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How To Change Location Without VPN

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Why Are Steam Prices Different In Different Countries

Change IP Address – Hide IP Address and Location using Free VPN

Steam itself does not impose price variations. Distributors have complete control over the prices they offer over the platform. Distributors also value customers differently based on spending power . E.g.: UK gamers are seen as more wealthy and therefore the distributor may charge higher prices to UK gamers.

Why Change Your Ip Address To Another Country

There is more than one reason to change your real IP address to another country, but arguably the most popular one is geoblocking. Geoblocking is a way for websites to restrict online access based on the geographical location of the users that are accessing them. It happens all the time.

Take this example, back when I was really into Breaking Bad. I was anxiously waiting for the new season three episodes, refreshing the Netflix homepage when they were supposed to air. I was on vacation at the time, and what I forgot was that Breaking Bad wasnt available where I was. You know what saved the day? A VPN, which gave me an IP from back home and allowed me to circumvent the geoblock.

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    Encrypt Your Internet Connection Over Public Wifi:

    When you connect via a public WIFI, youre at risk because hackers can compromise the security of your device, access it and steal valuable data. Worse, they can send nasty malware your way or steal your devices mac address. You can be safe by changing your IP address using good quality VPN software that will encrypt your internet connection.

    Thinking Of Using A VPN After All

    How to Change IP Address without VPN software/Tool and ...

    Considering theyre the best way to change your Netflix region, were not surprised. But with hundreds of VPNs on the market, how do you know which one can actually unblock Netflix?

    Well, we tested over 60 services, and found the ones that offer the best streaming experience. You can read about them here. If youre in a hurry, heres the list:

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    Howto Change Location On Your Apple Id Account Page

    Step 1: Visit and sign in.

    Step 2: Locate the Account section and then tap Edit.

    Step 3: Select the region or country by tapping the Country/Region Menu.

    Step 4: Tap Continue to Update when the page prompts for confirmation.

    Step 5: Enter the new payment data and the billing address. Tap Save.

    Can Only A VPN Change My Location

    There are a couple of other ways to change your IP address and thus hide your location.

    • Using a proxy service: In general, it works much like a VPN. A proxy acts as a middleman that connects to the website for you and sends it the proxy’s address instead of yours. The most significant difference is that, unlike a VPN, a proxy doesnt encrypt your connection. By definition, a proxy has to change and modify your IP address, and that’s it. VPN services generally offer more features as well.
    • Using Tor : It works by sending your communications through a number of nodes around the world. Each node only knows the node that came before it and the one after it, so its difficult to trace the original connection back to you. It also usually has a strong negative effect on your internet speed, as the Tor network usually sends you through at least three nodes.

    While proxy and Tor are alternatives to a VPN IP changer, they also come in the form of VPN features. For example, NordVPN has proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Unlike most proxy services, they also encrypt your browsing data. And you can always use NordVPNs Onion Over VPN feature to connect to the Tor network. So you can have the best of all worlds just by using a VPN.

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    How To Change Your Apple Id Region Or Country

    If you happen to move to a new country or region, you may want tochange the Apple ID country. Changing the Apple ID region will change thebilling address for all the Apple services you use with the same Apple ID. Inthis section, we will be showing you how to change location on iPhone for theApple ID.

    How To Spoof Your Location Using A VPN Service

    Free VPN How To Change Your Ip Address No download

    Spoofing your location using a VPN consists of a few easy-to-follow steps:

  • Select a VPN provider and subscribe.
  • Log into your VPN provider of choice.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the location of your choice.
  • VPNs are handy tools for unblocking geo-blocked content around the world, including streaming services, gambling services, gaming arenas and financial resources.

    However, I should note that many providers of these resources have become adept at detecting and blocking VPN connections to their servers.

    Before subscribing to a particular VPN provider, check with the providers customer support staff to ensure their VPN offers reliable access to your resource of choice.

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    How To Spoof Your Geo

    In this article, I explain how Chrome and Firefox can reveal your physical location and how to use various methods to spoof your location.

    When youre using the Chrome or Firefox browser, they automatically enable geo-location services that can reveal your location to other users on the internet.

    While this actually comes in handy when youre using mapping services like Google Maps or geotagging photos for social media, there are times when you do not want your actual location revealed, such as when youre attempting to access geo-restricted content, or when you simply dont want anyone invading your privacy.

    Luckily, there are various ways you can either turn off or spoof your geo-location in your browser.

    Methods can include using a Virtual Private Network , manually setting your location, or using a browser extension. Occasionally, it may take more than one method to successfully bypass the detection methods that websites and services on the web use to discover your location.

    Ill be discussing all of these methods in this article.

    Visit Websites Without Revealing Your Identity

    Websites gather a lot of information about you when you visit them. They build a profile of you based on your online activity and identifying information gathered from your IP address. So, your IP becomes a digital fingerprint of sorts that helps websites and apps to show you personalized content and targeted ads.

    While this might be useful in a way, it is also quite invasive and similar to getting spied on. Fortunately, you can use the methods described above to hide your IP and use the internet anonymously.

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    Why Should You Hide Your Ip With Ipburger VPN

    Yes, there are several ways of hiding your IP address.

    However, IPBurger is the best when it comes to extensive security features and hard-core commitment to your online privacy.

    Heres what youd get with IPBurger VPN.

    First, the best tools to secure your online presence and data.

    Also, a team of top-rated security engineers dedicated to your online privacy.

    These two combos are the perfect mix for ultimate online freedom.

    Thats not all

    You get to partner with a team of privacy research scientists that are always looking into new and emerging trends of online privacy.

    Dont be like John, who lost his business and online freedom due to ignorance.

    Signup today for a renewed and better online experience.

    Why Should You Hide Your Ip Address

    how to change ip without using vpn and proxy

    Folks tend to hide their IP address due to several different reasons.

    First, a hidden IP address lets you get around the geographic restriction. Some government agencies and private companies tend to hide their contents from people of specific geographical region. If you hide your IP address, youd be able to move around these restrictions and access content from all corners of the web.

    Since an IP address is tied to a physical location, folks who hide their IP are in control of their online presence. That is, they determine who gets to know their physical location.

    Heres the thing protecting the physical location may not be a big deal to some people. Others, however, see it as a way of safeguarding their online presence. Therefore, to be on the safe side and prevent the prying eyes of intruders, youve got to hide your IP address.

    Furthermore, hiding your IP address protects your online identity. Since each internet-enabled device is assigned a unique IP, anyone whos internet savvy enough can trace an IP address to the device, thereby unveiling the identity of the devices owner.

    Companies and other third party agencies can easily track your online activity by merely following your IP address.

    Whats more, these companies and web owners may misuse your information and sell it to advertising agencies.

    Have you wondered why almost all ads that appear on your screen are particularly personal?

    Well, thats because its tailored to get your attention.

    Thats not all

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    Learning How To Change Netflix Region Without VPN

    Of course the other big use of a VPN is to unlock all the blocked content which sits on the web. People use VPNs to access British TV from outside the UK, streaming directly through iPlayer or the ITV hub from anywhere in the world. Checking out their HBO or NBC account from outside the USA can also be done using a VPN as long as its got a US server to connect through to. In truth this is probably the biggest use of VPNs with many thousands using for this and accessing media sites like Netflix.

    Now for PCs and laptops, using a VPN is pretty straight forward you install some software which acts as the VPN client and it sits in your task bar. For other devices like iPads and smartphones its a little harder setting up the VPN client manually and enabling it whenever you need it. However nowadays we stream our media content to all sorts of devices including phones, games consoles, chrome books and media streamers to name but a few. The problem is that many of these dont really support VPNs or even if they do its extremely complicated to get them running on them. So how do you unblock region locked sites like the BBC iPlayer, Netflix and HBO without using a VPN?

    Its actually easier than you think as youll read in the following section.

    Manually Change Your Location In Chrome

    In Chrome, you can use the following instructions to spoof your location:

  • In a browser window, hit Ctrl+Shift+I or Cmd+Option+I . This will open the Chrome Developer Tools window.
  • Hit Esc, then click the Console menu .
  • Select Sensors and change the Geolocation dropdown to Custom location
  • Enter any latitude and longitude you want.
  • Alternatively, you can choose one of the preset options in the Geolocation menu, including Berlin, Mumbai, or San Francisco.

    Note that for the location override to work in Chrome, you have to keep the developer tools open and stay in the same browser window. If you open a new window, it will revert back to your original location. This is different to Firefox where you can open multiple windows and still have your location spoofed.

    To check if these processes have worked in either browser, you can test it using a tool such as BrowserLeaks.

    In the above screenshot, you can see that we managed to spoof our location to make it appear that we were actually in Times Square.

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    Howto Change Location On Mac Or Pc For Apple Id

    Step 1: Launch iTunes.

    Step 2: From the Menu bar available at the top of the screen, selectAccount > View My Account.

    Step 3: Use your Apple ID to sign in and then tap View Account.

    Step 4: On your Account Information page, tap Change Country or Region.

    Step 5: Choose your new region or country by tapping Select a countryor region menu.

    Step 6: After reviewing the terms and conditions, hit Agree. Tap Agreeagain to confirm.

    Step 7: After entering your new payment data and billing address, hitContinue.

    Howto Change Location On Iphone/ipod Touch/ipad For Apple Id

    Change IP Address Without VPN

    Step 1: Open Settings > > iTunes & App Store.

    Step 2: Click the Apple ID > View Apple ID. You may have to Sign in.

    Step 3: Click Country/Region and then click Change Country or Region.

    Step 4: After tapping the new country or region, be sure to review theTerms & Conditions.

    Step 5: On the top-right corner, hit Agree and then click Agree again toconfirm.

    Step 6: Select a preferred payment option and then enter the new paymentoption and the billing address. Click Next.

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    How To Hide Your Ip Address

    Hiding your IP address is pretty straightforward. You can either use a proxy server or a VPN.

    Theres also Tor but Tor is not an ideal fit for most folks out there. Its slow and may not be the perfect fit for people who manage online businesses on Amazon and eBay.

    Tor is mainly the breeding ground for most illegal and dark online activities.

    If youre legit, and youd want to run a flawless business online, then Tor is not for you.

    Moving on, the Proxy server helps to bypass geographical restrictions and other forms of IP restriction.

    When it comes to data encryption and protection, youre left in the cold, and youre better off with VPN.

    Whats more, proxies dont really shield you from the prying eyes of third party agencies and the government.

    If you want all-round data security and internet freedom, then VPN is the right fit for you.

    Heres how to secure your data with a VPN.

    How To Change Ip Address Without VPN In Pc

    Internet Protocol, Mostly known as IP, is the Address of an User whos surfing through Internet. Its an Unique set of Numbers which is linked through all your Activities done through Internet. IP as well as DNS is used to track and Hunt down any impostors Location. While Surfing through any anonymous website can be harmful and it might be possible that youre totally Vulnerable to Hackers with your Real IP Address. Lets know how to change IP Address without any VPN.

    In case of Phones there are several Applications on Play store that are completely or Partially free and can be used to change IP with ease. In case of PC very rare applications are present, Though there are many paid VPN with which You can change IP with ease, But Well see how to change IP manually from Your PC without any Software.

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    Manually Change Your Location In Firefox

    Heres how to spoof your location in Firefox:

  • Type about:config in your browser. A warning will pop up to tell you about the risk involved in altering the advanced settings. As long as youre happy to go ahead, click I accept the risk!
  • Look for the setting geo.enabled.
  • The value column should read true. Double click it to set it to false.
  • Note that this will only stop Firefox tracking your location. To set a new location, you can continue with the following steps:

  • Still in about:config, look for the setting geo.wifi.uri.
  • Change this to the location you want to be in. To do this, you have to enter a specific longitude and latitude value. You can use the following line of code but replace the values: data:application/json,, “accuracy”: 27000.0}
  • The above example from a Stack Exchange user will put you in Times Square, but you can change it to wherever you want by tweaking the latitude and longitude values. There are plenty of tools to help you find out these numbers such as GPS Coordinates and

    Note that if you ever want to revert back to the default settings, you can right click anywhere on the geo.wifi.uri row and select Reset.

    The Simple Method That Is An Overnight Solution

    How to Change IP address Location another country with VPN ...

    The first method is quite simple, but you have to wait, and it doesnt always work, and it will still show you are at the same location .

  • Go to IP finder tool near the top of this page and note down your IP Address, take a screenshot if it is easier. Then you will need to switch off your Modem and Router and personal computer for around 8 hours.
  • In a lot of cases, simply doing this will change your IP address.
  • After 8 hours, turn it all back on and then go and check your IP address again to see if it has changed.
  • If it has not changed or you cant wait, then follow the below set of instructions.

  • Open your windows menu by clicking the bottom left Windows icon or the Start Menu
  • Find the Command Prompt app by searching for it
  • Right-Click it and Run as Administrator
  • When you get a pop-up message asking you if it can make changes to your system, you click Yes
  • Your Command Prompt window will now open
  • Type ipconfig /release and press Enter
  • Go to Control Panel by right-clicking on the windows icon in the bottom left.
  • Right-Click on the Internet connection of yours and click the properties
  • Select Use the following IP address. Type a new IP address eg
  • Change your IPv4 Preferred DNS Server to
  • Select Obtain an IP address automatically
  • Restart your PC and you are done!
  • Head to near the top of this current page and see if your IP address has changed. If it did not, then you probably have a static IP.
  • Warning:

  • Open Safari and choose Preferences
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