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How To Change VPN For Pokemon Go

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Amazing Methods To Hack In Pokemon Go Android 2021

How to Change Your Location in Pokemon Go ð¥ A Detailed Guide for both Android and iOS users.

Change Location

May 25, 2021

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Pokemon GO gamers who have no trouble exploring Pokestops and gyms in significant metropolitan or rural towns may be out of the question. However, what can be said about provincial regions? Hacking in Pokemon Go may avoid you from overlooking and obtaining unique Pokemon.

Never be concerned with provincial residence Pokemon lovers. There’s a trick that can help you enjoy an experience like how your friends do in a major town.

Below are some methods for you to hack in Pokemon Go Android 2021:

Part 4: How To Spoof In Pokemon Go On Android Via Fakegps Free

FakeGPS Free is also one of the best mock location apps for Pokemon GO. It won’t occupy a lot of device usage. However, although it released a new version lately, you may need to get a Niantic strike while using it.

How to GPS spoof Pokemon GO with FakeGPS Free?

  • Go to your device’s settings and unlock Developer Options by tapping the Build Number 7 times.
  • Head to Play Store and get FakeGPS Free on your device. If your WiFi isn’t available, you can use some apps for WiFi hacking.
  • Once the app is installed, navigate to Settings > Developer Options.
  • Tap on the mock location app feature to grant access for FakeGPS Free.
  • Afterward, launch the application on your device and look for any wanted location.
  • You can also manually zoom in or out of the map to specify your new location.
  • Once one, you will get the relevant notification; close the GPS app then and launch Pokemon Go instead to access the new location on the game’s map.

Will Pokmon Go Ban My Account If I Use A VPN

It depends which VPN you are using. If you have subscribed to a free VPN service, chances are that your account will get banned sooner or later. This is because free VPNs do not make you anonymous online. They do not offer encryption of any kind and only allow you to change your virtual location. With a free VPN, it becomes very easy for Pokémon servers to notice the traffic is coming from a VPN server. It is highly recommended that you use only a premium VPN, such as PureVPN. With premium VPNs your identity remains safe and you become completely anonymous online. The invisibility helps you stay safe from all IP-level bans.

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Part 1 What’s New From Niantic

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Niantic has made various changes to its playing policy to capture the new reality where social distancing is a necessity. It has also added new features that stationary players may find appealing. If you wonder how to play Pokémon GO without moving, here are the key changes that will enable you to do just that.

Key Changes

  • It has postponed or cancelled most live events such as Safari Zones.
  • It has reworked events such as Community Day and A Drive to Investigate to help enforce social distancing. They now support solo play.
  • It has removed research tasks that you cannot complete at home.
  • Players can buy a new PokeCoin bundle at the shop each week.
  • It has increased daily rewards to 3X EXP and 3X Stardust when you get the first catch of the day.
  • It has doubled the proximity radius that players need to interact in a gym.
  • Players are not required to walk to earn Go Battle League Sets.
  • Players can purchase remote Raid Battle Passes to play at any point in the map remotely.

New changes are coming up to help players explore the game and support indoor activities such as running on the treadmill or cleaning.

How To Download Pokemon Go On Android Devices

How to change location in Pokémon GO (2021 GUIDE ...

After Pokemon GOs success, a number of fake clones started popping up on the Google Play store. Heres how to get the official app.

;;;;;;Open the Google Play Store

;;;;;;In the search bar at the top, type in Pokemon GO

;;;;;;Download/Install the app from Niantic, Inc

;;;;;;In-app purchases are listed. However, its not required to play the game

How To Spoof Your Location On Pokmon Go

1.;First of all, youll need to . Install the Android app, and accept the permissions Surfshark asks for.

2.;Then, youll need to go to the About Phone section in Settings.;

3. Tap Build Number seven times to enter Developer Mode.;

4.;Go back to Settings, and tap Developer Options, which may be at the end of menu.

5.;Turn on Mock Locations App it may be called Allow Mock Locations and select Surfshark as your mock location app. If you’re using a different mock location app, select it now instead of Surfshark.

6. Download and install the Mock Mock Locations module some apps wont function if Mock Locations is turned on, so this module make it appear like it’s switched off.

7.;Then all you need to do is open Surfshark and select a location itll spoof your location automatically to match the server youre connected to. Make sure you do this before opening any app you’re trying to trick. If you’re using a different mock location app, connect to your chosen Surfshark server, and then change your location on the GPS spoofer to match.

Please note: There have been reports of users also having to install the BlueStacks emulator to access Pokémon GO. This is due to the fact that on some devices the System Location must be changed as well. If you struggle with these steps without an emulator, try again when using BlueStacks.

How To Change Location On Pokemon Go

Catching them all has never been this easy.

Youve been stuck in your hometown, chasing after the same Pokemon day after day on Pokemon Go, and your travel calendar is empty. What are your options? While software development company Niantic, which developed Pokemon Go along with Nintendo, doesnt like users to change their locations artificially, sometimes, you have no other choice. Well walk you through how to change your location on Pokemon Go so you can focus on playing the game from your changed location.

Have You Ever Used A VPN While Playing Pokmon Go

If you did, what was your experience like? Did you get access to new Pokémon? Did you manage to find more PokéStops and gyms? Were you able to unblock the game at school? Or did you encounter any issues?

Please tell us your story in the comments or on social media. We want to know if using a VPN with Pokémon GO is really worth it or not.

Our Best Pick For All Your VPN Needs

How to change pokemon go location in 2021 | IT WORKS
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  • One of the fastest VPNs on the market
  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries
  • No-logs policy
  • 7200 Servers in 91 Countries
  • No-logs policy
  • High-level encryption for private browsing
  • One of the largest server networks
  • Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Blocks adware and malware

Why do I need a VPN?

Protect yourself from hackers and identity thieves.

How do I use a VPN

Will using a VPN affect my internet speed?

the difference in speed will be unnoticeable.just disconnect and reconnect to a different server.the fastest VPN we tested

What To Look For In A Pokemon Go VPN

There are three underlying traits of a good Pokemon Go VPN: more servers, privacy, and location spoofing. This is like the holy trinity. Imagine you are halfway through catching the highest number of Pokemons in a single day and your server goes down because you are using a free VPN. Yikes! Yes, it could happen and it can be very annoying if you are dead serious about the game. Moreover, premium VPN apps are specifically designed to hide your online identity from game servers and websites. And lastly, you can switch to any country location without the fear of any IP leaks once you are using a reliable VPN app.

Fake Gps Location Android

With over 10 million Google Play Store installs and a 4.6/5 rating, Fake GPS Location by Lexa is arguably the most popular and the best Pokemon spoofing app. Even though it’s been updated back in 2018, it still works on both rooted and not rooted phones and easily changes your Pokemon GO account region. And the best part it’s totally free!

Upon opening the app, you’ll see your current residence. Now, press the Search icon at the top right and enter your desired city. You’ll see the position move on the map and can now continue with changing your Pokemon GO account region. Alternatively, you can drop a pin on the map, enter precise coordinates, or choose from the list of bookmarked places that you’ve used before.

On the one hand, Fake GPS Location has many settings to toggle that spoofing fans will appreciate. On the other, it might seem confusing to the new users, especially when the app design is simple but below-average at best.

There’s also an option to automatically generate fake sites with an IFTT app. However, Fake GPS Location itself lets you set the movement to another place after some time. This can be really convenient if you want to change your whereabouts every time you play to make it look like you’re actually visiting these places.

Spoof Pokemon Go Location On Iphone

If you have an iOS device, such as an iPhone, changing your device region on Pokemon GO might prove to be a daunting task. It starts with jailbreaking your phone, which can result in it becoming unusable. However, if you really like Pokemon GO, it might be worth the risk.

When youre ready to jailbreak your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Cydia App Store for jailbroken smartphones.
  • Download tsProtector to hide that your phone is jailbroken.
  • Get the Location Spoofer app.
  • Open the app, choose a Location, and Protect it.
  • Use the map to drop a pin on your desired location.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the same location.
  • Go get that Snorlax!
  • What Happens If You Get Caught Spoofing Pokemon Go

    How To Use Zorro VPN with Pokémon Go? Free iOS VPN

    Niantic, the company that created Pokemon Go, has a three-strike discipline policy if they caught you or any other user cheating or spoofing location. The first strike prevents you from finding rare Pokemons for 7 days, the second strike will block your account for a month, and the third strike means a permanent ban. We know you can create another account, but what about those rare Pokemons that you collected after so much hard work and sweat?

    How To Change Your Location In Pokemon Go

    Pokemon GO players that live in big cities or suburbs have no problems finding Pokestops or Gyms, but what about rural areas? If you live in rural locations, finding Pokestops and Pokemon in general can be extremely difficult, and you can basically forget about catching a rare one.

    Never fear rural dwelling Pokemon enthusiasts, theres a trick that can help you get the same experience as your friends in the city.

    When you combine GPS spoofing apps and a strong VPN, like our top pick ExpressVPN, you can change your location in Pokemon GO.

    For most mobile apps, using a VPN is enough to change your region or your location. But Pokemon GO has begun monitoring their servers for players with a location that doesnt match their phones GPS coordinates, so a mock location masking module may also be required.

    Such players may face a suspension or a ban. Spoofing apps and masking modules help to prevent Pokemon GO from detecting that youve changed your location.

    Changing your location in Pokemon GO is pretty simple, and you can get started on your next big Pokemon adventure in just a few easy steps:

    What Makes It Possible To Spoof Your Location In Pokmon Go

    Pokémon Go determines your location using the GPS signal that it receives from your phone. The easiest way to bypass that and pass fake location information to the app is by using a GPS spoofing app, a mock locations masking module, and a VPN .

    A GPS spoofing app allows you to set a fake location for your device. Android system allows you to bypass the GPS signal sent by your device and replace it with a manually created one. In order to prevent Pokémon Go to realize that the location is fake, you will need a mock locations masking module. Finally, the VPN app helps you to your actual I.P. address and replaces it with a fake one instead. This creates an illusion that your device is located in some other location. Since your devices location can be determined by using both the GPS and the I.P. address, it is important that you use the necessary tools to cheat the system of Pokémon Go.

    With the help of these tools, you will be able to spoof your location in Pokémon Go. However, you need to make sure that Developer mode is enabled on your device. This is because these apps require special permissions that can only be granted from Developer options. Follow the steps given below to learn how to enable the Developer mode.

    1. Firstly, open Settings on your device.

    2. Now tap on the About phone option then tap on All specs .

    Also Read:Enable or Disable Developer Options on Android Phone

    Ios Roaming Guide Ios

    Finding a good iOS location spoofing app is tough, especially one that doesn’t require a computer. Most of them are outdated, poorly rated, and will probably get detected by Pokémon GO in no time. Luckily, there’s one option in iOS Roaming Guide that still does the job. At the same time, it’s totally free but requires a jailbroken iPhone.

    Using this app is very simple because of the intuitive map-based design. You just drop the pin on your preferred spot and iOS Roaming Guide does the rest. Alternatively, you can use Search. There’s also an option to pin your Favorite places.

    Unfortunately, there’s no option to change your position automatically. This increases the chance that you will get a ban on Pokémon Go because staying in one place and still collecting Pokémons means you’re probably using a spoofing app. On the other hand, it’s hard to expect something else because iOS Roaming Guide hasn’t been updated since 2016.

    Naturally, you won’t find this app on Apple’s App Store. You’ll need to install Cydia first to get iOS Roaming Guide. We’ve explained how to do this in a step-by-step guide below.

    Pokemon Go VPN Cheat Using A Gps Hack

    Spoof Pokemon GO location â We know how – watch full tutorial

    If youre dead set on playing Pokemon Go but live in a barren region, you will need three things: a GPS spoofing app, a mock locations masking module, and a VPN. These tools allow you to change your location on the map in Pokemon to anywhere you like. We recommend placing yourself in a big city like New York or Chicago, where Pokemon are most prevalent.

    GPS spoofing on Android is fairly easy with an app like this one. Go to Settings > About Device and tap the Build Number seven times to enable developer mode. Back in the settings, you now have a new tab called Developer Options. Click into it and check the box that says Select mock location app .

    Pokemon Go got wise to mock location apps early on, so you will not be able to play and might even get banned if caught using one. For this reason, youll also need to install a module called Mock Mock Locations. This simple add-on prevents apps from detecting that you have mock locations enabled in your settings. You can . It installs just like a third-party application.

    Now for the VPN. Pokemon Go can detect if your device IP address does not match your GPS location. This is where the VPN comes in. A VPN encrypts all your internet traffic and routes it through a server in a location of your choosing, masking your IP address in the process. This hack works using NordVPN, Surfshark or IPVanish.


    Once youve signed up to a VPN, pick a server near where you want to hunt and connect to it.

    How To Change Pokmon Go Location On Android

    Unlike iOS, the Android OS allows you to spoof the GPS location, but you may need to enable developer options to use the third-party app meant for this purpose if you are running Android 4.2 or newer.

    To enable developer options on your Android device, go to Settings > System > About Phone and then tap on Build Number 7 times.

    Please note that the solutions listed below may not work for all Android phones. If you are unable to spoof your location using these solutions, you may need to uninstall Google Play Services on your device and install an older version. In some rare cases, you may need to root the Android device.

    The following are some of the options you have when you want to change GPS location in Pokémon Go on Android:

    How To Spoof Pokmon Go On Ios

    If you’re playing on iPhone, follow the steps below to geo-spoof in Pokemon Go.

  • First, select and register for a VPN.
  • Youll now need to jailbreak the device in order to change your location – a guide for which you can find here.
  • After your device is jailbroken, visit Cydia – an unofficial App Store for jailbroken phones.
  • Download tsProtecter, which will prevent Pokémon Go from finding out that youve jailbroken your phone.
  • Once tsProtector is installed, revisit Cydia and download a location spoofer app.
  • Enable your VPN and connect to a server as close to your spoofed location as possible.
  • Select your location from the location spoofer app – but make sure that tsProtector is running, too.
  • All done – youre ready to play!
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