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How To Change VPN On Netflix

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Can A Free VPN Access Regional Netflix Libraries

How to change your Netflix region with a VPN ð?

In 2021, 95% of VPNs no longer work with Netflix

In our experience the answer to this question is largely a no. Netflix spends a lot of time and money blocking IP addresses that belong to VPNs. This makes it very tough for VPN providers to keep working with Netflix.

Free VPN services simply cannot afford to spend the time, money, and effort it takes to get around Netflix’s blocks and for this reason, there are no free services that we know of that are capable of the job.

The Netflix VPNs that we recommend all work hard to keep providing access to a choice of Netflix catalogs – they do this using a collection of secret methods to stop Netflix catching on. Providing access to Netflix has become tricky, and it costs these VPNs a lot of money to keep providing access.

How Do I Change Netflix Billing Country

If youre moving to a different country and dont mind being billed in the currency of your former country, you dont need to change your billing country.

However, if youd like to be billed in the currency of the country you have moved to, simply cancel your account, wait for the remainder of your month to expire, then restart your account in your new country.

How To Use A VPN To Change Your Netflix Region

The hardest part of using a VPN to change your Netflix location and hide your IP address is choosing the right VPN for you.

Our recommendation is to use ExpressVPN.

They have an easy to use app, work with loads of Netflix regions and offer a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. If you want to shop around, I’ll cover more providers later.

To make life super easy, we have compiled this simple step-by-step guide for you to follow using our top recommendation, ExpressVPN, as an example.

  • Sign up to ExpressVPN by clicking on a link in this article and then follow the simple onscreen instructions.
  • Install the app, open it, and log into ExpressVPN using the account details given to you at the end of step 1.
  • Select a server located in the same country as the Netflix region you want to access, eg the United Kingdom.
  • Press Connect.
  • Open Netflix and proceed to use the service as usual with access to the new library.
  • Use ExpressVPN to select a new region.

    If this doesn’t work, the simplest solution is to try another server in the same country by reconnecting or selecting a different city.

    You shouldn’t need to try more than a couple to find one that works. It’s also worth clearing your browsers web cache and browser history or the app data if you’re using the Netflix app.

    If you are still having problems, contact the ExpressVPN customer support.

    They will be able to help you deal with any issues and unblock your chosen Netflix library and access any region on Netflix.

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    Why Does Netflix Block VPNs

    Netflix blocks VPNs it detects because Netflix doesnt have the right to air certain content in every country. Netflix offers different TV shows and movie options in various countries, so using a VPN server in a different country while watching Netflix gets complicated.

    Thats why many VPN providers instruct you to connect to a server in the United States. To avoid streaming any content illegally, make sure you follow the instructions for using your VPN with Netflix.

    Does Netflix Block VPNs

    How to Change Netflix Region and Watch in Any Country ...

    Netflix doesn’t like its users using VPNs in this way. This is because, with the exception of Netflix Original content, they only hold the rights to stream their shows in certain countries.

    If users stream them elsewhere, Netflix could be breaching the terms of its contracts with that shows distributor.

    As a result, Netflix has gone out of its way in recent years to try and block VPNs from accessing its service and not support native VPN apps on the platform.

    If Netflix detects that you are using a VPN or VPN router, you will receive an error message telling you that you appear to be using a VPN service, unblocker, or a proxy server error and tells you to disconnect it.

    The keyword in that last sentence is if’. Because a lot of VPNs have gone out of their way to ensure that their service can bypass Netflix’s VPN block and allow users to continue to unblock different Netflix content libraries and continue streaming Netflix shows.

    Above we told you which are the five best VPNs to unblock Netflix libraries and not give you a proxy error when using any region on Netflix.

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    Top VPN For Changing Your Netflix Region

    Christmas 2021 Deal:Get ExpressVPNs 12 months-plan at 49% off!

    ExpressVPN offers lightning-fast speeds and it can easily unblock Netflix. It has 3,000+ servers in 90 countries, giving you access to Netflix content from all over the world. Its not surprising that it achieved an impressive score in our performance tests.

    ExpressVPN gives, you get unlimited data and bandwidth. It also has a split tunneling feature, which gives you some flexibility. You can decide which data goes through your VPN connection and which doesnt, so you can stream Netflix through the VPN while still using social media and other apps with your local IP address.

    ExpressVPN allows 5 simultaneous connections on a single account, and its compatible with most popular devices, including routers. You can set up ExpressVPNs MediaStreamer on your router to optimize your streaming performance. This way, you can stream from any device that can connect to Wi-Fi, including your smart TV and just about any gaming console.

    With ExpressVPNs high-end security, your internet connection remains private and anonymous, and you never have to worry about anyone snooping on your online activity or stealing your data.

    You can try ExpressVPN out risk-free with its 30-day money-back guarantee. Theres a no-questions-asked refund policy, so you can easily get your money back if you decide its not for you. Either way, be sure to use our coupon when you sign up to get a great discount.

    Seeing The Netflix Proxy Error Heres The Solution

    If you see the Netflix proxy error , this means that youre using a VPN or proxy that isnt able to unblock Netflix.

    In the majority of cases, using a powerful VPN like ExpressVPN should resolve this problem. Thats because this VPN is backed by powerful technologies that require no user input. Simply connect to a server and stream Netflix like you usually would.

    To help you alleviate this issue, weve produced a guide to the Netflix proxy error where youll find all theres to know about this issue, in addition to all the possible solutions.

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    Is Expressvpn Good For Netflix

    Weve tested 70 VPNs services with Netflix. ExpressVPN is the absolute best VPN for streaming.

    It unblocks Netflix in 10 countries, including the US and Japan. It can be installed on a wide range of devices and is extremely fast for international connections.

    In the section below, we detail what makes ExpressVPN a superb option for Netflix.

    What If I Cant Get Netflix To Work With A VPN

    BEST VPN for Netflix/ How to change your country on Netflix ð½ï¸? ð?¿

    You may see a message that states, You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. The truth is that not all VPNs work with Netflix. Heres a comprehensive list, so you dont waste your time.

    VPNs That Dont Work With Netflix

    • Perfect Privacy

    If you get this error, here is what can be done:

  • Try switching to another IP address and/or server on the VPN youre connected to.
  • If that doesnt work, change your VPN to one thats compatible with Netflix.
  • Or, get a dedicated IP address, meaning youre the only one on it. This makes it much less likely that Netflix has blocked it typically, they block IP addresses that thousands of users share.
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    How To Change Region On Netflix: Access Blocked Netflix Content Anywhere

    Netflix is an absolute must-have these days and, as we’re staying inside more and more, having as much fresh content to watch is important to just about everyone. That’s why countless people are searching for how to change region on Netflix.

    If you’re not quite sure what we mean, essentially Netflix broadcasts different TV shows and movies in different countries. So, if you’re from the US but you’ve traveled to Canada, you won’t have the same library to choose from.

    The quickest and easiest way to change your Netflix location is to use a Netflix VPN. You’ll be able to pick from a huge variety of locations, and the best VPN should be able to get access to tons of Netflix libraries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, and many more.

    Below, we’ll outline exactly how to change your Netflix location, and give our top recommendation for which VPN to use.

    Please note: Using a VPN to circumvent Netflix’s geo-restrictions is against its Ts& Cs, and may result in having your account terminated.

    Our Top VPNs For Watching Us Netflix Within The Us

    This raises a thorny question of ethics. Using a VPN to watch Netflix that you aren’t eligible to see isnt exactly the same as downloading copyrighted content without paying for it, but it still breaks ruleseven when the content you want isnt available in your country at any price. I have often been told to vote with my wallet and support the content I enjoy. Thats why I do have an All Access account specifically so I can watch all the great new Star Trek shows. I want there to be more seasons of what I like, and so feel compelled to follow CBSs rules in the hope that my subscription will help fund more seasons.

    Perhaps I am naïve, or perhaps there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Regardless, if you feel differently and see no issue in using a paid service in ways beyond the intent of its creators, that’s up to you. We at PCMag are not lawyers, nor are we ethicists, but we do advise you to think carefully before you break any terms of service.

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    Can A Free VPN Access The Regional Netflix Library

    No, free VPNs do not allow you to access the regional Netflix library. Free VPN services cannot afford to spend the money, time, and effort to unblock Netflixs overseas accounts. Therefore, you cannot access the regional Netflix library. However, you should try paid VPN software to fulfill such a need.

    Still Getting A Netflix Proxy Error After Changing Your Region

    How to Change Your Netflix Region/Country

    Not all servers on these VPNs will make new Netflix content available, though. If youre trying to access a show from another country and are still receiving the Netflix proxy error, try these steps to resolve it.

  • Restart your VPN.
  • Try a different server in the same country. Netflix often bans servers based on their IP addresses, which means a different server with another IP address will work.
  • If that server is also blocked, you may need to continue to try different servers. You may also be able to use your VPNs built-in tools to find the best server for your needs.
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    Final Thoughts On Changing Your Netflix Region

    Changing the Netflix region is not complicated at all when you are using a reliable VPN service.

    When choosing a product for your Netflix streaming, consider country count, simultaneous connections, streaming speed, price, and what other content platforms you could stream using your VPN.

    If youre looking for an affordable option with unlimited simultaneous connections, opt for Surfshark. However, if you dont mind paying a little extra, choose NordVPN as it will ensure the fastest streaming experience with no interruptions.

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    Cyberghost Speed Test Data


    Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

    PrivateVPN runs a small network of servers, but it does cover 60+ countries, meaning potential access to a wide range of Netflix libraries. It works reliably with the US, UK, Japan, Spain, Brazil, France, and Italy catalogs, among others. In addition, youll be able to use this VPN with content providers such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other popular streaming sites. PrivateVPN doesnt disappoint on speed and its reliable service will enable you to watch shows and stream videos without buffering.

    As for security, you can switch between 128-bit and 256-bit high-level encryption. The former is still considered extremely secure. You also have DNS leak protection and an automatic kill switch as backup. A no-logs policy means you dont have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.

    PrivateVPN plans allow VPN users to connect up to five devices simultaneously. Desktop clients can be installed on Windows and MacOS, and mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS.

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    Have Issues Accessing Netflix With A Free VPN Try These Quick Fixes

    If you are facing issues accessing Netflix with a free VPN, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you access Netflix free of any problems:

    • Clear browser cache and cookies. To do that, simply open your browser > click on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen > click More tools and clear cache.
    • Disable all location-based services on your device.
    • Disconnect from the VPN server and connect again to get a different IP address.
    • Restart your device.
    • Contact the free VPN customer support and ask them which servers and IP address work with Netflix.
    • Log out of Google accounts on your device because Google caches IP addresses and can reveal your real geo-location to Netflix.
    • Flush your DNS. To do that, type this in Command Prompt: ipconfig /flushdns.
    • Disable IPv6 .

    Does Netflix Allow VPNs To Access Content

    How to change Netflix region with a VPN

    As mentioned earlier, Netflix has cracked down on allowing subscribers to watch content through a VPN. If an IP address is known to come from a VPN server, traffic from that IP address will be blocked and youll see a proxy error. This means that with some VPN providers, youll be locked out even if you connect through a server in the country youre in, simply for the fact youre using a VPN.

    This practice seems illogical from a business perspective as it doesnt really do Netflix any favors and is frustrating to viewers. However, it is understandable when you consider the content licensing restrictions that Netflix has to abide by. These restrictions mean that the company isnt allowed to show its entire library in every geographical location. Without these constraints, Netflix could feasibly be the same anywhere.

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    Can You Share A Netflix Account In A Different Country

    You can share your account with family members or friends anywhere. But, unless you have an account allowing more than one connection to Netflix at a time, you may be inconvenienced if both you and the other user are attempting to view Netflix content at the same time. Luckily, only the Basic plan limits viewing to one session.

    Also, be advised that the other user will not be able to view some of the same content that is available to you in your country. Theyll have access to the content available to Netflix viewers in the country they are in. Well, unless they use a quality VPN to access other countries content libraries.

    Free VPN For Netflix: Faqs

    Is VPN illegal for Netflix?

    VPN isnt illegal for Netflix. However, it might be against the terms of service of Netflix, as it states: You may view Netflix content primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such content. Netflix does not mention VPNs in their terms of service, so you can use them to access different Netflix libraries.

    However, using a VPN is not legal in countries like China, Russia, Iraq, and Belarus, as they have banned most VPN services in their countries.

    How do I change the country on Netflix for free?

    You can change the country of Netflix for free by simply connecting to your desired VPN server location. For example, if you connect to a UK-based VPN server, you will be able to change your Netflix country to the UK. Similarly, you can change the country to Canada on Netflix by connecting to a Canadian VPN server.

    Is a free Netflix VPN worth it?

    The answer to that question depends upon your expectations from the free VPN. If you are comfortable with a limited number of servers and bandwidth for streaming, then free VPNs would work just fine for you.

    Moreover, if you are looking for reliable, unlimited, and uninterrupted access to Netflix from anywhere, then we recommend that you go for premium VPNs.

    What can you do with a free VPN?

    You can also use a free VPN to safeguard your online privacy, security, and internet traffic.

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    How To Fix Error Code 5009

    This network connectivity error code usually is experienced by Apple TV and iOS users. It means that your device is unable to connect to Netflix’s servers for some reason. This may be caused by the local network administrator blocking Netflix. If the local network is blocking Netflix, you will need to use a VPN to bypass those restrictions.

    How To Use A VPN To Change Netflix Location

    Best VPNs That Beat The Netflix VPN Ban in 2020

    Here is the full guide that will help you in changing the region or location of Netflix.

  • Choosing the VPN: Choose a top-rated and most reliable VPN first.
  • Installation of VPN: Install the VPN on your computer or mobile device.
  • Connecting to the server: Connect to a server in a country that has the Netflix content you want.
  • Surfing the Netflix: Open Netflix and enjoy your new shows and movies!
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