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How To Change Country Using VPN

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Change Your Ip Address Location Easily With Fsecure Freedome VPN

Change IP Address – Hide IP Address and Location using Free VPN

FREEDOME is a powerful VPN that allows you to change your IP address location to another country with just one click. It also blocks intrusive advertisers and protects you from malicious websites. FREEDOME is built to protect web your surfing and privacy. You can get it for desktop and mobile platforms. You can try it for free for 5;days with no credit card required.

Clear History Of Profile

On the list of installed apps on your phone, scroll down to the Google Play Store, select itand press Force Stop. Then go to Storage and press the Clear Data button. This will clear your cache and data.

Dont worry, this wont clear or delete your profiles, and it wont remove any of your apps. All it does is reset the Play Store, so that the next time you open it up, it will connect to your servers region.

Change Browser Location Country On Firefox

To change location on Firefox, you can use the browser addon ;Location Guard. Its available for Firefox 38.0 and higher. Simply install the addon and restart the browser.

Once installed, click the Location Guard extension icon in your browser and select Option.

This will open the options menu in a new tab. Click extension options and select Fixed Location.;Click on the map or drag the marker to set a new fixed location. Now, the extension will always show a predefined fixed location that never changes .

Close the options menu tab and return to the page where you would like to change your location. Refresh the page and your location should change now.

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How Does A VPN Change Your Ip Address And Location

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, changes your apparent location by sending your traffic through a server in another location. Heres how that works:

  • Your VPN app lets you select a server anywhere in the world where your VPN service has servers. NordVPN, for example, has servers in 59 different countries .
  • When you connect to the server youve selected, your app will form an encrypted tunnel around all of the traffic coming from your device. That VPN tunnel will lead straight to your selected server, which will decrypt your traffic and send it to its final destination. However, your IP address which helps determine your location and identity will now be that of the server. Yours will be hidden from the world.
  • Thats it anyone using your IP address to discover your location will now see your location as the location of the server. You can still use the app and change your VPN server to new locations whenever you want. To check if your VPN location changer is working, you can see your online location here.

Change Your Ip Address To Another Country To Unblock Websites

How to Change Country or Region in Google Play Store using ...

Companies use IP geolocation to block users in certain countries from accessing their content. The internet often feels like a free open space, regardless of your IP address or location Until you get this bleak message: Sorry, this page is not available in your country. But with a VPN you access more content on the internet.

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Start Streaming Netflix Via Your VPN

After connecting and verifying your VPN, its time to try Netflix. Open the website and start browsing Netflixs catalogue of videos. The selection will have changed based on your chosen country, as Netflix allows you to browse and queue items even from behind a VPN.

Search for something on Netflix you know isnt available in your physical area, then start the stream. Did the movie start playing? If you used one of the reliable VPNs listed above, you should be good to go. If you saw the Whoops!proxy error screen, however, continue to the step below.

How To Change Your Country On Netflix On A Firestick

To change your Netflix country via your Firestick, you can follow our more detailed guide for installing a VPN on a Firestick, or simply follow along here.

  • From your Firestick home screen, type in a search from ExpressVPN.
  • It will appear as a suggestion; click on it.
  • Once ExpressVPN has finished downloading, select Sign In.
  • Enter the email and password for your account.
  • Youll be asked whether youd like to share anonymous information to better your ExpressVPN experience. Choose your preference to continue.
  • To connect to a server location, click on the Power button.
  • To choose a server other than the one displayed as a Smart Location, click the three-dotted menu icon on the right.
  • Two tabs will display RECOMMENDED and ALL LOCATIONS.
  • Select a location to connect to using your remote.
  • A Connected message beneath the Power button will display to confirm your connection.
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    What Else Can A VPN Do

    Naturally, a VPN is a powerful piece of software and can do so much more than change your IP. First and foremost, its a security and privacy tool, and so it has numerous features to improve upon that. Implementations will differ among the providers, but the main features that you should be looking for are:

    • A kill switch this feature ensures that your actual IP address doesnt leak when the VPN connection drops. It disconnects your internet connection whenever the VPN is turned off.
    • A variety of tunneling protocols whether you need swift connection speed or extra security, a good selection of tunneling protocols shows how versatile a VPN app is.
    • A huge number of servers server coverage impacts your chance to get around various geographical restrictions. Also, servers influence the quality of your connection speed.
    • Split tunneling sometimes, you dont need every application on your device to go through the VPN tunneling. Split tunneling allows you to pick and choose which apps should be secured.
    • Port forwarding this feature improves the speed and security of your P2P activities, especially if you need to seed before downloading.
    • Dedicated IP most VPN services rent out data centers filled with shared servers and IP addresses. However, you can get an exclusive IP address that is not shared with anyone else for an extra cost.

    Our Top VPNs For Watching Us Netflix Within The Us

    How to Change Steam to ANY Country and Currency using VPN

    This raises a thorny question of ethics. Using a VPN to watch Netflix that you aren’t eligible to see isnt exactly the same as downloading copyrighted content without paying for it, but it still breaks ruleseven when the content you want isnt available in your country at any price. I have often been told to vote with my wallet and support the content I enjoy. Thats why I do have an All Access account specifically so I can watch all the great new Star Trek shows. I want there to be more seasons of what I like, and so feel compelled to follow CBSs rules in the hope that my subscription will help fund more seasons.

    Perhaps I am naïve, or perhaps there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Regardless, if you feel differently and see no issue in using a paid service in ways beyond the intent of its creators, that’s up to you. We at PCMag are not lawyers, nor are we ethicists, but we do advise you to think carefully before you break any terms of service.

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    When To Use VPN

    You can use VPN for various important tasks. Some of them are:

    1 To Access Region Restricted Streaming Service

    Streaming services provide different content in different regions. With a fake location using a VPN, you can access shows, movies and other content that is not available in your country.

    2 To Watch Sporting Events

    Sports events are not shown worldwide. If you want to watch them, a VPN location changer will help you access the content without spending a lot of money.

    3 To Compare the Prices of Products

    Various online stores offer different prices to visitors from other countries. VPN country changes give you access to check and compare the prices from different countries.

    4 To Hide Identity from Trackers

    If you don’t want any online service to track your address, you can use an IP location changer.

    5 To Practice Freedom of Speech

    If you are conscious of working on something sensitive and want to practice your freedom of speech without breach of your location, a VPN IP address changer can help you out.

    How Does A VPN Help You To Pretend To Be In A Different Country

    A VPN is primarily an online security and privacy tool. It works by redirecting all of your online data down an encrypted pathway and through an external server before it reaches the websites and services you are connecting to. By encrypting your data, it is offering a high level of online security. The privacy offering comes when the data passes through the server, but the data is then tagged with a different IP address.

    An IP address is a piece of code which can be used to identify the location of every internet connection. A VPN makes it very hard for a website to link your online activity back to your internet connection because they only have the IP address of the VPN server. This is important to spoofing efforts as websites make the decision to grant access to their content based on the location tied to incoming traffic.

    Most VPNs will offer a network of servers located in numerous different countries around the world. If you connect to a server in another country, your internet data is tagged with an IP address from that country. For example, if you are in Canada and you connect to a VPN server in the USA when you visit a website, it will believe you are in the USA. In this way, it is possible to fool websites to allow you access even if you actually located somewhere where they wouldnt normally allow you to.

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    What Is An Ip Address

    IP address is the acronym for Internet Protocol Address. Basically, its a unique numerical label used to identify every computer or device across the Internet. When you send or receive information, your IP address is going to be visible to the outside world. This means the websites you visit, emails you send, files you download, etc. can all be tied back to you using your IP address alone!

    Your IP address is used by websites, advertisers, and other interested third-parties to track your online activities. Moreover, it reveals some interesting information about you like what ISP you use, which city you live in, and more. Scary stuff, right? Therefore, it doesnt come as a surprise that millions of people around the globe are using different methods to change their IP addresses.

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    How Does A VPN Work

    how to browse anything without use any vpn [change country ...

    After your device and the server have verified each other as authentic, all incoming and outgoing traffic is routed through a secure tunnel and your data is encrypted. The result? No other users and services can trace you, as your device seems to have the IP address of the VPN server. And we really do mean no one: no spies, hackers, advertisersin fact, not even your Internet Service Provider can monitor your online activities. Your privacy is secured!

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    How To Bypass Google Play Payment Restrictions

    When you click on Country and Profiles,and have chosen your new location, it will prompt you to enter local payment details. This is to confirm your change of location. If you have a localized payment method, all you need to do is enter those payment details and youll be ready to go.

    If you dont, you will need to create a new Google account or add additional accounts that are not linked with any other payment methods. Once you have set up your new account, you can switch from your previous account to this new account. Make sure your data and cache are cleared before you re-open the Google Play Store and it should connect to the local store of your chosen server.

    There are no limits to the number of accounts you can have. So you can have accounts linked to the UK store, US store, Canadian store, Australian store and more. And you can switch seamlessly between them.

    If you then want to buy any apps from the Google Play Store, but you dont have a local payment method, we recommend buying a Google Play Store voucher and adding it to your account. Then, you will be able to bypass payment restrictions and purchase apps from the Google Play Store without setting up a local payment method.

    How To Tell If It Has Worked

    If everything has been done correctly, the app store will now launch with the Google Play Store located in the country of your choice.

    Our original location is based in the UK, but we set up our new Google Play account in the USA. As you can see in the screenshot below, the prices are now shown in US dollars because our VPN successfully created our new Google Play account in the USA.

    Finally, we decided to install the Hulu app – because this application is only available in the USA. As you can see in the screenshot below, we were able to access and install it without issues:

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    Surfshark Speed Test Data


    Money-back guarantee:;30 DAYS

    ExpressVPN is an extremely well-reputed provider based in the British Virgin Islands. Its more-than-ample network of over 1,500 servers in 94 countries means youll have access to a huge choice of Netflix libraries. Indeed, ExpressVPN reliably works with the US, UK, Japan, Canada, and France versions of Netflix, among others. If a chosen server doesnt work, you can simply contact a live customer support agent to determine which is the optimal server to connect to.

    Besides Netflix, ExpressVPN can grant you secure access to plenty of other streaming services including BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Go. All servers are optimized for streaming speed and this, coupled with a reliable service, means you can stream shows and movies seamlessly.

    As we mentioned, privacy and security are also top concerns to prevent ISPs, government agencies, or hackers snooping on your online activity or viewing your personal information. ExpressVPN delivers on this front with 256-bit AES encryption and perfect forward secrecy. These features are further supported by an automatic kill switch which drops the internet connection if the VPN connection is lost and DNS leak protection. ExpressVPN doesnt monitor user activity and wont record your IP address.

    Software is available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and certain wifi routers.

    Does Netflix Allow Access To Other Countries Servers

    How To Change Google Play Store Country By Using VPN **NO ROOT**

    The reason you need a VPN in the first place is that Netflix does not allow users to switch to regions that theyre not physically in. That is because all of Netflixs library is under specific licensing agreements that designate where users are watching specific content. Thats why Netflix may be licensed to show Friends in the U.S, but not in another country. So if you connect to a server or change your IP address to one that Netflix already knows, you may receive a message that says that your VPN or proxy has been disabled.

    FYI: While changing your region on Netflix does violate their Terms & Conditions, its not illegal in the U.S.1

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    Recommended By Our Editors

    The following chart breaks down my results. Below, I report the best outcome for each VPN service in each country. That means if I find I am blocked a few times, but manage stream from Netflix at least once, I report it as unblocked.

    The last time I updated this article, I was impressed at how well VPNs had done since 2018. This time, the situation is very different. In 2021, no service successfully streamed in all five regions I tested. ExpressVPN and ProtonVPN had the best performance, but still only functioned in three out of five countries. Eight of the 15 I tested didn’t work in any of the countries I tested.

    Hotspot Shield exhibited some unusual behavior in this testing. It’s listed as being the only service that never did better than Blocked in a region, but the actual situation was complicated. I could see all the content available, as I do in the Open state, but when I clicked the videos just resulted in a never-ending loading screen. I called this Blocked on the chart because even content I knew was available in Limited mode also would not load. Resetting my internet connection had no effect, and other internet activities worked fine, suggesting it was an issue with Netflix and Hotspot Shield.

    Quick Guide: Best VPNs For Steam

  • ExpressVPN Top-shelf security features and over 3000 server options for super-reliable connections while I game. Try ExpressVPN risk-free;with its 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • CyberGhost VPN Provides a static IP address so Steam cant see youre using a VPN, but servers in less countries compared to the other VPNs on this list.
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    How To Purchase Games On Playstation With Your New Psn Account

    Now, there is another obstacle to go through. After youve set up and created your new PlaySation account, with a different and chosen PSN region, what happens when you need to buy a game from that region? For example, if you live in India, and change your Playstation PSN account region to that of the US, you will still need to use a US payment method. It is beacuse your new PSN account is now virtually located in the States, and to buy games, you will still need to follow that pattern.

    Now, with that said, not everyone has access to a US Credit Card or a PayPal account registered in the US or any other country you went with. However, that shouldnt make you panic!;

    You will still be able to purchase games and more using a digital gift card from the regions Amazon store. With it, you will be able to buy any game or app you want. So, heres how you can get started:

  • First, download and install a Playstation VPN to access the local PlayStation Gift Cards page. I had recommended using ExpressVPN because of its overall reliable performance, and the ability to unblock geo-restricted services. Plus, its large server network is what youll need to access a large selection of regions for gift card.
  • Now, once youve launched the VPN, connect to a server in your PSN accounts region.
  • Visit the PlayStation Gift Cards page and youll see a number of options in that region.
  • Next, click on Buy Now, that is below the gift card you want to buy.
  • Select Continue.;
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