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How To Change VPN On Mac Free

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Best VPN App For Mac Clearvpn

[FREE] How To Setup a VPN On Your Mac [EASY]

If youre looking for a one-click VPN solution, we couldnt resist recommending you one app. Its a combination of VPN reliability and stunning personalization. Meet ClearVPN, a dedicated VPN app for Mac and iPhone available with Setapp membership.

ClearVPN is a secure VPN tool that protects your browsing and gives you access to anything on the web via handy shortcuts. Want to watch Netflix movies restricted in your region? ClearVPN will take you to the place where they are available. Faster gaming? Check. Want to go a traditional way and change your location? Not a problem.

ClearVPN covers all your online needs and its a tool you can absolutely trust. While the premium subscription is a bit on the pricey side, you can get it via Setapp alongside 220+ other apps for 7 days free, then $9.99/month.

How To Configure VPN On Mac

People use VPNs for different purposes. Some use VPNs to stream sports abroad, others use them to stop ISP throttling. Versatility is part of what makes VPNs so useful. Configuring your VPN based on your needs is important to get the most out of it.

Heres how to configure your VPN on Mac:

With a VPN service

When first launching a VPN service, review the preferences and settings. Sometimes crucial features like data encryption are not automatically enabled. A premium VPN service offers many powerful features to protect you be sure theyre enabled.

After reviewing the settings, connect to your chosen VPN server.

With a manual VPN setup

With a manually installed VPN, you can import pre-configured settings in the built-in VPN client on macOS. Heres how:

  • On your Mac, click the Apple menu and select System services. Then click Network.

  • Click the Action pop-up menu in the lower-left corner and choose Import Configurations. Then select the file and click OK.

  • Note that youll need to re-import your pre-configured VPN settings if you change servers.

    What We Looked For In The Best Free Mac VPNs

    Although there are many free Mac compatible VPN services out there, these are some of the things we looked for when selecting the best ones.

    • Mac App: The most important thing we looked for was that the VPN offered a Mac desktop client showing a clear commitment to macOS and Mac users. Note that although all of these VPNs work on M1 Macs using Rosetta, only paid VPNs offer native Mac desktop apps for M1 chip Macs.
    • Speed: Theres absolutely no point using a free VPN if its too slow to use. All of the VPNs here provide satisfactory speeds with some faster than other. Some are not suitable for streaming services such as Netflix however and we have made this clear in the reviews.
    • Security: Many free VPNs either sell your personal data or log your activity. We looked for VPNs with a strict no logging policy and other factors such as whether they are located in Five Eyes, Nine Eyes or 14 Eyes countries, DNS or WebRTC leaks and strong encryption on connections.
    • Features: Some VPNs offer more tools than others such as split tunneling, kill switches, multi-hop and double-hop for added encryption and protection of your IP address.
    • Support: Most free VPNs dont offer the same level of support compared to the paid or premium versions. However, we looked for free VPNs which at least offer

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    No Kill Switch On Ios

    The only real drawback for Apple users is that ExpressVPNs iOS app doesnt have an internet kill switch.

    The lack of a kill switch on the iOS app means your true IP address is at risk of exposure if your iPhone VPN connection drops suddenly.

    The absence of a kill switch on iOS is common among VPN apps. Having said that, a handful of VPN services have managed to implement it.

    Protect Your Mac With A Quality VPN

    How to Change Your VPN on PC or Mac (with Pictures)

    Thats why I tested 30+ free Mac VPNs to find trustworthy services that protect your personal information online. However, even the best free VPNs have restrictions like limited servers, data, and access to online apps and websites.

    If youre willing to invest in your Mac, I suggest you try a premium VPN with a money-back guarantee. Youre entitled for a full refund if you find its not right for you. Better still, youll be protected by powerful security and encryption features, and you have unlimited data for torrenting and streaming on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and more.

    But dont take my word for it. You can try ExpressVPN on your Mac to make sure it works for you. ExpressVPN is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee , so you can get a refund if it doesnt meet your needs. I tested the money-back guarantee for myself and had my money back in less than a week.

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    Warning: Risks Of Free VPNs

    Many free VPNs for Mac are unsafe and cant be trusted with your data. All of the free VPNs on our list were tested to ensure their safety.

    These are some of the dangers when downloading a random free VPN:

    • Free VPNs can collect and sell your data. Free VPNs often sell Mac users data to third parties for a profit. Always check the free VPNs logging policies to ensure your online data is protected.
    • Free VPNs can leak your data due to weak security features. They often dont have the budget to keep their security protocols up-to-date, which leads to IP/DNS data leaks on your Mac. In addition, you miss out on important security features such as a kill switch and military-grade encryption.
    • Free VPNs can be infected with harmful viruses and malware. A lot of free VPNs have malware and viruses embedded in their app. Furthermore, because most free VPNs need advertising to make a profit, they often dont have built-in ad blockers. This means they can bombard your Mac with ads and even increase the risk of infecting your device with malware.

    The best way to stay safe on your Mac is to use a low-cost VPN. They offer military-grade security features and come with a strict no-logs policy. Plus, they dont have limitations like data caps, slow speeds, and small server networks. Luckily, the top services offer a money-back guarantee so that you can test them for a limited period of time. You can always ask for a refund if youre not impressed.

    Best For Budget Conscious Privacy Hawks


    • Privacy baked into its account system
    • Strong stance on transparency


    • Requires no email or account information
    • Extremely affordable
    • Some advanced features, like multihop connections


    • Servers in a small range of countries
    • Account number system may confuse some customers

    Apple has touted the security and privacy of its platforms for so long they’re practically part of the sales pitch now. But all of Cupertino’s cleverness can only go so far because your ISP, advertisers, and all kinds of snoops are eager to monitor your online activities. A VPN is a simple tool that helps reclaim some of that privacy, with the added benefit of letting you reroute your web traffic anywhere on earth.

    When you switch on a VPN, it creates an encrypted connection between your Mac and a remote server operated by the VPN company. All your web traffic is sent through this encrypted connection, exits the server, and then rejoins the internet as normal. Simple!

    There’s a strong argument that the widespread adoption of HTTPS already protects your data, and VPNs are overkill. It’s true HTTPS does prevent observers from intercepting your information. VPNs do hide more of your data, however, and protect your DNS requests, denying ISPs even that insight into your activities.

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    When To Use VPN

    You can use VPN for various important tasks. Some of them are:

    1 To Access Region Restricted Streaming Service

    Streaming services provide different content in different regions. With a fake location using a VPN, you can access shows, movies and other content that is not available in your country.

    2 To Watch Sporting Events

    Sports events are not shown worldwide. If you want to watch them, a VPN location changer will help you access the content without spending a lot of money.

    3 To Compare the Prices of Products

    Various online stores offer different prices to visitors from other countries. VPN country changes give you access to check and compare the prices from different countries.

    4 To Hide Identity from Trackers

    If you don’t want any online service to track your address, you can use an IP location changer.

    5 To Practice Freedom of Speech

    If you are conscious of working on something sensitive and want to practice your freedom of speech without breach of your location, a VPN IP address changer can help you out.

    Available Through The Mac App Store

    How to Change IP Address Using VPN in Windows and Mac – 2017

    Unlike NordVPN, the differences between Surfsharks App Store app and its website-downloaded app are simpler.

    The only difference is the App Store client supports OpenVPN, whereas the website version doesnt. For this reason, we strongly recommend downloading Surfshark through the Mac App Store.

    Surfsharks macOS apps are very intuitive and easy to use for beginners. You also have access to 24/7 live support, in case you encounter difficulties.

    Surfsharks Mac app is available on the App Store.

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    How To Download And Setup A VPN On Macos In 3 Easy Steps

  • ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Mac with fast speeds, reliable server network, high-level security, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Check your inbox for the confirmation email. Follow the instructions to set up your password.
  • Install and launch the VPN. Now youre ready to start using a VPN on your Mac!
  • Keep Your Browsing Private

    Hiding your IP address and maximizing privacy has never been easier thanks to virtual private networks. These tools can also protect you from prying eyes by converting the information you upload to the internet into code using advanced encryption technology.

    VPNs have several advantages, including getting around website trackers used by advertisers to monitor your online activities. Another thing to remember is that its relatively easy to set one up no matter your operating system.

    If youre looking for the right VPN solution for you, consider McAfee Secure VPN included in McAfee Total Protection which comes with the latest encryption technology. Whether you install the software on your mobile or desktop device, you can be confident that you and your familys sensitive data is secure.

    Stay Updated

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    Free Mac VPNs To Avoid

    VPN services require constant investment from the VPN company to function properly.

    This money goes towards server infrastructure, support staff, development costs, and a range of other essential components.

    Without paying subscribers, many free VPN services make money in other, more unsafe ways.

    These methods include collecting and selling user data to advertisers, refusing to pay the costs involved to implement safe security practices, and some are simply scams.

    Here are some popular free Mac VPNs that are dangerous to use:

    How Do I Download A VPN For Mac

    How to Change Your VPN on PC or Mac (with Pictures)

    Its easy! Once youve decided on a VPN thats right for you, simply download it from the App Store or from the VPN providers website. You can . Weve made setting up a VPN super easy just a few quick clicks so youre only seconds away from browsing more privately and securely than ever before.

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    Importing A Settings File

    For some network connections for businesses, your administrator may supply a VPN settings file. You can import this file for easy setup. There are two ways to go about this:

  • Double-click the settings file to open the Network preferences. This allows the settings to import automatically.
  • Living in your menu bar, this VPN client allows quick-glance access to your connection, and tells you which VPNs you use may be connected especially handy if you have multiple VPN providers. Shim also shows connection data in real-time so you know how long youve been using your VPN, and the incoming/outgoing traffic.

    What VPNs Can’t Do

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic suit of armor for your computer to protect it from all the world’s attacks. A VPN just safeguards your Mac’s web traffic. That’s it. Which is not to say that VPNs are worthless, but rather that you’ll be better protected if you know how best to use a VPN.

    A VPN is first and foremost for protecting your privacy, not guarding against malicious sites or malware. Some VPNs watch for known malicious sites, but you should still protect your machine with antivirus. The best antivirus provides some protection against novel attacks that simply aren’t known yet and can guard against malware that sneaks onto your computer from sources other than dangerous websites.

    Some attackers don’t even bother with malware, and instead craft ingenious phishing websites designed to trick you into voluntarily handing over personal information. If you enter your login information for the real PayPal.com onto a phishing site made to look like PayPal, some bad guy somewhere has your credentials. Many VPNs provide some phishing protection, but these malicious sites are ephemeral and vanish as quickly as they appear. Antivirus can help block phishing sites, but it helps to take a skeptical eye to the sites you visit.

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    To Find The Current Ip Address Of Your Mac Through The Terminal App:

    If you prefer to use the Ternimal app, follow the steps below to find the current IP address of your Mac:

  • On your keyboard, press the Command key and Space to invoke Spotlight Search , then type terminal and press Enter to open the Terminal app.
  • To show the current IP address on a Ethernet connection, use the command ipconfig getifaddr en0.
  • If you want to show the IP address on a Wi-Fi connection, use the command ipconfig getifaddr en1.
  • How To Change Your VPN On Pc Or Mac

    How to set up a VPN connection on macbook for free

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to change your VPN Settings on PC and Mac. Most VPN services come with an app that configures your operating system automatically. However, both Windows 10 and MacOS Sierra make it easy to connect to a VPN in the Network Settings.

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    Connect To L2tp Over Ipsec Pptp And Cisco Ipsec VPNs

    Use the Network control panel to connect to most types of VPNs. To open it, click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of the menu, select System Preferences, and choose Network or click the Wi-Fi icon on the menu bar and select Network Preferences.


    Like other operating systems, macOS doesnt include built-in support for OpenVPN networks. Scroll down for instructions for connecting to OpenVPN networks.

    Enter the VPN servers address, your username, and other settings. The Authentication Settings button allows you to provide the authentication youll need to connectanything from a password or certificate file to RSA SecurID, Kerberos, or CryptoCard authentication.

    The Advanced button allows you to configure the VPN connection in other ways. For example, the default settings automatically disconnect from the VPN when you log out or switch users. You could uncheck these boxes to prevent the Mac from automatically disconnecting.

    Does Safari Have A Built In VPN

    While Safari includes a lot of great privacy and security features, it does not come with a built-in VPN. Youll need to download one separately. The good news is that once you do, your VPN will protect all the internet traffic coming to and from your device that includes games, email, streaming content, social networks, and more, not just your browsing activity.

    Other tools

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    Check The VPN Is Working Correctly

    To make sure everything is working as it should, visit ipleak.net. Your IPv4 IP address should now appear to belong to the VPN server you have connected to. This means the VPN is performing its most basic task.

    If you can see your real IP address or an IP address belonging to your real ISP anywhere else on the page, however, then you have an IP leak. This means that the websites you visit can potentially see your real IP address. even though you are using a VPN. Which is not good, so contact your VPN provider immediately.

    It is worth noting that Safari does not support the WebRTC browser feature, and so cannot leak your IP address in this way. Chrome and Firefox, on the hand, do support WebRTC and so are vulnerable to this problem.

    How To Get A Free VPN On Macbook Temporarily

    How to Change Your VPN on PC or Mac (with Pictures)

    Yet another reason to choose KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for your MacBook is our trial period. Our VPN app for Mac offers you a premium set of features that you can use for 7 days for absolutely free. VPN Unlimited trial period will grant you access to all the features of our VPN app so you can see how our app works in practice. You should definitely try it!

    Top 5 VPN features to try for free in our VPN for macOS:

    • Streaming servers

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