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How To Change Location On Iphone With VPN

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How To Configure VPN On Iphone Or Ipad

Change Location on iPhone/Android with ExpressVPN!

Using one of the best VPN services on your iPhone or iPad is streamlined to make it relatively simple. If your company has a private intranet that you need access to while on the road, if you regularly use public Wi-Fi networks, or if you travel the globe and want your iPhone to think it’s still in your home country , a VPN will help you out. Here’s how to configure a VPN on iPhone.

How To Change Your Apple Store Country To Access More Apps

If you like to download apps from the Apple store, you might have noticed that some are only available in certain countries. If you live in an unavailable country, you canât use the app because the Apple store imposes geographic restrictions. This frustrates users who want to download content to their iPods, iPads, iPhones, and other devices.

Fortunately, there are ways to gain access to apps and other content that were previously off-limits because of where you live. Youâll need an Apple device, an account at the Apple store, and a VPN service such as Hotspot Shield Elite. These three elements combined will allow you to get full access to the app store and use your device exactly how you want.

Hotspot Shield Free version comes by default with the US location and a limited access to streaming content. When you upgrade to Hotspot Shield Elite , you get instantly access to 15+ virtual locations, faster speed, unlimited bandwidth and the ability to activate your licence on up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Free VPN Vs Paid VPN: Which Should You Use

We get this question a lot, so we decided to answer it once and for all here: Can I use free VPNs to change locations? Yes, free VPNs work, but since theyre free, they have limitations. Free VPNs often limit:

  • The number of devices that can use your VPN account
  • The amount of data you can use per day, week, or month
  • The number of servers you can access and their locations
  • How long you can use the free VPN

So, while free VPNs might work for changing location on your iPhone occasionally, theyre not the best options if you want to change locations frequently. Certainly, free VPNs will not suffice if you want to binge Netflix shows from other regions. In contrast, paid VPN services often come with these benefits:

  • Unlimited server switches
  • Access to most servers, if not all
  • Multiple simultaneous connections

So, while free VPNs might work for changing location on your iPhone occasionally, theyre not the best options if you want to change locations frequently. Certainly, free VPNs will not suffice if you want to binge Netflix shows from other regions. In contrast, paid VPN services often come with these benefits:

  • Unlimited server switches
  • Access to most servers, if not all
  • Multiple simultaneous connections

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Cant Change Location On Your Iphone With A VPN

If youve downloaded a VPN from the Apple App Store and you still cant change your GPS location, it might be that your VPN isnt working, or that youve connected to a server in the wrong region.

If youve ruled these things out, you might be experiencing one of the following issues:

  • You have an older iPhone, iPad, or iPod thats no longer compatible with your VPN
  • Your true IP address could be leaking
  • Cookies on your iPhone could be showing your true location
  • Your VPN cant bypass the region restrictions for the site or service you want to access
  • The GPS location on your iPhone doesnt match the IP address on your VPN

To solve these problems, try the following options:

  • Make sure you have IP leak protection settings enabled on your VPN
  • Use a different browser
  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Connect to a different server
  • Contact your VPNs customer service team

If all this fails, it might be time to upgrade your VPN. For recommendations, check our list of the best VPNs for iPhones earlier in this guide.

How To Change Your Location Using A VPN Step

How To Change Your Location Using VPN

Location and IP change are something all VPNs offer. However, there are a few requirements so that your real IP address and location wont be exposed.

My recommendation is to use paid VPN services with IP, WebRTC, and IPv6 protection so that you can be 100% confident that your actual location remains hidden.

Assuming you have decided on the VPN you want to use, here are the next steps. These may slightly vary depending on the VPN provider you use, but the process remains pretty similar:

  • First, you will need to purchase a VPN subscription. This will also require you to create an account on the VPN providers website.
  • Next, download the VPN client for your PC, Mac, laptop, or smartphone and follow the installation instructions.
  • After that, open the client and log in to your account.
  • Upon logging into your account, you will have enabled the full functionality of the VPN.
  • Now you can select a country or city to connect to and change your IP address and online location.

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Location Spoofing On Iphone

When compared to Android, iOS devices and applications are much more difficult to spoof locations with, though with a jailbroken device Pokemon Go spoofing on iOS is possible.

If you do happen to have a jailbroken iOS device or a device with a jailbreak-supported OS and a VPN subscription, then you can begin following our guide below.

With Cydia installed on iOS from your jailbreak, find and install the Protect My Privacy application on your device. Youll then need to open the application and simply tap the Location text and choose Protect. From there, choose a location within the app again, its a good idea to select a major metropolitan hub for your location.

Once youve selected a city, open your iPhone VPN app we had success for this iPhone hack using ExpressVPN. Next, you need to choose a VPN server location thats in the city youve chosen in the Protect My Privacy app. After this new location is selected, youll be placed quickly in a location with a tonne of Pokemon, Pokestops and Gyms.

Quick Guide: how to spoof your location on iOS

  • Youll Need a Jailbroken iPhone and VPN
  • Install Protect My Privacy from Cydia
  • Select a Large City in Location and Protect Settings
  • Select a VPN Server in the Chosen City
  • Download The Relevant Jailbreak Tweak

    Once you have a jailbroken phone, you need to download a GPS spoofing âtweakâ from a popular app site called Cydia. Cydia has a host of different downloads that work on jailbroken iPhones. One popular GPS spoofing utility is LocationFaker. Download this app as you would any other app. Once you have the tweak installed on your phone, restart it to make sure it has taken effect. Now, youâre ready to go!

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    Connect To A Different VPN Server Location

    To connect to a different server location, tap .

    Note: The first time you try to change locations while connected to VPN, you will get a warning stating your internet traffic may be unsecure during reconnection. Click Continue to proceed.

    Tap the new server location you would like to connect to.

    ExpressVPN will automatically connect you to the selected server location.

    To add a location to your list of favorite locations, swipe right on it. You can access your favorite locations in the Favorites tab.

    To remove a location from your list of favorites, swipe right on it.

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    Change location in Avast SecureLine VPN for Android/iPhone

    If you are an iPhone user and dont want to be tracked, the first thing you should know is Find My iPhone. This is the app comes with Apple, so you cant delete this app unless you jailbreak your iPhone. Luckily, here are some tools allows you fake location. Keep reading to know more about how to change Find My iPhone location.

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    Faqs About VPN Change Location

    Learn some more tips on the VPN change location topic from this FAQ section!

    Q1. How to change my IP address without a VPN?

    You can manually change your IP address on your iPhone by following the steps below:

    • Open the Settings app and access Wi-Fi.
    • Select the Network option and location the IPv4 address tab.
    • Hit Configure IP, and manually enter any IP address to change the location.

    Q2: Is it legal to change your VPN?

    In most countries, such as the USA, it is legal to use a VPN to protect your identity and change location. However, engaging in illegal activities while using a VPN is unlawful, and you might face some legal action from the local law enforcement authorities!

    How To Change Your Location In Pokemon Go

    Online Gaming & Internet Privacy Expert

    If youre not an inner city-dweller or live outside a major regional hub, theres a pretty good chance that when it comes time to play any multiplayer, online or augmented reality video games that rely on local players youre often all on your own. Youre not alone in this issue if youve ever launched Pokemon Go in a rural locale and noticed that theres almost nothing on your display. Smaller towns and countries miss out on a myriad of Pokemon, Pokestops and Gyms simply because theres a far smaller population playing the game in those regions.

    Were glad to say that there is a rather simple way around this, and all it involves is a little location spoofing. Weve tested and updated our step-by-step guide below in September 2021 to ensure that it still works on both Android and iPhone devices. If your Pokemon Go app believes youre in a major hub, youll soon be inundated with Weedles, Pidgeys and maybe even the ultra-rare Ninetales! With all that said, lets take a look below at how to have a tonne more fun and catching more Pokemons by changing your location in Pokemon Go!

    QUICK GUIDE: how to spoof your location on Android

  • Install Fake GPS GO from Google Play
  • Enable Developer Options
  • Enable Mock Locations or Mock Location App
  • Install Mock Mock Locations Module from Xposed Repository
  • Grab a reliable VPN subscription we recommend ExpressVPN due to their extensive number of VPN Servers and excellent server speed.
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    Before Change Find My Iphone Location You Need To Know

    Before you consider spoofing the GPS location, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. They include the following:

    • If you fake your GPS location to play a game or access a geo-restricted app, remember that other apps that use your location will also use the spoofed location and you may end up getting inaccurate data such as navigation directions.
    • It is also worth pointing out that some apps like Pokémon Go may be able to detect that your location has been spoofed. If they do, they may suspend your account or ban you completely.
    • You may find it very difficult to change the location on some devices using various methods. For example, any iOS devices running iOS 10 or lower may prove more problematic

    That said, the following are the best ways to spoof the location on your iPhone:

    Can VPN Change Gps Location

    7 Best Ways on How to Hide Location on iPhone

    Normally, VPNs only replace your IP address with that of their servers. This, in turn, makes your requests appear to be sent from another machine .

    As far as your GPS sensor is concerned, theres absolutely no influence there. So the answer is no, VPNs dont usually change your GPS location. They only change your apparent location by using a combination of IP/DNS spoofing.

    However, one VPN service managed to break this wall and offer its customers full GPS spoofing. This can be tremendously helpful, as many apps make use of the GPS sensor instead of detecting location based on your IP address.

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    A Special Note On Geo

    On Android smartphones, you will have to overcome another threat to protecting your actual online location. That is GPS tracking, which can expose your actual location as it will not match the location of the VPN server you are connected to.

    GPS tracking is a threat to gamers, as explained in my Pokemon Go location change guide. While third-party apps can help you with GPS spoofing, some premium VPNs provide built-in GPS-spoofing functionality.

    To my knowledge, only two VPNs offer this functionality: Surfshark and Windscribe. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a VPN service with full geo-spoofing.

    Change Tiktok Location With Free VPN

    Yes, a free VPN is better than no VPN at all. There are free VPNs that can help you with TikTok. Yet, we rarely recommend choosing a free VPN instead of a paid one. They tend to be less secure, slower, and offer a tiny amount of features compared to a paid VPN.

    Frankly, free VPNs are known for selling customers data to third parties. In addition, they often come with data caps, which will limit how much VPN you can use. Sadly, this brings a lack of trust here.

    Nevertheless, we have found free VPN providers, which dont use data caps. You can use Atlas VPN and ProtonVPN as much as you want to.

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    How To Change Your Apple Ids Country Or Region

    Apple provides a way to change your location so you can download apps not available in your country, and thats by changing your Apple IDs region. But before you change your iPhone and Apple IDs location, Apple recommends that you check the following:

  • Apple ID balance: Check your Apple ID balance and spend any remaining amount. You cant change your location if you have remaining store credit.
  • Subscriptions: Go to your current subscriptions and cancel them, or use up the remaining days of your subscriptions before you change regions.
  • Memberships, preorders, rentals, etc.: Wait for your memberships, preorders, movie rentals, or season passes to complete and for pending store credit refunds to process.
  • Payment method: Ensure that you have a payment method for your new country or region.
  • Apps, music, movies, TV shows, etc.: Redownload all of your content, be it apps, music, books, movies, or TV shows. Some of them might not be available in your new region.
  • How A VPN Can Change Your Device Location

    How to change your VPN/IP address on IOS Devices

    A VPN works by tunneling your entire internet connection through a remote server. Not only does this make it appear that youre located in a different country, but it also encrypts your traffic. Encryption means that your connection becomes illegible to any unwanted snoopers. For example, all internet connections going through a public Wi-Fi hotspot are visible to the host. And even on your home network, your ISP can have a look through what websites youre visiting.

    Of course, connecting to a remote server and encrypting your traffic are just a few pieces of the puzzle. Nowadays, services have many methods of figuring out your actual location. This can depend on your device specifications or even your internet browser. Thats why Ill go into more detail further below.

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    What Is An Ip Address

    To help you better understand what an IP address is, we’ll first explain how the communication between computers works.

    Lets say you want to write a letter to your friend to invite them to your birthday party. In order to start a conversation, you need to have a piece of paper with a pen to write the text, and the address of the recipient to successfully deliver your message.

    The postman gets your letter and delivers it to your friend. Your friend can see the address from which you were writing and can write you back. Communication online is pretty much the same, roughly speaking.

    An IP address – or Internet Protocol address – is the address of your device thats visible to other devices so that communication is possible. In most cases, when your device connects to the internet, it automatically gets the IP address so that you can browse websites, look up information in Google, and most importantly, send funny memes.

    Howto Change Location On Your Apple Id Account Page

    Step 1: Visit and sign in.

    Step 2: Locate the Account section and then tap Edit.

    Step 3: Select the region or country by tapping the Country/Region Menu.

    Step 4: Tap Continue to Update when the page prompts for confirmation.

    Step 5: Enter the new payment data and the billing address. Tap Save.

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    Provide Sufficient Permissions While Installing

    After subscribing to the service, you will have sufficient credentials to log in to the app. When you launch the app, chances are you will be requested to give the VPN provider access to your phones VPN configuration. To be sure that you are giving this access to a reliable provider, make sure you download a leading VPN service like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

    Whether you will be asked for VPN configuration access before or after signing-up depends on the VPN app. Either way, it is advisable to give this access as, without it, the app will not be able to connect you to a proxy service.

    If you provide access on your iPhone, you will be prompted to confirm your choice via touch ID or the phones face ID feature. On the other hand, Android installers will mostly need to just hit Okay upon receiving the prompt. Some newer phones like Huaweis latest models may require that you enter your password to confirm the choice.

    Once you have allowed the app to change your VPN configuration, you are ready to mask your location for Tinder.

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