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How To Add VPN To Apple TV 4k

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How to run a VPN on the Apple TV 4K – guide

Mit einem VPN könnt ihr beliebige Länder als Standort definieren, die meisten Streamingdienste liefern aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen Inhalte nicht anhand der Benutzerkonto-Adresse, sondern anhand des Standorts des Users aus. Der wiederum wird über die IP-Adresse ermittelt, mit der sich der Anwender anmeldet.

Das bedeutet: Suggeriert ihr einem Streamingdienst, dass ihr in den USA seid, indem ihr eine amerikanische IP-Adresse verwendet, könnt ihr mit eurem deutschen Konto problemlos auf amerikanische Inhalte zugreifen. Und weil Serien und Filme hier in der Regel früher erscheinen oder Inhalte verfügbar sind, die es in Deutschland nicht gibt, kann sich der Einsatz eines VPNs durchaus lohnen.

What Is A VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networking. What does that mean? When you connect to the internet, youre connecting using an IP address. This IP address allows companies , to see where youre connecting from and what sites youre visiting. For instance, your internet provider tracks your IP address and knows if youre connecting from your home. It also knows what websites you connect to, the time youve spent on each, what youre downloading, and so much more. This allows them to build a profile of you, and your privacy isnt considered at all.; A VPN changes everything. You can connect to a remote server that masks your location, identity and what sites you visit. That seems like a great way to take control of your privacy, but it also helps with keeping you secure. Ill circle back to this in a moment. There are tons of VPN services out there and many are free. VPN providers have both private and enterprise solutions to make sure youre staying safe online. If youre traveling abroad, you can also connect to a VPN on a server in your home country. This allows you to use the internet as if you were home. In short, a VPN is a way to increase your privacy and security by connecting to the internet on a server of your choosing.

The Third Method: Connect Apple TV Through A Windows Computer

An easier and faster way to launch a VPN for Apple TV is to connect the set-top box via an Ethernet cable to a Windows computer with the VPN app installed.

The computer itself must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Not all computer models allow Internet sharing. Moreover, from my own experience, I know that even different OS versions can affect this. For example, my HP on Windows 7 could distribute the Internet via LAN and Wi-Fi, but not on Windows 10.

So, before moving on to the system settings, check if it supports the distribution of the Internet. To do this, start the command shell cmd and enter the command.

>netsh WLAN show drivers

Unfortunately, if you see what is shown in the following screenshot, then your computer wont be able to transfer VPN to Apple TV:

If you receive a positive value for the Hosted network supported parameter, you can proceed to set up the VPN app and configuring the distribution of the secure Internet:

  • Install a VPN app on Windows.
  • Connect Apple TV Ethernet cable to the laptop.
  • Configure VPN distribution using the instructions for your version of Windows .
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    Nordvpn Speed Test Data


    Money-back guarantee:;30 DAYS

    Surfshark offers both a VPN and a smart DNS service as part of its standard subscription. You can either configure the VPN on a router or change your Apple TVs default DNS servers to those of Surfshark. Although this doesnt provide the same level of security as the VPN, smart DNS will allow you to unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu from abroad.

    To use the smart DNS service, you must verify your IP address on the Surfshark website while being connected to the same wifi network as your Apple TV.

    Surfshark allows users to connect an unlimited number of devices at once, which makes it a great budget option to share among family or roommates. 24/7 live chat support is available.

    How To Overcome Restrictions To Watch Apple TV Overseas

    Best Apple TV VPN in 2020 [Setup VPN on Apple TV Easily]

    Since it is a US product, access to Apple TV content in other countries may be restricted.

    This means that some TV shows, sports, news, and movies arent available in all countries due to licensing or other restrictions. People living in Africa and Asia often dont have access to most American and British TV shows and films. Not only are these programs blocked and restricted in certain geographic locations, but people in those regions also dont have access to many websites.

    To unblock Apple TV content, you need to change your regional settings and your IP address to the one that matches the new settings. The easiest way to do this is by using VPN and Smart DNS, the use of which is described in the main part of the article.

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    The First Method : Change The Region Via Dns

    This method is best for unblocking geo-restricted content from video services . This method isnt effective for fully protecting Internet activity and unblocking sites in case of censorship.

    So, let’s change your region by setting up DNS for Apple TV :

  • Sign up in the service:You will need to sign up with a VPN service that supports the so-called Smart DNS. This could be ExpressVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost, or another VPN provider of your choice.Next, I will describe the setup process using Surfshark as an example.

    Choose the tariff plan that suits you and subscribe to the service. All tariff plans have the same functionality. No additional services required for Apple TV.You can take advantage of the money-back guarantee if you want to save money on a long-term subscription but arent sure if the VPN service will suit you.

  • Get DNS addresses.To do this, go to the “Smart DNS” section of the services control panel. ;

    Then activate Smart DNS at the bottom of the page by clicking on Activate. A confirmation window will appear :

    After that, it will take up to 24 hours to activate the service, but in my case, it took 3 minutes.

  • Set up Apple TVFor the final VPN setup, you will need to go to your Apple TV settings and change the DNS servers you obtained in the previous step.For this you need to:
    • go to the Settings menu
    • go to the “Network” section
    • go to Configure DNS -> Manual
    • register a new DNS address

    What Other Shows And Movies Does It Have

    Apple’s shows;run the gamut of drama, comedy, documentary — even undefined deals with a single big star attached. It’s also spending big to get top Hollywood names:;Oprah Winfrey,;Steven Spielberg;and;J.J. Abrams;and other heavy hitters are on board. Apple also struck an exclusive deal with Alfonso Cuarón for the famed director’s first television projects.;

    Since Apple TV Plus resides in Apple’s TV app, you can check out the selection there before signing up. You can also browse the catalog through third-party services like;Reelgood.;

    Apple’s press site also rounds up all;Apple TV Plus original titles, including some that have been announced but aren’t released yet.;

    Apple planned to give theater runs;to some of its films before streaming them on Apple TV Plus, but the coronavirus pandemic has halted nearly all theatrical releases for the time being.;

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    Why We Like This Option

    We like this option because it covers all of your devices, even those that do not normally work with a VPN service. That includes devices like Roku, iPhone, iPad, Chromecast, and other devices where good VPN apps either dont exist or are hard to come by. We dont like how lengthy the process is, however, which is why we only recommend this to those who are trying to connect multiple devices, including their Apple TV, to a VPN service.

    Start By Finding An Ideal VPN

    How to Setup a VPN on Apple TV to watch Netflix, Hulu, BBC and other Geo-Restricted Content

    Some VPNs are limited to more traditional platforms. Take Hotspot Shield, for example – it’s a provider we generally really like, but the enforced use of its proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol means that you can only use it on sanctioned apps and not with the kind of workarounds you need for Apple TV .

    But many of the other best proponents offer the ability to work on most streaming devices. ExpressVPN, for example, has more than 3,000 servers across nearly 100 countries, and its outstanding speeds make it a great option for 4K HDR streaming.

    Furthermore, those providers offer excellent flexibility by giving you the choice to configure the service on your streaming device or connect the VPN directly to your router. Well be using ExpressVPN for the purposes of this guide, but both methods are viable using NordVPN, Surfshark, and other entries in our best Apple TV VPN chart.

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    Why You Need A VPN For Apple TV

    There are plenty of reasons why this award-winning VPN provider is your best choice. From securing multiple devices, to the number of servers, here are some of the reasons why you should go for NordVPN:

    • Protect any Apple TV. With NordVPN, it doesnt matter which generation of Apple TV you own. Secure them all: Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, Apple TV 3rd Gen., Apple TV 2nd Gen., and Apple TV 1st Gen.
    • Huge number of servers. NordVPN offers one of the widest server coverages across the globe. With 5,200+ servers in 60 locations you never have to worry about overcrowding.
    • Lightning-fast connection. NordVPNs lightweight NordLynx protocol ensures maximum speed and minimal VPN data usage. Enjoy any streaming service on your Apple TV in complete serenity. No buffering screen will interrupt your favorite show.
    • Security on any device Secure your phone, laptop, tablet, router, and IoT devices with just one account. NordVPN works on all the major operating systems and allows you to protect up to six devices.
    • Try completely risk-free. Getting NordVPN doesnt immediately have to be a long term commitment. If you dont enjoy our service, you can get your money back within 30 days, no questions asked.

    Configure VPN Directly In Wi

    One of the ways to connect your Apple TV to a VPN is by configuring the VPN directly into your Wi-Fi router. This way, you dont have to worry about connecting and disconnecting to a VPN again and again, plus your internet is encrypted each and every moment.

    However, your internet might become slower than usual. This is due to the fact that the VPN is connected to a server outside your country.

    Along with this, using a VPN on a Wi-Fi router for your Apple TV is very complicated since it depends on the type of W-iFi router you have and if your VPN provider has software available for it. Popular services ExpressVPN and Nord support a number of Wi-Fi routers and have firmware available for most of them.

    After downloading the firmware from the VPN providers website, you can install it by logging into the router admin panel and uploading the firmware directly to your router.

    To avoid this, you can also opt for a VPN router. These routers natively support VPN connections and have software available for almost all VPN providers. Check out our guide on the;best VPN routers.

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    Can You Use A Free VPN For Apple TV

    There are free VPNs available on the market that are compatible with Apple TV, so technically yes you can use one. However, wed highly recommend avoiding them and opting for a more premium service instead as there have been several controversies surrounding the use of free VPNs as of late.

    Firstly, most free VPNs dont have the same high-speed capabilities and data allowance as the good quality services and can be unreliable and inconsistent when streaming content. Theres nothing more frustrating than wrestling with a slow and stubborn VPN while youre trying to enjoy your favorite show.

    Free VPNs often dont have the resources or manpower to keep up with the strict firewalls put in place by major streaming services like Netflix meaning they cant even bypass geo-restrictions and give you access to blocked content.

    If thats not enough to dissuade you, they also lack sufficient security protocols, leading to leaks of your personal information and even malicious cyber attacks. In recent years, some free VPNs have even been caught out selling users personal information on to third-party advertisers, which completely contradicts the purpose of their service.

    Use Your Iphone To Share VPN With Apple TV

    What Is the Best VPN for Apple TV in 2020?

    This is one of the wittiest ways of using a VPN on Apple TV. Connect to a VPN service on your iPhone using Mobile Data, and then create a hotspot. Join the network you created on Apple TV, and youll have a VPN running on your Apple TV via your iPhone!;

    Theres only one downside to this internet speeds are totally dependent on your iPhones Mobile Data provider, thus making it slower than a fast, fiber connection.

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    Surf Web On Apple TV Via Third

    If you cannot AirPlay the content to your Apple TV, you can stream videos to your Apple TV via third-party apps on your phone. AirBrowser is one such app that allows you to cast websites to Apple TV.

    Download the AirBrowser app from iOS App Store , click screen mirroring, and choose your Apple TV. Youll now be able to cast almost any content from any website in the world.

    How To Use Expressvpn On Your Apple TV

    To install ExpressVPN on Apple TV, it’s not quite as simple as just downloading an app. ExpressVPN offers a SmartDNS feature for Apple TV called MediaStreamer. To use it, the first thing you need to do is register your IP address at ExpressVPN. Here’s how:

  • Sign into the ExpressVPN website and view My Account to view your Dashboard.
  • Select the option for DNS Settings.
  • Under IP address registration, click Register my IP address. It is also recommended that you toggle Automatically register my IP address on so you don’t have to go through this process each time your IP address changes.
  • Once you’ve done that, you need to locate your DNS MediaStreamer details.

  • Return to your Dashboard and select Set Up Devices from the menu.
  • Select Apple TV and your MediaStreamer DNS server IP address will be visible. Note it down as you’ll need this in the next stage.
  • Now that you have your MediaStreamer details, you can move over to the Apple TV itself to complete the setup.

  • On your Apple TV, open the Settings app and navigate to Network > Wi-Fi and select your Wi-Fi connection .
  • Select Configure DNS and choose Manual.
  • Enter the MediaStreamer DNS server IP address you found earlier. If you previously had your DNS settings manually configured, it’s worth making a note of these in case you want to stop using ExpressVPN and go back to your previous settings. If not, you can always reset it to Automatic. Once you have entered your IP address manually, hit Done.
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    Popcorn Time On Apple TV Twitter

    There is no denying Twitter has played its crucial role in promoting the use of Popcorn Time on Apple TV worldwide. Thus, it would not be a surprise for us if we explore Popcorn Time followers on Twitter. Therefore, Twitter users are recommending the installation of Popcorn Time on Apple TV apps.

    Here is the comment of one Twitter user highlighting the importance of getting Popcorn Time and Apple on a single device.

    If u get a Apple TV and popcorn time on ur phone u could use the money u save on Netflix etc subscriptions on a new watch

    Nord VPN: Fastest VPN For Apple TV

    3 Easy Ways to Setup a VPN on Apple TV

    Nord VPN comes in second for the best Apple TV VPN. It supports both VPN over Wi-Fi and SmartDNS, so you can connect to the server at your convenience. Setting up SmartDNS is easy and straightforward.

    But whats not so straightforward is VPN over Wi-Fi on Nord VPN. The service doesnt have a dedicated Wi-Fi router app, unlike ExpressVPN. However, configuring it on a router is still possible. Its just a little bit of hassle youll have to go through.

    Moreover, in my testing, I found Nord VPN a bit slower than ExpressVPN. But its cheaper, so it evens out.


    • Slow speeds for some streaming services
    • Lack of a dedicated router app


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    What Makes Expressvpn The Best VPN For Apple TV

    Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is one of the most secure and fastest options available in the marketplace. It uses TrustedServer Technology for storing no logs and improving the anonymity of users online and has even been audited by Cure53 and PwC Switzerland.

    For connectivity, users have access to over 3,000 servers in 94 countries and 160+ locations worldwide, with access to protective features like AES-256-GCM encryption, a no-logs policy, and RAM-infrastructure servers. You can even get a free trial for 30-days to test the product.

    If you encounter any issues, you have a proactive customer service team. They provide you great assistance in selecting the suitable servers for streaming whatever content you want on your Apple TV devices, without any caps on your bandwidth or throttling, allowing you to watch content in 4k quality.

    Configuring A VPN On Your Wi

    I will try to make things easier to understand but brace yourself as things will get a little tricky. First of all, some routers support VPN connections, and others do not. To find out if yours does, log into your router dashboard.

    You can do this by typing or into the URL of your web browser. Next, enter your user credentials. If you are unaware about the login details, read the router manually, consult your ISP, or google the default credentials for your router model.

    After making it to the dashboard, look for a way to set up a VPN connection. You can find this in the Services tab, following by the VPN sub-tab. If none exists, you will have to upgrade the firmware with an open-source alternative, like DD-WRT.

    Upgrading Your Routers Firmware to DD-WRT

  • Enter the following URL into your browser
  • Search for the router model you are using, on the name, and both files listed.
  • Go to the Administration section in your router dashboard and on Firmware Update.
  • Choose Select File and upload the DD-WRT firmware update you downloaded earlier.
  • The new router dashboard will look a little something like the screenshot you see below:
  • Setting Up a OpenVPN on your New DD-WRT Firmware

  • the OpenVPN Configuration Files from any of the Apple TV VPNs listed below.
  • In your web browser, go to your router settings by entering or
  • Start Filling in the OpenVPN Client Settings

  • Encryption Cipher: AES.
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