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How To Access Netflix Us Using VPN

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Why Do I Need A VPN To Get American Netflix In Australia

How to watch Netflix with a VPN | Ultimate LIVE TUTORIAL

You need a VPN in order to break the restriction barrier of US Netflix while residing in Australia. Because Netflix has different library content for different countries/regions. As an Australian citizen, you can only have access to the Australian library of Netflix.

Lets say you wish to watch the famous American series Greys Anatomy unavailable on Australian Netflix. You will need to use a VPN to access the American library of Netflix to enjoy all the greys adventures in Australia.

Connect To A Server In The Desired Country

Once you type in your login credentials and get to the main screen, everything should be pretty straightforward. Usually, you get a map or a country list that, once clicked, automatically connects to a VPN server. You will get a confirmation that the app established the connection, and youre browsing through a remote server in a different country.

So, if you want to access Netflix US, just connect to a server somewhere in the US.

What Is A VPN

A Virtual Private Network is an excellent tool for protecting a users privacy, keeping their online antics and the associated personal and business-related information undercover from third parties who would love to get their greedy paws on such info.

A VPN can also spoof a users location, making it appear that the users connection is originating from a country other than the one they are physically located in. This feature makes a VPN the perfect tool for opening up access to Netflix content, no matter where its stored.

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How To Use A VPN For Watching Netflix

ByKieron AllenContributions fromAdam Marshallpublished 9 June 22

Unlocking more Netflix content really is easy

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, can be utilized for many things – that’s part of their appeal. Some people use them to make their internet sessions more secure, particularly when browsing on public Wi-Fi networks. While others use them to access region-restricted websites or content – including watching Netflix from other countries.

Since Netflix first emerged as the front runner in the video streaming world, its users have been applying VPN technology to access its shows and films regardless of their geographical location.

In this article, we’ll explain how easy it is to use a Netflix VPN to access your regular Netflix programming when youre out of the country.

American Netflix Vs Au Netflix Cost Comparison

How to Access and Watch US Netflix from Portugal Using VPN?

If you are creating a Netflix account for the first time, its helpful to know the difference in the pricing plans of Australian and US versions of Netflix. This way, you can apply for the one that best suits your budget. Just remember, though, that if you decide to create a US Netflix account, youll need an American credit card to subscribe.

Netflix provides three pricing plans to users. These include Basic, Standard, and Premium.

  • You can get the Basic plan in Australia for 14.08 AUD/month. The same plan costs 8.99 USD/month or 12.10 AUD/monthin the US.
  • The Standard plan is priced at 21.53 AUD/month in Australia and 13.99 USD/month or 18.84 AUD/month in the US.
  • Finally, we have the Premium plan, which costs 26.92 AUD/month Australia and 17.99 USD or 24.22 AUD/month in the US.

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How To Unblock Netflix With A VPN

Streaming video on Netflix is a pleasure most of us take for granted, but as soon as you start crossing borders, you may find it blocked. With the right VPN you may be able to keep streaming, no matter where you are.

Since my start in 2008, I’ve covered a wide variety of topics from space missions to fax service reviews. At PCMag, much of my work has been focused on security and privacy services, as well as a video game or two. I also write the occasional security columns, focused on making information security practical for normal people. I helped organize the Ziff Davis Creators Guild union and currently serve as its Unit Chair.

The Best Expressvpn Servers To Watch Netflix

When watching Netflix or other streaming platforms with a VPN, choosing the right server is important. The server you use can affect both the video quality and the stability of your connection.

Most servers I tried gave me great results, but some are better than others for streaming. I found that these servers gave me the best speeds and never ran into any proxy errors.

  • USA: Los Angeles 3, San Jose, and Atlanta
  • The UK: East London, London, and Wembley
  • Canada: Montreal and Vancouver
  • India: Mumbai 1
  • Australia: Brisbane

Even if you are traveling halfway across the world, ExpressVPN will give you excellent speeds for watching your home Netflix library while abroad. When I tried accessing ExpressVPNs US servers from Europe, I got nearly the same speeds from the US Atlanta server as the speed from local European servers . These speeds are double what you need to watch shows in UltraHD.

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Stream Netflix On Your Computer

If Netflix isnt working for you on devices such as an iPhone, a Fire TV Stick, or a Google Chromecast, try watching the same video on your desktop or laptop computer.

As part of its VPN ban, Netflix checks whether the location of your IP address matches the location of your DNS server.

Watching on your computer is more likely to work as desktop VPN apps can route all traffic through its own DNS servers, but mobile VPN apps cannot.

Additionally, make sure your VPN app is configured to use the VPNs DNS servers. You can enable this in the VPN apps connection settings.

A desktop VPN app can force all traffic through its DNS servers.

How Does Netflix Know That I Am Using A VPN

How to use VPN on NETFLIX

The reason Netflix knows that you are using a VPN is that every device that uses the Internet has an IP address and Netflix vigilantly monitors the IP addresses of its users. Its rather easy to spot a suspicious activity related to the IP address and once Netflix encounters the case, it blacklists the IP.

Overall, there are a couple of ways how Netflix detects that a user is connected to a VPN:

  • The IP address is a string of numbers that helps reveal your geographical location and show content that is relevant to you. Now, a VPN server provides numerous users with the same address. And since each user should have a different IP address, it gets suspicious when a single IP is used by several different devices.
  • Every Netflix user has a registration location provided in its account. So, if a user registered, for example, in the UK keeps changing its IP addresses from different parts of the world, Netflix can easily detect a VPN-related activity.

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Connect To Another Us Server

Even the best VPN will occasionally have its servers blocked by Netflix and this mightve just happened to the server youre connected to. Most of the time, you can simply switch to another US server that works with Netflix. During the time of testing, here are the US servers that worked well for me:

  • ExpressVPN New Jersey 1, Los Angeles 1, Atlanta, Miami 2, and Dallas 2
  • CyberGhost Chicago-S408-i04, Washington- S401-i01, Lasvegas-S402-i07, Seattle-S404-i02, and Optimized Netflix US servers
  • Private Internet Access US East and West streaming optimized servers, California, Chicago, New York City, and Washington DC
  • HMA Optimized US servers , California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia
  • IPVanish Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, and San Jose

Tips On How To Choose The Best Free VPN For Netflix

When looking for a reliable free VPN for Netflix, there are a few criteria you need to pay attention to. I tested the following features to rank the best free VPNs for Netflix. You can use the list below when shopping for the right VPN:

  • Really free A free VPN doesnt ask you to commit to a subscription. I ensured that all the VPNs on my list are completely free or come with a tried and tested money-back guarantee.
  • Can access US Netflix US Netflix has one of the largest libraries out there. I tested all the VPNs on this list to ensure that their US servers consistently unblock US Netflix.
  • Fast speeds and enough data To stream Netflix without annoying slowdowns, the free VPN app should come with good speeds and enough data. I conducted speed tests for all the VPNs on my list to ensure that you can watch your favorite shows without buffering.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices. Make sure to choose a VPN that is compatible with the devices you want to stream Netflix on. If you want to watch Netflix on devices that usually dont support VPNs, make sure to choose a VPN that has router support and/or Smart DNS.
  • Excellent customer support. If you ever have an issue with your VPN, its important you have a way to solve it straight away. I made sure the VPNs on my list offer live customer support and/or a large knowledge base to answer common questions.

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Ology For Assessing A VPN For American Netflix In Canada

Many of my readers have likely discovered that not all VPNs are capable of streaming American Netflix from inside Canadian borders. Thats why I had to consider multiple key factors when I mulled over which VPN to recommend for accessing U.S. Netflix in Canada.

These are those key factors and why theyre important:

The factors listed above are just a small portion of my comprehensive VPN testing methodology. The data-driven approach I use helps me to better understand the VPNs service offerings, so I can recommend only those that are a good fit for your needs.

What Should I Do If I Cant Watch Us Netflix With A VPN

Top 5 Best Free VPN for Netflix in 2020

Even with a top-tier VPN, there may be times when the US server youre using cant access American Netflix. If this happens, youll get the Netflix proxy error with the code M7111-5059. Luckily, there are some solutions to this problem:

  • Try a different server Netflix regularly collects and blocks VPN IP addresses, so you may need to connect to different US locations to get it working. A quicker way is to ask your VPN provider for a list of US servers that work with Netflix.
  • Clear your cache Your cached data may reveal your real location while youre using a US server. This can be cleared on your browser by going to settings and deleting your browser history and cookies. Some browsers might have it listed under Advanced Settings. You can clear it for your Netflix app and smartphone devices by opening Storage and choosing to delete your cache.

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Can I Watch Netflix In More Than 1 Country At Once

Yes, Netflix lets up to 2 people watch simultaneously on a standard account and up to 4 on a premium account. It doesnt matter where the viewers are located. Netflixs terms and conditions only state that the people you share your Netflix account with must live in the same household.

But this means that one user will have access to different shows if they go overseas. Since anyone should be able to watch Netflix as usual from anywhere, its best to use a top-tier VPN with a global server network when faced with geoblocks. It redirects your internet traffic through a server in your home country to let you watch content from home.

Get A VPN Subscription To Watch Netflix

Step 1a. First of all, you need a VPN subscription to watch Netflix from anywhere. We recommend using one with fast, reliable VPN servers and at least a seven-day money-back guarantee to allow you time to test out the service with the full Netflix library.

To help you get started, we have selected a user-friendly and cheap VPN provider with great speeds and servers. Additionally, this service has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it before you decide whether a VPN is right for you.

There are more good VPN providers out there, of course, but for this step-by-step plan, we selected NordVPN. Via the links on our website, you get an extra discount on this premium VPN.

We do not recommend a free VPN for Netflix at this time due to their limitations. Streaming Netflix with a VPN requires fast servers with an impressive uptime rate. These features allow you to have the best Netflix streaming experience by saving you from buffering and dropped connections. This is true of all Netflix libraries, including American Netflix.

Step 1b. If you clicked on the orange button, you will be directed to the providers website. Click on the pinkish button to claim your deal and create an account.

Step 1d. Once you have chosen your plan and pressed Continue to Payment, you will get to a screen where you can select a payment method. This is also the screen where you fill in your email address, so you can finish up setting your account.

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How To Choose Thebest VPN For Netflix

From blazing speeds to industry-leading security, here are several key features you should look out for when choosing the best Netflix VPN:

  • Lightning-fast connectivity. No one likes Netflix buffering! Get a VPN thatâs built for speed and powered by next-generation technology, like ours.

  • Streaming on any network. The right VPN will let you safely access Netflix content from anywhere, even public Wi-Fi. With us, youâll get unlimited bandwidth, too!

  • Keeps your online activity private. A reliable VPN will shield your IP address so you can browse without having your activity logged. This also helps bypass throttling.

  • Live customer support anytime. Netflix isnât working with VPN? A dedicated Support Team will ensure you get all the help you need straightaway.

Do I Need A Us Payment Method To Get Us Netflix

How to watch American Netflix from anywhere | Best Netflix VPNð¥

You dont need a US payment method to access the American content library. This is because the shows that are available when you log into Netflix arent determined by the country you signed up in. Instead, the service checks your IP address to find out where you currently are, and displays all of the content that it has the rights to show in that country. This means that you arent locked out of other regional libraries, no matter where you signed up from.

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The Most Secure VPN To Stream American Netflix In Australia Purevpn

With PureVPN you can watch American Netflix in Australia

PureVPN provides 450+ servers in all the leading cities of the U.S that help you watch famous TV shows like Altered Carbon and Life: As We Know It in Australia. The service offers exclusive streaming features like a built-in streaming mode and a dedicated section for popular channels that allow you to stream your favorite content in HD quality.

In terms of security and privacy, you can experience various features, including kill switch, dedicated IP, split tunneling, 5 simultaneous logins, and no logs. You can subscribe to its 2-year plan at the cost of AU$ 4.82/mo 2-year plan at an amazing 47% discount along with a 31-day refund policy.

Why Netflix Is Different In Different Countries

Since Netflix is a website, it should have the same content no matter where you are, right? Wrong. Each country has its own unique Netflix library, so by changing your IP address, you can unlock new content.The U.S. currently has the largest Netflix library with 5,932 different movies and TV shows. Theyre followed by the U.K., Canada, Greece, and India.3

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Why American Netflix Cant Be Accessed In Canada

No matter where you travel, your Netflix login will gain entry to the local flavor of Netflix. But, if youre looking to access your favorite shows and movies from stateside, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

If you fire up your Netflix app or type into your browser, you will be automatically routed to the local version of the service. Youll likely notice the available content doesnt quite match the selection back home.

Netflix isnt being a jerk when they do thistheyre simply keeping in line with the commitments they made when they signed their content licensing agreements.

The Best VPNs For Iphone

How to Watch Netflix or Hulu Through a VPN
  • Secure your iPhone and iPad with the best VPN
  • Public Wi-Fi and hotspot protection
  • Unlimited speed and no bandwidth limits
  • Find the best VPN deals and free trials for iPhone and iPad

ExpressVPN is our #1 rated VPN for iPhone and iPad because its faster and more secure than the competition. With a strict no-log policy, kill switch, Private DNS, and IP leak protection, your iOS devices have never been more secure. Compatible with iOS 10.0 and higher.

  • Lightweight app wont slow down your iPhone and iPad
  • Unlimited data and no speed restrictions for 24/7 protection
  • Connect up to five devices simultaneously
  • Try it risk-free for 30 days
  • Servers in over 90 countries
  • Compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Lightweight app wont slow down your iPhone and iPad
  • Unlimited data and no speed restrictions for 24/7 protection

CyberGhost is a fast VPN that works well with iPhones and iPad. It keeps you anonymous while you use your apps or browse the internet.

  • AES 256-bit encryption protects your iPhone and iPad from hackers
  • Easy to install and connect – no technical knowledge required
  • Prevent ISP throttling while doing data-heavy activities
  • Excellent customer support
  • AES 256-bit encryption protects your iPhone and iPad from hackers
  • Easy to install and connect – no technical knowledge required
  • 40,000+ IP addresses

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