VPN allows you to mask your identity and browse the internet privately by routing all of the traffic from your device through a private server. Heres the great thing VPNs also encrypt all of your data. This means that you can bypass website blocks AND remain entirely anonymous while doing it. Plus, as an added bonus, VPNs can also help you bypass geo-locational blocks which can lock you out of websites based on where you are.

    Is It Legal To Unblock Sites

    How To Open A Blocked Website using VPN or A Proxy Server ...

    It depends on your country. Most countries, even China, allow some degree of VPN use. In the west, VPNs tend to be completely legal. There are some caveats.

  • Streaming, sharing or viewing illegal content for example, torrenting copyrighted materials is still illegal.

  • While it’s not illegal to use streaming services such as Netflix over a VPN, it may breach their terms of use. These services have, on rare occasions, banned users.

  • Most VPNs promise to not log your use of their service, but VPN providers have shared user information with law-enforcement agencies at times.

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    How Do I Unblock Youtube Blocked By Administrator

    1. Use a VPN to Access YouTube When Its Blocked. Using a VPN, or virtual private network, is the easiest and most secure way to unblock YouTube. VPNs are a great option for online security, anonymity, and unblocking content that has been restricted by firewalls, censorship, or geoblocking technology.

    Unblock Websites With A VPN

    This is by far the most secure and convenient way to unblock blocked websites. Typically, when you connect to a network, your computer sends data to some other computer through a virtual pipe which is also carrying data of other users. If an attacker wants to see the data, its easy, because this pipe isnt secure and is easy to break in. If an attacker is successful in his attempts, he may be able to read everything that you send through the pipe.

    Now heres when a VPN comes into action. A VPN which is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network which works by creating a secure pipe inside the pipe that already exists. The data that travels inside this pipe is jumbled . So, even if an attacker gets inside the pipe, he cannot make sense of the data because its impossible to decode it.

    Each time you attempt to visit a website , you are first connected to the VPN server and then to the website you wish to access thus connecting you to it securely. Moreover, when you connect to a website using a VPN, your identity is hidden. Your IP is not shared with the web server, and instead, the IP address of your VPN server is shared.

    Set up HotspotShield VPN on your PC/Mac

    Setting up HotspotShield on PC is easy. Heres how to do it.

  • Visit www.hotspotshield.com and download HotspotShield for your operating system.
  • Install it. Upon completion, it will automatically open. If it doesnt, open it manually.
  • The icon will turn green which meeans you are good to go.
  • Trick 7

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    Access Restricted Sites Using An Ip Address

    This way is somewhat comparable to going through shortened links. Though website URLs are blocked, IP addresses might not be.

    A URL is a domain name, an IP address translated into words. So while you can see the MUO domain name at the top of this page, the IP address is

    How do you find the IP address of a restricted website? In the Windows search bar, search for “Command Prompt.” Then type in tracert and the desired domain name, and then click Enter. The IP address should appear, and you can copy this into the search bar of your browser.

    Most browsers default to HTTPS, so you’ll likely see a warning that your connection is not private. If you’re sure you want to proceed, you can continue regardless.

    Change Network Proxy In Browsers

    How to open blocked websites without vpn

    Your college or institute might have more than one proxy for its network. So, it could happen that some websites are restricted on one proxy, but accessible on another. You can give a try to proxy surfing to access blocked websites in your college.

    Disabling the network proxy settings in your web browser isnt a tough task. You just need to find the connections/network option in the settings of your web browser. There, you can select the no proxy option or use another one thats providing unrestricted browsing at your institution. For example, heres a settings window showing how you can change the settings in the Firefox web browser:

    These are some of the most effective and easy-to-use methods to circumvent the censorship that has been put on your favorite websites. Let us know which one do you prefer to access blocked websites in your region.

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    Using A Different Dns

    When some website is banned in an area, it is the ISP blocking traffic to and from that website. Changing DNS settings from your ISP to something different might help you access the site. For example, you can change your DNS to Google Public DNS.

    To change DNS, right click the network icon in the taskbar and select Open Network and Sharing. In the Window that appears, double-click on your network. It will bring up a dialog box and there you can change the DNS under IPv4.

    Use Translate Services To Bypass Setting

    Another useful way of how to access blocked websites at work, school, college, or home. This also works to enter in any website.

    There are many language translation provider like , AltaVista BabelFish which are providing website translation services.

    When you enter website url for translation, it fetches all the website and translates in your desired language. From here you can easily enter in the website and access what you want.

    This is the best way to open a blocked website from your computer system and how to access blocked websites trick.

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    Become Anonymous By Using Proxy Websites

    Very often in professional environments, employers put certain boundaries in place, restricting your entry to particular websites. When you desire access to these blocked websites, proxy server websites can act as a rescue method.

    On the web, there are hundreds of proxy websites that make your web experience unrestricted. A proxy website becomes a moderator between the user and server site. The proxy website camouflages the blocked site from the ISPs and allows you to access obstructed websites. To get a proxy website for just about any blocked site, just perform a Google search.

    Ways To Access Blocked Websites On Any Device

    Access Blocked Websites using Psiphon for PC, Laptop on ...

    Whether youre at school trying to look up your friends latest social media post or youre at the office trying to find out the answer to some unique problem on an obscure forum, running into the This website is blocked message can quickly turn your browsing experience into a hindrance. Authorities often put blocks on websites for a variety of reasons. And, sometimes, the exact website that you need ends up on the block list.

    Dont worry! With a little know-how and a willingness to take responsibility into your own hand, you can bypass those pesky restrictions and enjoy that hilarious Instagram video.

    Note: Some worksites may have strict rules against accessing blocked websites. Do this at your own risk. Otherwise, enjoy!

    Today, were going to talk about a few ways that you can use to bypass websites blocks.

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    Why You Need A VPN To Access Blocked Websites

    Large public WiFi networks block access to certain platforms and websites, especially in schools or offices. With these restrictions in place, you cant use sites like YouTube, social media platforms, and more.

    A VPN lets you use these sites by running your traffic through its private servers, masking your true location. It makes it seem like youre browsing on a network with zero blocks instead of with your limited WiFi.

    Just connect to a VPN to access sites restricted on your public network!

    • Lightning-fast speeds to connect you to any website fast
    • 3,000 servers to help you access your favorite sites
    • Advanced security protocols to keep your connection safe
    • 5 simultaneous device connections
    • Works with: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, and more
    • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Apple TV, and more

    ExpressVPNs latest deal October 2021:

    ExpressVPN has superfast speeds that let me access every site I tried in seconds. I tested 19 different servers to see how quick the connection was. My average rate never fell below 48 Mbps. Even on my Chromebook, which isnt the most high-powered device, I maintained the same rapid connection. These great results mean youll be able to navigate to any site without annoying load times.

    How To Block And Unblock Internet Sites

    To limit access to the computer to certain hours, visit the Time Limits tab. {smallUrl:https:\/\/www.wikihow.com\/images\/thumb\/2\/27\/Block-and-Unblock-Internet-Sites-%28On-a-Mac%29-Step-19.jpg\/v4-460px-Block-and-Unblock-Internet-Sites-%28On-a-Mac%29-Step-19.jpg,bigUrl:\/images\/thumb\/2\/27\/Block-and-Unblock-Internet-Sites-%28On-a-Mac%29-Step-19.jpg\/aid1914852-v4-728px-Block-and-Unblock-Internet-Sites-%28On-a-Mac%29-Step-19.jpg,smallWidth:460,smallHeight:345,bigWidth:728,bigHeight:546,licensing:

    \n< \/p> < \/div> } To unblock all websites, select Allow unrestricted access to websites. This will not disable parental control settings in other tabs .

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    How Do School Website Restrictions Work

    Most schools and universities employ internet filters to block websites for students. Modern internet filters can block access to social media platforms like Facebook, Discord, Snapchat and Instagram, as well as online video games.

    The only problem with this system is that the filters also block educational websites like YouTube and Coursera, which are helpful to students who are researching source material for their assignments.

    Some schools complement a default internet filter product with their own list of websites that they block through administrative accounts and firewalls. Some parental control applications help schools and universities keep their internet tightly guarded as well.

    But, as covered above, there are ways to bypass these restrictions.

    How To Use Tor Browser

    How to Access Blocked Websites Without Using VPN or Proxy Services?
  • and install the Tor Browser.
  • Launch and start using the browser.
  • Advantages of Using the Tor Browser

    • Its a free service
    • Tor browser is more secure than other browsers

    Disadvantages of Using the Tor Browser

    • Heavily slows your internet connection.
    • Tor browser protects the browsers traffic.
    • Not available for iOS.

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    Unblock Websites Using A Proxy Extension

    A proxy extension is like a web proxy, only more convenient, and itll get you around content blocks on a school computer faster than Harry and Ron sneaking into the restricted section of the Hogwarts library. A proxy extension sits right in your browser, so you wont waste time constantly navigating to the proxy its ready and waiting anytime you want to access blocked content.

    There are many good proxy extensions out there. Heres how to use the HMA proxy for Chrome:

  • for free from the Chrome store.

  • Confirm that you want to Add extension, and it will install.

  • Select the donkey hat icon in the top-right corner and the proxy will open.

  • Click Turn On to activate the proxy. The Disguised as button will let you choose your virtual location.

  • Boom! You now appear to be from your selected location, and you can anonymously view the content you want.

  • In Mozilla Firefox Browser

    • At first, go to Options and select Advanced option wich is located at the top of navigation section of the popup window.
    • Next, go to the Network tab and click on Settings button which is located under the Connections section.
    • After that on the next popup window, select option saying Manual Proxy Configuration
    • Now, add the Proxy IP address in the HTTP Proxy section and Check the Use this proxy server for all protocol option.
    • Finally, Press OK and save.

    Now, you are ready to surf the web anonymously and unblock the blocked websites.

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    Setting Up A Manual VPN Connection

    When your VPN gets blocked, a manual VPN connection might be your best solution. You can try setting up a VPN connection manually on your device via inbuilt VPN functionality or an app like OpenVPN Connect or strongSwan.

    Setting up your own VPN serveris also a way to go, but it can be a time-consuming, challenging, and expensive endeavor. On the bright side, it almost guarantees that websites wont be able to detect that youre using a VPN .

    Access Blocked Websites With Google Translate

    How To Get Past School Wifi Block

    Yes, you read that right. Getting around content filters is actually very simple in a lot of situations. This ‘hack’ won’t work for everyone, and it won’t work for getting to sites or videos which are region-blocked.

    But for school and work filters, it can be surprisingly effective.

    First, you need to know the URL of the website you want to visit. You can Google it, then right-click on the link and choose ‘copy link address’ or similar – it will vary according to your web browser.

    Now, go to translate.google.com, paste in the URL you just copied, or type the full address of the website if you know it, such as www.reddit.com. Pick a language, such as Spanish, and leave English as the language to translate to . If you speak Spanish, set the options the other way around.

    You can now use the website almost as normal: links work, videos should play, but you might not be able to download any files.

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    Switch Between Different VPN Ports

    A port is a docking point used to control the flow of information. In terms of VPN software, ports are used by different protocols to dictate the way your incoming and outgoing Web data is handled. By closing a port, you stop the flow of information, which is one of the possible ways to restrict access to VPN applications. In this manner, the solution is to use a different port.

    Use A VPN Tool To Unblock Any Website On The Internet

    A Virtual Personal Network is possibly the best method to unblock websites, particularly if you need to access restricted material often.

    Basically, a VPN is a tool that secures your web traffic as well as lets you fake your IP address to make sure that no one can see your real area, allowing you to gain access to geo-blocked web sites, e.g. US Netflix. Right now, it is also one of the most preferred device to battle on the internet censorship instead of accessing a site straight, you are doing so with a VPN server, which suggests your ISP doesnt recognize what youre doing and also cant obstruct you.

    The most effective thing about VPNs is the truth that they make your online activity entirely confidential. By doing this, even your Internet Service Provider wont have the ability to track you when you unblock internet sites that are limited in your nation .

    Additionally, many VPN providers use apps for different systems. As an example, NordVPN has native apps for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, and also much more. This opens up a great deal of possibilities to unblock websites whenever you desire, whatever type of gadget youre utilizing.


    • Usually not cost-free.

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    Pro Tips: Bypass Admin Restrictions

    As you have noticed, some methods change the system settings. In school computers, such changes may require the admins username and password. It is unlikely you will get access to such logins. The best way to bypass admin restriction is to use portable apps.

    Use portable apps

    These are apps that work even without installing them on a computer. Just copy them on your USB drive and run them on the go. Popular portable apps include Firefox browser, Tor Browser, and even some VPNs. You can even install proxy extensions on the portable Firefox browser.

    Portable operating system

    If the computers in school allow booting from USB drives, you are in luck. This method involves installing an OS on a USB drive and live booting it. This way, you get to alter the system setting in your portable OS without restrictions.

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