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How To Change VPN Location On Android

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Set Up A VPN On Apple Devices

ExpressVPN for Android – How to change a location

VPNs are also directly configurable on all iPhones, iPads, and Macs. You have to go through a few extra steps on macOS, but its a breeze on iOS.

How to manually set up a VPN on iOS

  • Unlock your iPhone or iPad and open Settings.
  • Tap on General and select VPN.
  • Next, tap on Add VPN Configuration.
  • Your network admin will provide the necessary info. This includes the VPN protocol, the VPN settings , and the authentication login info.
  • Once completed, tap on Done to save the profile.
  • You can now enable or disable the VPN connection by using the slider toggle on the VPN page.
  • Manually setting up a VPN on macOS

  • Click on the Apple menu and go to System preferences > Network.
  • Choose VPN on the Interface menu that pops up.
  • Youll have to go through the different sections and add the required information.

    • First, select VPN Type, choose the VPN protocol, add a name, and click on Create.
    • You can then enter the server address, authentication and login info, and any additional network administrator settings.
    • Click Apply and then select OK.
    • To connect to the VPN, go to System Preferences > Network, click on the VPN service name and click on Connect.
    • You can also select Show VPN status in the menu bar and use the status icon to connect to the VPN network quickly.

    How To Change Your Location Using A VPN

    There are a variety of use-cases for a VPN, but no matter which VPN provider you use or what reason you’re connecting to a VPN for, the underlying technology remains the same changing the location of the IP address of your computer, phone, or even your router.

    Known as ‘spoofing’, changing your IP address to somewhere else in the world is really easy to do with a VPN meaning you can access content not usually available in your own location. The best way to achieve it is to subscribe to a reputable VPN provider and use their apps on your devices. While you may have to pay a monthly or annual fee to use a VPN, these services are usually more feature-rich than free VPNs and you can always save on VPNs with our best VPN deals guide.


    This is our top pick for anyone looking to get started with a VPN. It offers a great mix of speed, reliability, outstanding customer service, and affordability. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so give it a shot today.

    What Are The Benefits Of Changing My Location With A VPN

    VPNs are a great addition to your online security, but changing your location and IP address offer a few more benefits:

    • Improved online security With a VPN, you can keep your computer and personal data secure while you browse. Since all your traffic is encrypted, you wont have to worry about hackers interfering with your connection, or trackers following your every step online.
    • Strong privacy In order to keep your personal information hidden, you need to use a VPN with a watertight privacy policy. This way, no one will be able to tell who you are and what you do online .
    • Accessing geoblocked content By changing your IP address and location with a VPN, youll be able to access platforms and websites that are normally blocked in your country. This includes streaming services, news outlets, and even online games.
    • Since VPNs assign you a new IP address and change your location, you can safely bypass firewalls at work, school, and even abroad in countries with strong censorship.
    • Saving money with online shopping Different deals are available around the world, so a VPN can help you get access to offers that may not be obtainable in your region.

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    Can I Manually Change My Location On My Iphone

    You can change your location on your iPhones settings and in your App Store settings. However, without changing your IP address, you wont be able to access content or download apps from that location. Luckily, its remarkably straightforward to change your IP address. Just , connect to a server in your preferred location, and it should bypass those restrictions.

    How Does Tiktok Detect Your Location

    Free VPN To Change Location: 5 Free VPNs For Android To Access TikTok!

    TikToks location tracking is based on your SIM card, IP address, and GPS. Right after you sign up for TikTok you get asked to authenticate yourself with a phone number. In this way, TikTok seeks to avoid fake accounts and scammers. Additionally, on some versions of TikTok, your location gets tracked automatically by giving a post a location tag.

    However, does TikToks safety ensure your safety as well? Sadly, no. Allowing TikTok to know your location increases the risk of getting hacked. Your personal information becomes easily accessible and this brings danger in the long term.

    TikTok itself in its privacy statement informs you that they will share your information with law enforcement agencies, public authorities, or other organizations if legally required to do so. Meaning, TikTok is allowed to pass your sensitive information to commercial parties and the governments. So knowing how to turn off location tracking on TikTok is pretty convenient.

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    What Are The Differences Between A Free VPN Versus A Paid VPN

    Weighing the pros and cons of registering for a free VPN service versus a paid VPN is rather simple. In the previous sections, youve seen the advantages of using a paid VPN. Both paid and free VPN services are aiming to give you security, reliability, speed, customer support and anonymity. However, you might find that a free VPN doesnt deliver on all those promises.

  • Security: Many free VPNs use protocols that arent 100% secure. They used what is called a PPTP VPN, which has proven to not be the most ironclad as far as security goes. Paid VPNs allow you to use other protocols that help tunnel your connection more securely. A free VPN will give you more security than not using a VPN. However, that doesnt mean youre getting the best security features that have been developed. A paid VPN is the way to go for optimal security.
  • Number of Servers: Finally, youll want to consider the number of servers a VPN has in operation. Servers allow you to access the Internet they are what host you online. If a VPN doesnt have many servers, youre not going to be able to remotely connect in as many places . Youll want to make sure you choose a VPN with a robust portfolio of servers in locations all over the world. Free VPN services will have a limited number of servers because servers are expensive. Youll find most paid VPN services have way more servers all over the globe. This is what you should look for as youre trying to decide which VPN is right for you.
  • Sign Up With A VPN Provider

    Before you download anything, take a few minutes to sign up with a VPN provider. Fortunately, most VPNs nowadays work on Android, so you don’t have to look far to find one. If you don’t know where to start, take a peek at our list of the best Android VPNs. We’ve covered seven powerful providers, each with its own advantages along with a full review.

    We don’t recommend using a free VPN, however. Not only do free VPNs pose a serious security risk, but they most often won’t unblock streaming content from abroad. On top of that, they aren’t even a decent solution to and other forms of government censorship.

    Worried that a specific provider isn’t what you’re looking for? Completely understandable. However, you can always try out providers like ExpressVPN for 30 days risk-free. We’ll be using that one for the rest of the guide, so you might as well give it a go.

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    What Is A VPN

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Networking. What does that mean? When you connect to the internet, youre connecting using an IP address. This IP address allows companies , to see where youre connecting from and what sites youre visiting. For instance, your internet provider tracks your IP address and knows if youre connecting from your home. It also knows what websites you connect to, the time youve spent on each, what youre downloading, and so much more. This allows them to build a profile of you, and your privacy isnt considered at all. A VPN changes everything. You can connect to a remote server and your location, identity and what sites you visit cannot be tracked. That seems like a great way to take control of your privacy, but it also helps with keeping you secure. Ill circle back to this in a moment. There are tons of VPN services out there and many are free. VPN providers have both private and enterprise solutions to make sure youre staying safe online. If youre traveling abroad, you can also connect to a VPN on a server in your home country. This allows you to use the internet as if you were home. In short, a VPN is a way to increase your privacy and security by connecting to the internet on a server of your choosing.

    How To Change VPN On Android Without App

    Change Location on iPhone/Android with ExpressVPN!

    To access your settings again, simply select dyline, all you have to do is:Go to the Settings application. The next screen will let you select More. Select VPN from the list. Then click on the + button to get to that page. Ensure your VPN provider has provided the necessary information .

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    Best VPNs To Change Your Location And Ip Address Updated In 2022

    ExpressVPN Offer February 2022:get an ExpressVPN subscription for up to 49% off

    ExpressVPN supports a large range of operating systems, so youll be able to change your location on all your devices. During my tests, I installed it on my Windows laptop, MacBook, iPhone, and PS4, and it didnt take more than 10 minutes to get started on each of them. It normally allows you to connect 5 devices at the same time, but if you set it up on your router, youll be able to use it on all the gadgets connected to it, including smart TVs that dont normally support VPNs.

    Its MediaStreamer feature makes it easy to watch geo-blocked content on your smart TV or gaming console. It works by routing your data traffic through a DNS server so that you can even use a VPN even on devices that dont support it. The setup was quick, so I was ready to stream in no time. Even though its not as secure as the VPN connection, it will allow you to easily set ExpressVPN up on any WiFi-enabled device.

    ExpressVPN has a massive server network that lets you change your IP and location to anywhere in the world it offers more than 160 locations. I tried connecting to the US, UK, Canada, and Japan servers, and I had a good experience with all of them. No server took more than 10 seconds to connect not even faraway locations in Australia.

    A slight issue with ExpressVPN is the premium price tag, which stands at $6.67/month. However, you can get it with a 49% discount when you sign up for a long-term plan.

    Should I Use A VPN For Tiktok

    We would strongly recommend using a VPN for TikTok. A VPN can unblock the content and lead you to joy. In addition, VPN is great for security measures. According to TikToks Privacy Policy, it collects users sensitive data and is ready to pass that information to outside parties. Hence, the users data without a VPN is vulnerable.

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    To Avoid Price Discrimination

    Lets say you are planning a trip and are researching tickets or accommodation online. When you click on a search result to go to a website and check out the prices, the website will know your IP and be aware you are interested in their services.

    Next time, if you use the same keywords to do the search, some websites may show you higher prices to try to persuade you that time is running out and whatever you were looking for is only going to get more expensive. Certain services also offer different prices for different countries. Faking your location can avoid price hikes and help you get a better deal on your next online purchase.

    Why Would I Want To Change Location Of My Ip Address

    How to change your location using a VPN

    The most popular reason to change location is to access region-locked content. For instance, some of the best Netflix US shows arent available to the streaming services subscribers in the rest of the world, while BBC iPlayer is similarly blocked for anybody outside the UK.

    And then there may be certain sporting events you want to see that simply aren’t being broadcast where you live. If streaming is your main concern for using a VPN make sure you check our dedicated guides to the best Netflix VPN and streaming VPNs.

    Masking your true IP address is also a great way to stay more anonymous and, by definition, secure when you’re online. In basic terms, they prevent the online activities you partake in from being known to the prying eyes of your internet service provider and even your government. Of course, the end-to-end encrypted tunnels they use don’t hurt, either! You can read more about this in our more detailed explanation of how does a VPN work.

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    Fake Gps: Top 5 VPNs For Spoofing Your Location

    Although the best VPN can get you access to overseas content, there are very few true fake GPS VPN services on the market. That means that while websites will show you different content because your traffic is coming from a different server, mobile apps with location tracking enabled will still be able to tell exactly where you are.

    Unfortunately, location spoofing is almost impossible to do on iOS, and while there are some programs you can use to fake GPS locations while your iPhone is plugged in to your PC, theres not a good option for location spoofing on the go without jailbreaking your device.

    On Android youve got a few more options. One is to combine any VPN with a fake GPS app, and these are easily found in the Play Store. However, theres one service that combines a premium VPN service with an in-built fake GPS location spoofer, and it just so happens that its the cheapest VPN thats worth signing up to: Surfshark.

    Why Doesnt My VPN Change My Location

    There are several reasons why your VPN may not change your location. Before troubleshooting, remember that not all VPNs are equal. Some will mask your location easier than others. However, I didnt have any problems with the ones on this list. Here are a few things you can do:

    • Check if your IP address was changed. Some VPNs wont fully hide your location and assign you a new IP address, so youll need to double-check it before you go online.
    • Change the server. If the website youre trying to visit blocked a certain IP address, you wont be able to access it. In this case, youll simply need to select another server in the same location.
    • Clear your cookies and cache. If you try to access a website you previously visited without a VPN, it may recognize your device and block you. Try using a different browser or clearing your cookies and cache, and access it again.

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    Cant Change Location On Your Iphone With A VPN

    If youve downloaded a VPN from the Apple App Store and you still cant change your GPS location, it might be that your VPN isnt working, or that youve connected to a server in the wrong region.

    If youve ruled these things out, you might be experiencing one of the following issues:

    • You have an older iPhone, iPad, or iPod thats no longer compatible with your VPN
    • Your true IP address could be leaking
    • Cookies on your iPhone could be showing your true location
    • Your VPN cant bypass the region restrictions for the site or service you want to access
    • The GPS location on your iPhone doesnt match the IP address on your VPN

    To solve these problems, try the following options:

    • Make sure you have IP leak protection settings enabled on your VPN
    • Use a different browser
    • Clear your cache and cookies
    • Connect to a different server
    • Contact your VPNs customer service team

    If all this fails, it might be time to upgrade your VPN. For recommendations, check our list of the best VPNs for iPhones earlier in this guide.

    Five Enjoy The Google Play Store Region Of Your Choice

    How to Set Up VPN on OPPO A15s – Change VPN Location

    All that remains to be done now is to simply reopen the Google Play Store. You will notice if the region has changed just by looking at which currency is being used. If you are wanting to access the US Google Play Store and you see US dollars you can rejoice and download whatever app takes your fancy.

    Repeat steps three through five for each time you want to change Google Play Store region.

    That is all it takes to change Google Play Store region, it takes all of five minutes to gain access to a whole world of apps .

    If you enjoyed this How-To guide, please feel free to share it with those you feel can benefit from being able to change Google Play Store region. If you have anything to add, please let us know in the comments section.

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