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How To Add VPN To Kodi Firestick

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VPN for Firestick & Kodi | Setup Tutorial (Very Easy)

Most newer laptops come with the ability to create their own wi-fi hotspots that other devices can connect to. If the laptop is connected to a VPN, then all of the internet traffic from the devices connected to that hotspot is also tunneled through the secure VPN server. Well show you how to set up a virtual wi-fi router on Windows and Mac, which you can then connect your Fire TV to. This method works even with the 1st-generation Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

How to set up a VPN-enabled virtual router hotspot on Windows

If youre using Windows 10, check out the video below. For older versions of Windows, refer to the text instructions:

  • First, we need to check to make sure your computer supports virtual routers. In the Windows search bar, type cmd and right click Command Prompt > Run as Administrator
  • In the terminal windows that appears, type netsh wlan show drivers and hit /Enter
  • Look for the line that says Hosted network supported. If it says Yes then you are good to go. If not, youll have to set up the VPN on the physical router. Help with that further down.
  • In the terminal window, type netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<MY-NETWORK> key=<MY-PASSWORD>, replacing <MY-NETWORK> and <MY-PASSWORD> with the network name and password of your choice, and hit Enter.
  • You should see some text indicating you successfully created the virtual router. To turn it on, type netsh wlan start hostednetwork and hit Enter
  • Your PC is now a VPN-enabled wi-fi router!
  • Best Country To Connect VPN For Using Kodi

    The best country to connect your VPN for using Kodi is the US. Unlike most countries where stringent cyber laws make it difficult to access the addons you need, US has great amount of online freedom. Very few services are unavailable in the US, but mostly, people in the US can access it all. This is why you should connect to a US server.

    Once you connect your our VPN on a US server, everything that you want to watch will be in your access. Since it provides you with great online security, you will also remain safe from getting penalized or prosecuted for accessing restricted content.

    What Exactly Are Amazon Fire TV And TV Stick

    Both released in 2014, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are media streaming players that allow you to watch your favorite TV shows and episodes from one device.

    Amazon Fire TV does a bit more heavy lifting than the Fire TV Stick: it supports 4K resolution and HDR, as well as more channels and games. The Fire TV Stick is essentially a lite version of Fire TV, only supporting up to 1080p, and fewer channels and games – although there is now a 4K version available of the Stick, too.

    If you have a TV compatible with 4K and HDR and you want more gaming power, get the Fire TV or 4K Fire TV Stick. If not, then go for the Fire TV Stick.

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    Is My Kodi Connection Secure Can Someone Find Out What Im Streaming

    Kodi is an open source media player, which makes it quite insecure and easy to exploit. Research and stats show that Kodi streamers get subjected to the highest numbers of cyber-attacks such as cyber-stalking and hacks. Its smart to use a Kodi VPN to protect yourself from these kinds of attacks.

    A hacker, who may have gained entry into your network can know what you are watching and who you are communicating with. He can even eavesdrop on your conversations by taking control over the microphones in your devices such as smartphones and home-assistants.

    Bottom Line On Installing VPN On Fire Stick

    How to install Best Kodi 17.6 on Amazon Firestick

    Even without built-in VPN Fire Stick client, there are ways to set up VPN on your streaming Amazon Fire TV device. Weve covered 2 options above choose the most convenient one for you and enjoy all the videos you want with our VPN for Fire TV Stick. Give it a try right away!

    Have any questions or comments? Dont hesitate to contact us anytime, well gladly assist!

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    Why Do I Need VPN For Kodi

    To get the most out of Kodi and enjoy limitless streaming you will need to configure a VPN or youll require a VPN add-on. Following are the reasons why a VPN is needed:To enjoy the limitless stream and get the most out of Kodi, you will need a Kodi VPN addon. It will give you unrestricted access to content that you may not get in Kodi without it. Here are some other reasons to why you should use a Kodi VPN:

    Reasons To Use A VPN On Kodi

    • Stream international content.Hiding your real IP address means that you can change your region on Netflix and other streaming services, opening up new libraries of shows and movies.
    • Privacy from ISP. VPNs hide the websites and web apps you use, along with your devices real IP address, so your ISP will have no idea youre using Kodi.
    • Protection against hackers. Finally, VPNs make you less vulnerable to hacking; no wonder so many users flocked to VPNs in 2020!

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    Updating Your Firestick VPN App

    One hassle you might encounter with sideloaded Google Play apps and direct download APKs is that they dont automatically receive updates. If you have a working stable version and its secure, then this isnt so much of a problem. But occasionally you might be forced to update the app. You can compare versions between the about or information page in the installed app versus the version number listed on Google Play.

    The process is more or less the same as the steps you took in either method #1 or #2. However, before you begin, its important to force stop the existing VPN app.

  • From the Fire TV home screen, go to Settings > Applications > Manage installed applications
  • Find your VPN app, click it, and choose Force stop
  • Use method #1 or #2 to push the app onto your Fire TV and install it
  • This time, a page will appear that asks if you want to install an update to the existing application along with any new permissions. Select Yes
  • After the update, you will have to log back into the app using the steps in the previous section.
  • How To Install A VPN On Amazon Fire TV And Fire TV Stick


    Get the most out of your Fire TV device with a VPN

    Media streamers like Amazon Fire TV have exploded in popularity in just a few short years, but thats hardly a great surprise. The gadgets make it incredibly easy to watch HD content from thousands of channels and for a reasonable price.

    Amazons media streaming players, the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, both provide Full HD streaming capabilities and thousands of channel options. And the fact that it’s so portable make it great for travelling with. But that leaves you in a situation where your domestic TV streaming catalogues are left geo-blocked – and that’s where using a VPN comes in.

    To circumvent this geoblock, you can use a Virtual Private Network . It works by masking your IP address with a US IP. VPNs also encrypt your traffic, giving your browsing habits a layer of privacy from snooping ISPs and government bodies.

    • Read more: the best

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    How To Install A Video Add

    If you already have a video add-on installed on Kodi, then you can skip this part. Even though each add-on is different, the instructions are still very similar. For this example, Im going to install Exodus Redux on Kodi Version 19.1.

  • Allow unknown sources on Kodi. Open your Kodi settings, select System, and go to Add ons on the left-hand sidebar. Then, enable Unknown Sources and click Yes when the warning box pops up.

    Make sure you allow unknown sources

  • Open the file manager. Go to your Kodi settings, click File Manager, and select Add Source on the right.

    Go to the file manager to add source

  • Enter the file source. Click the area that says None and enter the path for your add-on. Then, press OK. For Exodus Redux, the path is

    Enter your media location so Kodi can locate it

  • Name your source. Enter a name down the bottom and press the OK button. Then, give a name for your source and press OK.

    Give your media source a memorable name

  • Go to the Kodi home screen, select Add-ons on the left and click the open box icon on the top left. Then, choose Install from the zip file and open the name of the source file you named, and click on the appropriate zip file for your add-on.

    The repository comes as a zip file

  • Confirm the download. Click on the appropriate zip file and wait for it to download. When thats done, youll see a notification in the top right-hand corner.

    Look out for a notification when its installed

  • Why Do I Need A VPN

    As we said in the previous paragraph, when you have the VPN switched on, your IP Address will disappear and will be replaced by another one in a location chosen by you. So you will be anonymous, your device will be safe of spyware / malware / virus and you will be able to be virtually located in any part of the world.

    As a Kodi user with a VPN you will benefit of:

    • Total privacy while youre streaming movies / tv series / channels / anything! With a VPN you can preserve your civil right to privacy.
    • You will be able to choose your location, and unblock geo-locked add-ons. So if you are in UK you can for example easily set your VPN to connect to the USA and watch live US TV Channels. This applies to any country, UK and USA are just an example! You will be able to unblock any geo-locked add-on.

    Install Real Debrid On Kodi Now

    With so many bad streaming sources on Kodi, finding one thats good quality can be difficult and time-consuming. But using Real Debrid on Kodi lets you access better sources and links easily. It also acts as an unrestricted downloader and is compatible with most Kodi video add-ons, making it worthwhile for regular streamers.

    But you should always use a powerful VPN with Real Debrid as its privacy practices are seriously concerning. It is known to record your activity and will share it with any official third party that asks for it. My favorite VPN is ExpressVPN because it hides your IP address and stops your activity from being recorded. Its also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so that you can try it without any risk. If you dont like it, you can claim a full refund within the time period.

    How To Update Kodi On Firestick Using Downloader:

    How To Install Kodi On Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Close all the Apps on Firestick and hover to the menu above to search for Magnifying Glass icon.
  • 2. You will see a virtual keyboard. Now using the navigation key, use .

    3. After typing the name, a suggestion will appear below. From there, click on the First result.

    4. After that, you will notice a list of apps; click on .

    5. Click on to start downloading.

    6. The app will start downloading and once the installation is done, click on Open for launching it.

    ;7. It will ask for some permission, Allow

    8 Now, a Quick Tour Guide notification will appear, just click on Got it to ignore it.

    9. Now, you will see a lightbox; hover to it and press the select button to launch the keyboard.

    10. After this, by using the virtual keyboard, type and then click on the Go button

    11. Once the app starts connecting to the server, you will notice the download starts automatically.

    ;12. Wait for a few seconds until the Kodi is downloaded, and then an installation Window will appear.

    13. Click on the Install button and wait.

    14. After installation, dont open it, instead of click on Done.

    15. Now, you will see the Downloader app with three options; click on Delete.

    ;16. Confirm it by selecting the Delete button again

    17. The app backup is deleted, but the official app is installed.

    18. Open Kodi and check the version to know whether it is updated or not.

    Launch it, and you will see the latest version on the first Welcome opening page.

    What Is The Best New Kodi Build

    New add-ons and builds appear every day, but Element Matrix skin has been the most impressive Kodi 19 build that Ive come across so far. With its simple yet sophisticated interface, this build made it into our top 15 builds .

    Small concerns about the size of the build held it back from breaking into the top 10. For more powerful systems than an Amazon Firestick, Element is an excellent package for accessing TV shows, movies, and live streams.

    How To Watch Kodi On Chromecast With Android

    Chromecast is a very popular streaming device that lets you access various streaming services such as Netflix, PopcornTime, Hulu, Youtube, and much more. But when it comes to Kodi VPN, Chromecast does not support it. But you can still stream Kodi on Chromecast by casting your mobile device screen with Chromecast on your TV.

    To Setup Kodi Chromecast with Android:

  • Download and install app from play store
  • Launch the Google Cast app.
  • From the main menu, select Cast Video/Audio
  • Here, select your Chromecast device under Cast to.
  • Now launch Kodi on android and select the video you want to stream.
  • The video will now stream to Chromecast device on your TV screen.
  • Though there are other methods of streaming Kodi with Chromecast, this is the easiest one. However, this method will drain your Androids battery life quickly and you will not be able to use your Android for anything else until you are done with streaming.

    How to Watch Kodi on Chromecast via PC/Mac:

  • Install the Chrome browser on your PC/Mac
  • Add the Chromecast extension to your browser
  • Install Kodi on your PC/Mac
  • Now, launch the Chrome browser and click on the Settings Icon from the far right corner of your screen
  • Then select Cast to and choose Cast Desktop
  • Now, launch Kodi in your PC/Mac and select the video you want to stream
  • The video you have select will now stream to Chromecast on your TV.
  • Using Kodi With A VPN On Iphone Or Ipad

    Apple devices are generally harder to set up on Kodi than devices from other manufacturers. But it is still very doable, and our step-by-step guide makes it even easier you wont even need to jailbreak your device.

    Before you install Kodi, we recommend installing your VPN. In most cases you will only need to download their app from the iOS App Store, then log in. For more detailed instructions you can read our guides How to Install a VPN on iPhone or How to Install a VPN on iPad.

    Kodi is not currently available on the App Store, but can be sideloaded easily enough using Cydia Impactor for Windows or Mac.

    Something to keep in mind when sideloading Kodi onto your iOS device is that unless you have access to a paid developer account you will need to redownload the app every seven days.

    This isnt a difficult process but much more of a pain than installing it on an Android device.

    Here are instructions for using Cydia Impactor to sideload Kodi onto iOS:

  • Download Cydia Impactor to your PC or Mac
  • Download the latest Kodi IPA file, which you can find here, to your computer
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and close iTunes if it automatically opens
  • Open Cydia Impactor and drag-and-drop the Kodi IPA file into it
  • Select your iOS device from the drop-down menu , then select Start
  • Enter your Apple ID when prompted
  • On your iPhone or iPad navigate to Settings, then General, then Profiles & Device Management
  • Click the profile with your Apple ID, then click Trust
  • How To Install A VPN For Kodi On Windows


    There are multiple methods of setting up a VPN on Windows. However, well explain the most straightforward one . So, heres how to set up a Kodi VPN on your Windows computer.

    There are other ways to install a VPN on Windows, depending on your goals and willingness to dive into the technical side of things. To check additional methods and instructions, heres how to set up a VPN on Windows.

    Cosmic One Kodi Build Installation Steps

    Navigate to the Settings section of the Kodi main screen.

    Open the File Manager.

    On the keyboard shown, enter the URL:

    Verify that you entered the path correctly.

    Please Note: The link referenced is the Builds official URL. FireStickVPNKodi is not affiliated with the developer and does not own or operate any streaming websites, services, apps, or Builds.

    Highlight the box where it says Enter a name for this media source, add a name for this media source, enter any name of your choice.

    For this illustration, I chose crew.

    After entering the source name, click OK.

    The Build has now been added to your Kodi File Manager. Return to the Kodi main screen. You can do this by pressing the back key several times.

    Once back at the Kodi main screen:

    Kodi 18 Leia users select settings.

    Kodi 18 Leia users click Add-ons

    Choose the option Install from zip file.

    You will see a warning popup; click yes.

    A popup will appear; click the name you added previously. I chose crew.

    Open the zip file shown:

    The file version may be slightly different from the one shown, as your file may have been updated.

    The installation of the The Crew Repo Add-on;could take a few minutes.

    You will notice a notification in the top right-hand corner of the screen when the The Crew Repo Add-on has been installed.

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