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How To Change Country In Google Play Store Using VPN

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A Note On Google Play Payments When Changing Country

How To Change Google Play Store Country By Using VPN **NO ROOT**

When you set up a Google Play account for a different region, you are no longer be able to use your regular local payment method. If you want to buy an application, you will need to get a valid payment method for the country you are pretending to be in. To do this, you will need to .

Virtual card services allow you to create a digital card for the country of your choice. Once the virtual card is set up, you can transfer some money onto the card via the internet and use that money to purchase apps on Google Play.

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Changing Country On Google Play Store

To change your country on the Google Play store, tap on your profile avatar > Settings > General > Account and device Preferences > Country and profiles, and then select your country of choice. Your profile will take upto 48 hours to update. Note that you wont be able to use the Google Play balance that you have in your old country in your new country. You might also lose access to some books, movies, TV shows, games, and Apps.

Youll also be asked to enter a payment method that should correspond to that of the U.S. This is where virtual Visa cards come in.

Virtual Visa cards enable you to pay for goods and services online via Visa-enabled cards. The cards arent physical though. They are purely digital but contain all information that a real physical virtual card normally has such as the card number, expiry date, and CVV. Virtual card providers allow you to fund your virtual Visa card through local payment options such as Mobile Money or bank transfer. Eversend and Barter by Flutterwave are so far our top recommendations for Virtual card providers.

Playing On Googles Playground

Now you have all the tools needed to change your currency in Google Play. You also have sufficient knowledge to change currencies in your spreadsheet without yelling at your computer in frustration.

Have you ever changed your currency or country on Google Play? Were the in-app purchases a walk in the park? Let us know in the comments section below.

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How To Change Your Google Play Country

If you move to a new country you may want to change your Google Play country. Your Google Play country determines what content you see in the store. The apps, games, and other content in the Store can vary by country.

  • You can only change your Play country once per year. If;you change your country, you wont be able to change it back for one;year.
  • When you change your country, you wont be able to use your that you have in your old country in your new country.
  • You may lose access to some books, movies, TV shows, games, and apps.
  • To change your country, you need to set up a new country in Google Play.
  • To set up a new country, you must be in that country and have a payment method from the new country.
  • What If You Dont See Country Change Option In Play Store

    5 Best VPN for Google Play

    Country changing option in the play store is not enabled for everyone. But you can make it visible, by making use of VPN. Once you use a VPN and browse from other countries, open your Play Store.

    You can use any FREE or Paid VPN apps for android that will work for this. Just Open your VPN and change your country from there. So you will get a new IP address from your selected country. Here in this post, we will take an example from Turbo VPN which is quite simple & easy to use.

    You can use any Paid or FREE VPN to change your play store country. You just need to connect to FREE VPN option and select any country you wish to browse from.

    It will start connecting and automatically connect you from your selected country. Once you connected with Turbo VPN, use your device for few minutes.

    Now its time to clear cache and clear data for your Google Play Store. So that you will start seeing the country update option on your Play Store account. Do clear data & cache of play store, follow the steps listed below.

    • Go to Setting>Apps>All Apps>Google Play Store.
    • Select Clear Data Option & then Clear Cache Option

    Once done, open your Google Play store menu and you will start seeing the option to change your play store country.

    We hope that these all above-listed methods will work well on your smartphone and you will able to download the app from Google Play Store which is banned in your country.

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    Things To Keep In Mind

    Before we move on to the main part of the article, lets talk about some things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, if you just want to get rid of the Not available in your country message while remaining in the same country, there is a solution that might work. Well discuss that later in the article.

    However, if you have changed your country and now want to adjust this setting in your Google Play Store app, there are some restrictions to be aware of:

  • The Google Play Store allows you to change your country in the app only once per year. In other words, if you change your country now, you will have to wait 365 days to change it again.
  • Once you change your country in the app, you wont be allowed to use the Google Play balance that you had in your old country.
  • Now that we have covered the important aspects of this change, lets see how you can do it.

    Connecting Using A VPN And Adding New Google Play Info

    This is where you need a VPN app for your device. Our recommendation is the Express VPN service because they have VPN apps for a vast range of devices, and always succeed in masking connections to bypass any geo restrictions.

  • The Express app has a simple to use interface, so when installed. Use the drop-down and select a country. In this example, we will use the US Play store so all reference will be to USA.
  • When you are connected to a US based server. You can then log back into your Google Play Store app.
  • You are asked to Add Your New Google Account.
  • After tapping Next enter your Gmail account and password
  • Google asks to backup data automatically. Click Next
  • You are asked to enter payment info. You can do so at this stage, or you can tap Continue to open the Google Play Store.
  • You will now see all new Android apps in the app store, and the currency will change to the location of the VPN server country you selected. In this case US dollars.
  • You can change play store as many times as you wish as long as you remember 2 things.
  • Always remove the old account first
  • Log in again when you have connected to another country using your VPN connection.
  • After doing this, you can make any Play Store download you want, and the real beauty of this method is that is far easier, doesnt take 24-hours to change, and you might never see the message Play Store not working, and if you do, you can quickly change location and try again.

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    Precautions Before You Change Your Play Store Country

    Changing your Google Play Store country does have its benefits, but it can also have repercussions. Here are some lowdowns you might want to take note of:

    Firstly, your Google Play Balance that is linked to your first country is non-transferrable. For example, if you had a leftover balance in your US account, it wont be available to you if you switch it to the UK. However, you wont lose that balance permanently. You can still access it if you change back to your old country. What you cant do is use it to purchase apps in your new country profile.

    Secondly, you can only change your Play Store country settings once yearly. Weve mentioned this before, but we cant stress it enough. Even though changing country settings isnt permanent, it does affect you long-term. That means you have to be sure about your decision to change before you switch countries.

    Thirdly, regarding Google Play Pass, youll still have your subscription renewed regularly. However, if Google Play Pass is not available in your new country, there are a few caveats. For example, you can still access your apps, but you cant install or view Play Pass apps.;

    Lastly, you might lose access to some apps, games, books, shows, and movies. This is because of Googles geo-restrictions regarding certain apps, games, and content in Google Play. If youre switching country profiles to expand your horizons, you may gain new apps but you might lose the old ones.

    This Item Isnt Available In Your Country Error Fix #2: Install Apps Using VPN Connected Pc

    CHANGE GOOGLE PLAY COUNTRY : How to Change Google Play Store Region Easily?

    The other way to get apps you want in the Play Store is by using a computer. This is how its done:

  • Set up a VPN client on your PC or Mac. You can use Google to search for articles how this is done. Theres a certain level of technical details that you may encounter when setting up this one but generally, even basic computer users should be able to manage as long as they follow the instructions properly.
  • Once youve set your VPN client on your PC or Mac, connect it to a VPN server.
  • Open a browser on your computer. We suggest that you use Google Chrome although Mozilla Firefox or any other browser will do.
  • Sign in to Google Play Store. Make sure that you use that same account that youre using on your Android Google Play Store app.
  • On your computer, search for the app that you want to install.
  • Click on Install and select the Android device you want the app to be added.
  • The installation should begin shortly on your Android device. If nothing happens after a few minutes, open the Play Store on your Android and check if the download will begin.
  • As you can see, fixing This item isnt available in your country error is really that that hard. All you have to do is to go around the region or geographic restriction set by Google using a VPN and youre good to go. If you think this article helps in fixing your problem, try sharing it to your friends so they too will know.


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    How To Change Country In Play Store Using VPN

    • When you move to new country you can change the Country by downloading a VPN server; like Turbo VPN , Nord VPN, and Express VPN in your android play store. You may download any VPN but I feel these are good.
    • You can find different countries here; and select the country few Country VPN will be; For premium countries you want to pay like Canada.
    • Select the country your are in. It will be connected automatically. After completely loading close it.
    • Again open the play store, open the menu, now you can see a option to change the county.
    • Now switch on to the county. Before that You should add any payment method like credit card or debit cared or pay pal account; so that you can change the country.
    • After that you will get a message that you will not be able to change the country again for one year.
    • So think twice and switch to the other country. It take 48 hours change country in play store.

    So, this is how you can change Country/location on Google Play Store when you move to the other Country. Fallow these two procedure to cange location in your android device.

    Other Providers We Recommend

    For this purpose, we can also recommend CyberGhost, which offers the largest server network on the market. This provider isnt better than ExpressVPN but you can expect fast speeds, stable connections, and the ability to unblock sites.

    It boasts 7,000+ servers in 90+ countries, making it easy to change servers as you go. With a no-logging policy and rock-solid security, this is another great, and most importantly affordable provider.

    You can read our in-depth review of CyberGhost on our site.

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    How To Tell If It Has Worked

    If everything has been done correctly, the app store will now launch with the Google Play Store located in the country of your choice.

    Our original location is based in the UK, but we set up our new Google Play account in the USA. As you can see in the screenshot below, the prices are now shown in US dollars because our VPN successfully created our new Google Play account in the USA.

    Finally, we decided to install the Hulu app – because this application is only available in the USA. As you can see in the screenshot below, we were able to access and install it without issues:

    A Step By Step Guide On How To Change Google Play Store Country

    How to Change Google Play Store Country add paypal as ...

    Did you ever experience while downloading apps from Google play an error saying This app is not compatible with any of your devices. Do you wonder why you keep on getting such an error and how you can switch out of this problem? Well, each country in the world has a different Google play region. This simply means that the games, apps, movies and TV shows in one country Google play store, lets say in the US is not the same in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Canada or any other.

    In this article, we are going to discuss some simple steps on how to change google play store country.

    Google determines the region of google play store you get by looking at the IP address. This simply means that you can change your Google play store region by changing the IP address. A simple solution for all that is by using a Virtual Private Network app on your device.

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    Can I Use A Free VPN To Change Location On Google Play

    Unfortunately no. They are all detected when you use one. Thus, you will not be able to download applications normally unavailable on the Google Play Store. To pay nothing and have a quality VPN, take advantage of the 30-day free trial offered by ExpressVPN.

    Flo is the founder of Really concerned about security on internet, he decided to create this website in order to help everyone find the best VPN. Hes got a Business School background and now is 100% dedicated to keeping his website alive.

    Why A VPN Is Important

    A VPN like Shellfire VPN is critical when it comes to changing your Play Store location but thats not their only use. VPNs are really important whenever you stream content online for a variety of reasons.

    The first which weve mentioned already is their ability to bypass restrictions on content. They do this by allowing you to access a stream by spoofing the sending server. When you connect your device to a VPN server in another country it takes on the IP address of that server. This helps make it seem as if youre local and that the stream can be shared. Shellfire is great in this regards as they have servers all over the world.

    The second advantage of VPNs is with their security. VPNs were initially developed as a means for businesses to send information securely and privately from location to location. This security ensures that all of your activities online are private and anonymous also.

    Choosing a VPN with many servers is, therefore, an important step. However, using only a VPN doesnt change anything in the Play Store.

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    Choose An Appropriate VPN

    The first step to change your Google location on the Play Store, without actually traveling anywhere, is to download a VPN.

    This is the most crucial step as you will find different VPNs flooding the Play Store. However, not all of them are reliable enough to let you change your Google Play country.

    Hence, before randomly downloading any Play Store app that claims to be a VPN, keep the following in mind.

    • The VPN must have a massive presence with servers located globally.
    • It must have numerous servers in your desired country.
    • It must be able to bypass geoblocking even with robust services, such as Netflix, that blocks most VPNs.
    • The app must have premium security features such as robust encryption, a no-logs policy, kill switch, no ads, high-speed browsing, etc.
    • The VPN must support multiple device connections.
    • It must be easy to use.
    • Paid VPN must offer a risk-free trial period or money-back guarantee.

    Also, even if it satisfies the given criteria, the VPN must bear good customer reviews.

    We know that it might be difficult for you to assess so many apps against all these points. Hence, you can find the best VPNs to change the country in the Play Store app later in this guide. Then, you can either use them with trust or visit our guide to the best VPNs to choose one.

    Once you have chosen a VPN, . Then, create your account and complete all the steps to set up the VPN on your phone.

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