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How To Change Country On Netflix Without VPN

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Which Netflix Libraries Are The Best

How to change Netflix region with a VPN

Your options on what shows or films to watch on Netflix depend on your location. Say youve been living in the US your whole life, and recently you had to relocate to Australia for work. Chances are, you wont be able to watch all of the same content.

In this case, you can use a VPN to virtually move back to the US or any other country that has your favorite movies and TV shows in its Netflix catalogs.

Here is the list of the Top 10 countries with the biggest Netflix libraries:

3725 2163

As you can see from the table, country size has nothing to do with the number of available videos. However, the library size also doesnt mean that the Czech Republic is the best choice for Netflix. Thats because adding a few hundred unpopular entries instead of a few hottest anime shows will leave many users unhappy.

Thats why Netflix Japan and the US continue to be two of the most popular libraries. Some say that the most popular doesnt mean its the best, but wed like to stay out of this discussion. However, well reply if you leave a comment for us below.

Change Netflix Region On TV

Some Smart TVs allow you to change the region or country in the settings for example in the Samsung Smart TV models of H, K, and F series in the market.

  • You can always find out whether your Samsung Hub Smart TV is H or F series, and then make the changes.
  • In the Menu> Smart Hub> Reset Smart Hub you can choose your network and PIN when doing the first time.
  • Then, you can go to the supported countries in the settings that can be accessed via remote control. The exact buttons are model specific, and series specific that you can know from your dealer.
  • You can make this change when you are allowing the Terms & Conditions when doing the setup for the first time, just like installing an OS on your computer and setting a time region.
  • Continue the setup as usual, and you are good to go. The usual counties supported are France, UK, US, Brazil, Germany, Australia and more.

How To Change Region On Netflix

First of all, you’ll need to have an up-to-date Netflix subscription .

Then, you’ll need to grab yourself a top-quality VPN service that can change your Netflix location effectively and reliably. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN, thanks to its great speeds, excellent streaming performance, and easy-to-use apps for loads of devices. Head over to the ExpressVPN website to sign up.

If there’s a particular show you want to watch but isn’t available where you are, it’s worth checking out a site like FlixWatch to see in which countries it’s available. If you’re on holiday, you might just want to relocate yourself back home, so you can skip this step.

Then you need to connect to your VPN. Choose a server in your country of choice, and connect. ExpressVPN has a range of over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, so you should be able to find a working server quickly.

Once you’re connected to your server of choice, all you need to do is head over to Netflix. If all is well, you’ll be able to browse the new region’s content.;

If something hasn’t worked, try reconnecting to the server, clearing your cache, or opening Netflix in a private browser. If none of that works, try contacting your VPN’s live chat support they should be able to inform you of the best servers to connect to, and any tricks to make it more reliable.

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How To Get American Netflix This Is The Solution For 2021

How to watch american netflix in uk or how to watch american netflix is a very common question we come across while looking for how to get american netflix in uk. Viewers all over the world seem to be asking this question frequently, and quite right too!

But thankfully, you are now on the right website to get the answer, thanks to Google! So this is the trick: to unblock Netflix US and access the restricted content, you just need a VPN app. Sounds simple right? Because it really is that simple, even if Netflix does not like it one bit, its the simplest way to watch american netflix in uk!

So, you may not be the most tech-savvy person and you do not know what is a VPN? Well, the word VPN itself is just an acronym and in fact, stands for Virtual Private Network. Its basically software that allows you to pretend you are in another country. So your VPN will make Netflix believe that you are in the USA while you are snugly curled up in your armchair in Manchester. And maybe watch Netflix with friends is also possible when you install the extension to watch online. This means you can trick Netflix with a VPN app and master how to get american netflix in uk.

Indeed, if Netflix believes you are located in the USA, it will let you access the US Netflix library. And Bobs your uncle, Netflix!

Thanks to this virtual private network software and technology, it will be as if you were in another country. Well go a little into how it basically functions.

30-day money-back guarantee

Blocked Open And Limited

How to Change Netflix Region With VPN And Without VPN ...

In my testing, I found Netflix seemed to function in three different ways. The first state was as if I was connected normally within a given country. I could see all the content available in that region, and successfully watch any of it. I called this Open. The second state was simple. Viewing content would generate an error message, usually one referring to the use of VPNs or proxies. I called this Blocked.;

The third state was a kind of Netflix purgatory where I could only see and stream a subset of movies and shows, most of which were branded as Netflix originals. It was as if Netflix recognized I was a paying customer, but wasn’t sure which region I was in, so it just presented the content available in every region. While nothing was blocked in this state, the choices were limited, so I called this state Limited. Note that in previous versions of this article, I referred to this state as “Netflix Originals.” However, closer inspection revealed that some of the content available is licensed internationally from Netflix in addition to shows and movies produced by Netflix itself .

Comparing my 2020 and 2021 results, it’s interesting to note that VPNs are now rarely blocked outright. Far more common is Limited mode. While frustrating for people trying to access region-restricted content, I think this is an improvement for customers. Netflix seems to be acknowledging it cannot stop people from using VPNs. Providing Limited Access mode lets VPN users see something.;

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Is It Legal To Change Your Netflix Region

Yes. It is currently legal and completely safe to use a VPN to watch Netflix in many countries by changing your online region. However, this can cause you problems if you use it in a country where VPNs are banned, such as Russia, Iran, or China. Besides that, it is an entirely legal way to access social and streaming sites, including Netflix, Hulu, and others. Besides this, VPN is a perfect online anonymity tool to avoid cyber crimes and phishing attempts for businesses and corporate professionals.

How To Change Netflix Region Using VPN

Perform the following steps to change Netflix region using ExpressVPN:

Step 1) go to

Then Click on the Get ExpressVPN button.

Step 2) ExpressVPN offers three plans: 1) 1 month, 2) 12 months, and 3) 6 months.

Choose 1 Month plan.

Step 3) Enter the following details.

  • Email address.
  • Step4) ExpressVPN will display a system-generated password.

    Step 5) Click on the download button.

    Then copy the activation code.

    Step 6) Enter the following details.

  • Your ExpressVPN activation code.
  • Step 7) Select your country.

    Step 8) The following screen will be displayed.

    Select Japan-Yokohama as a region.

    Step 9) You will see the connection icon.

    Step 10) Login into Netflix, and you will be able to watch TV shows and movies available in Yokohama.

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    Why Does Netflix Show Different Content In Different Regions

    The answer to this is all to do with the licencing of shows and movies. In certain territories, different networks will have licencing deals with different shows. If a show is available in that country on another streaming service, it’s unlikely to be available on Netflix.

    However, by using a VPN you can relocate yourself to a country that Netflix does have the licence to broadcast a certain show.

    For example, in the US It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is only available on Hulu. However, the same show is available on Netflix in the UK. So, if you only have a Netflix account and not Hulu, you can use a VPN to change your location to the UK and watch It’s Always Sunny on Netflix.

    How To Change Your Netflix Country Or Region

    How To Watch More Netflix Free in 2021? Change Country Without Paying | OpenVPN Guide
  • If you havent already done so, subscribe to Netflix.
  • Connect to a server in the country you wish to access Netflix content from.
  • Connect to and log into the Netflix service, either in your browser on your computer or via the Netflix app on your other device.
  • Grab a box of Jujubes and enjoy the show!
  • PRO TIP: Most VPN providers offer a money-back guarantee that allows you to try out their services risk-free. Simply sign up to a VPN provider , which offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee), give it a try and then get a refund before the 30 days are up if the VPN turns out to not be right for your needs.

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    How Does A VPN Change The Netflix Region

    Netflix uses your IP address to locate your region, and the primary function of a VPN is to mask the IP address. When you connect to the server, your IP address is changed, and Netflix identifies this address. If you live in the UK but are connected to the US server of a VPN, your IP address will show that you are present in the United States.

    How To Change Netflix Region To Unblock Any Library In 2021

    • 1

    Netflix is operating in 190 countries. With the variation in the content selection, imagine how many shows you can watch if you can unblock every Netflix library. But first, know why Netflix libraries are not uniform. What is geo-restriction, and what is the role of location in Netflixs content selection.

    As Netflix is a streaming site, most of the shows are not produced by Netflix. The various licensing agreements, streaming rights, and copyright laws are why Netflix cannot stream a show globally, and thats where our list of;best VPNs for Netflix;comes into action because you need to know how to change the Netflix region.

    Streaming sites implement geo-restriction to control the content based on the users location. For instance, you can enjoy The;Lord of the Rings;trilogy on Netflix Australia but not on US or UK Netflix because it does not have the right to stream the series in these regions.

    As the location is the basis for content selection, changing a location is the key to overcome the geo-restriction barrier. If you are looking forwards to enjoy unlimited Netflix without any boundaries, a VPN is your best friend.

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    Can I Watch Netflix Overseas

    Yes, you can watch Netflix overseas.;All you need is a premium VPN service that can help you mask your IP address so you can cross Netflixs geo-restriction barrier. As your location provides the basis for the geo-restrictions, changing it can help you watch Netflix overseas, and this is the main reason you need the answer to how to change the Netflix region.

    If you are traveling to another country, you wont be able to enjoy the local show. Dont miss any episode of your favorite Netflix show. Maybe you are an Aussie traveling to the US and missing your favorite season. All you have to do is connect to the Australian server of a premium VPN service and get back to the shows that can take you back home.

    Why You Need To Change The Country On Netflix

    How to Change Netflix Region & Watch Libraries of Other ...

    Netflix management plays safe and blames it on your countrys licensing policies hence the restrictions, which is justified. Netflix works with content distributors in all parts of the world. To maximize profits, Netflix strives to find the highest bidder and creates a license for the same. If you are lucky to be in the region, you will have access to the videos; if not, you will only access the basic videos and shows. It is obvious that the highest bidder among the content distributors will have the rights. Netflix license is dependent on audience interest and territorial demand.Netflix is in business and would like to penetrate the international market. Geographical restrictions are the main challenge for the video streaming platform, and they are working around it. But before the removal of geographical retractions, you should know how to access most if not all of the libraries.

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    How To Check Which Netflix Content Is Available Where

    The tool commonly used for finding the library a show is streaming on is uNoGS. You will need to enter the title of the show in the search bar and the results will let you decide which server to connect to for changing the region.

    For instance, you want to find out which regional Netflix library is streaming the Harry Potter series. Just search the title and here are the results.

    Why Does Netflix Lock Content To Regions

    A large amount of content on Netflix is purchased and licensed from third party content producers. It is those copyright holders that enforce licensing restrictions, forcing Netflix not to show certain shows or movies in particular regions.

    Depending on where you live and where you travel to, it is possible that you will be able to access the full catalog you are used to back home for a limited period. This is what Netflix says on its website:

    If you are traveling for an extended period of time, or traveling to a country outside of the European Union, you may notice that the available choices change. For countries within the European Union, we provide the same content as your home country for a limited period of time. We’ll let you know when the limited period is over, and you’ll have access to the TV shows and movies for the country you are traveling to. When this happens, we’ll be sure to let you know.

    Of course, with a reliable VPN, the above statement becomes muted because you can access all the content from back home whenever you want.

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    How To Change Netflix Region On Roku

    Roku is another system that does not support native VPN apps, but there are a few options for changing the Netflix region on Roku if youre willing to put in some effort:

  • Set up a VPN router and connect your Roku to it.
  • Create a VPN -protected wifi hotspot on your laptop computer, and connect your Roku to it.
  • Screencast to the Roku using a VPN-protected Android smartphone or tablet.
  • I’m Still Getting The Proxy Error Please Help Me

    Change Netflix Location Without VPN

    If you cant unblock Netflix with a reliable VPN service, you may want to contact its customer support. They should know the right server in each country. However, sometimes the problem can be on your side. In such case:

  • Disable location services on your browser or device.
  • Clean your browsers temporary files, cookies, and cache.
  • Disable IPv6 on your device.
  • On Windows, open the command prompt and flush the DNS cache with ipconfig /flushdns.
  • If none of that helps, contact your customer support again.

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    Change Servers And Ip Within Your VPN Software

    If your original connection didnt work, you can try switching servers to see if that resolves the issue. Netflix cant block all IP addresses from all VPNs, and because VPN companies are constantly looking for new ways to restore access, chances are youll be able to find another node that isnt restricted.

    Open your VPN software and look for the server browser. Choose another node located in the region or country of your choosing and connect. Once it resolves, go back to the Netflix website, reload, and try streaming again. You can repeat this as many times as you like to find a connection that works.

    If you use the Netflix app on smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, or streaming devices, it may be impossible to access Netflix while your VPN is active. This is due to the way the Netflix app prevents access from VPN IP addresses. If you cant connect, try using a PC web browser instead.

    How To Change Your Netflix Region/country In 2021

    If you want to get the best out of Netflix when streaming, consider the following steps to enjoy other international Netflix libraries in your region. These will allow you to learn how to change your Netflix region, without any hassles or streaming errors:

    1.Sign up with the best VPN .

    2.Connect your VPN server to the required region/country.

    3.Launch Netflix and enjoy access to a different library!

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    Ways To Change The Country On Netflix Account

    It is relieving to know that you can bypass the restrictions and watch from any Netflix library irrespective of where you live. The three top techniques of accessing Netflix libraries include: VPN, browser extension and use of Smart DNS. While the three function differently, they both aim at camouflaging your location to allow your IP access.

    The three are popular but not the only ones. You can explore other options based on your preferences. However, you should consider efficiency and buffering levels when learning how to change the country on the Netflix account. Some techniques can be frustrating with the buffering rate despite the wide selection of videos.

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