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How To Change VPN On Google Chrome

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Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker

Change your IP address on Google Chrome – Change IP address with Chrome VPN

Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker is one of the few free VPNs worth using. It is only suitable for short bursts of activity as it can quickly slow down with other users but is very good for a free product. It uses a setup similar to Tor where every Hola user donates a portion of their bandwidth to other users to keep the system running. It works too.

Does Chrome Have A VPN

While Chrome is very well-featured, it doesn’t offer a built-in VPN. However, that’s not a problem as there are a huge number of browser VPNs to pick from not least the top five above.

Thankfully, Chrome is also the perfect environment for a browser VPN to work in it’s stable, simple, easy to use and incredibly customisable, so there are some great Chrome VPNs that will work just as reliably as their standalone counterparts.

Access The Internet Without Borders

With 3,200+ VPN servers in 80+ countries â including 35+ cities around the world â itâs never been easier to access content from across the globe. Whether youâre traveling abroad and want to watch your favorite streaming service as if you were back home, or whether you need to access websites and services that are restricted in your area, Hotspot Shieldâs sophisticated encryption means you can access the content you want, when you want it.

âBy far the fastest VPNâ

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Unlock International Libraries Of Streaming Services

By enabling your VPN, you can unlock international libraries of streaming services like Hulu, or Netflix. Streaming services have different libraries according to the geological areas. They offer limited content to some regions. If you want access maximum number of Netflix Movies or TV Shows, you just have to know how you can use your VPN on Netflix and go for a location that has a maximum number of Netflix titles.

Tunnelbear Best For Infrequent Usage

How To Change Google Chrome IP Address

TunnelBear is a real VPN with a ;Chrome extension. Unlike most premium VPN services, TunnelBear has a free account with a data limit instead of a time limit. If you want a real VPNs power and control, but only occasionally, TunnelBear will work for you.

  • Free Server Locations: Access to all paid servers
  • Paid Server Locations: Servers in 20 countries
  • Encryption standards: 256 bit symmetric encryption
  • Privacy: Logs connections but not traffic or IP addresses.
  • Connection Speed: Fast, connections as 50MB/s even on free plans
  • Pricing: Free accounts are free forever, paid accounts start at $9.99 per month or $4.99 per month billed annually

How it works

Install the extension, click on it and youll be asked to create an account. All you need is your email address, and when you confirm your free account youll get access to the 500MB a month that comes with a free account.

Be warned, doesnt play that well with some other Chrome extensions when we tested it, Ghostery and OneTab crashed.

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Is There A Free Chrome VPN Extension

A free Chrome extension is a tempting prospect browsing anonymity and data security for nothing sounds great. However, in practice these free services aren’t as great as they seem.

The first thing to consider is where the free service is making its money. It’s likely that you’ll be seeing ads, or, more sinisterly, it could be skimming your data and selling it for profit. If that’s happening, you’re better off using no VPN at all.

There are some good free Chrome VPNs out there like Windscribe at number 2 on this list but on the whole you’ll never be able to get a truly good all-round VPN experience unless you pay.

However, that doesn’t have to break the bank. Surfshark, for example, offers a totally secure and fully-featured VPN service forless than $2.50 a month. While its Chrome VPN isn’t powerful enough to feature on this list, it works well as a lightweight proxy extension and at a price you’d barely notice, we think it’s worth the investment.

Can You Get A VPN Browser Extension For Free

Yes, you can get some VPN browser extensions for free but, as weve said before, some of them are dangerous to use.

Here are some free browser extensions for Chrome that are safe to use:

Most free VPN browser extensions come with limitations, though, including data and speed restrictions, and a small server network.

If you want the best VPN browsing experience youll have to pay for it.

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How To Install VPN For Chrome Three Easy Steps

Follow the instructions below to achieve rapid and safe Internet connection. Feel free to contact our support if you have any questions.

Choose a convenient subscription plan here and sign up. We offer a variety of plans tailored to match your needs.

Browse the web safely and freely using our 50+ server locations available and more than 2500 servers.

How To Change Your Location With The Nordvpn Browser Extension

How to Install a VPN in Google Chrome! FREE VPN 2019! Unlimited FREE VPN!

The easiest way to spoof your location is to use NordVPNs proxy browser extension for Chrome.The small NordVPN icon will appear in the top right corner of your browser. You should:

  • Login with your NordVPN account.
  • Choose Quick Connect. You can also connect to a specific country.
  • However, be aware that this extension does not protect you the same way that a VPN does. A VPN encrypts all of your internet traffic, while the extension only secures your browser traffic . Also, it does not allow you to choose a specific server.

    This extension is very lightweight, quick and easy-to-use.

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    Fake Your Location With A VPN

    By far, the best way to fake your location is to use a VPN. Not only is it a permanent solution, but it also has the added benefit of encrypting all web traffic and preventing government and ISP surveillance. There are many good VPN services, but our favorite continues to be ExpressVPN, one of the best and most premium VPNs on the market today. Not only will ExpressVPN allow you to change and fake your location within Chrome, but with a solid support team, applications and device support for nearly every platform under the sun, and the best Netflix region-breaking weve seen from any VPN to date, its the obvious choice for anyone looking to invest in a great VPN.

    VPNs wont allow you to specify your exact location the way GPS spoofing apps will allow for, but they can make it easy to change your general city or country location by assigning you a new IP address. For those trying to fool their friends into thinking theyre right next to them, this may not be the best tool, but for those who are trying to sidestep regional blocks for content and other tricks requiring new locations within your browser, using a VPN is perfect.

    Know of any other ways to fake your location in Google Chrome? Tell us about them below if you do!

    Fake Your Location With A Chrome Extension

    You can manually change your location all day long, but wouldnt it be easier just to have a browser extension to do it for you? Enter Location Guard, a free Chrome extension that lets you add noise to your location within Chrome to protect your privacy. Location Guard enables you to get the benefit of good enough geolocation by adding a certain amount of noise to your genuine location. This offset means that your real location cannot be detected, only your general region.

    Location Guard lets you set any of three privacy levels, with higher levels increasing the slop in your location. You can configure the settings on a per-website basis so that your dating app can get very accurate information while your newsreader gets the least precise information. You can also set a fixed fictional location.

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    Why Choose Zenmate VPN

    79+ Locations

    ZenMate Ultimate has about 3900 servers from over 79 different countries for you to choose from. Select the countries you want to access streaming services and stay 100% anonymous online.

    No-Logs Policy

    ZenMate VPN never records any of our users’ online activity. Make sure you’re truly anonymous when you’re surfing the web with our free browser extension.

    Stay Protected on Multiple Devices

    1 ZenMate Ultimate subscription covers an unlimited number of devices. This way you can keep all your gadgets safe when surfing the web.

    Military-Grade Encryption

    ZenMate uses AES-256 encryption, the military standard. This way your data and connection are impossible to hack.

    Dedicated Customer Support

    Our 5-star customer support team is available 24/7 to answer all your VPN-related questions. Whether you need help finding the best server or how to download the app on another device, they are here to help!

    Trusted by Over 47 Million Users

    Over 47 million people choose ZenMate VPN to keep all their sensitive information private.

    Cyberghost Best For Regular Unblocking

    VPN ÑаÑ?ÑиÑение длÑ? Google Chrome
    • Free Server Locations: Germany, Netherlands, Romania, and United States
    • Paid Server Locations: 4,800 servers across 58 countries
    • Encryption standards: 256-bit AES
    • Privacy: Logs connection attempts but anonymizes them. Doesnt log traffic or IP addresses
    • Connection Speed: Wont significantly slow down most users connection speed.
    • Pricing: Chrome extension is free. Subscriptions start at $12.99 a month or $5.99 a month billed annually.

    How it works

    Install from the Chrome store and fire it up from the extension bar. Choose your server location by clicking on the one thats currently active.

    Under the hood, CyberGhosts Chrome extension is built on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning its one of the most private options out there.

    They do warn you upfront that this browser plugin is not secure when accessing Flash content and does not protect you from webRTC leaks. Its also not good at unblocking streaming sites.

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    How To Unsync Google Chrome

    Google is a data peddler. When you use their flagship Chrome browser, your internet activity, purchases, and search history can all be stored and monetized. For most people, its a trade-off; give up your privacy, and enjoy the convenience that Google offers. One such convenience is the sync feature on Google Chrome.

    Malcolm Higgins

    Synchronization means that your passwords, bookmarks, and browser history will be up-to-date, whatever device you use. It makes web browsing a little easier, and makes your personal data a lot less secure. Leaving Google sync on as a default isn’t the best or the safest option.


  • iOS
  • Windscribe Free VPN And Ad Blocker

    Windscribe Free VPN and Ad Blocker is another quality free VPN extension for Chrome. It is also from a premium VPN provider and will show ads but offers decent performance, lots of options and will help suppress ads too. Some ads still get through but it does a decent job of cleaning up your browsing experience.

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    Hotspot Shield Easiest And Most Reliable Unblocking

    HotSpot Shield is a freemium tool built around its Chrome extension, with no data or time cap.

    • Free Server Locations: Germany, Russia, Canada, and Netherlands
    • Paid Server Locations: India, Singapore, UK, France, and the US are available
    • Encryption standards: 256 bit AES encryption
    • Privacy: Collects aggregate activity logs but not traffic or IP addresses
    • Connection Speed: Usually fast enough but it will slow noticeably for more distant servers
    • Pricing: Has permanent free accounts, paid subscriptions start at $12.99 per month or $9.99 per month billed annually

    How it works

    Install the extension and youre guided through a five-screen onboarding flow in the extension itself before you connect. You can choose your server by clicking on the one youre connected to.

    Youll also see options for a cookie blocker, malware blocker, RTC protection, and a tool called Sword that creates spoof traffic while you browse to confuse trackers trying to identify you.

    Add A VPN Browser Extension To Chrome

    Unlimited Free VPN For Google Chrome on One Click â

    In addition to native apps, many VPN providers these days also make browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. They are typically found on the Chrome Web Store, but be wary of sketchy free offersmore on that later.

  • Find the browser extension you want on the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome
  • Wait a few moments for it to automatically download and install
  • An icon should appear at the top right side of Chrome. Click it.
  • Select a VPN server or location and hit the Connect button
  • Once the connection has been established, your browser is now protected and able to unblock region-locked content.
  • Note that these extensions only work with the desktop browser version of Chrome and not on Android. For that, youll need a VPN app as per the first option above.

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    Do You Have Chrome VPN Issues

    Chrome failing to connect when paired with a VPN is common. Nevertheless,before you start fixing the problem, it is important to rule out any connectionproblems.

    • Check the network icon and ensure your computer has the internet connection. On Windows 10, you can look at the system tray on bottom right edge of the screen. And on MacBook, check it on the top Apple menu bar that shows WiFi icon.
    • The warning symbol on the network icon indicates you have limited or no internet access message. Check out our article on how to fix this limited internet connection issue.
    • If you have no internet connection, properly connect the PC either using Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. If the problem persists, you can restart your modem or computer and check whether the problem is solved.

    If you can access webpages without VPN then it could be a problem on Chrome browser. You can try the following options to fix VPN connection issues in Google Chrome.

    How To Change Your Location With Chrome Settings And VPN

    As mentioned above, NordVPN can be used to mask or change your location. Browser-based spoofing hides your location just on the browser level, but some tools might still discover your real whereabouts. If you want to protect all of your internet traffic and spoof your location, use NordVPN together with Chromes location-changing tools.

    NordVPN hides your location by changing your IP address. With servers in60 countries around the world, you can change your location to almost anywhere.

    Try NordVPN now and use it on up to 6 devices with a single account.

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    What Is Meant By Geo

    Geo-Spoofing is the process of changing your original location to a fake location. If your original location is India, by geo-spoofing you can fake your IP Address and appear to be sitting in the US. Geo-Spoofing can be done by various techniques, number one being a VPN. You can also geo-spoof your location with other tools but VPN is the most effective. Geo-Spoofing is mostly done to access the geo-restricted content on the web or to protect privacy.

    The Best Chrome VPN Extensions In 2021

    . How to Manually Change Your Location in Google Chrome in ...
    Reasons to avoid

    ExpressVPN is the most powerful VPN available, period, so it makes sense that you get an absolutely stellar Chrome VPN extension too. And yes, it’s a full extension, not just a proxy like some others offer.

    What’s you get is essentially the desktop app readily available in your browser. While that means you’ll have to have the client installed, if you do, you’ll have a lot of power at your fingertips.;

    Unlike many Chrome VPN extensions, activating ExpressVPN in-browser will give you full protection not just your browser traffic, but your whole device. It’s also really convenient that you don’t have to launch the desktop app to use the browser extension it’s right there in Chrome, ready to go.

    You’ll get WebRTC blocking, location spoofing and HTTPS Everywhere to help keep you and your browsing private, alongside swift connection speeds, other apps for all your devices, and a cracking support system to help if anything goes wrong. Plus, the Chrome VPN blocks HTML5 geolocation from revealing your location something the desktop app doesn’t do automatically.

    Find your way onto a streaming service site through Chrome while abroad and Express will have you covered, as it unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and more ;impressive when you consider these streaming services are constantly trying to actively block VPNs.;

    Reasons to avoid

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    Getting Help With Your Browser Extension & Troubleshooting

    If something isnt working as expected with your VPN browser extension for Chrome, your first port of call should be your VPN service provider as the customer support team is best equipped to troubleshoot any issues.

    You should also double check that your credentials are correct depending on the VPN service, you may need to log into the app using a username rather than your email address.

    If you see a grey X on the ExpressVPN Chrome extension icon its a sign that the extension cant find the desktop application.

    ExpressVPN works in tandem with the desktop application, so make sure that the app is installed first in order to connect.

    Most other VPN services have browser extensions that work independently of the desktop app, so you dont need to run the two pieces of software together although we recommend that you do for ultimate privacy protection.

    If your VPN browser extension still isnt working, you may not have set it up properly, or it could be installed in the wrong place on your computer. To fix this, click the icon in Chrome and reinstall it.

    Are VPN Browser Extensions Safe

    Not all VPN browser extensions are safe.

    Hola is one example of a dangerous browser extension that masks itself as a VPN service.

    Not only does it log all of your online activities but it also works by including your true IP address in its network. This means that someone else can use your IP address to do whatever they want on the web.

    While not all browser extensions are this extreme, you should keep in mind that browser extensions are proxies .

    This leaves all internet traffic outside of the web browser exposed to third parties.

    Some proxy extensions dont even encrypt browser traffic. They simply spoof your IP address, making you appear to be connecting from a different location.

    For those reasons, we dont recommend using browser extensions by themselves as they dont offer the same levels of privacy as proper VPN apps.

    If your VPN has a browser extension it may be possible to use it alongside the main VPN app.

    Just be sure to check with your VPN service provider beforehand, as some browser extensions cant be used when the main VPN app is connected.

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