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How To Change VPN Location On Iphone

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How To Change Ip Address On Iphone With The VPN App

Change Location on iPhone/Android with ExpressVPN!

A virtual private network transforms a public internet connection into a private network, providing online privacy and anonymity. VPNs conceal your IP address, making your online activities practically untraceable. Anyone who acquires your IP address has access to what youve been searching for on the internet as well as your location at the time you searched.

A VPN service helps you retain your online privacy and search the web anonymously since it utilizes an IP address that is not your own. Youre also safe from having your search history collected, accessed, or sold.

With the VPN app, you can easily mask your IP address with other IP addresses every time you make a connection. Additionally, continue with the blog and learn how to change an IP address on your iPhone with the VPN app.

For the steps on changing the IP address on your iPhone, follow the steps below:

Want to know the best way on how to change IP address on iPhone? Install the VPN app for free from the App Store for changing the IP address on your iPhone.;

How To Trick Iphone Location Via A Cydia App

If you don’t mind jailbreaking your iPhone, you can use a Cydia app like Relocate or Location Faker, or Anywhere! to fake the GPS location. Here, we will use the Anywhere! app as an example. It works on iPhone with iOS 6 to iOS 14.

Tip: Don’t forget to;back up your iPhone;before jailbreaking it.

Step 1: First, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. You can follow the guides on iDownloadblog to do it.

Step 2: Download Anywhere!, a location spoofer app from Cydia on your iPhone.

Step 3: Run the app on your iPhone.

Step 4: Find the location that you want to fake and tap on it.

Step 5: Follow the on-screen prompts to select the apps on which you want to use the fake location.

Option : Edit A Plist File

Another option to change your GPS location that requires a computer program and some coding knowledge is to use your iPhone backup to edit a PLIST file. For this, youll need a Windows computer and the 3uTools program.

Keep in mind that changing your iPhones backup in any way and amending it to your current iPhone settings may change or even destroy some of your files. Proceed at your own risk:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable.
  • On your computer, click iDevice.
  • Select Restore, then Restore Data.
  • Choose the data you just revised and click Restore Now.
  • Once youre done, launch the Maps app on your iPhone.
  • Input any location you want to jump to.
  • Scroll down and tap Simulate Location.6
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    Other Methods To Spoof Iphone Location

    You can also install certain tools on your Mac or PC and use them spoof the location on your iPhone. However, these work only on older iPhones running iOS 12 or earlier. If you do use an old iPhone that supports iOS 12, and you want to spoof your location, you can iTools from ThinkSky. This tool offers a Virtual Location option when your iPhone is connected. You can then enter any location and spoof your GPS data on your iDevice. However, the free version is only available for 24 hours.

    With A VPN On Your Iphone You Can Browse The Web In Private Access Blocked Videos And Websites And More Here’s How To Get Started

    How to Spoof Location on iPhone to Fake GPS? (No JailBreak)

    ByKaren Haslam, Editor| 30 Jul 21

    Even if you know next to nothing about VPNs, using one on your iPhone and iPad is utterly simple.

    Although you may have spotted the VPN menu in the Settings app, there’s no need to venture in and configure settings: modern VPN apps do it all for you.

    Obviously, we don’t need to tell you how to install an app on your iPhone or iPad, but there are a few details we’ll share that will make your first experience of a VPN completely fuss-free.

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    How To Set Up A VPN On An Iphone

    Virtual private networks also known as VPNs provide a secure and easy way of connecting to another network in order to surf the web. Instead of connecting via your own home network and IP address, they let you connect via a different network and address. Doing this can help you avoid geographic restrictions on media content, avoid institutional content restrictions, and use it to connect to your offices VPN for access to company networks, databases, and resources.

    We explain how to set up a VPN on an iPhone, and we look forward to the built-in VPN thats coming this fall with the new iOS 15. We run through the steps needed to download and use a commercial VPN on your iPhone and also explain how to configure your iPhones VPN settings to connect with a work-based or private VPN.

    How To Change Your Ip Address With A VPN

    When you use a virtual private network to hide your physical location, you also change your IP in the process. Here are the steps you need to take to change your IP:

    • Get a VPN subscription. You can find NordVPN subscription plans here.
    • Launch the application and enter your credentials to log in.
    • Thats it, you have changed your IP address and location!

    If you want to change your VPN server to, say, USA, just tap the country pin, and NordVPNs smart algorithm will find the fastest server available.

    There are other ways to use NordVPN as a location changer as well. You can install it onto your router or download our proxy extension for Chrome or Firefox. In fact, it supports almost any device, and you can even install NordVPN on your router. Also, check out NordVPN reviews where people share their experiences about our VPN as an IP changer tool.

    Try changing your location it’s easy with NordVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

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    How To Change The Tinder Location On Your Phone

    Tinder uses your GPS to pinpoint your exact location. If you want to see users in other countries, you will need to override your GPS location. Weve compiled a simple guide for how to do this on your Android and iPhone below:

  • Download a reliable VPN. We recommend NordVPN.
  • Launch the VPN on your phone.
  • Head over to Settings > Advanced and enable Override GPS location.
  • From here, Enable developer options, and Enable mock locations.
  • Go to Locations and pick a location.
  • Sign in to your Tinder account – this should automatically connect to your new VPN location.
  • Swipe away in your new location!;
  • How To Change Location On Phone Laptop And More

    How to change your VPN/IP address on IOS Devices

    Believe it or not, this is actually the easy bit. Simply scroll below and follow the easy steps to change location with a VPN:

  • Find and download a reliable VPN ; or simply head straight to ExpressVPN.
  • Open the download package and install it on your computer.
  • Once everything is ready, open the VPN application.
  • Log-in with your details, follow any welcome prompts, and you should soon be offered a list of VPNs to connect to.
  • Pick the country you want your computer to change location and click the appropriate button the screenshot above shows how this looks on ExpressVPN.
  • Thats it it may take a few seconds, but your chosen VPNs servers will do the grunt work for you and give you a new IP address.
  • The steps above are based on a macOS computer, but you’ll be able to follow a similar process on other desktop operating systems and will also find VPN apps available for Android and iOS mobile devices. The very best software will make this nice and easy for you, that’s why we like providers such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN so much.

    You can make things even easier for yourself by installing a VPN extension in your browser.;As its the internets most popular browser, weve tried and tested all the best Chrome VPN extensions.

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    Change Tinder Location On Your Iphone

    Follow these steps to change the location of your Tinder on your iPhone device.

  • Go to the App Store and download a GPS spoofing app like iTeleporter
  • Open the app settings and select Fake GPS
  • Pick your fake GPS location
  • Clear your Tinder Cache and Data
  • Open your Tinder app and alter the distance preferences
  • Get swiping!;
  • Please note: using free software opens up your device and data to risks. We recommend using a reliable VPN in conjunction with a free GPS spoofing app to keep you safe online.;

    Finally, you can change your Tinder location for free with a freemium VPN. This is the free version provided by a paid-for VPN. Free plans usually come with data caps and lack essential features. Atlas VPN and ProtonVPN are among the better freemium options on the market, as both services work on most major streaming services.;

    How To Use A VPN On Your Iphone To Pretend To Be In Another Country

    If you want to watch videos or browse websites that are usually blocked to you, it’s simply a case of connecting to a server in the country where that service, site or specific video is available.

    Bear in mind that not all VPN providers unblock all video services, so do check if there’s a specific service you want to unblock. Almost all unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and other popular ones, but it’s still worth checking before you sign up.

    Also know that you still need an account and, usually, an active subscription to the service you’re trying to watch. A VPN doesn’t make Netflix or Disney+ free: you need to be a subscriber.;

    Using a VPN to watch blocked videos may be breaking some of these services’ terms and conditions. However, we’re yet to hear of any paying customers that have had their video streaming accounts suspended or even stopped.

    Here’s an example of how someone in the UK can unblock Netflix US.

  • In your VPN app, find the list of countries .
  • With NordVPN you can simply swipe across the map until you can see the USA, and tap on one of the pins.
  • Youll see a dialog box with the name of the country selected, an on/off switch icon, and the option to Pick a Server. Just tap the on/off button to connect to that server.
  • Wait while it connects, which should only take a few seconds.
  • You’ll see a VPN icon at the top-right of your iPhone screen when the connection is active.
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    How To Spoof Your Iphone Or Ipad Gps Location

    Spoofing the GPSlocation on your iPhone will tell location-based apps that youre in a different place. There could be several reasons why one may want to do this. It could be to access blocked websites, tell dating apps that youre in a different location, to play location-based games such as Pokemon GO, and so on.

    However, iOS doesnt have a spoof GPS location feature, and youll have to use third-party tools, VPNs, or jailbreak tweaks.

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    How To Change Your Location On The Iphone

    How to change Netflix region on iPhone 12

    Lee StantonRead more August 31, 2021

    Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way.

    Browsing the web doesnt always mean easy access to information. Sometimes, a server may prevent you from accessing a website if its outside of your region. Plus, you may want to enter sensitive information and ensure it wont be exposed.

    To ensure these tasks run smoothly, you can tweak the location on your iPhone. Doing so is a relatively straightforward process, and it makes your online browsing experience safer. If youve been wondering how its done, youve come to the right spot. This article will explain how to change your location and GPS for iPhone users.

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    What Is An Ip Address

    To help you better understand what an IP address is, we’ll first explain how the communication between computers works.

    Lets say you want to write a letter to your friend to invite them to your birthday party. In order to start a conversation, you need to have a piece of paper with a pen to write the text, and the address of the recipient to successfully deliver your message.

    The postman gets your letter and delivers it to your friend. Your friend can see the address from which you were writing and can write you back. Communication online is pretty much the same, roughly speaking.

    An IP address – or Internet Protocol address – is the address of your device thats visible to other devices so that communication is possible. In most cases, when your device connects to the internet, it automatically gets the IP address so that you can browse websites, look up information in Google, and most importantly, send funny memes.

    How To Change Your Location In Firefox

    Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way.

    Device Links

    Firefox and other HTML5 compliant browsers include geo-location services that permit websites to discover your precise location. Your location is then used to facilitate features like mapping and ads for nearby services.

    But you may not want to share that information and changing your location on Firefox might be the answer. Although its not a straightforward process it, thankfully, isnt impossible. Firefox has different ways to disclose your location, therefore, it is a good idea to use a combination of methods to bypass detection.

    In this article, well take you through those methods and how to implement them on your computer and mobile device.

    30-day money back guarantee

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    Disconnect Your Modem Temporarily

    If your ISP uses dynamic IP addresses , unplugging your modem for a few hours will assign your IP to another user on their network. When you plug the modem back in, theres a chance you will gain a new IP address.

    We say a chance because theres no guarantee of success. If you really need to change your IP address without a VPN and the methods above arent effective, you might as well ask your ISP to do it themselves.

    Grant Permission To The VPN App To Make Configurations

    How To Use VPN On iPhone! (2020)

    The iPhone filters and monitors all network activities while using a VPN. When you add a server location from the VPN app for the first time, a permission dialog box is prompted. So, tap on Allow;to provide the VPN app access to make changes to your VPN configuration on your iPhone.

    Then enter your iPhone Passcode to verify your permission. Once you have confirmed, your iPhone will automatically connect to your selected server location. You will now have a completely different IP address.

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    How To Change Your Location On The Iphone Without Jailbreaking

    There are plenty of ways to change your iPhone location without jailbreaking or altering the manufacturers software on the device. The safest way of doing so is installing a VPN service provider such as ExpressVPN. If you want to hide your internet activity or access geo-restricted websites, theres no better way to tweak your location than with this software.

    Follow the steps below to change your iPhone location using VPN:

  • Download the ExpressVPN app from the App Store.
  • Run the app and create a new account by tapping the New User? button. If you already have an account, sign in.
  • Tap on Agree and Continue, then Continue, and allow the app to configure your phone.
  • Select Smart Location to connect to the fastest VPN around according to your location.
  • Tap on All to see a full list of locations by continent.
  • Select the location you want by tapping on it, and youll be connected to it automatically.
  • As you can see, changing your iPhone location doesnt mean you have to jailbreak your phone. If you want to spoof your GPS location, youll have to download third-party apps such as iTools and set your ExpressVPN address to match the one on iTools.

    Select The Location From The List Of Global Servers

    The VPN app has an extensive collection of servers from across multiple countries. Now select your desired server region to hide your actual IP address with a different one. To change your iPhone IP address:

    • Launch the VPN app on your iPhone
    • On the main page, tap on See All.
    • A new page with a list of all the available servers appears; choose the one you want.

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    What Is A VPN On Iphone

    VPN, a virtual private network, lets you access the internet via a secure encrypted connection. This adds an extra layer of protection to your browsing, so nobody can snoop on your online activity.

    There are two main cases when you may want to use VPN on your iPhone:

  • Protect your data online. VPN is a must while using public Wi-Fi. Such networks are typically unencrypted, so bad guys can easily get access to your passwords or credit card numbers. VPN encrypts your data and makes it unreadable to hackers, so you can safely check your bank account from a local coffee shop. VPN is also useful at home if you dont want your ISP to snoop on your activity.
  • Access your favorite music, movies, websites, and services from anywhere. VPN makes your device think youre in another location, so you can enjoy Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and any other services that may be restricted for you.
  • Change Your Location To A Country Of Your Choice

    Astrill Setup Manual:Change Gateway and DNS on iOS ...

    When you launch the ExpressVPN app, you will be connected to a Smart Location, which is based on the VPN service providers best estimate of what gives the highest speed while masking your location.

    While a part of what you want is to hide your true location from Tinder, you probably have a specific country in mind.

    For that, you will need to change location through the VPN apps server list. ExpressVPN has over 94 countries, and this varies from VPN to VPN. That is why it is advisable to read up on your VPNs list of countries to make sure the VPN actually provides the one you aim to set for your Tinder profile.

    Suppose you want to set the location to one of the popular western countries like France or Canada. In that case, you will be able to get the option on most premium VPN apps, but if the country you want to set is obscure or even as small as Sweden, you start facing issues finding VPN providers that have the right proxies. That is because most VPN providers are used to hide ones location without a specific preference for countries.

    You can see the list of countries that ExpressVPN will allow you to assume a location in by

    Once you have selected the country you want to change your location to, you will need to scroll down to the countrys name and flag and click the flag to get connected to a proxy server that gives you a foreign IP address. Once you have done this, you are ready to appear in a different location on Tinder.

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