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How To Change Location On Netflix Without VPN

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How To Change Your Netflix Region On A Smart TV

How to change Netflix region with a VPN

To enjoy the benefits of Netflix shows from a different region, that too on your TV, just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Select a reliable VPN Service provider
  • Step 2: Download a VPN, and connect it to a server of your desired country.
  • Step 3: Go through your Smart TV Settings, change the region and start streaming

Install The VPN Client App On Your Device

Once youve set up your VPN account, download the client. All providers will have a VPN apps section on their website where you can find the right software for your platform.

Every half-decent VPN will have software for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

If, however, you want to watch Netflix on a less commonly used device like a Linux box or a Smart TV there may be a bit of manual work involved.

That said, you should be able to find detailed step-by-step setup instructions on the providers website. And if you run into issues, that good customer support I mentioned will be more than happy to help you out.

Does Netflix Allow Access To Other Countries Servers

The reason you need a VPN in the first place is that Netflix does not allow users to switch to regions that theyre not physically in. That is because all of Netflixs library is under specific licensing agreements that designate where users are watching specific content. Thats why Netflix may be licensed to show Friends in the U.S, but not in another country. So if you connect to a server or change your IP address to one that Netflix already knows, you may receive a message that says that your VPN or proxy has been disabled.

FYI: While changing your region on Netflix does violate their Terms & Conditions, its not illegal in the U.S.1

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How To Change Netflix Region On Your Router

Although most smart TVs and gaming consoles dont support VPN software, you can easily change Netflix locations when you install a VPN on your router. This way, youll be able to watch your favorite Netflix libraries on your Xbox, Playstation, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, and any other WiFi-connected device in your home.

ExpressVPN is compatible with a range of routers, including Asus, Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, Netduma, Sabai, and TP-Link. It also comes with a dedicated router app, which makes it a lot easier to set up.

  • . You can choose the firmware compatible with your router from the drop-down list.
  • Connect your router to the internet.
  • Install the VPNs firmware to the router.
  • Connect your devices to the router or connect them via an ethernet cable. Youll have been provided with a URL to visit to complete the setup, as well as a WiFi name and password.
  • Thats it! Enjoy watching Netflix on any WiFi-connected device in your home.
  • The above instructions will differ depending on your routers brand, so you can also check out ExpressVPNs step-by-step guides for personalized instructions.

    How To Find A Netflix Show

    How to Watch Netflix with a VPN &  which VPNs Work the Best

    Here are some important tips for finding good Netflix shows in different regions:

    • Search Netflix Global Database: You can find Netflix TV shows and movies in your region by searching your required video content in Netflix global database. This will provide you with country-specific Netflix content.
    • Figure out the show you like to watch: You can connect to a different Netflix library and find out the movie or TV show you want. It is also good that you search and browse for a specific web series, movie, or show in the search bar given on the website.

    You can follow the above-mentioned two tips then connect to the appropriate country server using VPN to change the Netflix region.

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    How To Change Netflix Region Or Country Using VPN

    Perform the following steps to change the Netflix region using NordVPN:

    Step 1) Go to

    Select Get NordVPN button

    Step 2) Select your plan and make the payment.

    Enter payment details, and log into your NordVPN account.

    Step 3) Download NordVPN

    Step 4) Install NordVPN

    Install and start your NordVPN app by clicking on the desktop shortcut.

    Step 5) Select your region and country

    Select the United States from the country list and wait for a few seconds. Your NordVPN connection will be established.

    Step 6) Log in to your Netflix account

    You can now watch web series and TV shows available in the US.

    Use Netflix From Different Locations Without Getting Caught

    But, before getting started, just check out this huge list of shows that you have been missing out on, as they are only available in certain locations.

    Australia 5400+

    To enjoy all the award-winning Netflix shows, what we have to do is act like camouflage.

    How do we do that? Lets get into the blog now!

    POINTS TO REMEMBER:Netflix can easily check and match your IP with DNS whenever you try to access the service from a different region. If found fishy, it will block your Netflix Account with a proxy error. Also note, that you can not hide from Netflix, as it can easily notice if you are doing anything fishy or unethical to access the different locations. This can lead to blocking your IP address or your Account.

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    Can I Use A Free VPN To Change Region On Netflix

    Free VPN providers are definitely easy to find and indeed can be very tempting. But wed have to advise you to steer clear for several reasons. Providing full access to Netflix requires a lot of effort on the part of a provider and free services simply arent profitable enough to justify these resources on an ongoing basis. A free VPN might let you explore another countrys Netflix catalog, but when it comes time to watch youll almost certainly encounter the proxy error.

    Whats more, these services typically provide users with a limited selection of servers, which means youre less likely to be able to access the Netflix library youre looking for. Even if you do get access, chances are youll be frustrated with slow connection speeds and even having to wait in a queue for some servers. You may also find free VPNs dont offer unlimited bandwidth, making it difficult to do any streaming of HD content. This type of monthly data cap isnt an issue when using any of the premium VPNs recommended above.

    Practicality isnt the only issue with free services. Weve put a heavy emphasis on privacy and security above because its important for users to know whats happening with their data. The providers of free VPN services need to make money somehow and often do so through questionable methods. Some interrupt your experience with annoying ads, log your activity and sell data to third parties, or even carry malware.

    How To Install A VPN On Ios

    How to change your Netflix region with a VPN [100% works]
    • Every VPN has a slightly different installation process.
    • Visit a VPN website to sign up for an account.
    • Once you receive a welcome email, open this email on the iOS device you intend to use the VPN on, and click on the link inside.
    • Enter the user credentials you signed up with, and scroll down to find the download links.
    • Choose the iOS one, and youll be taken to the VPNs iOS app on the App Store.
    • Install it like you would any iOS app.

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    Use A Proxy Server To Change Your Ip Address

    Much like a VPN, a proxy masks your true IP address and assigns you a new one based on the particular server you connect to. They differ from VPNs in that proxies don’t encrypt your data, leaving you exposed to data collection, hackers, and other online dangers.

    On top of that, proxies typically have no control over DNS traffic. This means your DNS requests still broadcast your real IP address to the DNS provider. A good VPN provider typically uses their own DNS servers and integrates leak protection to prevent that from happening.

    Anyway, back to proxies. The one advantage of a proxy is that you don’t need to set anything up on your device. This makes them useful if you only want to access a few websites in particular. Here’s an example using the Hide.me proxy service.

    Follow the instructions on the website. Enter the website you want to access anonymously, choose a location from the drop-down list, and voilà.

    Now, free proxies typically have a limited number of locations. Paid ones net you more options, but if you’re looking for a wide server network, we really recommend checking out the top 10 VPNs with the most servers instead.

    How To Change Your Netflix Region With A VPN

    If you want to change your Netflix region without moving, it’s sometimes possible to do that using a virtual private network . A VPN is designed to enhance your security and privacy by routing your internet service through computers in a different country, giving you a different IP address and effectively disguising your location. The first step in attempting to change your Netflix region is to choose a VPN. Then do this:

    1. If you haven’t already, subscribe to Netflix.

    2. Install and set up the VPN you would like to use.

    3. Use the VPN software to connect your computer to a VPN server located in the country where you want to access Netflix.

    4. Open Netflix in a web browser and log into your account if you’re not already signed in.

    At this point, Netflix should recognize your VPN server’s location and redirect you to the region serving that country. You should be able to log in and watch any content available in that location.

    That said, there are some important caveats. Using a VPN to circumvent your home country’s content is a violation of Netflix’s terms of service, and Netflix could terminate your account if it recognizes what you are doing, though online documentation of such instances is scant.

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    Why Do You Need A VPN To Change Netflix Region

    Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world thats available in over 190 countries. However, the catch is that it shows different content in different regions because of copyright laws and royalties. For example, Americans wont be able to watch Netflix US from another country unless they have a VPN to change Netflix region.

    And here shows up a VPN. With it, you can easily change your real IP address that reveals your true location into a different one that is registered in any part of the world.

    Yes, your assumptions are correct. Once the IP address gets changed, you can enjoy any Netflix library without taking a step from your home. Do you live in the US but love watching good anime? Great! You would only need to connect to your desired server and, voila, you unblock a foreign library.

    Other than unblocked libraries, a Netflix VPN is an excellent way to avoid ISP throttling that results in lagging videos with rather a sad quality. Or you can simply enjoy Netflix content stress-free knowing that the most secure VPN ensures your online security and privacy.

    How To Change Your Netflix Region Without A VPN

    Netflix unblocked: How to unblock Netflix in just 14 clicks

    Using a VPN is probably the easiest way, but you can also change your Netflix region with a Domain Name System Proxy server.

    The DNS server takes requests from servers and translates them into readable internet addresses to connect them to another server.

    It works similar to a VPN but doesnt encrypt your server to protect and secure your privacy and mask your IP address.

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    How To Change Your Netflix Country Without A VPN

    by | Dec 16, 2021 | Uncategorized |

    Do you have a friend that lives overseas and has access to Netflix movies and shows that you want to watch? Have you recently found that you have watched everything there is to watch within your interest on Netflix? A VPN can get you access to servers in other countries, but if you dont fancy paying for a VPN there might be another way to change your Netflix country without a VPN.

    You can change the location of your Netflix region by using a DNS Proxy server. A DNS Proxy can gain server access to geo-restricted content online by changing your DNS settings. The DNS Proxy connects you to a DNS server which then connects you to another server but makes it think you are local.

    You can change your country of origin or mask your current country easily enough with or without a VPN. A VPN encrypts your server location so you can access Netflix in any other country and not be blocked by geo-locations. To prevent Netflix from finding your server IP address where it shouldnt be, tread carefully or risk being blocked. Read on to find out how you can change regions without a VPN.

    How Do I Bypass Netflix Block

    If you are trying to unblock Netflix, there are some possible ways that you can try. You can use the smart DNS proxy, but since it only hides your identity, it wont offer much help. The best way to bypass Netflix block is by using a VPN service. A VPN for Netflix changes your IP address, and connecting to a remote server helps unblock Netflix libraries of different countries. If you want to unblock American Netflix, you need to connect to a US server.

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    Is It Legal To Change The Netflix Region

    Yes, it is legal to change the Netflix region to watch the contents in most countries. The only time you may encounter an issue is if you are accessing Netflix from Russia or China. Technically, it is against Netflix rules and regulations to watch content from another country. But, Netflix will not close down your account even after the repeated use of a VPN or proxy. After all, you are paying for a Netflix subscription.

    How To Manage Network Locations On Your Mac

    Change Netflix Location Without VPN

    As mentioned above, Apple allows you to manage different locations on your device – whether you want to change them, prevent services from using a specific location, remove them or even rename them. This can be useful when you want to use certain apps like maps or weather forecast from a different region, for example.

    Here is the step-by-step guide to follow for create a new network location on your Mac:

    • On your Mac, head on the Apple menu
    • Click on System Preferences and then tap Network
    • Open the dropdown locations menu and tap Edit locations
    • Click on the Add button, type the name of your chosen location and press Done
    • Enter the settings for each network port you want to use for that location
    • Click Apply to save the changes.

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    Final Thoughts On Changing Your Netflix Region

    Changing the Netflix region is not complicated at all when you are using a reliable VPN service.

    When choosing a product for your Netflix streaming, consider country count, simultaneous connections, streaming speed, price, and what other content platforms you could stream using your VPN.

    If youre looking for an affordable option with unlimited simultaneous connections, opt for Surfshark. However, if you dont mind paying a little extra, choose NordVPN as it will ensure the fastest streaming experience with no interruptions.

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    Moving To A New Country

    If you are moving to a new country where Netflix is available, there are a few things to be aware of:

    • Monthly price, billing currency, and available payment methods vary by country.

    • You will continue to be charged the Netflix plan price in the currency of the country you signed up in.

    • If you wish to change this to match the country you moved to:

    • Cancel your account

      Note:We save your Viewing Activity for 10 months after your account closes, so you can pick up where you left off when you rejoin. Your recommendations, ratings, and account details will also be saved for 10 months.

    • Wait until the end of your billing period

  • Your selection of TV shows and movies may change. Your choices for streaming and downloading will vary from country to country.

  • Audio and subtitle options may change.

  • Maturity ratings are different by country. Your parental control settings may need to be updated.

  • If you wish to update the maturity ratings on your profile to match those in the country you moved to, cancel and restart your account in your new country.

  • If your account was set up with age verification, cancel and restart your account in your new country.

    • If you receive the Now on Netflix emails and move to a new country, the email will still show TV shows and movies for the country you signed up in. You can unsubscribe from it from your Communications settings.

    If you are moving to a geographic location where Netflix isn’t available, you may cancel your Account.

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    How To Change Netflix Location With VPN

    If you are unable to find any specific show or Film on Netflix, changing the region of the Netflix or location is always the best option. You can change country on Netflix by choosing a reliable and strong security Virtual Private Network . The easiest way to cope with such a situation is using Virtual Private Network . This will mask your actual location and change your IP address into some other virtual address thus, it will spoof your current location easily.

    The followings are the top best VPNs that are highly recommended to use to change the region or country on Netflix.

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